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Love Is Worth Fighting For


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Story Title: Love Is Worth Fighting For
Type of story:  Short/Medium Fic.
Main Characters: Mackenzie Booth, Ari Parata, Mia Anderson, Dean Thompson, Bella Nixon, Tane Parata, Chloe Anderson
BTTB rating: G
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst.  (Comedy, whatever fits. Try to fill it out, if not sure just put General.)
Does story include spoilers: No.
Any warnings: Sexual content
Summary: When Ari ex shows up in the bay Mackenzie is worried she is going to lose the man she loves and is determined to fight for their relationship but also scared too as she been burned before which also means Ari have to fight for her too. Meanwhile Mia's daughter is also in town and after meeting Bella feels an attractive between then. Will Mackenzie and Ari stay together? Will Mia come between Ari and Mackenzie? Will Chloe reveal her feelings for Bella? Will Bella and Chloe end up together?


Chapter 1

For Ari and Mackenzie they had spent the whole day away from the bay and in their own little bubble which they had both enjoyed but now it was back to reality. The pair were kissing as they walked towards Ari's house when they suddenly heard a voice coming from the front door "Long time no see Ari." This made both Ari and Mackenzie turn around. Ari had a very shocked look on his face while Mackenzie had a confused one. The person walked closer to then "What I don't even get a hello?" Ari was annoyed as his day with his girlfriend had officially been ruined by his ex meanwhile Mackenzie crossed her arms and looked at the woman "Who the hell are you?". The blonde female stepped forward "I'm Mia, Ari's ex." This was enough to make Mackenzie worry "I will leave you to it." With that Mackenzie walked away from the Parata house and after an annoyed look at Mia, Ari ran after his girlfriend. 

Meanwhile Bella had been doing some photography at the surf club when a girl around her age accidently ran into her "Oh my gosh I'm sorry." The girl then looked at Bella and smiled. She immediately knew Bella was a very attractive person. Bella looked at the female "It's ok. Are you ok?" The girl shakes her head "My mum came here to win back her ex who is apparently with someone else and I think it's a stupid idea." Bella looks at the girl and it clear she is stressed out and annoyed "Yeah well it probably isn't the best idea. It sounds like you could use a juice." Chloe smiled as she looked at the young girl surprised that she had admitted to her about her mum after all she didn't know her. "A juice would be good." Chloe pauses and puts her hand out "I'm Chloe by the way." Bella shows the girl a smile "Bella." Bella shakes Chloe's hand before after five seconds letting go "Follow me." Bella walked towards the surf club and Chloe was closely following behind thinking that maybe there was one good thing about this place after all and that was Bella.


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Chapter 2

Ari soon found Mackenzie sitting in Salt and walked over, kissing her forehead when he got close enough too. Mackenzie even those confused about Mia looked at Ari and smiled at him. It was a few minutes before she asked the question "What's the story with you and Mia?" Ari knew the answer was simple "These days nothing. I haven't talked to her since I was released. I don't get why she just showed up here." Mackenzie knows she can believe and trust Ari but she knew she couldn't trust Mia "Yes well she must have a reason. Probably to get you back." Ari knew Mackenzie was right about the reason for Mia sudden reappearance "Well she isn't going too. I moved on a long time ago Mac." Mackenzie knew Ari changed his life since he had came to Summer Bay "I know you have but she clearly haven't." Ari nods "I know but truth is I love you and I needed to make sure you were ok. I didn't care about what she had to say." When Ari told Mackenzie he loved her, she immediately smiled "Yeah well I love you too." Ari then sits besides Mackenzie and kisses her which she returns. As happy as Mackenzie was now and as much as she knew Ari loved her, she couldn't help but worry about Mia's reappearance.

Meanwhile the moment Bella walked in the surf club with Chloe she had spotted Dean and she knew he wasn't ok and considering Dean was the only person she had left now, she needed to check in on him. Bella looked at Chloe "Look do you mind ordering me a Apple Juice and I will join you in a minute." Chloe immediately smiled as she locked eyes with Bella "Sure." Chloe then walked in the direction of the Juice Bar while Bella headed in Dean's direction.

