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Flying Visit By Soapie Starlet

Guest Andy

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Flying visit by soapie starlet

Geelong Advertiser

20 April 2005

SOAPIE star and singer Tammin Sursok was made to feel at home while away at North Geelong Secondary College yesterday.

The petite Home and Away star showed fame hadn't gone to her head as she mixed with high school students not much younger than herself.

Music and media students were given the chance to film Sursok and quiz her about songwriting and the music industry before swamping her with books and clothes to autograph.

In Geelong to visit the head office of Target, where her debut album Whatever Will Be will be sold, Sursok was on a break from shooting a movie titled Aquamarine in Queensland with Sara Paxton from television's Summerland and Emma Roberts, niece of Julia.

Visiting the high school brought back recent memories for the 20-year-old, who went to a girls' school before her education became less conventional when she took on her Home and Away role as Dani Sutherland.

Three years and one Logie later, Sursok has decided to also focus on a music career.

It was a career she nearly missed out on after turning down a record deal at 17 because she felt she wasn't ready.

It seems nothing is stopping her now, with her second single getting on to radio playlists.

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