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Thursday 21 April 2005 - "More Reasons To ADORE Robbie/Tash.&quot

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?More Reasons To ADORE Robbie/Tash !!!?

Roadside - Peter begins to move after the crash and he checks on Clare. It takes a little while for Clare to respond (she has blood from a cut on her forehead). Peter phones for an ambulance.

Hospital - Clare is in a hospital bed and as the bed is wheeled down one of the corridors Flynn ask Clare several questions. When Clare says that she is in Goulburn hospital, peter tells Flynn that he & Clare were talk about Goulburn before crash. Before Clare is taken away for x-rays, Clare insists that peter should tell harper that brakes weren?t working. Elsewhere, Cassie is by joy?s bedside and Cassie is telling her gran a story. Ric enters, and Cassie tells Ric that she really appreciates that he?s been there for her of late. Cassie?s cheery voice dies when ncle Ben enters the room and Cassie suggest that she is going to take a break from sitting with joy - because other family is now here.

Hunter house - Beth, tilly, Robbie, Tash & henry enter, and tilly notes that in both of the answering machine messages, the caller hung up straight away. Robbie then suggests that everyone should tend to wrap presents (if they?ve not done so already). Tilly & henry suggest that Robbie, because he?s an adult, shouldn?t get presents (as kit & Scott don?t). Beth then suggest that Tash should be heading home (its late and Irene will worry). Robbie & Tash go into the entertainment room and Tash says that she wants to spend the night with Robbie - no sex, she just wants to be there when Robbie awakes for the 1-st time as an adult. When Robbie enquires, Tash won?t reveal any clues about her Bday pressie to him.

Hospital - Flynn enters joy?s room (Ric, Cassie & uncle Ben is in there). Flynn wants to talk about joy, and Cassie isn?t keen on Ric NOT being there for her as they talk Uncle Ben says that he?s ok with Ric being there (after initial reservations). Flynn insists to Cassie that there is NO WAY that joy will make a miraculous recovery (she?s brain dead). Uncle Ben wants to talk to Cassie alone about joy, and Cassie is V aprehencious when Uncle Ben convinces Ric & Flynn to leave the room. When Ric & Flynn have exited, Uncle Ben wonders why Cassie doesn?t want t be alone with him (and there?s NOT a sinister etc tone in his voice (V interesting). in the corridor, Ric tells sally & flynn about Cassie?s constant bad reaction when uncle Ben is near her. Sally & Flynn try to offer explanations about Cassie?s behaviour, but Ric doesn?t thinks these suggestions are correct. Cassie & uncle Ben approach sally & Co, and when Ben suggests that he & Cassie should head for home, Cassie says that she doesn?t want to stay in her Gran?s house at the moment (too painful) and sally says that Cassie is more then welcome to stay at van park house.

Hunter house - Robbie thinks that there?s no way that they will be able to fool Beth - but Tash has a plan. Tasha re-enters the main house and she begins to yawn. Tash tells Beth that she is heading for home, and when Tasha exits, Robbie also yawns, and says that he is going to bed. When Robbie gets back into his room, he lifts the blinds on his window and Tasha climbs into his room. Btw, Tash is wearing a fantastic pink top. Robbie & Tash kiss, but this is cut short when Beth enters the room. Tash hides behind the door and Beth sees Robbie push Tasha?s bag under his bed - but she says nothing about it. Beth instead tells Robbie how proud she is of him. When Beth is gone, Robbie & Tash are pleased that they (seemingly) got away with their plan. Robbie & Tash hug.

Hospital - Clare is keen to leave the hospital, but peter assures her that Flynn wants to keep her in overnight. Clare asks peter to definitely not ?drop the ball? with this stalker case whilst she?s in hospital. When peter exits Clare?s room, he phones the police station. He tells them about Clare?s condition, and peter is shocked to hear that the brakes on the car were tampered with.

Police station - when peter enters, Laura (female uniform cop) asks him about the crash. Peter confirms that he thinks that this is the work of the stalker. Peter goes into his office, and he sends an e-mail to ?tick tock? (stalker) saying ?if you want me, come and get me - but leave her out of this?

Hunter house - Tash is in bed with Robbie, and she is REALLY pleased that she?s with Robbie at the very moment when he is officially an adult (the clock shows that it?s just past midnight.

After ad break - it?s morning, and Robbie tells Tash that he?s REALLY pleased that she is by his side at the start of this 1-st day of his adulthood. When Tash asks, Robbie says that he DOES feel different today. Tash then climbs out the window and Robbie looks forward to seeing Tash at breakfast.

Diner - Jesse is rather concerned that Martha is showing too much public affection towards him (when she touches his face). When colleen approaches, Martha makes up a story about Jesse having some food crumbs on his face). Colleen is intrigued, and when she walks away, Jesse tells Martha that if colleen sees more behaviour like that, she?ll "out" their relationship immediately. Nearby, Ric wonders what the deal between Cassie & Ben is. Ric then suggest that he KNOWS what?s happening, and Cassie looks V worried. Ric however says that he thinks Cassie is annoyed with Ben for not being there earlier for Cassie & joy. A relieved Cassie concurs. Sally, Tilly & henry approach Ric & Cassie - Tilly suggest that Cassie & Ric can come to Robbie?s? party. Cassie isn?t keen - but Ric convinces her to go. When Cassie & Co exit, sally talks to uncle Ben, who suggests that Cassie is acting strangely because she loves being to centre of attention. Uncle Ben adds to this by saying that Cassie often ?made up? stories about him when she was younger (note - man, I HATE this looser !!!!!!!! I can?t wait til he is exposed for the EVIL SCUM that he is)

Hunter house - Robbie enters the main house, and Beth & Tilly wish him a happy birthday. Seconds later, Tash (terrific green dress) arrives and also wishes Robbie a happy Bday. When all are seated (incl henry), Beth asked Tash how she slept last night. Beth is surprised when Tash says that she slept well, because Beth knows that things must have been cramped in Robbie?s single bed. Beth then tells Robbie & Tash that if they had of asked, Beth more than likely would have agreed to let Tash stay the night !!!! (V funny, great scene)

Police station - peter arrives, and check his e-mail. He has got a response form the stalker - who says to meet him at old abattoir at 9am - and to come alone. Peter checks his watch - not much time til 9am so peter rushes out of his office. When Laura asks, peter says that he?s got something important to do, and will deal with other things later.

Hospital - Uncle Ben tells Cassie that they have to deal with the Joy situation, but when Ben touches Cassie, she runs from the room crying.

Old abattoir - peter arrives, and begins to search for the stalker. As the search continues, the stalker swings one of those big metal hooks (attached to long rope) at peter who ducks to avoid being hit. Peter then sees the stalker going down some steps that lead outside. When peter gets outside, the stalker hits him over the head with a BIG piece of wood. (end of ep)


Will Martha & Jesse?s relationship be exposed, and the search is on for peter (we see peter being put into boot of blue sedan)

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