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Monday 18 April 2005 - "There's Something About Hayley"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?There?s Something About Hayley?

Beach house - hayley is distraught and the prospect of being pregnant - and things aren?t helped by the flashbacks she has of kissing, and being in bed with, Kimmy & Scot.

Diner - Kimmy & Zoe enters. and Kimmy goes and talks to Scott. Kimmy thinks its great that his realtionship with Zoe is going so well, and Scott is pleased that nothing happened between hayley & Kimmy. Kimmy has this funny grin on his face - but sys nothing.

Beach house - hayley decides to act. She grabs the home pregnancy kit, and rushes to the bathroom, but Scott arrives, so hayley hides the pregnancy kit amongst the pillows on her bed. Scott suggests that they should watch a DVD together - and hayley says it?s a ?great? idea.

Diner - Robbie & Tash are now with Kimmy &Zoe. Talk then turns to Robbie?s upcoming 18-th Bday party - with the appropriate comments about Robbie?s disastrous 17-th Bday party (think jade, Duncan, car crash). Robbie says he can?t wait to spend the $5000 he won in the video comp on a car of his own, and Robbie reinforces this by asking Kimmy to let him drive Kimmy?s car - for more practice. Kimmy isn?t keen - but Robbie, Tash & Zoe sway him.

Outside diner - Robbie & the other 3 are now in Kimmy?s car, and when Kimmy tells Robbie all the usual ?pre-flight? checks, Robbie says ?yes grandpa). Robbie then starts the car, and begins to drive.

Beach house - Scott is wondering why hayley is constantly ?dithering? about. Hayley says she?s not felling the best, but when Scott offers to go home, she insists that he should stay.

On the road - Robbie is driving well, and is trying to get Kimmy to admit this. Tash & Zoe are enjoying Robbie & Kimmy?s antics.

Beach house - Scott is really enjoying the black & white murder mystery DVD that he is watching, but hayley is clearly ?somewhere else? Scott comments on this. And hayley suggests that she?s felling more unwell than she thought. Scott is REALLY concerned when hayley runs to the bathroom.

After ad break - hayley is still in bathroom, crying, when her mobile rings. When Scott goes to answer the phone (which is on Hayley?s bed), she rushes into her room and suggests that they let it ring (as it?s probably work and ?they?ve got to learn?. Hayley then admits she?s REALLY more ill than she thought, and she convinces Scott to bail. When Scott is gone, hayley grabs the home pregnancy kit, and enters the bathroom.

On the road - Robbie has just switched the engine off, and he tries to get Kimmy to admit that Robbie is a good driver, but Kimmy is reluctant. When the 4 are out of the car, Robbie suggests what features he?d like his car to have (spoilers etc) but Tash knows that she won?t ever ?live down? a comment about Robbie?s stupid car. Robbie & Co then talk about how close Tash came to leaving the bay.

Beach house - hayley is MEGA stressing as she waits for result of the home pregnancy test. The time comes for her to check the result - and Hayley?s forlorn face confirms that the test says she?s preggers.

Hunter house - Robbie & Tash enter. And Robbie suggests to Scott that maybe Robbie & hayley could have another joint Bday party - like last year. Scott suggests that he?s going to take hayley for a quiet dinner for two -esp. since she?s not feeling the barest at present. Scott adds that he?s suspicious about why hayley isn?t feeling well.

Beach house - hayley is on her bed crying, when Irene arrived home and enters Hayley?s room (to give hayley to beauty products she asked Irene to buy). Irene sees that hayley is upset - and hayley tells Irene that she is preggers. Worse still, hayley doesn?t know if Kimmy or Scott in the father of the baby!

After break - hayley & Irene are now in the lounge and Irene insist that hayley must go to the hospital to confirm pregnancy, Irene then MAJORLY disagrees with Hayley?s suggestions that she can just tell scott that the baby is his, ie Irene insists hayley MUST be straight with scott and Kimmy.

Wharf - Zoe & Kimmy talks about how deliriously that they are in love with each other.

Hospital - an already way stressed hayley isn?t helped when a mother & baby are near where she & Irene are sitting. Hayley moves away a litlle, but Irene follows her. Hayley is REALLY worried that she?ll be a terrible mum (esp. after the recent bay sitting debacle with baby pippa. Irene insists that the same maternal instincts that come to every mum WILL come to hayley. A nurse informs hayley that the doctor is ready to see her now.

Beach house - hayley forlornly walks into her room (it?s clear that she?s preggers) and Irene follows her. Hayley takes offence at Irene saying that she should tell Scott & Kimmy straight away about what?s happened. Hayley runs out of the house because of this.

Beach - hayley is deep in thought, wondering just what she?ll do.

Beach house - hayley & Irene are in kitchen, and Irene is pleased when hayley says that she's closing the bar tonight - as Irene has a dinner for 2 with Hyde planned (and Kimmy & Tash have already agreed to be out tonight). Hayley then apologises for the way she spoke to Irene earlier. Irene KNOWS hayley is stressed, but Irene insists that hayley DOES have to tell Scott & Kimmy.

Hunter house - hayley knocks on the door, and she looks aprechencious, but kind of brave. The bravado ?dies? when hayley sees that Kimmy is hanging with Scott at the time (end of ep)


Hayley tells Scott that she?s preggers - but she alos the OTHER info to tell him

H&A News

In an ad break, we were told the phone numbers etc for the $10000 ?who is the stalker?? comp - with the 6 suspects - Jesse, Josie, Zoe, Flynn, dan & Sarah

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