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The Sound Of Silence


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Story Title: The Sound of Silence
Type of story: Short/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Mackenzie Booth, Ari Parata and Mia Anderson 
BTTB rating: T
Genre:  Drama
Does story include spoilers: No

Any Warnings : Violence and Trauma

Summary: Mackenzie is attacked at Salt by a drunk guy and when she is found the next day things aren't good for her. When Ari hears of the attack he is there for Mac which results in a jealous Mia. 



"Alright I'm closing up for the night". Mackenzie tells a group of loud guys celebrating a bucks.

"You don't get to tell us what to do". One of the men yell.

"Yes I do it's my restaurant". Mackenzie yells. 

"Yeah and we are paying customers". The same man replies. 

"Yeah he is right we are we will just have to tell everyone not come here then". Another man responds. 

"Come on Darlin I just want to enjoy my last night of freedom". A guy who must be the one they are celebrating for comments clearly drunk.

"I understand that but I need to go home and sleep as I have to open at 6 tomorrow". Mackenzie responds before that same men comes and starts attacking her before running out with his group of friends and leaving Mackenzie laying there on the ground brutally injured.  

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Bella had stopped outside the Salt Door the next morning when she noticed Mackenzie. 


"Oh my God Mac". Bella yells as Ryder who is behind her comes past and kicks the door down and they run in and Bella rushes to Mac and Ryder calls an ambulance. 

"What happened?". Ryder questions Mac.

"Some drunk guy from the bucks". Is all Mac can say before she goes out of consciousness and the paramedics come in. 

"Mackenzie can you hear us". One paramedic says but Mackenzie doesn't respond. 

"Can you squeeze my hands as hard as you can". Another paramedic asks her but she doesn't respond. 

"Is she ok?". Bella asks .

"It's not looking good we have to get her to hospital". The female paramedic responds. 

"Yeah I don't think she can hear us". The male paramedic tells his colleague. 

"Ok lets move". The female responds. 

"Can I ride with her?". Bella asks. 

"Sure are you family?". The male paramedic asks. 

"Yeah she's kinda my sister in law". Bella responds. 

"Ok then".  The female replies. 


At the hospital. 

"Hey Christian I just got a heads up we have a bad trauma coming we will need neuro". Tori tells her soon to be husband as the door opens. 

"Ok what do we have?". Christian asks the paramedics. 

"Bella". Tori says. 

"Mackenzie Booth 29 years old serious head trauma and loss of consciousness at the scene  heart rate of 140 and she's not responsive". The female paramedic tells them.

"Ok let's bring her in here". Christian tells the group. 

"Are you ok". Tori questions Bella. 

"Yeah I am fine me and Ryder found her that's all". Bella explains. 

"Did she say anything like who did this?". Tori asks. 

"All she said was some drunk guy from a bucks". Bella responds. 

"Ok thanks I will keep you updated". Tori tells her and hugs her. 

"Thank you I better go and tell Dean what's happened". Bella replies and walks away.

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"Hey thank god I found you". Bella says seeing Dean when she runs into the apartment. 

"Bella you ok?". Dean questions. 

"I'm fine Mac isn't". Bella tells him.

"What do you mean?". Dean questions concerned for his sister. 

"She was attacked Ryder and I found her she's in hospital". Bella explains getting slightly emotional. 

"How bad is it?". Dean asks. 

"It's not looking good at all". Bella tells him. 

"I need to see her". Dean replies. 

"Tori and Christian are treating her right now". Bella replies. 

"I don't care I am going". Dean replies running out the door. 

"Keep me updated". Bella shouts. 

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"No Irene it's ok I can keep The Diner under control just keep me posted". Marilyn says hanging up the phone call as Ari stands at the counter. 

"Sorry about that hi Ari". Marilyn says greeting and apologising to her friend.

"Hi Marilyn it's ok but is everything ok?". Ari greets and questions.

"Yeah I'm fine". Marilyn responds. 

"I'm glad to hear it but I heard you say to Irene to keep you posted is she ok?". Ari tells and questions now. 

"Yeah Irene's fine its actually Mackenzie". Marilyn tells him as Ari's face changes. 

"Mac". Is all Ari can say. 

"You haven't heard have you?". Marilyn questions. 

"Heard about what?". Ari asks beginning to panic. 

"She was attacked Bella and Ryder found her". Marilyn explains. 

"Oh my God!! How is she?". Ari says and asks in shock but also concern. 

"She's not doing well Irene said that she can't hear and isn't awake". Marilyn tells her friend. 

"I have to go if Mia comes can you tell her I had to leave". Ari asks Marilyn 

"Yeah of course go Mac needs you so does Dean and Bella". Marilyn responds.


