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Tuesday 19 April 2005 - "Hayley's Intriguing Suggestion!&

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Hayley?s Intriguing Suggestion !!! ?

Hunter house - hayley, Kimmy & Scott are watching a movie and Scott notice that hayley still isn?t feeling the best. Hayley decides to bail = she just can?t take being in same room as the 2 possible fathers of her child.

Beach house - Irene is busy preparing a romantic dinner for herself & Hyde (who is running late).

Noah?s - Hyde & Beth are trying to convince colleen that joy collapsing is NOT her fault. Hyde then realises time and quickly bails. Meanwhile, hayley ^ alf agree to close the bar early tonight - as it?s a slow night. Zoe then approaches hayley - and talks about her perfect relationship with Kimmy. Zoe also mentions that she noticed that hayley & Irene were at the hospital today, and when Zoe asks, hayley says that Kimmy is hanging out with Scott at the hunter place.

Beach house - hyde apologises for being late - and Irene makes sure that he?s KNOWS that he?s V late by throwing out the over cooked fish that she?d cooked. Hayley then arrives home - she?s crying, so Irene follows hayley into her room. . Hayley tells Irene that she couldn?t tell Scott bout that bub because Kimmy was at hunter house as well. Irene is then V surprised when hayley says that she?s considering saving everyone the trouble - by having an ABORTION. Irene strongly tries to convince hayley that this isn?t a good idea.

Noah?s - Kimmy arrives and sits with Zoe. Zoe is concerned when Kimmy mentions that hayley wasn?t feeling well tonight - Zoe then mentions that Healy & Irene was at hospital today. Zoe then asks Kimmy if he?d like to stay the night (with her) in her caravan - Kimmy eagerly says yes.

Beach house - hayley is still way stressing about the whole baby situation, but Irene tries to reassure her that scott WILL always be there for hayley. When Irene leaves the room, its V clear that hayley has NO idea how she?ll handle all this - and that thought of abortion is still in her head.

Near surf club - next morning, hayley is walking and she encounters colleen who is looking after baby pippa for sally. When hayley ?speaks? to baby pippa, colleen insist that hayley is a ?natural? with kids. Hayley seems less stressed after colleen tells her this.

Beach house - a somewhat happier hayley returns home, and tells Irene that she?s DEFINITELY having the bay. Hayley however is still stressed about telling Scott.

Diner - Hyde & Beth are talking (about Robbie?s party etc) when Irene arrives - and the look on her face indicate that Irene isn?t happy. When Hyde & Beth get to the counter, Irene makes a comment that alerts Hyde to her discontent. Kimmy & Zoe enter, and when Hyde makes enquires, Kimmy says that she spend the night at Zoe? place. Hyde naturally is surprised but when Kimmy & Zoe go over to a table, Beth tells Hyde that he handles himself well. Hyde then talks to Irene - and REALLY realises that something isn?t right between them - but Irene doesn?t give Hyde any clues about her ire.

Beach - hayley is kind o surprised, but pleased to see Scott. Hayley works up to courage to tell Scott that she?s preggers. Scott is ecstatic that he?ll be a father - and he realises that this must be why hayley hasn?t been ?herself? of late.

Diner - Irene overhears colleen thanking Hyde for what he said to her about joy last night. Irene then confronts Hyde - she?s concerned about the lack of time they?ve had together since she returned from jury duty. Hyde & Irene then kiss & make up -and Kimmy sees this - and is pleased for Hyde. Kimmy & Zoe agree to do something together tonight - before Kimmy bails.

Beach house - Scot & hayley arrive, and when they encounter Kimmy, Scott just ?blurts? out that hayley is preggers. Kimmy is instantly concerned. Scott notices that hayley isn?t pleased that he told Kimmy - but Scott assures s hayley that he won?t tell anyone else. Scott assures hayley that he was just too excited about the situation.

Hunter house - Scott & Beth hug (after Scott has just told Beth) Beth tells Scott that he?s in fro the ride of his life etc.

Beach house- Kimmy straight out asks hayley if the bub is his - hayley says that she doesn?t know who the father is (scott or Kimmy) Kimmy wonders why hayley hasn?t told scott yet, and hayley insists that she?s tried, but scott is too happy. Kimmy then wonders what hayley is going to do about the ID of the father - and hayley says that she?s going to get a paternity test done. Kimmy is concerned about this - because Zoe works at hospital. When Kimmy enquires, hayley says that she has NO idea how she?ll tell Scott.

Noah?s - Kimmy enters and tells Zoe that he has something to say to her. Zoe? phone rings - she tells Kimmy that it?s the hospital - and she has to take the call.

Hunter house - hayley enters, and Scot is over the moon about the pregnancy. This almost overwhelms hayley (again), but she finds the courage and tells Scott EVERYTHING about the pregnancy) the 1 night stand with Kimmy etc). Scott is astonished as to what happened (end of ep)


Further evidence points to the fact that Psycho Sarah might NOT be dead, peter & Clare?s car crashes - the brakes aren?t working)

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