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The Price We Pay

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Name of Fic: The Price We Pay

Type of Fic: Short/Medium Fic

Genre: Romance/Drama/General

Rating: T/A

Characters: Bella, Nikau, Chloe, Ryder, Coco, Raffy, VJ

Other characters: Crystal, Jamie, Cameron, Nicky

Rating: Violence

Spoilers: Yes

Summary: What would you do to secure that happy ever after? Would you do whatever it takes throwing away your morals, your friendships maybe even your life? Just who are these new comers to the bay and what kind of trouble will they bring? This is the price we pay and this is my story.



Chapter 1


A School


A guy is standing in front of the school wearing all black and not saying a word. A girl comes up behind him and tries to scare him but he knows she’s their and turns around to face her.


Jamie: You came?

Crystal: Said I would didn’t I?

Jamie: So? And your not known for lying?

Cystal: What and your the pillar of truths?

Jamie: Didn’t say that?

Crystal: So you going to tell me why we are here?

Jamie: And ruin the surprise? No never!

Crystal: Your no fun!

Jamie: You love me really!

Crystal: You sure about that?

Jamie: Yes!

Crystal: Maybe I found someone better!

Jamie: Wait who is he?

Crystal: Chill. I’m joking.

Jamie: You better be!

Crystal: Why you won’t let me leave you?

Jamie: Never!

Crystal: You know teenage romance isn’t built to last…

Jamie: Why is that?

Crystal: I don’t know. Dumb. Impulsive decisions probably.

Jamie: Maybe.

Crystal: Why you have a better idea?

Jamie: Yeah.

Crystal: What?

Jamie: Marry me!

Crystal: What?

Jamie: You love me right?

Crystal: Yeah of course I do!

Jamie: Well then let’s do it!

Crystal: Just like that?

Jamie: Just like that!

Crystal: What about our parents? School? Our friends? What would they say?

Jamie: Who cares! It’s our life! So are you with me?

Crystal: On one condition…

Jamie: What’s that?

Crystal: We leave this place. Go somewhere no one will find us. Go be happy away from it all.

Jamie: You really want to escape this town so badly?

Crystal: You know I do! My mum! My step father! I can’t do it anymore!

Jamie: What about your sister?

Crystal: She’s too young we can’t take her!

Jamie: And my brother and sister?

Crystal: This is supposed to be our adventure! Just the two of us? Or are we not in this together?

Jamie: Of course we are! I just don’t know wether I can abandon my family like that!

Crystal: Coming from the guy who just proposed marriage to me? I knew you weren’t serious about me! About us!

Jamie: No I am! I love you!

Crystal: Then prove it! Run away with me!

Jamie: I’m sorry I can’t! I have responsibilities here. People who need me!

Crystal: I need you!

Jamie: I’m sorry!

Crystal: No your not doing this to me again! You promised me a future!

Jamie: We can still have one! Just here!

Crystal: No!

Jamie: Crystal don’t…

Crystal: No I made it clear what I wanted and you don’t care! So I’m leaving! Have a nice life!

Jamie: No I’m not letting you leave me!

Crystal: Then come with me!

Jamie: What about my siblings?

Crystal: Figure something out?

Jamie: Their is no one else to take care of them you know that!

Crystal: Then bring them with us! A new family. The 4 of us.

Jamie: Ok. But how are we supposed to support this new family of ours?

Crystal: I have money saved.

Jamie: How much?

Crystal: A lot.

Jamie: What did you do?

Crystal: You don’t want to know…

Jamie: You stole it?

Crystal: From my step father! He owed me!

Jamie: I know he does. But won’t he come after you?

Crystal: He has to find me first. And he won’t! Ever!

Jamie: I will protect you!

Crystal: Yeah because you have in the past!

Jamie: I didn’t! I don’t…

Crystal: It’s fine! I know you can’t be my 24 hour body guard.

Jamie: If you could move in with us. I would let you.

Crystal: My mom would never…

Jamie: I know.

Crystal: So meet me here in 2 hours ok. Grab as much stuff as you can and run to me.

Jamie: I love you.

Crystal: I love you too!

Jamie and Crystal kiss

Jamie leaves. Crystal watches him go. Someone comes up behind her.

Michael: Good job!

Crystal: Leave him alone! He was only ever trying to help me!

Micheal: Oh yes the poor kid. No parents. 2 siblings to look after. He has it rough!

Crystal: F… Off!

Michael: You know I can still report your little boyfriend he could be in foster care by now! Him and his siblings!

Crystal: You wouldn’t?!

Micheal: Wouldn’t I? Where is my money?

Crystal: I don’t have it!

Michael: Liar!

Crystal: Check my bag…

Crystal hands him her bag. He doesn’t find the money.

Michael: It’s not here!

Crystal: Told you!

Michael: Ok where is the money?

Crystal: I’m not telling you!

Michael: You just make a big mistake!

Crystal: Can’t be any bigger then the last 16 years of my life. Living with you and mum.

Micheal: Your such a waste of space!

Crystal: Yeah and your a disgusting human being that shouldn’t be alive right now!

Michael grabs her and pushes her to the ground

Michael: Your going to get what’s coming to you kid…

Crystal spits at him

Michael starts kicking her everywhere but he soon realises she is unconscious and runs from the scene…


Jamie’s house


Jamie arrives home and goes to his room but he’s surprised when he finds a bag of money and a note on his bed. He reads the note


”Dear Jamie, I lied before. I don’t want to get married and I can’t leave, but you should though. Take the money, give you and your siblings a better life. I’m no good for you. Never have been never will be. They say if you love someone let them go. This is me doing that. Don’t come back for me and never return. I hope you find someone who loves you more than I do you deserve it. Love always Crystal ”

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Chapter 2


Summer Bay Beach


Jamie, Nicky and Cameron arrive.


Nicky: Nice place!

Cameron: Yeah it’s in the middle of nowhere though!

Jamie: That’s the point!

Nicky: Do you think we will be safe here?

Jamie: I hope so.

Cameron: I will give it a chance!

Nicky: Yeah same. Fresh start and all.

Jamie: I hope this town will be good for us.

A girl approaches the group

Jamie: Hi. I’m Jamie. This is my sister Nicky and brother Cameron.

Chloe: Hi. I’m Chloe. Nice to meet you guys

Nicky: Hi.

Cameron: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Jamie: Hi.

Chloe: So you guys on hoildays?

Jamie: Yep.

Nicky: Family trip.

Cameron: Just the three of us.

Chloe: Where are your parents?

Jamie: Dead.

Chloe: Oh I am so sorry.

Jamie: It’s ok you didn’t know.

Chloe: What about your foster parents?

Jamie: Back home.

Chloe: They let you come here by yourself’s?

Jamie: They don’t care what we do. They only use us for a pay check really. It’s cool. I can look after my family just fine.