Considering Dean had his head down Bella knew he hadn't even seen her walk in "Dean, you ok?" Dean looked up "Yeah Ziggy moved on I'm totally fine." Bella knew that meant he was hardly fine "Dean I'm sorry." Bella then walked into the board shop and hugged Dean tightly not letting him go "Look you might feel like your alone right now but Dean you will always have me." Dean held on Bella tightly "I know and you will always have me, that won't ever change." Dean then looked at Bella again "I'm sorry for dumping this on you." Bella immediately shook her head "Don't be you and I we are family." Dean nods "I love you Bella." Bella smiles "I love you too." Bella then sees Chloe at the corner of her eye "Give me a second?" Dean nods as Bella walks away.

Bella walks to where Chloe is as Chloe hands her the juice she ordered "I'm sorry, I've kept you waiting. I just..." Chloe just smiles "It's fine honestly. He is clearly someone you care about." This immediately makes Bella smile "Yeah he is. Look is it ok if we have these here. I just need to make sure he stays somewhat ok." Chloe nods completely understanding "Yeah of course. Is he your brother or something?" Bella knew that would be a hard question to answer "He isn't my blood related brother but yeah he is like a brother too me, he would do anything for me and I would for him." Chloe smiles at Bella response "You care about him allot don't you." Bella nods again "Yeah I do, I don't know where I would be without him." Chloe smiles, she knows that the bond Bella got with this guy must be special.  

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Chapter 3

Ari and Mackenzie had left Salt and arrived back at the house hand in hand and both shocked to see Mia still waiting on Ari doorstep. Ari looked annoyed at his ex "What are you still doing here? Can't you see I have a girlfriend?" Mia crossed her arms "Ari please we just need to talk." Ari looked at Mac honestly he didn't want to do anything that would upset his girlfriend. Mackenzie gives Ari a nod "It's fine. I will be back soon." With that Mackenzie makes a point of kiss Ari which he happily returns before she leaves the former couple to it.

After Mackenzie leaves even those Ari doesn't want too he allows Mia inside the house before sitting on the couch himself. "You have five minutes Mia so what do you want?" Mia could hear the annoyance in Ari's voice however she was determined to get him back "I want us to be together again Ari we belong together." Ari couldn't believe what he was hearing and shook his head "Maybe a long time ago we did but not anymore. I moved on now and I'm the happiest I'm ever been." Mia walked close to where Ari was sitting "That girl she looks like a bitch, I can make you allot happier then she can." Ari shakes his head "No you can't Mia. No one will ever be able to make me happy like Mackenzie does now I want you to leave this house and leave me alone." Mia crosses her arms "I will leave this house but I'm not leaving Summer Bay until I have you back." With that Mia walks out leaving an annoyed and angry Ari alone.

Back in the  Surf Club Bella and Chloe were sitting and chatting when  Bella spotted Ziggy and Tane walk in hand in hand and she knew Dean had seen it too and wouldn't be happy. Bella immediately stood up ready to go after Dean when he walks out which she knows will happen and Chloe stood up when Bella did. It was less then a minute after they walked in that Dean walked over to where Bella and Chloe were sitting "Bella can we go?" Bella nods as Dean looks at the girl Bella's hanging out with "I'm sorry for interrupting I'm Dean by the way." Chloe looked at the guy and smiled "I'm Chloe and it's fine after all it seems like you guys are close." Dean smiles at Chloe "Yes we are. Look I was just going to ask Bella to come for a walk how about you join us?" Chloe smiles and looks at Dean "If you don't mind?" Dean just nodded again as Bella, Chloe and him left the Surf Club.

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Chapter 4

Dean was walking with Chloe and Bella along the beach when he heard his name getting called "Dean." This immediately made both Dean and Bella turn around and they both could see Mackenzie running towards then "Mac what is it?" Dean knew something was up after all he knew his sister "Ari's ex is in town." Bella and Dean were shocked and Bella spoke first "What." Dean then cut in "You are joking right." Mackenzie shakes her head as Dean looks at her "He loves you Mac, you have nothing to worry about." Dean immediately hugs his sister as Bella and Chloe decide to leave the siblings to it.


When Chloe and Bella are at a bit of a distance away from Dean and Mackenzie. Chloe takes a breath "The ex of Ari's it's my mum and let's just say we don't get along. She even dragged me here." Bella was surprised to learn this information "Look you probably should know I'm going to hate your mum even those you already do because Mackenzie is like a sister to me and I don't want her to get hurt." Chloe nods completely understanding Bella "It's great that you have family that cares about you and that you care about then. I don't even have that." Bella smiles as she thinks about that "Truth is Dean and Mackenzie aren't even blood related to me but they are my family, they are all I have left now. Look you might hate your blood related family but as Dean would say there is more to family then blood and he's right." Chloe smiles thankful Bella didn't judge her because of her mum been Ari ex.


