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The Hardest Thing Is To Say Goodbye


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Story Title: The Hardest Thing Is To Say Goodbye
Type of story:  Short/Medium Fic
Main Characters: Bella Nixon, Dean Thompson, Mackenzie Booth, Jasmine Delaney, Tori Morgan and others
BTTB rating: T
Genre:  Drama
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Death
Summary: After hearing the news that Colby was killed everyone in the bay is impacted and upset. Some more then others. Will the ones closest to him be able to say goodbye and move on?


Chapter One

It wasn't either eight o'clock in the morning when Bella was woken up by the knocking. She opened the door to see two police officers standing there "Can I help you?" The first officer Bella recognized straight away it was Murray who worked with Colby. He looked at Bella "Bella we need to speak to you about your brother." Bella was immediately worried she knew this wasn't good news. She let the police officers in and shut the door just as Dean walked out of his room and saw the officers there with Bella "What going on?" Dean could see the worry in Bella's face and he was worried himself. Murray stepped forward "I think you should sit down." Bella shakes her head "Just tell me what happened?" Murray took a breath "Colby was stabbed in the early hours and the officers at the prison were unable to save him. I'm sorry Bella but Colby died. " Bella immediately screamed and cried as Dean moved closer to her trying to hold her it was this point the officers left. Bella couldn't stop screaming and crying she was in shock "Bella" Dean was struggling to hold it together himself but knew the teenager needed him. 

Mackenzie had heard screaming and immediately walked out of her room to see Dean holding a crying Bella as she fell to the ground with Dean close behind her. Dean held her as Mackenzie walked closer and realized her brother was close to crying himself "What is it? Dean what happened?" Dean held Bella as he looked at his sister "Colby dead." Mackenzie was shocked and lost the words. She knelt down to try to help Bella when Dean looked at her "Can you tell Jasmine? She can't hear this over the news." Mackenzie nods as she looks at her brother "Yeah I won't be long. Just call if you need me." Dean nodded as he held Bella and Mackenzie ran to her room quickly got changed and left the apartment.

It didn't take long for Mackenzie to find Jasmine she was sitting on the boat near the diner. "Jasmine?" Mackenzie sounded upset as she spoke which made Jasmine look up "Is everything ok?" Mackenzie sits next to Jasmine "No it isn't. Dean and Bella didn't want you to hear this on the news." Jasmine looked worried already "Hear what?" Mackenzie took a breath "Colby is dead. Bella and Dean just found out." Jasmine immediately started crying "What happened?"  Mackenzie could see Jasmine was already struggling "He was stabbed." Jasmine was a complete mess straight away "I can't believe he gone." With that Jasmine gets up and leaves just wanting to be left on her own.

Jasmine ran as fast as she could until she arrived home and as soon as she did she burried her head in a pillow on the couch and cried her eyes out. She was a mess. Losing Robbo was hard and she knew losing Colby would be just as hard. She couldn't believe she was never going to see him again and she had no idea how she would get through any of this. Jasmine knew that today was going to be rough on her and she knew she would probably spend the rest of the day crying and she also knew that she wasn't going to show up on her date with Cash as right now she couldn't deal with it.

Mackenzie decided to also let Tori and Justin know what had happened and walked to the Morgan's and knocked on the door. Tori who hadn't long gotten home heard this and opened it and she knew by Mackenzie face something was wrong "Come in." Justin turned around from where he was sitting looked at Mackenzie and immediately stood up. Mackenzie looked at the siblings before speaking "Colby is dead. I'm so sorry. I know you guys were close Tori. Look I will leave you guys to it. I just thought you guys should know." When Mackenzie left Tori was crying as she reached for a photo of her, Colby and Robbo "I'm sorry T" Tori shakes his head "He didn't deserve this." Justin nods "I know that." Tori looks at the photo "Dean, Bella, Jas all of us shouldn't have to go through this." It was that moment when Leah and Christian arrived home "Breakfast is here." Tori looked at then "I'm not hungry." She then immediately goes to her room and Christian is about to follow her when Justin shakes her head "She just need some time to herself for a bit." Justin wasn't close to Colby but was upset as he spoke and Leah could see that and was about to ask him about it but decided too later when Christian wasn't around.

NOTE- I hope you all liked chapter one and people finding out about Colby death. Next chapter even more people will find out about Colby so stay tuned for more.