Chloe: Never said you couldn’t! Just a big responsibility that’s all!

Jamie: I’m happy to do it!

Chloe: I’m sure you are!

Jamie: Sorry people always judge us. I just wanted to make it clear that we are fine and don’t need help. I’ve got things sorted.

Chloe: What about money?

Jamie: We have enough. My parents were loaded. I got everything!

Chloe: Oh wow! They must of trusted you then!

Jamie: Probably just because I’m the oldest.

Chloe: How old are you?

Jamie: 16.

Chloe: Oh.

Jamie: You?

Chloe: 20.

Jamie: Ah cool.

Chloe: So you still go to school?

Jamie: Yep.

Chloe: Their is a good school here. If you guys chose to stay.

Jamie: We have to go back.

Chloe: Right your foster parents.

Jamie: Yep them.

Chloe: Are they nice?

Jamie: Yeah just neglectful!

Chloe: Well it’s better than them hitting you and stuff.

Jamie: Yeah.

Chloe: Anyway the people of the bay are great. We look out for each other here.

Jamie: That’s great to hear.

Chloe: I work at the local diner. If you guys ever need a feed.

Jamie: Cool thank you. Do you know where the caravan park is?

Chloe: Yeah my boyfriend lives their. Well at the house. But his family owns the caravan park.

Jamie: Oh cool. You mind showing us?

Chloe: Sure. Follow me.


A hospital


Crystal wakes up in hospital and looks around to find her mum and step dad in the room with her.


Bree: Are you ok?

Crystal: Well I’m alive!

Michael: You had us scared!

Crystal: What happened?

Bree: You we’re attacked!

Crystal: I don’t…

Bree: Why we’re you at the school?

Crystal: I was hanging with Jamie but then he left. And then someone jumped me from behind I didn’t see who it was.

Bree: Don’t worry the cops will find out who did this.

Michael: Yeah you will get justice.

Crystal: So they have no leads?

Bree: Not yet. But they will.

Michael: What about that boyfriend of yours?

Bree: No way would he do this. He loves our daughter! They have been dating for 2 years! He’s devoted to her!

Michael: Nah your right he wouldn’t. Sorry.

Crystal: I need to call Jamie. See where he’s at.

Bree: Thought he would of come running here. Surprised he didn’t.

Crystal: I’m sure he just got caught up with his siblings.

Bree: Don’t know how that kid does it. 2 siblings no parents. He’s a good kid.

Crystal: Never thought you liked him!

Bree: I never said that! Just thought you could find someone better. But I can see he loves you.

Crystal: Mum if I tell you something promise not to freak out.

Bree: Before I promise this will I freak out?

Crystal: Probably!

Bree: Ok go ahead!

Crystal: Ah well Jamie proposed!

Bree: He what?!

Crystal: Don’t worry I said no. We’re too young. Maybe when we’re 18.

Bree: I promise to consider it in 2 years! Consider only!

Crystal: Better then what I thought you would say! I thought you would say never!

Bree: Well I was considering that too!

Crystal: Thank you.

Bree: For what?

Crystal: For not saying no. It means a lot.

Bree: Your welcome.

Crystal: I’m going to call Jamie and then sleep. You mind leaving for a bit?

Bree: Of course. We will come back later.

Michael: Bye kid.

Crystal: Love you mum.

Bree: Love you too.

Bree and Michael leave

Crystal gets out her phone and copy’s Jamie’s number to another phone. Then deletes his number off her phone. Before she throws her phone across the room smashing it into the wall. Crystal puts her second phone into a draw at the hospital and then falls asleep.


Caravan Park


Jamie, Nicky and Cameron get a van off Alf and go check out their new sleeping arrangements. Nicky and Cameron each jump on a bed. While Jamie steps outside and tries to call Crystal but he finds out she’s disconnected her phone!

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Part 3


Summer Bay House


Chloe comes to see Ryder


Ryder: Hey this is a nice surprise.

Ryder and Chloe kiss

Chloe: Yeah. Did you see those kids before?

Ryder: The 3 that brought the van?

Chloe: Yep that’s them.

Ryder: Yeah I did. What about them?

Chloe: I’m suss on their story.

Ryder: What story?

Chloe: Said they here on holiday without their foster parents. Said their foster parents was neglectful and that they are going home before school starts back up. But something didn’t sound right?

Ryder: Your worried?

Chloe: That they are lying? Hiding something? Yeah I am.

Ryder: What should we do?

Chloe: Keep an eye on them I guess.

Ryder: We’ll then why don’t you introduce me as your boyfriend then we both can.

Chloe: Good idea. What would I do without you?

Ryder: Hate to think.

Chloe: Haha funny.

Ryder: You love me really!

Chloe: Yeah I really do!

Ryder: Do we have to go right now?

Chloe: Why? Oh you want too…

Ryder: Well we have the house to ourselves we should take advantage.

Chloe: Your right wasting this chance would be stupid!

Ryder: Let’s go then.

Ryder and Chloe head up to Ryder’s room


Caravan Park


Jamie is with Nicky and Cameron in the van. Cameron is asleep.


Nicky: So are you guys back together yet?

Jamie: What?

Nicky: Don’t play games! You and Crystal broke up!

Jamie: How did you know?

Nicky: She’s not here with us duh!

Jamie: But her parents…

Nicky: Wouldn’t matter she loves you! She would of come with us! So it’s obvious you guys broke up!

Jamie: When did you get so smart?

Nicky: I was always smart you just didn’t realise it!

Jamie: Maybe that’s kind of true!

Nicky: Maybe?

Jamie: Fine I concede. Happy?

Nicky: Yes actually! Now about this break up?

Jamie: What about it?

Nicky: Did you call her?

Jamie: She disconnected her phone.

Nicky: Did she? Huh. Maybe she didn’t have a choice?

Jamie: What do you mean?

Nicky: The money?

Jamie: What money?

Nicky: The money you took?

Jamie: I didn’t steal it!

Nicky: I know. Crystal did right? From her step dad?

Jamie: Yeah your point?

Nicky: Maybe she cut all ties to protect you and us? Maybe she thinks he’ll come after the money?

Jamie: She told me to leave and never come back!

Nicky: Ectually she was protecting you! She loves you!

Jamie: You really think she sacrificed herself to save me?

Nicky: Is this a trick question? That girl has loved you for a long time. Too long maybe. She would do anything for you!

Jamie: I should never of let her go! I should of made her come with us!

Nicky: You couldn’t! The money is what he’s chasing not us!

Jamie: But I left her their with him! That’s on me!

Nicky: She told you to go! She begged you!

Jamie: I shouldn’t of listened to her! Now she’s in danger and possibly dead and I don’t know anything!

Nicky: Call the hospital then!

Jamie: OMG your a genius!

Nicky: I have my moments!

