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Thursday 13 April 2005 - "Over My Dead Body?"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Over My Dead Body?

Outside surf club - dan announces that Cassie is the runner up for the MGP (many cheer, clap, whilst others are still V tense as to who winner will be)_. Dan then announces the Miss Groper for 2005 is ?. Tasha. Colleen is overjoyed and Tilly hugs Tash before dan hands Tash some flowers, the winners? sash and places a tiara on

Noah?s - colleen insists to all who?ll listen that she always knew Tash is destined for greatness, which leads to a snide remark (from Irene) about Tash leaving. Zoe wants to congratulate Tash, but Kimmy isn?t keen on going anywhere near Tash (as colleen is still raving on). Hayley suggest that she &*scott should have their fortunes told - by a tarot card reader at the festivities, scott isn?t keen - but hayley literally drags him over to where the fortune teller is. Meanwhile, colleen tells Kimmy that her MGP winning talents are still ?up here? (points to brain). Kimmy replies with a snide remake about colleen being insane. Josie gets off the phone - and Irene is shocked when Josie tells Tash that she?s found a buyer for the Van Park. As colleen continues to rave on about the MGP, joy approaches - and they get into a MAJOR verbal war, after joy claims that colleen only won MGP in 1959 because judges took pity oh colleen and her family?s lowly plight. The likes of Morag, Irene & Josie are enjoying the verbal duel - but Hyde & alf are forced to break things up when joy tries to hit Colleen with her handbag. Nearby, Scott & hayley are with the tarot card reader - and hayley is concerned about the things the fortuneteller is saying, ie cryptic hints about Hayley?s 1 night stand with Kimmy, the pregnancy etc. The tarot reader insists that hayley MUST tell the truth - at all cost. In the games room, Tash tells Martha that she doesn?t want t disappoint Josie (by not going with her), but Martha & Kimmy desperately wants Tash to stay. Colleen & joy have both calmed down now - and the likes of Morag & alf comment about the spirited joy/colleen duel. Sally & flyyn are surprised when Josie tells them that she?s found a buyer for the Van Park - and sally & flyyn wonder what will happen to the SB icon now. Meanwhile, alf is observing Jesse & Martha - and not listening to a word Moarg is telling him about her new bayside business premises. Colleen then launches another verbal offensive on joy, and seconds after joy says, ?over my dead body, joy collapses. Flynn immediately begins to check on her, and Cassie is rather distraught.

Hospital - flynn & zoe are along side the hospital trolley that?s taking joy down one of the corridors - and both Zoe &^ flynn are saying all kinds of medical stuff. When joy is taken into a room for treatment, Flynn tells Cassie those he thinks joy has had a stroke. Cassie is distraught.

Noah?s - colleen is V worried about what?s happened - but several ppl tell colleen that this s not her fault, but Tilly is rather more sarcastic about the situation. Tasha wants to go with Josie for the sale of the Van Park, but Josie thinks that Tash should be packing her things instead. Kimmy & others agree to have a farewell thing for Tash at beach house. After Tasha exits, Josie & Morag begin yet another verbal duel, but Morag isn?t keen on this, as Josie has caused enough trouble today. Josie then tells all that there?s nothing she?ll miss in the bay (whilst she?s looking straight at Jesse. Meanwhile, Scott makes a move towards where Robbie is sitting.

Hospital - Cassie is V worried when Flynn tells her that the stroke has caused joy to be partially paralysed. Flynn insists that 1-st 24 hours after a stroke are when patient is most in danger. Tilly enters - and she & Cassie hug, but Cassie WAY takes offence when she sees colleen, ie Cassie shouts ?it?s all your fault? etc

Noah?s - Scott tells Robbie that the Tash/Robbie situaution reminds him of the hayley/scott stand off recently. Robbie says that he?s done all he can to save their relationship - but Scott doesn?t agree.

Beach house - Tash & Irene says their emotional goodbyes, ie Tash says ?no one ever LOVED me like you do? and Irene replies ?LOVE, always present tense?. Tash insists she?ll be fine I the city - but Tasha?s face suggests otherwise - as she hugs Irene.

Hospital - Cassie tells Ric some of the great things that Joy has done for her - esp. when joy bought her some V bright, V happy curtains because Cassie was afraid of her room (I?m gathering this is because of Cassie?s WAY AWEFUL situation)

Beach house - Leah & dan give Tasha a present that she doesn?t open. Colleen is surprised when Tash gives colleen her MGP tiara - and Tash thinks that colleen deserves it. Josie, Kimmy & Hyde enter - and Tash says her goodbyes. Tasha insists that she won?t forgot the bay and her friend, and Irene is V vehement when she tells Josie to REALLY take care of Tash. When Josie & Tash are gone, Irene & Hyde hug.

Road out of bay - Josie is driving and she suggest that Tash should open to present form Leah & dan - but Tash says that it can wait (is Tash hanging onto a little piece of the bay - hoping that Robbie will ?save? her), just as the car passes the ?you are leaving summer bay? sign.

Noah?s - Scott tells Robbie that Josie & Tash have left the bay. This stirs Robbie into action - he demands that Scott drive him, so they can catch up with Josie/Tash

Road out of bay - Robbie & Scott are now in Scott?s Ute - and Robbie insisting that Scott should drive faster annoys Scott. Robbie & Scott eventually catch up with Josie & Tash. Both cars stop, and Robbie & Tash get out. Robbie insists that he?s been the world?s BIGGEST idiot - and he TOTALLY lays her heart on the line as he apologises to his girl, ie ?I NEED you Tash? etc

After ad break - Tash tells Josie that she is staying in the Bay, and asks Josie to DEF keep in touch (it?s all V emotional). Josie gets in her car (which ISN?T that awesome Jaguar s-type she had last year) whilst Robbie & Tash walk back to Scott?s Ute and get in.

Beach house - Irene, Hyde & Kimmy think it?s GREAT that Tash decides to stay - and that Robbie/Tash are back together. Robbie & Tash thank Kimmy for not giving up on their relationship. When hyde, Irene & Kimmy have left the room, Robbie & Tash both insist that, from now on, they?ll be together forever - and this is sealed with LOTS of kisses.

Hospital - flyyn gives Cassie the shocking news that joy has suffered another stroke & has lapsed into a coma. Joy is unlikely to recover. Cassie is V distraught (end of ep)


Cassie insists that she won?t let doctors turn joy?s life support machines off, and she is SHOCKED to see her uncle Ben (the man who sexually abused her), whilst hayley has issues of her own - with a home pregnancy test in hand.

H&A News

During an ad break, channel 7 announced that next week, a ?who is the stalker?? viewer?s competition (to win $10000) will commence - memories of the ?who killed Angie?? thing in 2002 !!!

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