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"Where is she?". Ari asks running into the Hospital seeing Dean,Bella and Irene sitting down. 

"In there". Bella says pointing to the door.

"What happened?". Ari questions.

"All we know is what she said before she lost conscious which was the some drunk guy attacked her". Tori says as she walks over and stands beside Dean.

"Tori how is she?". Dean questions concerned for his sister.

"She's not in good shape guys at the moment she can't hear anything and her jaw is broken". Tori explains. 

"Oh my Godfather". Irene responds.

"Can we see her?". Ari asks.

"One at a time". Tori replies and Dean heads towards the room and Ari nods. 


Meanwhile At The Diner

"Marilyn you haven't seen Arti have you we were meant to meet up". Mia asks as she walks over to the counter. 

"Yeah he had to go there was an accident". Marilyn replies. 

"Is he ok?". Mia questions. 

"He is fine it's Mackenzie" Marilyn explains. 

"Oh ok". Mia says walking away. 


Back At Hospital

"Ari do you want to see her?". Dean asks his mate as he comes out of his sisters room. 

"If you don't mind". Ari replies.

"Of course I don't she would appreciate you seeing her in fact we might go home and freshen up". Dean tells him. 

"Ok then". Ari says walking towards Mac's room and once in there laying beside her on the bed. 


Parata House

"Hi". Ari says walking in a couple of hours later. 

"So is your ex ok?". Mia questions. 

"Marilyn tell you?". Ari asks.

"All she said was that there was an accident". Mia explains. 

"Yeah she's still in the hospital but she is ok". Ari lies. 

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  • 4 months later...

A Few Days Later


"Come on blow your nose Mac". Ari says to Mac who still cant hear so he thinks before she starts blowing.

"Oh My God you can hear me"? Ari questions and Mac nods before crying. 

"Hey how is she"? Tori asks as she and Christian walk in the room and Mac puts her thumb up.

"She can hear"? Christian asks before Dean and Bella walk in. 

"Yeah just then she started to". Ari responds and Tori moves closer to Mac and cuts the wires so she can talk. 

"Mackenzie how are you feeling"? Christian asks now the wires are gone. 

"Sore but ok. Thank you guys for staying by me and Bella thank you for finding me". Mac replies. 

"You should be thanking Ari he stayed by your side the whole time we had to force him to go home". Tori informs Mac. 

"Really". Mac questions. 

"Really". Dean confirms. 

"We should give Mac and Ari some space". Bella tells everyone.

"Good idea". Dean replies and they walk out. 


"So how did Mia feel about you being here"? Mac asks her ex. 

"She was pissed but I told her it's none of her business". Ari replies. 

"Im sorry Ari". Mac responds. 

"You don't need to apologise this wasn't your fault if anything it was mine". Ari tells her putting his arm around her. 

"It's not your fault why would you say that"? Mac questions. 

"If we were together maybe this wouldn't of happened". Ari tells her.

"It still would off". Mac says emotionally and he holds her tight. 

"Mac I am sorry about the way things ended I really am". Ari tells his ex emotionally. 

"I know that you have shown that by being here so thank you". Mac replies. 

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Thankyou everyone for reading this chapter is the final one as I am starting a Zrody Fanfic


Month Later

"Hey". Ari says as he walks into Mac's Hospital Room

"Hey". Mac says walking to where he is. 

"How are you feeling?" Ari asks her. 

"Good I get to go home today". Mac informs him as Tori and Christian had just given her the news. 

"Wow that's great. You going back to the Farmhouse?" Ari states and questions. 

"Um not sure maybe to the Apartment things are still a bit strained between me and Ziggy after everything". Mac explains to him 

"Well why don't you move back in with me?" Ari asks her. 

"How would Mia feel about that?". Mac questions. 

"That doesn't matter". Ari tells her bluntly. 

"Why doesn't it matter?". Mac asks him. 

"We broke up". Ari states. 

"I guess I will get the blame for that to then". Mac tells her ex referring to the fact Chloe had previously accused her of keeping Ari for herself

"Mac it's not your fault if anything it's mine". Ari responds hugging his ex. 

"Why's that?" Mac asks curiously. 

"Because I shouldn't off gotten let you go and get back with Mia". Ari tells his ex. 

"What do you mean Ari?" Mac questions. 

"This past month has made me realise I am still in love with you". Ari tells her as they walk out of the hospital. 

"And I am still in love with you Ari but I don't want to rush this". Mac says leaning forward to kiss him. 

"So that's a no to moving in?" Ari asks her. 

"No it's not we are just taking it slow". Mac tells him and they kiss again but unknowably to them Chloe and Mia are watching on. 

"Here's to second chances". Ari says pulling Mac in for another kiss. 

"Second Chances". Mac says and holds his hand.





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