Jamie calls the hospital asking if Crystal Hayes was admitted. They conform she was and that she is ok but healing from being bashed! Jamie hangs up the phone and tells Nicky what they just told him.

Jamie: Her step dad?

Nicky: Has to be!

Jamie: We have to go back!

Nicky: We can’t!

Jamie: How can I move on with my life if she’s not in it!

Nicky: Maybe we can find a way later? But for right now we need to lay low. Blend in. And keep our guard up. We can’t trust anyone.

Jamie: I can’t move on! I can’t just pretend me and Crystal never happened!

Nicky: Then don’t! Just tell everyone you have a long distance girlfriend! It’s kind of true!

Jamie: Your right! I’ll wait for Crystal to come back to me. And when she does I’m buying that ring. Im getting that happy ever after with her!

Nicky: Wait you proposed?

Jamie: Yeah the night we left.

Nicky: And she said no?

Jamie: She said yes on one condition. We leave together.

Nicky: I’m so sorry.

Jamie: Me too!

Nicky: When the time is right I will help you pick out a ring bro.

Jamie: Really you will?

Nicky: Of course. She’s my future sister in law after all.

Jamie: Mind telling her that when we see her again?

Nicky: You can bet on it!

Jamie: Thank you. I love you.

Nicky: I love you too.


A hospital


Bree and Michael find Crystal crying in her bed.


Bree: Crystal what’s wrong?

Crystal: Jamie…

Bree: Is he hurt?

Crystal: No… he’s gone!

Bree: What do you mean?

Crystal: Someone called the cops on him! He’s in foster care!

Bree: What? Who would do that?

Crystal: I don’t know! I didn’t even get to say goodbye!

Bree: I’m so sorry sweetheart! Where did he get moved too?

Crystal: Down the coast. Like a couple of days drive from here. Near a beach. We are going to do long distance. I just don’t know if it’ll work.

Bree: It will.

Crystal: How do you know?

Bree: Because you love each other!

Crystal: I hope your right!

Michael: I’m sorry about your boyfriend.

Crystal: You didn’t do it did you?

Michael: Do what?

Crystal: Call the cops on him! You threatened to the other day! So did you?

Michael: No I honestly didn’t. I swear.

Bree: Wait you what?

Michael: I was mad at Crystal when I said that. I wouldn’t do that.

Bree: You shouldn’t of said anything!

Michael: I’m sorry!

Bree: It’s ok. It’ll be ok. You will see Jamie again I’m sure of it.

Crystal: I wish I had your faith!

Bree: You will trust me.

Crystal: I’m going to sleep for awhile.

Bree: Ok sweetheart we will be back later.

Crystal: Love you.

Bree: Love you.

Michael: Bye kid.

Bree and Michael leave

Crystal gets her second phone out and starts typing a message Jamie…


Caravan Park


A message comes though on Jamie’s phone…

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Chapter 4


Caravan Park


Jamie returns to find a message on his phone and he quickly reads it.

”Hey it’s me, I’m sorry for everything but I still think we are better off apart. Maybe we can meet up some day? I don’t know. Just keep your family safe and live your life. Love you always  Crystal xx”

Jamie quickly typed back a message hoping that she will get it, read it and come join him. But he knows it’s a long shot. He wishes she was here with them. He misses her so much.

A Hospital


A cop comes to visit Crystal


Crystal: Hi.

Matt: Hi. We have some news…

Crystal: What?

Matt: We know who attacked you!

Crystal: What really?

Matt: Yeah we have video footage from the school.

Crystal: Oh.

Matt: Are you going to tell your mum or should I?

Crystal: I’m not saying anything!

Matt: I can do it for you.

Crystal: Can you grantee I will be safe from him? Will he go to jail?

Matt: I don’t know. I hope so.

Crystal: Then don’t say a word!

Matt: Your in danger!

Crystal: I’ve been in danger my whole life! Nice of you to care now but it’s too late!

Matt: I can’t let you go home with him. Knowing what I know.

Crystal: I can’t risk it!

Matt: Then let me help you!

Crystal: How?

Matt: I don’t know! But I will find a way ok!

Crystal: I won’t be holding my breath!

Matt: Not all cops are bad. Some of us just want to do good and help people.

Crystal: And your one of the good ones?

Matt: Yes!

Crystal: Trusting that didn’t end well for me last time so sorry if I don’t believe you!

Matt: I will do everything I can to help you. I promise.

Crystal: We will see.

Matt: Just have faith!

Crystal: The way forward is to trust. Too bad I don’t do that. If you can find a way to help great otherwise get out of my room. We are done here.

Matt: I will see you around.

Crystal: Sure.

Matt: Bye.

Crystal: See ya.

Matt leaves and Crystal breaths a sigh of relief. She really doesn’t trust that guy but whatever if he can help her? But we will see. Crystal checks her phone and reads a message from Jamie.

”Hey it’s me, Your wrong you know, your the best thing that ever happened to me period, we belong together and I’m not giving up on you. Find a way to come back to me because I will wait forever if I have too. Love always Jamie xx”

Crystal starts crying. She knew sending that message to Jamie was a bad idea and saving his number but she also knew that no matter what she said about letting him go and letting him move on that she was always fighting to come back to him she just doesn’t know whether they ever can go back. She’s hopes she will see him again but she just doesn’t know. Crystal hides her phone.

Later on Crystal is surprised when her mum and step dad arrive.

Bree: Hey sweetheart.

Michael: Hey.

Crystal: What’s wrong?

Bree: I have some bad news.

Crystal: What is it?

Bree: The cops don’t have a lead on your attacker.

Crystal: How can they have nothing?!

Bree: I’m sorry.

Michael: Yeah we thought the cops would catch the guy but guess they just aren’t that good hey.

Bree: Yeah it’s a pretty poor effort I got to say.

Crystal: What do I do now? That guy is still out their! What if he comes back for me?

Bree: He won’t.

Micheal: We won’t let you out of our sight. Promise.

Crystal: Where is Katie?

Bree: At a friends house.

Crystal: Oh good. I don’t want her to see me like this. She would be scared.

Bree: Which is why we are keeping her away. She understands.

Crystal: I’m glad.

Bree: Your on the road to recovery now. Everything will be back to normal again. You will see.

Crystal: I hope so.

Michael: Everything will be better now I promise.

Crystal: Sure.

Crystal, Bree and Michael are surprised when Matt turns up!

Bree: Hi and you are?

Matt: A friend of your daughters.

Bree: Crystal you know this guy?

Crystal: Your Jack’s older brother yeah?

Matt: That’s me.

Crystal: Why are you here?

Matt: Jack asked me to come check on you for him. He’s really worried.

Crystal: Oh that’s sweet of him.

Bree: Does Jack like you or something?

Crystal: No idea. He knows I have a boyfriend! Everyone does!

Matt: I think my brother has a crush but he won’t admit it!