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Chapter 2

Leah who had only just found about Colby herself after Christian left for work was feeling numb as she walked into the diner and was greeted by smiles from Alf and Irene however when Leah didn't return a smile they knew something was wrong. Alf stood up "Leah what is it? Are you ok?" Leah shakes her head "I'm doing better then Bella and Dean but yeah I'm ok." Alf and Irene looked at each other confused before Irene spoke up "What does this have to do with then?" Leah takes a breath "Colby died." Alf and Irene were shocked both not saying a word for a minute before Irene spoke up "Are you right to look after things here. I should check on Bella and Jasmine." Leah nods as Irene leaves. 

Irene walked upstairs and opened the door to see Mackenzie there who knew she would ask about Bella "How Bella?" Mackenzie could see the concern on Irene's face "She isn't good. She haven't stopped crying and she won't let Dean leave her side." Irene could understand that "Yeah well Dean's all she have left now." Mackenzie nods knowing Irene is right "They both aren't coping I don't even know how to help then." Irene looked at the younger woman "Just be then for both of then when they need you and remember all of us are here too." Mackenzie nods as the older woman hugs her which she returns before Irene leaves.

Meanwhile Cash had just walked into the station after Jasmine failed to show up for their date to see most of his co-workers upset and was about to ask Murray what was going on when he saw his girlfriend walk in crying and heading towards Murray "What the hell happened? He was meant to have protection." Murray knew Jasmine was right and knew this would be a long chat so grabbed her hand led her into the interview room and shut the door behind then leaving Cash confused.

Once Murray and Jasmine sat down Murray knew he had to explain all "The officer that was meant to protect Colby well turns out he had been threated by some people in the jail and was scared so when this happened he didn't defend him." Jasmine was crying even harder "So once again cops let me down. Did they even try to revive him?" Murray nods "They did for a hour Jasmine nothing could be done." Jasmine knew Murray was right and immediately got up and hugged him "I know you were close to Colby too. Are you ok?" Murray looked at his concerned friend " I will be." As Jasmine and Murray left the office and Jasmine was about to leave the station Murray looked at the nurse "If you need anything. I'm here." Jasmine shows the cop a smile as she leaves.

Ziggy is walking towards the apartment when she sees Alf "Have you seen Dean? He was staying with Bella last night because Mac was working late but he haven't come home." It was clear to Alf that Ziggy hadn't heard "You haven't heard have you?" Ziggy looked confused "Heard what?" Alf stepped forward "Colby died. Dean and Bella were told this morning." Ziggy was shocked and felt guilty as she was annoyed at Dean for not coming home but now it was clear why "What happened?" Alf could see Ziggy was worried about her boyfriend and Bella "He was stabbed." Ziggy was lost for words as she immediately rushed towards the apartment.

When she walked in she heard Bella's voice "Mac can deal with who out there don't leave me." Ziggy from hearing that knew Bella wasn't in a good place and she knew that Dean would be staying there for a while. After not seeing Mackenzie in the lounge room she walked towards Colby's old room to see Dean sitting on the bed with Bella curled up beside him and her head in Dean's chest she could hear that Bella was crying and could tell from how puffy Dean's eyes looked that he had been crying too. Dean spotted his girlfriend and he knew straight away she knew "I'm sorry." Dean nods as Ziggy looks at her boyfriend "I will wait in the lounge room in case you guys need anything." Dean showed a slight smile and nodded as Ziggy watched Dean focus on an upset Bella again before she headed into the lounge room.

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Chapter 3

Tori had walked out of the room to see Justin sitting on the couch with a concerned face however before he spoke Tori did "I don't understand why do the good people always die. First Mason, then Robbo and now Colby. I just can't take it anymore." Justin stood up and hugged his sister "I don't know why it happens to the good ones but you have memories Tori surely that helps." Tori nods and looks at her brother "It does but they should still be here. I wish they were." Justin nods "I know I do too." Tori then fell to the ground and cried "I can't believe my last tie to Robbo gone well besides Grace and Jas. Colby knew a different side to him then we did a side he was going to tell Grace one day and now he can't and it just not fair." Justin knelt down beside his sister and hugged her "Yeah I know."

