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Friday 22 April 2005 - "Bad Blood!!"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Bad Blood !!! ?

Hunter house ?Robbie loves the custom made steering wheel that Tilly & Henry gave him for his birthday. Tash thanks Beth for being so cool about her staying the night, and Beth suggests that they should DEF ask next time. They all hear a knock on the door ? and when Beth opens the door, she is SHOCKED when she sees her FATHER, graham.

Hospital ? Flynn assures Cassie that she can talk to him or sally about anything. Flynn then sees that Clare is still in her room, and asks her why. Clare says that she?s waiting for peter to pick her up. (Note ? Flynn didn?t say anything about Clare using her mobile phone in the hospital)

Abattoir ? the stalker shoves the unconscious peter in the boot of a blue car

Hunter house ? Beth is V suspicious about why graham is here, and she doesn?t ?buy? that it?s just because of Robbie?s birthday. Beth also discovers that those 2 answering machines messages where the person had hang up were Graham, as he has issues with technology. Robbie, Tash, Tilly & Henry aren?t keen on the tension between Beth & graham, so they bail.

Near surf club ? Jesse & Martha are kissing, then they see Robbie & Co approaching. Jesse & Martha suggest to Tilly & the others to keep Jesse/Martha quiet (they don?t want Alf to know). Robbie & the other comment about the age gap (between Martha & jess), but Tash doesn?t say anything. Ric then approaches ? and wonders what?s happening.

Hunter house ? graham isn?t keen on Beth constantly questioning his motives, so he grabs his bag & starts to bail, but Beth insists that graham CAN stay at the hunter place.

Police station ? Clare arrives, and wonders where peter is. Harper tells Clare that peter told Laura that she had some important things to deal with ? but that was ages ago. Clare enters peter?s office ? and she sees that email that the stalker sent to peter. Clare is NOT impressed has tried to handle this case alone.

Abattoir ? Clare & several other police officers arrive. Clare orders the uniformed officers to search the place

Boot of car ? peter hears his phone ring, but his hands are bound with rope, so he can?t.

Abattoir ? Clare finds peter?s wallet in his car. He finds an old picture of herself & peter together ? they look V happy is the pic. Harper approaches Clare. They?ve had no luck finding peter - so Clare orders Harper to call it the dog quad etc.

Boot of car ? peter is trying to kick open the boot lid when the car stops. The stalker grabs an axe from the back seat of the car. Peter then remembers Clare?s profile of the stalker (wants power through fear). Peter calls out to the stalker, indicating that he?s NOT afraid of the stalker ? and peter calls the stalker Sarah.

Hunter house ? lots of ppl have arrived and are enjoying Robbie?s bday party. Graham gives Robbie a rather expansive looking watch, which Beth comments unfavourably on. Meanwhile, Tash sees Jesse & Martha flirting with each other, and when Jesse has walked away, Martha wonders what Tash thinks of Jesse/Martha. Tash says that (despite jesse/josie) she?s OK with the idea of Jesse/Martha. Martha tells Tash that they want to keep relationship secret, and because overhears the word secret, he wonders what?s happening. Martha assures him that if she told him, it wouldn?t be a secret any more.

Bushland ? peter finally kick opens the boot lid. He struggles out of there and quickly frees himself of the ropes with the axe that the stalker was holding earlier. As peter frees himself, the stalker is watching him.

Hunter house ?Alf arranges, with Jesse, to have some ANZAC Day activities at Noah?s, and Graham hears this. Beth then says a few words to the assembled crowd about Robbie (nothing to embarrassing).

Police station ? when peter arrives, he tells Clare what happened, esp. when he used her profile to good effect (stalker seems to halt what they were doing once peter challenged them) Clare however is annoyed that peter insists that the stalker is psycho Sarah. (Btw, peter said that he feels that he knows the stalker)

Hunter house ?Alf talks to graham about ANZAC day, as Beth has told Alf that graham fought in the Vietnam War. Graham tells Alf that he?s NEVER attended at ANZAC day service ? and isn?t going to start doing so now. Nearby, Robbie is V keen to know what Tash has got him for his bday, and when tilly offers graham a piece of birthday cake, he is really annoyed when the cake is spilt on his lap. Beth wonders why such a little incident has annoyed graham so much, and Beth is V frustrated when graham doesn?t tell her what?s REALLY happening. Meanwhile, in Robbie?s room, Tash gives Robbie her present, a pair of commitment ring ? 1 for her, 1 for her ? they?re inscribed ?Robbie & Tasha together forever?. Robbie is almost overwhelmed, and Robbie & Tash kiss. In the main house, Cassie apologises for the way she spoke to colleen (about colleen being responsible for the way joy currently is). Colleen tells Cassie that it must be great to have uncle Ben around. Cassie then runs from the house crying ? and Ric follows her.

Near surf club ? when Ric catches up with cassie, she tells him (slowly & painfully) that uncle ben sexually abused when she was younger ? and that he sais that she can?t tell anyone as its their little secret (and no one would believe her anyway). When Ric asks, Cassie assures him that uncle ben hasn?t tried to do anything to her in the last few days ? and he seems to be ignore what happened years ago (this is such a GREAT, emotional scene)

Police station ? Clare & peter argue about the stalker, and Clare tells peter that he?s a liability to this case, as he?s taking things too personally. Clare assures peter that if he does one more stunt like that, he?ll be off the case. Peter is understandably V annoyed with Clare.

Near surf cub ? Ric wants to confront uncle ben, but a V crying Cassie makes him promise that he won?t say anything. Ric tries to reassure Cassie by hugging her (end of ep)


Hayley & co await the result of the paternity test,

and there?ll be a special ANZAC Day ep on Monday

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