Crystal: Right well tell him I said thanks for the concern.

Matt: I will.

Crystal: Is that it?

Matt: No actually I wanted to ask you something…

Crystal: Ok what is it?

Matt: I work at the museum. Their is a spot open if your looking for a job?

Crystal: How did you know I was looking for a job?

Matt: Jack told me.

Crystal: Well I guess so. Mum?

Bree: Ah that sounds like a great opportunity you should go for it.

Michael: Yeah earning your own money would be good for you.

Crystal: Ok then yeah I will take the job offer. Thanks.

Matt: Don’t thank me. Thank Jack.

Crystal: I will.

Matt: Cool. Anyway I just need you to sign some paperwork stuff to make this official.

Crystal: Sure.

Bree: We will give you guys some space.

Michael: Yeah see you in a bit.

Crystal: Yeah bye.

Bree and Michael leave

Crystal: Jack? Really?

Matt: It worked didn’t it?

Crystal: Sure and what if my parents want to meet Jack?

Matt: I’m sure we can figure something out!

Crystal: Ok what is your plan then?

Matt: What?

Crystal: The job at the museum?

Matt: What about it?

Crystal: Well you are a cop!

Matt: Yeah and?

Crystal: So what’s my real job?

Matt: I don’t follow?

Crystal: What is my actual job?

Matt: Working at the museum!

Crystal: Oh but how?

Matt: My uncle owns it. It’s a real job offer.

Crystal: Right. And then what?

Matt: I don’t know. I just wanted to give you more time away from him!

Crystal: So that’s your whole plan?

Matt: It’s something!

Crystal: It’s not enough!

Matt: Well what do you want me to do?!

Crystal: I don’t know! I don’t know!

Matt: Well neither do I!

Crystal: Your doing a terrible job at keeping me safe FYI!

Matt: Well at least I’m trying! What are you doing?!

Crystal: Staying alive!

Matt: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…

Crystal: Yes you did! Get out of my room!

Matt: Wait I’m sorry!

Crystal: Just leave me alone!

Matt: No I can’t!

Crystal: I’m in a hospital he won’t do anything here I am fine!

Matt: For now.

Crystal: Seriously get out!

Matt: Ok I’m going! But I will be back ok!

Crystal: Sure whatever! Just leave!

Matt leaves and Crystal cries. I feel like that’s all I’ve been doing lately crying although their is nothing to be happy about honesty. I wish Jamie was here.


Hospital corridor


Matt walks past Bree and Michael and they stop him


Bree: Hey thanks.

Michael: Yeah Crystal really appreciates it!

Bree: We all do.

Matt: No worries Jack really likes her.

Bree: I’m sure he does.

Michael: He knows he doesn’t have a chance though right?

Matt: He knows.

Michael: And yet he’s still helping her right?

Matt: He’s a good friend.

Michael: Yeah seems to be.

Matt: Well I got to go give my brother the good news.

Bree: Yeah go tell him.

Michael: Just let him down gently.

Matt: He already knows.

Michael: Then tell him to get a new girlfriend!

Matt: I have. He doesn’t seem to want one!

Michael: Shame.

Matt: Yeah.

Bree: Well it was nice to meet you.

Matt: You too.

Michael: Yeah nice to meet you kid.

Matt: See ya.

Matt walks away

Michael: Hey I forgot something. I’ll meet you in the car.

Bree: Sure see you their.

Bree walks off

Michael chases after Matt

Michael: Hey I forgot to tell you something…

Matt: Yeah what?

Michael: I know who you are. If you come after me you won’t like what I’ll do to you. Got it.

Matt: No idea what your talking about. I’m Jack’s brother.

Michael: Jack’s brother? Jack doesn’t exist! Your an only child. Born and raised here and a cop! Like I said don’t come after me kid because you will regret it. And now I know you like my step daughter well let’s just say if you don’t stay away your not the only one I’ll hurt got that…

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Chapter 5


Crystal’s House


Its been a week and Crystal is well enough to leave the hospital now. Crystal walks into her house with Bree and Michael behind her. Her little sister Katie is waiting inside the house. Crystal and Katie hug each other.

Crystal: I missed you.

Katie: Me too. Are you ok now?

Crystal: I will be.

Katie: How’s Jamie?

Crystal: He’s ok. We are going to try long distance.

Katie: It’ll be ok.

Crystal: You must be missing Cameron?

Katie: Maybe.

Crystal: Oh come on! You like him!

Katie: Maybe.

Crystal: It’s ok to have a crush.

Bree: Its cute actually.

Michael: Cameron is a good boy.

Katie: Oh thanks so much for your approval guys! Not that I need it!

Bree: Excuse me! Your 8! You need my permission to do things?!

Katie: Do I?

Bree: Don’t be sneaky.

Micheal: Don’t push me kid. A crush is one thing but anything more and well it’s not going to be pretty.

Katie: You wouldn’t hurt him would you?

Bree: What?! Of course he wouldn’t! He’s just being an overprotective dad that’s it. Right Crystal?

Crystal: Yeah sure. Overprotective dad that’s him. He wouldn’t hurt anyone!

Michael: Yeah I’m not a violent person!

Bree: Yep it’s just all talk!

Katie: Ok. Anyway I’m going to go play with my toys.

Bree: Ok sweetheart I will be in to see you in a minute.

Katie leaves you go to her room

Crystal: Well I’m going to go up to my room too!

Bree: Not so fast. We can help you up the stairs.

Crystal: I can walk just fine!

Bree: We just want you to be careful! Your still recovering!

Crystal: Fine.

Michael: I can help her. Go check on Katie.

Bree: If your sure?

Michael: Of course.

Bree: Ok I’ll come check on you guys soon.

Michael: No worries take your time.

Bree walks up the stairs to Katie’s room

Michael: So now that we’re alone. You need to know something…

Crystal: What’s that?

Michael: I know who Matt is.

Crystal: Yeah Jack’s brother!

Michael: Yeah that’s a lie. Jack doesn’t exist. Matt is a cop!

Crystal: How did you…

Michael: I’m a lawyer. I know how to look into someone.

Crystal: But how did you know?

Michael: Overheard you guys talking at the hospital.

Crystal: Of course you did! Damn it!

Michael: Don’t swear!

Crystal: Sorry.

Michael: I told him not to come after me otherwise he will be sorry! Do I need to remind you about the same?

Crystal: No we are good.

Michael: Good. So let’s go upstairs then.

Crystal: You really going to help me?

Michael: Sure kid. I promised your mother!

Crystal: She’s not the scary one!

Michael: To you maybe! But she’s the only one in this house I listen too!

Crystal: Why is that?

Michael: Love. What else?

Crystal: No love for your kids?

Michael: Your not mine!

Crystal: Yeah but you could of been a good father to me but you choose not too! That’s on you!

Michael: Your mother was what I wanted. Just you came with her!