Meanwhile at the station Cash walked over to where Murray was "Why was Jasmine upset and why did she want to talk to you not me?" Murray knows Cash knows nothing about Colby and Jasmine history "Look it isn't my story to tell but right now she just needs some time ok." Cash looks very serious "She is my girlfriend and I love her. I just want to be there for her." Murray acknowledges that but looks at Cash "No one can be not for this. This is something she needs to process on her own." Cash is confused "What is?" Murray looks at his co worker "It isn't my story to tell now I need to go sort something out." Murray walks in the interview room and shuts the door crying himself as he lost one of his best friends.

At the apartment Mackenzie arrives back to see Ziggy on the couch "So you know?" Ziggy nods "Yeah, Alf told me when I came looking for Dean." Mackenzie feels guilty "I should of called but Dean wanted me to make sure Jasmine knew and it slipped my mind." Ziggy smiles a bit "It fine I get it.  How have Dean been coping?" Mackenzie can see the concern on Ziggy's face "He cried a bit and grieving on top of that he trying to look after Bella too." Ziggy moves around on the couch "I can imagine. How is Bella? I mean i walked past and she was crying into Dean before." Mackenzie looks worried "She haven't stopped crying since she was told. She won't let Dean leave her." Ziggy looks at Mackenzie "Dean's the only family she have got left and she scared of been alone. I just know it." Mackenzie nods in agreement "I think Dean going to be staying here for a bit." Ziggy nods as she looks at her friend "Do you mind if I bring a bag of stuff over and stay in case he needs me and to help you support then both." Mackenzie nods "Sure. Look can you stay here for a bit? I need to go for a walk." Ziggy nods she knows Mackenzie is struggling too." 

Mackenzie is walking towards the beach in and when she finally makes it to sand she breaks down crying and falls to the ground when she hears footsteps coming towards her "Mac, what is it?" Mackenzie looks up to see Ari beside her. "Colby was stabbed and he didn't make it." Ari was shocked him and Colby weren't close but he wouldn't wish this upon anyone." Mackenzie nods and Ari knows she isn't coping "How about we go for a walk?" Mackenzie looks up at her ex "I'm sure you have more important things to do." Ari shakes his head, he was meant to met Mia but knew Mackenzie was struggling and needs him besides he also wanted to check in on how Dean and Bella were doing "No Mac I don't." Ari grabs Mackenzie hand and pulls her up ready for a walk and a long chat about Colby, Bella, Dean and most importantly how she was coping.

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Chapter 4

Ari and Mackenzie were walking along the beach when Ari looked at Mackenzie "How are you doing? I know you cared about Colby too." Mackenzie stops walking which makes Ari stopped too "He did awful things but he was also a big part of my life and the fact he is gone, it does really hurt. I will be fine I'm going through nothing compared to Bella and Dean." Ari pulls Mackenzie into a hug and holds her unaware Mia is watching in the distance "Look Mackenzie whenever you need anything, you call me anytime and remember your allowed to grieve too. I'm not even close to Colby but i am." Mackenzie nods as she stays in Ari's arms and just cries.

It is after half a hour when Ari arrives home to see Nikau and Mia there. Mia looked at Ari "You never came and then I saw you with your ex." Ari crosses his arms and looks at Mia "One of her friends died and she really struggling. I could let her be on her own." Mia feels guilty "I didn't realize." Nikau then looks at his uncle "Who was it that died?" Ari knew Bella hadn't told Nikau "It Colby." Nikau grabbed his keys to head out but Ari pulled him back "I need to go see Bella." Ari shakes his head "Nik, Bella doesn't want to see you. At the moment she only letting Dean near her." Mia was confused on who this guy was "Look Nik give her some space. She just lost her brother." Nikau reluctantly  nods as Ari lets go of him and looks at Mia "I'm sorry for bailing but Mac she needed me." Mia looks at him "It is fine. I understand, she shouldn't have to go through this alone. Did she say how Bella and Dean are?" Ari nods as he looks at his girlfriend "Bella really struggling she won't let Dean leave her side and won't stop crying and he isn't doing great himself." Mia nods and grabs her phone out texting Dean.

