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Hunter and Ryder as River Boys


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Title: Hunter and Ryder as River Boys 

Type of Fic: One Shot

Main Characters: Hunter, and Dean, and Colby, and Ryder, and other characters and past characters mentioned.   

Genre: Drama 

BTTB Rating:  A

Does it contain spoilers: No

Warnings: Adult Themes

Summary: This is short story of Hunter and Ryder becoming River Boys after becoming friends with Dean. 



Hunter - Dean is not that bad I am sure as I was once like him, well perhaps without tattoos and being River Boys. 

Ryder - So what did you do that was so bad?  I can’t believe you as a bad boy. 


Hunter - You better believe it and Hunter tells Ryder all the misdeeds he did when first arrived in town. 

Ryder - Whoa Leah is one fine lady to forgive you after that. 

Hunter - She sure is and Leah is more like a mum to me than Charlotte ever was. 

Ryder - Yeah well Leah been acting more like a mum to me than my Aunt Ruth as Ruth is always out of town these days! 


Dean comes over says, Hey you two love birds. 

Hunter - Your Smart ass mouth is almost as annoying as Matt Page. 

Dean - Matt Page was my partner in crime in playground as he was a couple years than me

Hunter - Why doesn’t that surprise me and anyway what do you what Dean? 

Dean - Just seeing if you two would like become River Boys? 

Hunter - Hunter laughs and says do you always recruit people like this or are you just desperate for followers or whatever you called it? 

Ryder - Well I am in, at least it makes things not so dull as most exciting thing to happen lately was Ty trying kiss me. 

Dean - Meet me at my caravan at four Ryder and if you stop being such so called good prince and maybe you Hunter, and I know this excites you Hunter. 


Summer Bay House 

Ryder - So going come Hunter?

Hunter - Look Ryder, this is troubled with capital T. 

Ryder - Well I am going, see ya later. 

Hunter - Ryder, first sign of trouble, call me. 



Colby - Look Hunter mate I think you should go see what the meeting is all about as Dean might not mean any harm but he has no limits at times on taking things too far and expressing as you're looking after Ryder at moment with Alf, Leah and Ruth away at moment.  

Hunter - You're right I will. 


Dean's Van

Hunter - All right I am in. 

Dean - Looks like you're not such a prince after all. 

Ryder - I knew you'd come though. 

Dean - Our first job tonight is burn down this garage in Mangrove River it’s being run by ex friend of Taz. 

Hunter - I know this sounds very hypocritical but why?. 

Dean - He’s setting me up by keeping drugs there and the garage is owned by me and I was found out by other River Boys. 

Ryder - How are we going to burn down the place?

Dean - There’s oil in garage and now no more questions, lets go!. 


Dean and Taz's garage 

Dean - You two wait outside while I get oil. 

Hunter - Then why did you need us then? 

Dean - I need you stand grand in case Taz comes!

Dean comes out with oil and Dean says he will go. 


Taz - Hey Little Summer Bay bunnies ..  

Dean - I am going to knock your block off and gives oil to Ryder and tells Ryder not to do anything.  Dean and Taz start fighting.

Hunter - Grab Ryder and says let’s go and Ryder drops oil and fire broke out. 

Taz - Police are on their way anyway as I already called them.   

Hunter - I know I'd might been getting us in trouble but I face up to my consequences now and calls the fire department.

Taz is close to fire and both Hunter and Dean pull Taz away from the fire. 


Yabbie Creek Police

Colby - Taz has said he was responsible for the drugs and he had oil at the garage and therefore they'll be no official charges on you guys. 


After the court case 

Taz is sentenced to 12 months in jail.


Summer Bay House on Hunter's departure

Hunter and Ryder's room 

Hunter - Ryder, you're like a little brother I never had and I want you to know when I joined you and Dean that night it was only to make sure you weren’t going to be in trouble even though I probably failed in a way since we could have gotten into huge trouble if Taz hadn’t of owned up to it. 

Ryder - Thanks Hunter and you're like a big brother I have never had too and Dean won’t get me into trouble as that night Dean told me not to start the fire and I think Dean looks out for me like a brother too.

Both Hunter and Ryder hug. 

The End. 






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