Crystal: I was three!

Michael: And your dad didn’t want you! Wonder why!

Crystal: I don’t need a dad! My real one or you! Neither of you wanted me!

Michael: Your not wrong!

Crystal: When I turn 18 I’m leaving and you or mum can’t stop me!

Michael: Yeah but will you make it to your 18th birthday kid? I guess that will depend on you!

Crystal: I won’t let you end me!

Michael: Maybe you won’t get a choice!

Crystal: Mum will be devastated! Katie too!

Michael: I can make you disappear! Your body will never be found! They won’t know the truth!

Crystal: Well then I guess it’s a race then. To staying alive!

Michael: Just don’t cross me kid or you may not live to see tomorrow!

Crystal: I won’t. I promise.

Michael: Good girl.

Crystal: So we going upstairs now?

Michael: Give me your arm.

Micheal holds onto Crystal and helps her up the stairs. He leads her into her room and she lays down on the bed.

Michael: Need anything?

Crystal: Water.

Micheal: Sure I will be back.

Michael leaves

Crystal gets her phone out of her pocket and texts Jamie. “Hey it’s me, I’m out of hospital and back home. I will do my best to stay safe. Hope your safe too. Love always Crystal xx” then she puts her phone in her side cabinet near her bed and she sighs. She really can’t let Jamie go. Even though she told him not to come back for her and to forget about her. She just can’t forget him. She’s still hoping for that happy ending she just hopes it comes soon and that she survives long enough to see him again.


Summer Bay Caravan Park


Jamie receives the message from Crystal and reads it. He’s so worried about her. He wishes he could go back but he knows he can’t! He hopes he will see her again one day but who knows when that will be? If ever! But he will wait forever if he has too! He’s holding out for that happy ending!


Jamie hears voices outside the caravan and goes to investigate. He’s see’s that Chloe chick from the other day and their is some guy with her. Preferably her boyfriend he assumes.

Jamie: Hi.

Chloe: Oh hey!

Ryder: Hi I’m Ryder. Chloe’s boyfriend.

Jamie: Yeah hi I’m Jamie. Yeah Chloe mentioned you! Your family own the park yeah?

Ryder: Yep that’s right!

Jamie: Yeah that’s pretty cool.

Ryder: Yeah it is.

Chloe: So where your brother and sister at?

Jamie: The beach I think.

Chloe: Your not with them?

Jamie: Needed some time to myself.

Chloe: Yeah we all need that sometimes.

Ryder: Yeah we do!

Chloe: So you want to come play some pool with us?

Jamie: Yeah that sounds good actually!

Ryder: You might even win!

Chloe: Speak for yourself!

Jamie: Ohh challenge? I like it!

Chloe: You have no idea!

Ryder: Yeah we like to play to win!

Jamie: Well I’m in!

Chloe: Sweet let’s go!

Ryder: Good luck. You will need it!

Jamie: I think you will find that I’m better at this game then you think I am!

Ryder: Ohh another challenger!

Jamie: Well if the shoe fits?!

Ryder: Ok your on best out of 3?

Jamie: Deal.

Chloe: Then I verse the winner!

Ryder: Sure! Deal.

Jamie: Deal.

Just as they are about to leave, someone calls out to Ryder!

Coco: Hey!

Ryder is surprised to see Coco and they quickly hug.

Ryder: Long time no see!

Coco: I know right! Can’t believe I’m back to where it all began!

Ryder: Oh you still remember that?

Coco: How could I forget my first Boyfriend?

Chloe: Wait who are you?

Coco: Oh I’m sorry. I’m Coco. Ziggy’s sister and this one’s ex! Who are you?

Chloe: Chloe. Mia and Ari’s daughter. And Ryder’s current girlfriend!

Coco: Oh congratulations!

Chloe: Ah thanks?

Coco: No I mean after Jade. He deserves someone good!

Chloe: Jade?

Coco: His ex!

Chloe: How many ex’s do you have?

Ryder: Ah 3?

Coco: Yeah speaking of that, have you seen Raffy yet?

Ryder: What do you mean seen? Is she back?

Coco: Yeah I just saw her at the Morgan house!

Ryder: Wait did she ask about me?

Coco: Duh. Told her I haven’t seen you yet obviously. Told her when I did I would tell her!

Ryder: Wait how is she?

Coco: Go see her and ask her yourself!

Ryder: Is that what she told you about me?

Coco: More or less!

Ryder: How long is she staying for?

Coco: Not sure.

Ryder: Then how long are you staying for?

Coco: Undecided!

Ryder: Why is that?

Coco: Can’t tell you yet. It’s a surprise!

Ryder: You know I hate surprises!

Coco: I know but you will like this one I promise!

Ryder: So you want to play pool with us?

Coco: Who’s us?

Ryder: Oh sorry. This is Jamie. He’s new to the bay.

Coco: Nice to meet you.

Jamie: You too.

Coco: Ok now we all know everyone how about we go check out my surprise!

Ryder: But what about pool?

Coco: Later come on.

Ryder: Ok. You guys cool to play later?

Jamie: Sure.

Chloe: I am not leaving you alone with your ex.

Coco: I’m not the ex you should be worried about! But whatever you will find out soon enough. Let’s go see my surprise!

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Chapter 6


Farm House


Coco arrives with Ryder, Chloe and Jamie.

Ryder: it’s your old house? I don’t get it!

Coco: Yes it’s my old house. And why do you think we are here?

Ryder: You tell me?

Coco: You that dumb?

Ryder: Maybe I am!

Coco: If I’m staying in town then where would I live?

Ryder: Oh!

Coco: Yeah oh!

Ryder: So your staying here for how long?

Coco: I told you it was undecided.

Ryder: Why?

Coco: That’s for reasons I’m not yet ready to tell. But maybe I missed my friends? And Ziggy?

Ryder: I missed you too.

Coco: Still best friends?

Ryder: Just try and stop me!

Coco holds out her hand to Ryder and he grabs it.

Ryder: So any new guys on the scene?

Coco: Maybe an old one!

Ryder: Not me I hope!

Coco: Get over yourself!

Ryder: So if not me then who? Oh? Oh! I’m an idiot!

Coco: Just figured that out have you!

Ryder: Funny!

Coco: So you know who then?

Ryder: I’m not as stupid as you think and their was only 1 other guy apart  from me!

Coco: Your right!

Ryder: Well I am happy for you!

Coco: Thank you!

Ryder: So how long?

Coco: How long what?

Ryder: Have you guys been dating? Duh? And why didn’t you tell me earlier?!

Coco: Who says we are dating?

Ryder: Wait didn’t you? Oh no you actually didn’t say…

Coco: Yeah your right I didn’t say…

Ryder: So is he here then? Is he the reason your back?

Coco: Your right.

Ryder: We’ll I say if you need help getting your man. I am here to help!