Meanwhile Irene had rushed home after checking in on Bella and asking Leah to cover for her for the rest of the day, to see Jasmine sitting on  the couch "Leah told me what happened how are you doing?" Jasmine looks up to see the concerned woman near her "He was my first friend here, my best friend and now he is gone. He didn't deserve this Irene." Jasmine cries as Irene rushes to her and wraps her arms around her "He have people that need him Irene, Bella, Dean and me we need him and now he isn't here and it just isn't fair." Irene holds the younger female "I know it isn't but remember that he loved you Jasmine." Jasmine nods "I love him so much Irene and he isn't here and it just sucks." Irene nods as she hears a knock on the door and walks over to open it to see Cash there "Now isn't a good time." Cash looks at Irene "I just want to see Jasmine." Irene crosses her arms "Now really isn't the best time but I will let her know you came by." Cash could see Irene was very serious so nodded and left even more worried about his girlfriend.


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Chapter 5

When Christian arrived home from work he could hear crying and immediately walked into his and Tori's room to see her sitting on the bed a complete mess. He immediately sits beside her and wraps his arms around her, hugging her and letting her cry. He knew he wasn't going to ask what was wrong at least not yet after all whatever it was it was clear Tori was struggling with it. It was half a hour later when Christian looked at his fiancé and knew that she would probably be strong enough to answer the question "So what is wrong?" Tori wiped her eyes before looking at him "Colby died." Christian was shocked his patient from a few months back was dead however he didn't realize that Tori was close to him "I didn't know you were close." Tori nods "Yeah we were after Robbo died anyway. He helped me allot through it and he was there when I needed a friend. I don't know how I would of coped without him." Christian could tell Colby meant allot to Tori "I'm sorry Tori I really am." Tori shows a slight smile "Thank you. I just wish he was here. He was my friend and a good guy. He didn't deserve any of this." Christian nods as he holds his fiancé in his arms wanting to be there and support her in anyway he could.

Meanwhile at the flat Dean and Bella were still sitting in Colby old room both with tears in their eyes when Bella suddenly speaks "What happens now? Like I don't know where to even begin." Dean could hear the emotion in Bella voice "We don't have to start anything right now but whenever we have to plan the funeral  or anything we will do that together. You won't be alone doing any of this, I promise." What Dean said made Bella feel a bit better she even showed a slight smile before looking at Dean "I haven't even asked how your doing?" Dean can see Bella worry "I'm ok I mean I'm not ok but yeah I will be fine. It hurts that this is happening but we will both be ok." Bella nods knowing in time this will be case even those she didn't know when this time would be.  Bella looks at Dean again "Thank you for being here today Dean." Dean shows Bella a smile as he pulls her close into his arms "Of course Bella. I'm always going to be here for whatever you need, I promise." Bella nods as they both hug and cry.

In the lounge room of the flat Mackenzie and Ziggy were sitting on the couch "Should we go into there?" Mackenzie immediately shakes her head at Ziggy as they hear a knock on the door. Mackenzie walks over and opens it to see a cop there "How Can I help?" The cop was Murray "It Colby's belonging Bella and Dean might want it. Their letters for then both too." Mackenzie nods as Murray hands her the box "Thank you." Murray nods "Of course. If Dean or Bella need anything let me know." Mackenzie nods again "Thank you, we do appreciate that." Murray nods before walking out.

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Chapter 6

Mackenzie knocked on the door of Colby's old room and Dean and Bella who both had puffy eyes looked up it. "What's that?" Mackenzie looked at her brother "It's Colby belonging, also Murray said there is a letter in there one for you and one for Bella." This makes Bella look up and walk towards the box she grabs the letter and walks towards the door. Dean looks at her "Want me to come with you?" Bella shakes her head "I need to read this alone." Dean nods as Bella walks out. He looks through the box and grabs the letter addressed to him ready to read it.

Bella walked to the pier and sat there alone. She opened the letter and started to read it.

" To Bella

My little sister, I don't know where to start. There haven't been a day when I haven't thought of you. You grown up in an amazing woman who I'm really proud of. I remember the day I found you and I'm so happy that we reunited and got to make so many memories together ones that I look back on everyday and ones that I hope you will remember for the rest of your life. No matter what happens Bella I love you so much and I always will. 

Love Colby"

Bella immediately teared up after reading the letter she missed him  so much. She heard footsteps walk towards her and then heard a voice "Bella mind If I join you? " The voice belonged to Ryder and she nodded as he sat beside her "I'm sorry about Colby I know how close you guys were." Bella nods "I just miss him Ryder and the thought of never seeing him again it kills me and I hate it. I hate that he is dead." Bella cries even more as Ryder pulls her in for a hug "I know you do and anything you need just ask. I'm here anytime day or night you just need to pick up the phone and call me." Bella shows Ryder a slight smile "Thank you." Ryder nods as he hugs a crying Bella as she holds onto Colby letter tightly.

