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Friday 14 April 2005 - "Something Wicked This Way Comes"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Something Wicked This Way Comes"

Hospital ?Cassie is by joy?s side. Joy is hooked up to machines that are keeping her alive. Cassie is totally in tears and Flynn looks in on her. Flynn then goes back into9 the corridor where he talks to rich & sally. When rich enquires, Flynn tells him that they can?t do anything for joy ? as an operation on the part of joy?s brain that?s been affected by the strokes would probably kill joy. Flynn insists that they can only bet there for Cassie now. Flynn tells rich & sally that joy?s next of kin are being notified about what?s happened ? as casei is too young to make decisions. When ric asks, Flynn says that Cassie is too much in shock to comprehend what Flynn told her about the whole NOK thing.

Noah?s ? Alf signs the appropriate papers and is now a partner in the bar. He agrees to Hailey?s idea that decisions will be made on majority vote. Jesse goes bar to the bar, and Martha follows him. Jesse tells Martha that he?s upset that hes? NOT upset that him & Josie are over, Martha says that Jess?s thoughts mean that he is well & truly over Josie = and Alf casually observes all of this.

Hospital ? it?s getting V late, so Flynn insists that Cassie & ric should leave the hospital. Cassie wants to stay ? but is V pleased when sally & Flynn make the offer for Cassie to stay at their house foe the night ? rather than spend night alone. Cassie is the last person to leave joy?s side ? and promises to make sure that they don?t switch off her life support machines.

Van park house - sally, Flynn, baby pipa, ric & Cassie arrives, and sally suggests that Cassie should have a shower. When Cassie & sally have left the room, Flynn congratulated ric for the way that he was there for Cassie. Ric thinks that he didn?t help her enough, but Flynn mushily disagrees.

Next morning ? ric & sally have made breakfast for everyone, and Cassie thanks ric for this when she enters the room. cassie asks sally if she knows if there?s been any change to joy?s condition. Sally says that Flynn is on phone now to hospital. When Flynn is off phone, he tells Cassie that their?s no change ? and Cassie responds by saying that she had a dream about joy waking up and being all better. Cassie is then annoyed/surprised when Flynn tells her that her uncle Ben has been contacted ? and will arrive in Bay TODAY. Cassie tells ric etc that she is no longer hungry ? and she looks (understandably) V worried. After ad break ? Hayley enters the van park house, and she asks sally if she & scoot can rent a van for the day. When sally wonders why, Hayley says that they just want some time to themselves without interruption (I rem sally & Flynn going to van park for same reason lat year, or year before). Sally then mentions that she is trouble getting a sitter for baby pipa (as babies & hospital not agree) and Hayley offers to look after baby pippa/ sally thanks hayley for this ? and insists that it will be good practice for when hayley has kids (V ironic)

Hospital ? cassie & ric arte by joy?s bedside when ric mentions that it will be good for cassie to have some family around her. Ric, however, notices that?s cassie is clearly affected by the news that her uncle is coming to the bay ? cassie shrugs rice?s concern off by saying that it?s just because she?s not seen uncle Ben for while. Alf, morag & Martha enter ? and Cassie really likes the flowers that Martha gives her. When ric offers to get a vase for them, he sees that Alf really thinks the way ric is handling things is great. Flynn n goes into the corridor, and when he mentions all the ppl in joy?s room, sally comments that this kind of ?social occasion? is sure to bring joy back to life (as she likes the limelight). When Flynn asks, sally says that hayley s looking after baby pippa.

Van park house ? Scott arrives, and is intriqued when hayley tells him that she?s agreed for them to look after baby pippa for the day. Hayley insists that pippa will be no trouble - as she?s sleeping, but the moment when hayley & Scott are trying to kiss, baby piipa starts crying.

Noah?s ? it?s a slow business day, so Alf decides to go and do the banking. When Alf exits, Jesse says that he IS keen on a relationship with Martha but doesn?t want to have Alf on his case about it. Martha insists that this means they?ll have to be discreet about6 their relationship.

Van park house ? hayley is having no luck feeding baby pippa, but Scott does the aeroplane thing and is way successful. This kind of annoys hayley.

Hospital ? Cassie & ric are by joy?s side and Cassie comments how amazing sally & Flynn are. Flynn enters the room ? and sys that Cassie has a visitor ? Cassie is shocked to actually see uncle Ben (the man who violated her) for the 1-st time in ages. When Ben enters, he says ?hi, Angel? (which cassie is clearly affected by) Van park house ? hayley is annoyed that she hasn?t been a V good mum to baby piipa today, but Scott insists that hayley will be much better when they have kids of their own. Baby piipa has finally git to sleep and Scott & hayley are about to kiss ? but then sally arrives home.

Noah?s ? Jesse & Martha are kissing, but they stop when Scott & hayley enter. Hayley tells them about the day they?ve had with baby piipa. Morag & Alf enter, and Morag is FURIOUS that someone has outbid her for the business premises she wanted (note ? is this the same person who bought van park ???). Nearby hayley & Scott talk about the tarot reader?s words ? and Scott insists that the fortune teller was talking about them having obstacles to being alone ? which they are overcoming. Jesse brings over a new drink they he?s create and wants then to try, hayley tells Scott that she has to bail ? things to do.

Hospital ? uncle Ben asks Flynn if there?s a chance a chance that joy will regain consciousness, but Flynn indicates that it?s not likely ? and cassie is annoyed that uncle Ben is seriously thinking of switch life support machines off. Cassie exits the room, and sits in the corridor ? where she has another (longer) black & white flashback ? this time uncle Ben enters her room and comments that Cassie has such a lovely voice (and he calls her Angel). Cassie is bought back into the present tense when uncle Ben shocks her when he touches her on the shoulder. Uncle Ben tells Flynn that he has to thinks about what he?ll decide to do with joy. Uncle Ben puts his arm around casei and they begin to exit the hospital ? a forlorn, scared Cassie looks back at ric most of the time that she & uncle Ben are walking way. Flynn comments to ric that Cassie isn?t looking the best at the time (but Flynn is probably thinking it?s because of joy)

Noah?s ? Jesse & Martha are crouched behind the bar kissing, when Alf calls out to them. Jesse & Martha arise & tell Alf that they drooped a $20 note. Alf goes & sits hear ric ? who tells Alf about Cassie? plight. Alf thinks that ric has been V supportive etc of Cassie and Alf is V proud of ric. Alf is then surprised, yet pleased, when ric calls him grandad. At the bar, Scott tells Jesse & Martha that he can?t believe that hayley is talking that tarpot reader?s words so seriously

Beach house ? hayley exits her bedroom, and wonders if anyone else is home. When she gets no answer, hayley sits on the couch ? and removes a home pregnancy test kit from her bag. (end of ep)


Will hayley?s 1 night stand with Kimmy ruin her happiness with Scott ? esp. since she tells Irene that she?s preggers ? and hayley doesn?t know who the father is.

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