Coco: I might just take you up on that offer!

Chloe: Hey so your ex is back in the bay too?

Coco: He’s not my ex. We never dated. I just liked him a lot!

Chloe: And now he might like you back?

Coco: Maybe.

Jamie: Well I am a sucker for a romantic ending!

Ryder: Aren’t we all!

Coco: So when are you going to see Raffy?!

Ryder: Soon I hope!

Someone turns up at the house and yells out

Raffy: How about now?

Ryder: Raffy!

Raffy runs to Ryder and they hug. Chloe starts to cough and they break apart. Being in their own little word for a few seconds was nice though.

Chloe: So your Raffy?

Raffy: Yes and you are?

Chloe: I’m Chloe. Ryder’s girlfriend!

Raffy: Ah nice to meet you.

Chloe: You too!

Raffy and Coco hug

Raffy: I came to see you and I find you alone with Ryder should I be worried?

Coco: Hello we are not alone! His girlfriend is here! And Jamie.

Raffy: Oh hi.

Jamie: Hi.

Raffy: Who are you?

Jamie: New kid to the bay.

Raffy: Welcome.

Jamie: Thanks.

Raffy: So are you going to tell me why your really back?

Coco: For the only other guy that I was interested in when I was in the bay!

Raffy: Ah so you think this time?

Coco: I hope so.

Raffy: Well if you ever need any help. I am here.

Coco: Ryder said the same.

Raffy: Great minds.

Ryder: Agreed.

Coco: So how about we all catch up over dinner?

Raffy: Sounds good.

Ryder: I’m in!

Chloe: Same.

Jamie: Ah sure why not. Wait can my brother and sister come?

Coco: Of course.

Jamie: I will call them.

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Chapter 7


The Beach


Nicky and Cameron have just finished their swim


Cameron: What?

Nicky: You thinking about her?

Cameron: I don’t know what your talking about?

Nicky: Oh come on, cute kid? Crystal’s sister, Katie? You had a crush on her, admit it!

Cameron: What would be the point now. I will never see her again.

Nicky: I think you will.

Cameron: How do you know?

Nicky: I have faith!

Cameron: If you stay so. Let’s go!

Nicky: Go where?

Cameron: To dinner with Jamie.

Nicky: Oh ok. Let’s go.




Nicky and Cameron arrive and soon are introduced to everyone.

Nicky: Hi

Cameron: Hey

They take their seats and the group orders some pizzas and drinks. Raffy grabs Ryder and says they are paying for dinner. Ryder gives her a look but doesn’t argue and follows her to the bar.

Nicky: So what’s the deal with those two?

Jamie: Nicky!

Nicky: What was just curious!

Jamie: Not the time!

Nicky: Oh fine, sorry.

Jamie: Yeah sorry.

Chloe: You don’t need to apologise to me, I’m fine.

Coco: Really?

Chloe: Yeah I mean they are just friends and Ryder is with me.

Coco: Sure.

Chloe: What?

Coco: They are my best friends I’ve known them longer then you and I also know how much they loved each other. I mean even I got in the middle of that at one point. Ok maybe two!

Chloe: Your point?

Coco: Hate to break it to you but Raffy is back for Ryder and by the way he reacted to seeing her earlier I would say your days dating him are numbed sorry.

Chloe: What do you don’t think I’m good enough for Ryder is that it?

Coco: Yes.

Chloe: Why?

Coco: He was happier with Raffy. More than you. More then me. It’s a fact.

Chloe: But they broke up?

Coco: Yes and I still hate Ryder for that.

Chloe: Wait he dumped her?

Coco: Yeah, why? You thought it came from Raffy? No way! She would never! She loved him so much! They loved each other! Ryder was an idiot!

Chloe: And now?

Coco: Well I’m hoping he realises his mistake and fixes it. If he does I might just forgive him!

Chloe: Your still his best friend though? But your mad at him? Over their break up? It happened 2 years ago!

Coco: Your point?

Chloe: Aren’t you over it by now?

Coco: No!

Chloe: Why not?

Coco: Because those 2 belong together. And I messed it up the first time. And Ryder ruined it the second time. And now this is their third chance to get it right and I’m stick of them not being happy! I’m their best friend and it’s my job to make them happy and I have never seen them happier then when they were together!

Raffy and Ryder come back having finished ordering.

Raffy: Hey what’s going on?

Ryder: Yeah what’s happened?

Coco: Nothing! Everything is all good.

Chloe: Yeah. We were just getting to know each other.

Ryder: Oh that’s good. Would hate for my best friend and girlfriend to not get along.

Coco: Yeah we will be best friends before you know it.

Chloe: Yeah totally.

Coco: Oh we should invite Bella and Nik?

Ryder: Oh yeah great idea.

Raffy: It would be nice to see them and meet Nik of course!

Ryder: He’s good for Bella don’t worry!

Raffy: That’s good she deserves to be happy after everything she’s been though.

Ryder: Yeah she does.

Cameron: Oh so what pizza did you guys order?

Ryder: It’s a surprise!

Nicky: Oh no fair!

Raffy: Suck it up kid.

Nicky: I’m not a kid!

Raffy: Well neither am I!

Nicky: Then tell me what pizza we are getting!

Jamie: Nicky stop that! Be nice to them please.

Nicky: Sorry. I’m just hungry.

Raffy: We brought enough for everyone, you won’t starve!

Nicky: Good to know.

Ryder: I’ll call Bella and Nikau to meet us.

Coco: Sounds good.

Raffy grabs Coco and drags her away

Outside Salt


Raffy: So spill?

Coco: What?

Raffy: Oh no you don’t. What did me and Ryder walk in on?

Coco: Nothing!

Raffy: Coco!

Coco: Fine I just told that Chloe chick some home truths.

Raffy: About what?

Coco: You and Ryder!

Raffy: What?

Coco: Oh come on it’s obvious your back for him just admit i!

Raffy: I…

Coco: Come on we promised to be honest with each other remember no secrets.

Raffy: Fine. Yeah I guess… ok fine I am! Happy now?

Coco: Extremely! So what’s the plan?

Raffy: What plan?

Coco: To win him back? Because what ever it is I am so in!

Raffy: Their is no plan. He has a girlfriend!

Coco: So?

Raffy: What do you mean so?

Coco: It’s not important, not relevant. Take your pick?

Raffy: How is it not relevant?

Coco: Because your you!

Raffy: I don’t get it?

Coco: Chloe will be out of the picture soon enough. Sooner if you make a play for Ryder yourself!

Raffy: How do you figure that?

Coco: She doesn’t make him happy, you do!

Raffy: You haven’t even seen them together!

Coco: I don’t need too…

Raffy: Why not?

Coco: Because I haven’t seen either of you two happier then when you two we’re together. You deny it?

Raffy: No. but it doesn’t mean he…

Coco: Yes it does!