Meanwhile back in the apartment Dean had just shut the bedroom door so he could read his letter alone without his girlfriend or sister coming in and interrupting because like Bella this was something he needed to do alone. Dean opened the letter and began to read it.

"To Dean

Firstly I want to say thank you for being my best friend, honestly I loved growing up with you by the side even when we fought. I hope that you are doing well and getting the happiness, you truly deserve and please never feel guilty about Ross or me dying. You did the right thing not turning yourself in. Truth is I had allot of enemies and I knew the day they would get me would come at some point which is why I wrote to you and Bella so you could both have closure and move on with your lives.

Speaking of Bella, Thank you for taking care of her and please keep doing that. You are the only family she got left and she needs you and I need to know she got so someone looking out for her. Thank you for everything Dean

Love Colby"

Dean teared up as he finished reading the letter and he knew he was happy just like Colby wanted and he knew he would always look out for Bella just like Colby wanted him too.

It was ten minutes later when Bella came back to the apartment with Ryder "Dean?" This made Ziggy and Mackenzie both turn around and Dean rush out of the room and when he saw that Bella was crying just like he was he hugged her. Bella looked at Dean "I want to have a memorial for Colby tonight." Dean nods "That a good idea. Do you want it small?" Bella shakes her head "Lots of people in this community love him, invite then." Dean looks at Ziggy and Mackenzie "We will sort that out." Bella nodded at Ziggy as Ryder looked at her "I will go get the candles you want then come back here." Bella nods "Thank you Ryder." Ryder smiles and leaves as Ziggy and Mackenzie begin to text people and Dean and Bella hug and cry both still emotional after reading their letters from Colby.

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Chapter 7

Tori, Christian, Justin and Leah were sitting on the couch when Tori's phone went off and as she read the text she teared up "There going to be a memorial for Colby tonight." Christian holds his girlfriend hand to show his support for her. Justin looks at his sister "What time?" Tori scrolls down "Eight o'clock outside the diner." Leah and Justin nod as Leah speaks "We should sort out some flowers for Bella." Justin nods in agreement as Tori's gets up and Justin looked worried "Are you ok?" Tori nods "I just need a minute and to find something to wear." She leaves the room as Christian looked at Justin "Should I check on her?" Justin shakes his head "No Colby and her were close I would give her a minute." Christian nods as the trio start to organize some flowers.

Meanwhile after Irene and Jasmine both got a text about the memorial Jasmine was heading to the station to tell Murray as per Bella request as she wanted him there. Jasmine walked in to the station to see her boyfriend talking with Murray. Murray spots her first "Jasmine what do you need?" This makes Cash turn around "Want to go for a walk?" Jasmine shakes her head "I can't stay I just wanted to tell Murray something." Murray looks at his friend "Is this about Colby?" Jasmine immediately nods as Murray grabs her hand and walks into the interview room with her as Cash wonders why they were talking about the former Summer Bay cop. When they were in the office Jasmine spoke "There is a memorial tonight and Bella and Dean want you there. So will you come?" Murray nods "Of course, I will Jas. He was one of my best friends, I want to be there." When they walked out of the office Jasmine was just about to leave the station when Murray looked at her "Do you want me to come and pick you up before the memorial?" Jasmine nods immediately "Yeah that will be great." Jasmine then leaves the station as Cash looks at Murray for answers.

Elsewhere Ari, Tane, Mia and Nikau were sitting on the couch when Ari phone began ringing "It Mac. I need to take it." Mia nods as Ari answers his phone "Mac hey." Mackenzie who was outside the apartment spoke "Hey there a memorial for Colby tonight. Could you please come I need your support?" Ari can hear Mackenzie sadness and he knows she needs him "Yeah of course I will be there. Anything you need. I will meet you at your place half a hour before." Mackenzie smiles relieved to have Ari support "Yeah sounds good. See you then." Ari nods "Bye Mac." The two hang up the phone as Mia looks at Ari "Is Mackenzie ok?" Ari shakes his head "They are having a memorial for Colby tonight and she asked me If i could go with then as she needs the support and so does Dean. You all are invited too but Nikau, Bella doesn't want to see you yet." They all nod as Tane looks at his brother "What time does it start?" Ari looks at Tane "Eight O'clock." They all nod in acknowledge.

