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Wednesday 20 April 2005 - "The Stalker Is NOT Gwen Stefani!&q

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?The Stalker Is NOT Gwen Stefani !!!?

Beach ?Kimmy isn?t looking/feeling the best after Hayley?s revelation. Zoe approaches and she tell Kimmy that she loves him. Zoe is concerned when Kimmy doesn?t reciprocate, and Kimmy insists that he?s got something to tell Zoe

Hunter house ? an emotional hayley tries to assure Scott that she tried to him about the Kimmy possibility ? and that if they love each other, they?ll be able to get through this. Scott doesn?t say a word, and backs away when hayley tries to touch him. Hayley then bails.

Beach ? Zoe is very very angry with Kimmy, ie she?s just layed her heart on the line and Kimmy?s response is to tell her about Hayley?s pregnancy. Zoe then slaps Kimmy in the face ? and storms away form him.

Police station ? Clare enters Peter?s office ? with a new profile on the stalker. Clare insists that the stalker is interested in power, and is using fear to achieve that goal. Clare is dismissive of Peter?s suggestions that the motive for stalker is revenge ? with psycho Sarah as the prime suspect. Clare is NOT keen on peter getting an autopsy report on Sarah. Throughout the scene, there?s much tension between Peter & Clare.

Beach house ? alf arrives and he wants to sort out the Blaxland?s books with Scott. Scott?s not keen, so alf asks him what?s wrong.

Wharf ? Kimmy approaches hayley, and Kimmy tells hayley (and vice versa) about how Zoe & Scott (respectively) took the news. Kimmy gives hayley a supportive hug.

Police station ? peter gets the autopsy report for psycho Sarah. Clare sees the autopsy and wonders what affect this has had on Peter?s theories. Peter insists that the body autopsied in NOT Sarah?s ? as the body in question has several features (a scar on shoulder, a mole elsewhere) that Sarah didn?t have. Peter wants to have the body exhumed ? but Clare thinks this would be a waste of time. Clare insists that the exhumation won?t happen ? as she is the superior officer in this case. This leads to a VERY heated argument about a previous case that they worked on (specific of case not mentioned). When Clare exits the room, peter picks up his phone ? and asks for Superintendent Murphy)

Beach house ? Scott enters, and Kimmy tells him that Kimmy & hayley never meant to hurt Scott. Hayley enters room, and when Kimmy goes into his room, scott tells hayley that she?s done some thinking as he says he?s not that stressed about Kimmy/Hayley?s 1 night stand (as scott/hayley weren?t together). However, Scott wishes hayley had told him straight away about possibility of Kimmy being the father. Hayley insists that she thinks they should get paternity test done as soon as possible, and hayley says that even if baby if Kimmy?s hayley will ALWAYS love scott. Hayley & Scott hug.

Hospital ? Hayley is sitting in Flynn?s office, with Kimmy & Scott sitting either side of her. Flynn tells the trip about the procedures for determining paternity ? DNA samples from Kimmy, Scott, and placenta of Hayley?s bub. When Scot enquires, Flynn says that test is as close as 100% accurate as you can get. Flynn also tells hayley etc that test results will be ready next week.

Diner ? Clare enters, and begins to small talk with peter, who insists that its SO Clare to pull rank on him. Leah & dan enter ? they talk to Clare & peter, and dan makes comments that some of the shopping that Leah did today had nothing to do with the wedding (which was the purpose of the shopping trip). When dan suggests that the 4 should spend some time together tonight, peter isn?t keen, but Clare says that she & peter will definitely be there.

Noah?s ? Kimmy, Scott & hayley enter, and they encounter Zoe, who is NOT happy to see hayley, ie ?there are names for women like you?. The emotional Zoe is NOT happy that hayley & Kimmy have broken her trust, and Zoe insist that even she?s ?not that stupid? to trust hayley Near surf club ? Kimmy chases after Zoe. When he catches up with her, Kimmy tries to convince Zoe that they can get through this. When Kimmy tries to use hayley/scott as an example (of couples surviving hardship), Zoe says that she just can?t do that, and Zoe walks away.

Noah?s ? peter wonders why Clare is trying to get them to mix business with pleasure again (given their history). Leah, dan, Flynn & sally enter, and Clare is introduced to sally & flyyn (and vice versa). Talk then turns to Joy ? Flynn says that he?s really worried about Cassie, as there?s no chance that Joy will awake from coma. Leah then jokingly asks Clare if she has any stories about peter

Beach house ? hayley tells Scot that she?s not keen on being around too many ppl at the moment, so he suggests that they spend some serious time together. Hayley is concerned that Scott will be missing Robbie?s Bday party if they do (esp. since Robbie is family). Scott assures hayley that he has a more important family now (he places his hand on her stomach as he says this). When Hayley says that she wouldn?t have blamed Scott if he broke up with her, but Scott assures Hayley that he?ll always be there for her. Hayley & Scott PASH.

Noah?s ? Clare tells sally & Co. a humorous story about Peter?s time at the (police) academy. Clare?s phone rings, and she goes into the other room to answer it. Dan wonders if all is well between peter & Clare - peter says that it is, but Clare storms back into the room. She?s NOT happy that peter went over her head about the autopsy. Clare tells peter to accompany her to the car ? so they can have a ?nice little chat?.

On the road ? peter & Clare are travelling along, and they are fiercely discussing an old case ? which peter claims led to Clare?s career being fast tracked whilst Peter?s stood still. Peter suggests that Clare should slow down, but Clare insists that the brakes aren?t working. Peter ?suggests? that Clare should use the hand brake - she does, but the car is moving too quickly, so it goes off the road and crashes head 1-st into a power pole !!! (end of ep)


Peter discovers that the brakes were tampered with, but will peter survive another encounter with the stalker???

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