After a few minutes Chloe and Bella walked back to where Dean and Mackenzie were sitting and joined them. Bella could tell even those Dean was now putting on a front about the Tane and Ziggy thing because he was worried about Mackenzie that he wasn't ok and she walked behind him and hugged him tightly. Chloe watched this and thought it was so sweet how much Bella cared for Dean and she wished she had someone who cared for her the way Bella and Dean did for each other.


It wasn't long before Mackenzie spotted Ari and ran over to him and kissed him happily "Please tell me I haven't lost you." Ari smiles as he lifts Mackenzie up "I'm not going anywhere." Bella, Dean and Chloe all watch this cute moment unfold and Chloe whispers quietly to Bella "They are such a cute couple I just hope she doesn't" Bella cuts her off "She won't Ari and Mackenzie they are strong."

When Ari and Mackenzie finally join the group Ari spots Chloe "Chloe." Chloe gets up and hugs Ari which he returns "I missed you Chloe." Chloe immediately smiles at that "I missed you too and I'm sorry about Mia." Ari nods "It's fine it not your fault. I'm guessing you already met these guys." Chloe smiles as she looks at Bella "I have met Bella and Dean but I haven't been introduced to your girlfriend yet." Ari smiles when she says that as Mackenzie stands up "Mac this is Chloe, she is Mia's daughter but well she hates her mum and Chloe this is my girlfriend Mackenzie." The two shake hands before Ari, Mackenzie and Chloe sit down with Bella and Dean for some time to chill at the beach and forget about the troubles they all have to deal with.

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Chapter 5

It wasn't long after Mia had left when she decided to walk around the beach when she spotted Ari in the distance with Mackenzie as well as Chloe and some other people. She couldn't believe that Ari had moved on and that he was allowing Chloe to spend time with her. She decided that she would towards the group "Chloe we need to talk?" Chloe stood up cross "No we don't because I hate you." With that Chloe walked off annoyed with Bella closely behind her as Mia looked at Ari then Mackenzie and the other guy who looked unhappy to see her there so she furiously walked away but determined to talk to Ari later.


When Bella eventually caught up with Chloe she stood beside her "I can see why you hate your mum." Chloe nods as she looked at Bella "She always gets what she wants and it ruins life but maybe for once she won't get that." Bella smiles as rests her head on the girl shoulder "She won't Ari loves Mackenzie and he will do anything to be with her, no one will ever get between them." Chloe smiles again as she relaxes "All I wanted was for Ari to be happy and it's clear he is with Mackenzie and I'm really happy about that." Bella smiles as she thinks about it "Yeah they been through allot so I'm glad they are finally in a good place." Chloe nods as she hugs Bella.


It was a few hours later when Chloe was by herself when she spotted her mother and angrily marched towards her "We need to talk?" Mia shakes her head "Not now Chloe, I need to go and talk to Ari." Chloe immediately crossed her arms about this "Mum he moved on and I won't let you ruin his relationship not when he's finally happy." Mia crosses her arms "He would be happier with me." Chloe shakes her head "No he wouldn't. Here is what your going to do unless you want Ari to find out that you were sleeping with Tane when he was jail. You are going to go and say goodbye to Ari then leave town forever and If you don't I will tell Ari everything." Mia was shocked at what her daughter was demanding "Chloe please..." Chloe shook her head and crossed her arms "Go and say goodbye to Ari for good even if it kills you or he will find out everything." Mia just nods she hates that this is happening but she also knew Ari couldn't find out the truth about her and his brother.

Mia marched over to the Parata house and knocks on the door to which Ari answers "What do you want now?" Mia crossed her arms "To say goodbye as much as I hate the fact you moved on, I just wanted to say goodbye before I left." Ari nods "Good your leaving." Mia smirks "Yeah well it looks like you and Chloe both have what you wanted now.... me out of your lives." Ari nods again "Your right we did. Goodbye Mia." With that Ari shuts the door and goes back inside glad that Mia changed her mind and will now be out of his life for good.

Mackenzie walked out of the bedroom "What did she want?" Ari could see his girlfriend was worried "To say goodbye. She is leaving town and out of our lives Mackenzie." Mackenzie can't help that be relieved and have a massive smile on her face as Ari walks over and kisses his girlfriend glad that he can get on with his life with Mackenzie without having to deal with his ex again. He could finally be happy and plan his future with Mackenzie and he couldn't wait.







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