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My Heart Will Go On


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Story Title: My Heart Will Go On.
Type of story:  Short/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Roman Harris, Martha Mackenzie, Nicole Franklin & Aden Jefferies
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Sexual content, violence
Summary: After Belle's death Roman gets support from Martha after struggling with it while his daughter Nicole is busy looking after and supporting an grieving Aden who doesn't know what to do now that Belle is gone.


Chapter 1

It wasn't even seven o'clock in the morning when Martha and Hugo were eating breakfast when they heard a loud knock on the door which Martha immediately got up to answer.

When Martha opened the door she saw Roman there and it was clear to Martha that he had been crying. Martha immediately hugged her friend before allowing him inside. Martha and Roman walked in and sat on the couch as Hugo watched on in the distance. Martha looked at Roman before grabbing his hand "Roman what happened?" Roman knows this subject might bring back painful memories for Martha but truth was the only person support Roman needed right now was Martha. Roman looked at Martha as he started to speak "Belle died last night." Martha wrapped her arms around Roman as he cried in her arms after all Martha knew that he would be struggling with this. Thankfully those Hugo had walked away after hearing what happened knowing that Roman needed Martha right now.

It wasn't long after when Roman stopped crying and pulled out of the hug but still sitting beside Martha "I'm sorry this must be bringing up painful memories for you." Martha would be the first one to admit that hearing that Belle had died did make her think about Jack "You know ever since Jack's death all I done is remember the  best parts of him and now it's your turn to do the same with Belle and Roman I'm going to be here for you whenever you need me just like you were for me after Jack died." Roman shows a slight smile even those he was a mess "Thank you Martha." Martha just nods as she rests her head on Roman's shoulder.

Meanwhile back at Roman's place Nicole was watching Aden as he sat down crying nonstop and knowing that her dad was struggling himself with Belle's death, she knew it was time to make a phone call so she decided to leave Aden alone to grieve why she did that. She walked into the lounge room as she dialed Morag number and thankfully for Nicole she soon answer "Nicole how are you?" Nicole watched Aden as she began speaking "I'm not great and Aden worst. He needs you Morag." Nicole knew Morag would know what that meant "When did it happen?" Nicole hears emotion in Morag's voice "Last night." Nicole then waits for Morag response which she soon does "I will be there in a few hours. How bad is he?" Nicole knew Morag was concerned about Aden "He haven't stopped crying just get here please." Morag immediately responds this time "I'm on my way just stay with him until I get there." Nicole nods as she looks at Aden before responding "Will do." Nicole then hangs up the phone as she watches Aden cry and truth is to see her friend hurting is something Nicole hates.

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Chapter 2

It was a few hours and Aden hadn't stopped crying as Nicole stayed by side just wishing she could do more but she knew she couldn't after all Aden did just lose the love of his life.

Thankfully for Nicole it wasn't long after that when Morag walked through the door and gosh Nicole was glad to see her. The moment Aden had spotted Morag for the first time since Belle's death he had managed to stand up as he walked over to Morag and hugged her as he cried. Morag just held onto Aden as he did that. Morag herself wasn't close to many of the Summer Bay Residents however she was to Aden and she knew that both her and Nicole needed to be there for Aden right now.

It was around ten minutes later when Aden was sitting between Morag and Nicole on the couch "How am I meant to do this, all of this, grieve, plan and funeral for her like she wanted." Morag could hear the sadness in Aden's voice and she looked at him "You are meant to do it but with the people around you helping you, no one expects you to do any of it alone." Nicole nodded in agreement with the older woman "Morag's right Aden, Dad, Morag and I we are all here for you and so is everyone else for whatever you need ok." All Aden did was nod at what he heard before grabbing a notebook and handing it to Morag.

Meanwhile Roman and Martha were walking along the beach after both deciding they needed to get out of the house "You know I don't know I'm strong enough to be able to help Aden through this." Martha knew Roman was struggling but she also knew how strong he was after all he was the only one who fully help her through things when Jack died "But you are Roman. When Jack died, you were there for me and you helped me every moment I needed it and I know that you can do the same for Aden and if you are ever struggling all you need to do is come to me and I'll be here for you." Martha smiled at Roman she just hoped her support was helping him "Thank you Martha that means allot." Roman and Martha then wrap their arms around each other as they continue walking down the beach and talking about Belle.

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Chapter 3

It was now a week later and the day everyone had been dreading Belle's funeral it had arrived. At Roman's house Nicole was helping Aden with his suit when he looked at her "Nic thank you for all your support this past week. I couldn't gotten through it without you". Nicole just hugs Aden tightly "Of course. I will always be here for you." Aden just nods as the pair hug before walking out of the house to met Morag at the church before the service started.

Meanwhile Roman and Martha were still at the house and sitting on the lounge room when Martha grabs Roman hand "Anytime you are struggling today just hold onto to me because I will have you ok. I will be right there beside you today just like you were for me when Jack." Roman looks at Martha with a small smile on his face. He was truly grateful that she would be there today because he knew he would be a mess and he knew Martha was the only one strong enough to help him through that.


It was a hour later when a small group of residents were sitting in the church as Aden stood up ready to make his speech about Belle. He took a breath "Belle well I could say many things about my talented and incredible wife but truth is there isn't enough words to describe her. So all I'm going to say is that even those you won't be with me anymore and even those my heart will go on, I will always love you and I will always remember the wonderful time we had together. I will miss you Belle." That all Aden needed to say and as he got of stage and sat down next to Nicole and Morag he knew that even those it will be painful for a while that a new chapter will be beginning for him now that Belle is gone but he also knew he would have great friends surrounding him who will be able to support him through this next chapter.







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