Raffy: But I can’t… it wouldn’t be right..

Coco: This coming from the girl who was using illegal drugs?!

Raffy: That was for my own medical use!

Coco: I know that. Ryder does too. And what did he do? Brought you some off the street! If he was willing to do that? Then he would be willing to do a lot more for you. You know that!

Raffy: I…

Coco: Come on. We can do this together!

Raffy: Do what?

Coco: Break them up duh!

Raffy: Urg I don’t know…

Coco: Do you trust me?

Raffy: Of course I do!

Coco: Them trust me on this please. And then answer me this. Are you happy without him?

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Chapter 8




Coco: So?

Raffy: No

Coco: I knew it. So what is the plan?

Bella and Nikau turn up and overhear

Bella: Ooh what plan?

Nikau: Is this a secret? Can we know?

Coco: Um…

Raffy: Hi I’m Raffy you must be Nik?

Nikau: Yep that’s me. Oh Raffy your Ryder’s ex. And a friend of Bella’s right? She’s mentioned you before.

Raffy: Yep that’s me. Nice to officially meet you. I’ve heard lots about you too.

Nik: Yeah you too. I’m glad it finally happened.

Bella: Ok seriously what did we walk in on?

Coco: You want to help us?

Raffy: You want to tell the whole world?!

Coco: We can trust them!

Raffy: How do you know that?

Coco: Can we trust you?

Bella: Of course we are friends!

Nik: Any friends of Bella’s are friends of mine!

Coco: Ok cool. So I’m here because I want to get Raffy and Ryder back together!

Bella: Really?

Nik: What!

Bella: That’s great news, count me in!

Nik: But Chloe! She’s my cousin I can’t…

Nik storms off

Bella: Don’t worry I will talk to him. Talk to you later

Bella leaves

Raffy: See I knew this was wrong!

Coco: No it’s a small setback. We can still do this!

Raffy: No! Manipulating people isn’t my style. I’m sorry I can’t do this

Raffy walks off

Covo walks back to the table where everyone is.

Ryder: What happened?

Coco: We just had a small fight. Nothing major.

Chloe: Nik looked upset. Should I go after him?

Coco: No. Bella will sort it out.

Chloe: So they had a fight?

Coco: It was more a misunderstanding. They will be fine.

Chloe: Ok.

Ryder: So is Raffy ok?

Coco: She’s just upset with me right now. But I think you should go talk to her. She will listen to you.

Ryder: Ok thank you. I will. We will catch up later though.

Coco: For sure. And bring Raffy so we can’t make up please.

Ryder: Of course. The 3 of us best friends for life right?

Coco: Don’t I know it. Nothing will break us!

Ryder: I still feel bad that I nearly did!

Coco: No that was my fault, I came between you too! I regret that and it will never happen again. I promise.

Ryder: I know.

Coco hugs Ryder

Coco: I will see you soon.

Ryder: See ya

Ryder kisses Chloe

Ryder: Talk later

Chloe: Bye

Jamie: So the pizza was good. Thanks for buying it.

Coco: Raffy and Ryder paid.

Jamie: Oh yeah.

Nicky: So are you guys known for fighting or just when it’s important?

Jamie: Nicky!

Nicky: What? I’m just curious.

Jamie: Not the time. Not our business.

Cameron: Ah yeah so since the party’s over we should go yeah?

Jamie: Yeah probably. Thanks for the invite. It’s been fun?

Coco: Love how you questioned that. But yes it’s been mostly fun.

Jamie: Cool. We will catch up another time.

Coco: Yeah cool. Talk later.

Jamie, Nicky and Cameron: Bye

Jamie, Nicky and Cameron leave

Chloe: So you want a drink?

Coco: Thought you’d never ask!

Coco and Chloe go the bar to order some cocktails.


Bella and Dean’s Apartment


Nik is pacing and Bella is trying to calm him


Nik: Why?

Bella: What do you mean?

Nik: I know you hate Chloe but I mean come on! Ryder and Chloe are happY

Bella: I don’t hate Chloe. And you never saw Raffy and Ryder together. They were the happiest I’ve ever seen either of them! Coco’s right their break up should not of happened!

Nik: And Chloe deserves to lose Ryder? She loves him!

Bella: Not as much as Raffy does! She liked him every since she met! They should of been together for so much longer!

Nik: Ok I get that. But I can’t just go along with this and hurt Chloe like that. She’s my family!

Bella: I’m your family too! And they are my friends! Our friends!

Nik: It’s complicated!

Bella: Yeah I know it’s not easy or fair. But I need to help them. You believe in soulmates and all that?

Nik: Yeah of course. I know that we belong together!

Bella: Ectually because we are soulmates! And so is Raffy and Ryder. And now Chloe is the middle of their reunion. I’m sorry but she needs to stay out of this!

Nik: She’s dating Ryder! She won’t just step aside!

Bella: She’s going to get hurt either way. Their reunion will happen with or without their help. It’s their destiny!

Nik: Ok! ok.

Bella: Ok what? You will help?

Nik: Yeah I guess I am in! But what even is the Plan?

Bella: Don’t know. You walked off before I could get answers!

Nik: I guess I did didn’t I? sorry.

Bella: It’s fine we can ask them again!

Nik: I still fell bad though.

Bella: Well don’t. At least this way Chloe has a chance to find her soulmate too so win win.

Nik: I guess your right. I love you.

Bella: I love you too.

Bella and Nik kiss


The Morgan House


Ryder finds Raffy crying on the sofa. He sits down next to her and pulls her into a hug.


Ryder: You ok?

Raffy: I’ve missed you.

Ryder: Me too. I’m sorry about the breakup. I’m sorry about everything. It was all my fault.

Raffy: How did you know I was crying about that?

Ryder: Because I know you. And because Coco said that you would “listen to me”. It was obvious.

Raffy: Why did you leave me? Why wasn’t I enough for you?

Ryder: I was an idiot. A stupid idiot. You were always enough for me. I was just too dumb to admit it!

Raffy: I heard about Jade!

Ryder: Yes big mistake!

Raffy: Not the biggest?

Ryder: No that was losing you!

Raffy: Ryder.. I…

Ryder: I know.

Raffy: You do?

Ryder: Yeah I love you too.

Raffy: Ryder…

Ryder leans into to kiss Raffy… except Raffy wakes up having just dreamt all this!


Their is a knock at the door and Raffy goes to answer it to Ryder!


Raffy: Hi

Ryder: Hey. We need to talk!

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Chapter 9


Ryder and Raffy are sitting on the couch


Raffy: So?

Ryder: You tell me?

Raffy: Your the one who said “we need to talk” so talk!

Ryder: What if what I want to talk about isn’t what you want to hear?

Raffy: Well is not talking at all is worse!

Ryder: Is it?

Raffy: Yes!

Ryder: You think Coco and Chloe could be friends?