Meanwhile Mackenzie walked in the apartment to see Bella and Dean both writing speeches when Bella turns around "Who can come out of the people you texted?" Mackenzie knew Bella wanted people to be able to remember her brother "Tori, Christian, Justin, Leah, Ari, Tane, Mia, Nikau, Roo, Marilyn and Alf. Alf also wants to say a few words if that is ok with you?" Bella nods as Dean speaks "That would be good." Mackenzie gets her phone out and texts Alf to let him know it would be ok as Bella turned to Ziggy "And what about you, who can come?" Ziggy got her phone out and scrolled down "Irene, Jasmine, Martha, John, Chloe and Murray." Bella for the first time since it she found out about Colby earlier that day showed a smile grateful so many people were coming to remember her brother.

Time had gone quickly soon after that. It was now seven thirty which meant half a hour before the memorial as Dean opened the door of the apartment after hearing the knock to see Ari and Ryder both there. Ari immediately man hugged his friend "I'm sorry, if you need anything I'm here." Dean showed a smile "Thank you, please both of you come and Ryder, Bella is in her room. Can you go check on her?" Ryder nods as the pair walks in and Ryder immediately heads to the room and Ari hugged Mackenzie "Everyone at the beach have already been given  their candles." Ziggy who was holding her boyfriend hand smiled at Ari "Thank you." 

Ryder walked into the bedroom to see Bella ready and sitting on her bed crying with a piece of paper in her hand "Is that your speech?" Bella turns around to see Ryder who shuts the door as she nods "It is. I'm really scared I will stuff it up." Ryder grabs his friend hand "Bella you won't. Colby would be proud of you for doing this." Bella nods "I just want this to be perfect for him, you know." Ryder nods "I do and it will be."

Soon enough the group were heading down to outside the diner when Bella looked around she saw everyone she knew there all together holding lighted candles. They walked down there and stood in the Centre as Alf stepped forward "Welcome everyone to the memorial of Colby Thorne, A much loved brother, friend, cop and a member of the community who I know we will all miss. Now Colby friend Jasmine would like to say a few words."

Jasmine looked at Murray for support before stepping forward and standing beside Alf "Colby and I we went through so much together more then most people. It would be easy to say he was my rock time and time again. I don't know where I would be without him. I was very lucky to know Colby and to have him as a best friend. He was someone who I loved so much and who I will always admire and miss. I love you Colby." Jasmine was now a mess as she walked back to where Murray was and could see that her boyfriend was beside him which meant Murray told him but right now she didn't mind. She put her head on Murray shoulder and held Cash's hand as Alf stepped forward again "Now we will hear a few words from Dean."

Dean stepped forward as Mackenzie and Ryder wrapped their arms around Bella so she had support too as she hadn't stopped crying since the funeral  started. Dean held the paper as he looked at it then the crowd "Colby he wasn't only my best friend but he was my brother. Ever since we were young boys we were like brothers and it never changed. We always had each other backs and I was very lucky to have a mate in my life like Colby who stood by me no matter what. Thank you for everything mate I will miss you." By that point Dean was crying and Ziggy stepped forward and hugged her boyfriend before the pair walked back to where they were standing as Bella stepped forward with Ryder by her side.

Bella looked at everything "Firstly I want to say thank you to everyone for coming. Colby would be so happy to have so many people come here to remember him." Bella takes a breath knowing this would be the hardest speech she would ever have to make "Colby and I we were forced apart for a long time but no matter if we were together or apart no matter how many mistakes I made he wouldn't give up on me. He was an amazing brother and he did so much for me. He loved me, he cared about me and he protected me. He was all I had left and now that he is gone I will hold on to every single memory I have of my brother and I will always be missing him, I love you Colby and I always will." By this point Bella had fully broken down and Ryder and Dean had both come to her aid and both hugged her as Mackenzie, Ari and Ziggy joined then as they watched one by one the bay residents putting some flowers petals and the lit candles in the water to remember Colby. After everyone else was done Mackenzie, Ryder, Ari and Ziggy all put their candles in the water before Dean and Bella stepped forward and did the same. Bella looked at Dean "It was hard to say goodbye but this it was the perfect way to do it." Dean nods in agreement "This tribute was perfect." The pair hug as they watch the candle float in the distance before standing their in silence.

The end





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