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Monday 11 April 2005 - "Clare's Midriff"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Clare?s Midriff?

Police station - pater & heaper think that the stalker has made a tactical error by making them aware that he?s still on the loose (with the latest note) as both cops were of the opinion that marc was the stalker (and thought the stalker might ?play? on that theory. Peter insists that they?ve got to find out some more info about the stalker - so he orders harper to investigate the fertiliser etc that was used in the creation of the bomb. Further conversing about the stalker between harper & peter leads peter to a new thought about this case, so he exits the station.

Noah?s - Peter interrupts Morag & alf. Morag isn?t too keen on the interruption, but alf decides to go back and tend the bar. Peter then wonders just how hypothetical that situation was that Morag put to him recently. Morag is not keen to break confidentiality - but pater is insistent, so Morag reveals that it was Josie who came to her with the information that Morag based her hypothetical on.

Police station - Josie can?t believe that Peter is asking her about what she saw that fateful day when she broke into Marc?s house. The displeased Josie reveals the info of what happened (we saw flashbacks as she spoke) after peter revealed that marc is NOT the stalker. When peter asks as to why Josie didn?t come fwd with this info (about stalker being in Marc?s house), Josie told peter that Morag insisted that Josie has no proof of what transpired in Marc?s house that day. Josie is most surprised when peter insists that she should keep it to herself that the stalker is still on the loose - as peter fears more hysteria if the SB townsfolk are told that info.

Noah?s - Kimmy & Zoe are surprised when Tash tells that josie is going to leave the bay, and Kimmy is aslo surprised when Tash says that, without Robbie, Tash has no friends in the bay. When Kimmy enquires, Tash say that Robbie is on a date tonight with Samantha. After Zoe suggests that she could talk to Josie, to convince her to stay, Tash approaches the nearby Jesse. Jesse, however, is not keen on Josie staying in the bay - but Tash can?t believe that Josie should have to pay so high a price for her mistake.

Diner - Josie eneters and she looks nervous (with the height of the stalker secret on her shoulders). Zoe thinks that she should speak to Josie, but Kimmy thinks they should stay out of it. In the kitchen, Morag is trying to convince alf to come with her to check out her new business premises - but he?s not keen. As Morag is about to exit diner, Josie confronts her about telling peter about Josie being in Marc?s house that fateful day. When Josie suggests that Morag is getting back at her for the comments to Martha, Morag insists that her retribution would be a lot more subtle that that.

Police station - peter gets off the phone and he is none too pleased when he tells harper that a new detective, Clare Brady, is bring sent to help with the investigation. (Note - sounds like peter & Clare have some history). When peter enquires, harper says that he?s found a local supplier for the fertiliser used with the bomb. Peter orders harper to look into it. Peter then suggests that they should speak to someone else about the case. Seconds later, we see Zoe is the interview room. Peter questions her about when she was attacked. Zoe insists that it was marc - but peter suggests that Zoe should REALLY thinks about this. Peter suggests that Zoe could heave been affected by threat from marc earlier that day. Zoe thinks about what peter has said - and she insists that the person who attacked her is of the same build as marc. Zoe is then shocked when peter reveals to her that the stalker IS still on the loose. When Zoe leaves the station, peter orders harper to ?draw up? a new profile for the stalker. A male uniform cop informs peter that they?ve got some fingerprints of the bomb, so peter instructs the uniformed cop to run those prints through the database etc.

Diner - Jesse enters, and he goes over to Josie, who tells Jesse that he?s NOT the only reason she? leaving. Josie insists that she tried to be friendly etc and fit in to this small town, but she can?t lie any more, ie Josie insists that the REAL Josie is now talking to Jesse. Josie the exits.

Police station - when asked by peter, harper say they?ve not found a match on prints as yet. Clare Brady (Katrina Campbell - who played Charlotte?s girlfriend on ?All Saints? last year) enters, and asks peter to bring her up to speed with the stalker case - and there DEFINITELY appears to be some tension/history between Clare & peter. Harper enters - he tells peter that there?s no known match on those prints (does this mean ex-crim Jesse is not the stalker). Harper continues by saying that there?s only 1 local business who sells that fertiliser. Harper tells peter that the business owner is a Mr. Leaver - and hands peter the address. Peter & Clare then exit the station.

Fertiliser supplier - peter & Clare arrive, and calls out the owner?s name of the owner as they wander through the outside of the premises (lots of planets etc around). Peter & Clare go inside a shed - and discover some blood in, and around, an old Ute. Peter notes that the keys are still in the vehicle.

After ad break - peter & Clare are now outside the shed and peter is adamant that this blood is the work of the stalker. Peter thinks that stalker has harmed the business owner. Clare isn?t so sure.

Diner - Kimmy tells Tash that Jesse not talking to Josie is just like Tash not talking to Robbie, but Tash disagrees. Morag enters, and Tash gives her a major verbal serve about recent events. Morag takes offence to this -and suggests that she?s not surprised at tash?s outburst, given Josie?s similar behaviour. Indeed Morag directs that last comment at Josie, who have just interred diner.

Fertiliser supplier - Clare has just got off the phone, and peter is V suspicious that the fertiliser dude is in hospital after he had a tractor accident. Claire thinks peter is obsessed when he says that the ?accident? is the work of the stalker. Peter insists that they should check out an invoice he?s found - a single bag of fertiliser was sent to a nearby storage facility 4 weeks ago.

Josie?s? flat - Tash tries her best to convince josie to stay in the bay, but Josie turners the table by suggesting that Tash should leave the bay with her.

Storage facility -the owner tells peter & clare that a person who rents the storage space that the invoice was sent to arranged the space via fax - and simply slips a cheque for the storage under the business? door every week in non business hours. When peter & care enter the storage room where the fertiliser was sent to, they see that its mostly empty - apart from a wall of cardboard boxes on the other side of the larger room. Clare notices something on the floor near the boxes - and both peter & Clare agree that it?s some of the fertiliser. Peter & Clare remove some of the boxes, and behind that wall of boxes is what appears to be the stalker?s base of operations. There?s bomb making equipment strewn over a desk, and there?s a more extensive ?obsession wall? - which includes the newspaper article form when kane, scott & alf were confronted by THAT American diver with the harpoon at sea last year. Peter & Clare then see a person?s outline against the curtain at the other side of the room. Peter & Clare both remove their guns form the holsters, and go back into the main area of the warehouse. Peter & Clare hear the sound of someone ruining - so they give chase (note - as the 2 cops are running part of Clare?s midriff is exposed). As peter & Claire get close to the exit of the building we hear the screeching of tyres etc - and when peter & Clare emerge form the building the stalker's car is nowhere insight. Peter is MEGA frustrated that the stalker has goi5t away AGAIN - esp. when he & Clare were SOOOO close. (end of ep)


It sounds like Robbie dating Samantha is driving Tash away, not making her jealous which was the Plan, and peter is attacked - after they receive a note saying ?get in the way and other will pay?. Also, it sounds like Psycho Sarah might NOT be dead after all !!!!!

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