Raffy: Maybe. Don’t change the subject!

Ryder: I’m not. I’m just curious.

Raffy: Why?

Ryder: I just want everyone in my life to get along.

Raffy: Why who isn’t getting along?

Ryder: You hate Chloe!

Raffy: No I don’t!

Ryder: Yeah you do!

Raffy: Ok maybe I do but not for the reason you think.

Ryder: Yeah you hate her because you think she’s not good enough for me?

Raffy: Ok maybe you do know the reason.

Ryder: You know no-one not even Chloe can break us right?

Raffy: I know that.

Ryder: We are best friends for life. Me, you and Coco. Ok?

Raffy: You will always be my best friend.

Ryder: Good. Then can you try to get along with my girlfriend?

Raffy: I will try for you.

Ryder: Thank you.

Raffy: Should we go see Coco? I need to make up with her.

Ryder: She said the same thing. To bring you with me to make up with her. You never told me what you were fighting about?

Raffy: It was nothing.

Ryder: Raffy…

Raffy: ok it’s the same we are fighting about. Your girlfriend.

Ryder: Why though?

Raffy: Coco and me are on the same page. We both don’t think Chloe is good enough for you.

Ryder: What am I going to do with you two?

Raffy: Spend more time with us!

Ryder: I guess that is an option.

Raffy: It better be more than an option! I’ve missed you!

Ryder: I’ve missed you too!

Raffy: Well good. Now that the three of us are home then let’s not waste anymore time. We have loads to catch up on!

Ryder: Ok fine. You know I want to spend as much time with you both as possible right?

Raffy: Good answer.

Ryder: Ok let’s go find Coco.

Raffy: Yes let’s go.

Raffy pulls Ryder up from the sofa and they hold hands for slightly longer then nessacary until Ryder drops his hand.

Raffy: So?

Ryder: Yeah I’m coming.

Outside The Morgan House

Raffy: Did you drive here?

Ryder: Yep.

Raffy: So can I drive your car?

Ryder: You can drive?

Raffy: Had my license for a year now.

Ryder: Ok sure.

Ryder gives Raffy the keys. And they both get into Ryder’s car.

Raffy: Thanks. So can I speed in your car?

Ryder: No!

Raffy: Worth a shot!

Ryder: If you get caught I’m blaming this whole thing on you.

Raffy: Fair.

Ryder: Ok you ready?

Raffy: Not my first time remember.

Ryder: It’s the first time I have seen you drive a car. Humour me.

Raffy: Fine. Ready, set, let’s go.

Raffy drives into the street

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Chapter 10


Farm House


Raffy and Ryder arrive in the house but no one seems to be home.


Raffy: Um this is werid.

Ryder: Yeah Coco said she would be here!

Raffy: Maybe they are out the back?

Ryder: Maybe let’s go check.

Raffy and Ryder head towards the back of the house…


Summer Bay House


Coco arrives and finds the guy who she came to the bay for.


Coco: Hi.

VJ: Hey. Long time no see.

Coco: It’s really good to see you.

VJ: It’s good to be back home.

Coco: I never thought we would be here again. And also you never felt that way about me!

VJ: That’s not true. I just… the age difference and our parents. It was too much.

Coco: I get it.

VJ: I should of picked you back then. I regret it.

Coco: Well we are together now and this is our second chance yeah?

VJ: If you want it. Let’s take it.

Coco grabs his hand

Coco: I want you…

VJ: So I think we should go on a first date yeah?

Coco: Second!

VJ: Second?

Coco: We went on a date and it went well and then you bailed on me when you found out I was 16 remember? Well I’m not 16 anymore.

VJ: Your definitely not. Your grown up now.

Coco: We both are adults. Their is nothing stopping us from perusing this now.

VJ: Your right. The world is ours to explore now.

Coco: Together.

VJ: Together.

Coco: So our second date?

VJ: Lead the way.


Farm House


Raffy: What is going on? Where is Coco?

Ryder: No idea.

Raffy: You don’t think?

Ryder: Don’t think what?

Raffy: That she set us up!

Ryder: It’s Coco. So yeah the chances are high.

Raffy: I’ve missed you so much.

Ryder: Me too. I was an idiot.

Raffy: Really?

Ryder: Yeah letting you go was the dumbest thing I ever did.

Raffy: Please tell me this isn’t a dream again?!

Ryder: You dream about me?

Raffy: Not the point. Tell me that right now in this moment. This is real.

Ryder: It’s real.

Raffy: Then break up with Chloe. Let us get back together. It’s what I want please…


The Parata House


Nik: You ok?

Chloe: I’m fine.

Nik: What happened?

Chloe: Ryder he…

Nik: He what?

Chloe: He dumped me!

Nik: What? But he hasn’t been here all morning!

Chloe: Ectually. He’s with Raffy now.

Nik: How do you know?

Chloe: Doesn’t everyone?

Nik: Well… I… I mean…

Chloe: Don’t worry. I know everything.

Nik: Everything?

Chloe: Yeah. The break-up plan. Raffy and Ryder. Coco. You. Bella. Everything.

Nik: And you don’t hate me?

Chloe: No. Because your not the bad guy in this.

Nik: But I offered to help.

Chloe: I heard.

Nik: So did Ryder tell you?

Chloe: No Coco did.

Nik: Wait so if Ryder didn’t dump you then how can you be sure he will?

Chloe: The same way everyone else is. Fate. Destiny. Soulmates.

Nik: Right. So you don’t think you and Ryder are soulmates?

Chloe: Everyone else is convinced we are not. Even you!

Nik: Well I…

Chloe: Save it. It’s ok. I do get it.

Nik: Really?

Chloe: Yeah their will be someone for me. But it’s not Ryder. At least you found yours.

Nik: Yeah I’m lucky.

Chloe: I will find mine. It will just take time.

Nik: I thought you would be upset. Angry.

Chloe: I am.

Nik: You seem chill.

Chloe: Maybe I’m learning that getting upset and angry won’t fix things.

Nik: I love you.

Chloe: Love you too Cuz!

Nik and Chloe hug

Nik: So do I need to go bash Ryder up?

Chloe: He’s a good guy. I’m sure he will come see me very soon.

Nik: You seem confident about that.

Chloe: Yeah well I have my ways. 3.. 2.. 1…

Ryder turns up at the door!

Chloe: Hey come in!

Ryder: You said their was a fire!

Chloe: Yes their is.

Ryder: The house is fine!

Chloe: I meant something else is burning to the ground.

Ryder: What?

Chloe: Our relationship! Our relationship is burning to the ground!

Ryder: What?

Chloe: I know.

Ryder: Know about what?

Chloe: You and Raffy!

Ryder: I didn’t cheat on you!

Chloe: I know.

Ryder: Well then why am I getting dumped?

Chloe: So are you saying you didn’t come here to dump me yourself?

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