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Thursday, 12 Jan 05 - "Guess Who Saved Hayley?"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Guess Who Saved Hayley ?

(Ep screened in Australia on Thursday, 12 Jan 05)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

Alf returns to the diner and tells Irene that the bush fires had finally been contained. Irene then goes to the counter where she talks to kirsty, who wishes that Kane had let her go to the hospital with him (for cancer tests).

AS Kirsty exits the diner, Irene encounters someone that she thinks looks familiar to her. The guy (Gus) says that he lived at yabbie creek years ago, and that he's back in town to sort a few things out. Irene then wishes him luck.

AT the palace, the small fire gets a LOT larger when the desk (that the fan & burning paper are on) crashes to the ground. Now the ground floor of place is totally ablaze. The sleeping hayley is oblivious to all this, until the smoke form the fire awakes her. She goes down the stairs, but see no way out. Hayley go back to her bedroom where she calls out the window for help. Hayley then thinks about getting to safety via that window, but the flames are now outside as well - they blocked her path. Hayley then wrapped a big blanket around her body & head (only her face is exposed) and goes downstairs.

Gus then bursts into the house and saves her.

AT diner, Jesse, Josie, Scott & Irene are discussing the leah\dan engagement when Scott gets a phone call (note - we can hear sirens in background).

Irene rushes to hospital, where hayley asks the nurse who is tending to her to look at Gus's injuries (a burnt forearm) as well, but Gus is reluctant.

Irene talks to hayley, who is a little distraught that she doesn't even know the name of the guy who saved her.

Irene then goes and talks to Gus. She thanks him for what he did. Gus says that he was just in the right place at the right time, but Irene responds by saying that it seemed like a lot more than luck (note - this is ironic, considering the theory that perhaps Gus started that fire).

Kane has completed his tests at the hospital when he encounters Irene who tells him about the fire. Irene & Kane then talk to Hayley about what happened.

Kane is now keen to meet the brave soul who rescued hayley, so he goes to the person's room - and is SHOCKED to discover that hayley's savior is his own father.

Gus tells Kane that he got out of prison just before Christmas (on good behavior). Gus adds that he 's a changed man and wants to trey to make up for all the evil things he did to Kane when Kane was a kid. Kane is buying ANY of this - he angrily tells Gus to get the 1-st bus out of town - and to NEVER come back. Kane adds that he's got a GREAT life now, and NO ONE is going to stuff that up !!!!

Kane then exits Gus' room - and crashes into an "extra" patient before also charging through the doors at the end of the hospital corridor. Irene is perplexed as to why Kane is SOOOOOOOOO agro.

When Kane returns to the beach house, he quickly opens (and then slams shut) several cupboards. Kirsty enters kitchen and Kane asks her where the tea bags are. She point out they are on the bench. He "suggests" that she put them away next rime. Kirsty wonders why Kane is SOOOOO agro - and he eventually tells her that his father is back in town (looking for redemption etc) kirsty tells Kane that maybe Kane should give Gus a 2-nd chance. Kane is NOT keen on this idea (ie "to me, he died years ago").

An answering machine message (in which Gus says similar redemption type things) further encourages kirsty to get Kane to leave the past in the past, but Kane tells kirsty that "some ppl DON'T change".

The angered Kane tells kirsty that he's going for a walk - she wants to join him but Kane fiercely says no.

Kane runs through the nearby bush land and as he does, he see several flashbacks of Kane as a kid (10 years old aprrox). Gus is yelling at him ("little baby wet the bed again"). Kid Kane cowers back against his bedroom wall and BEST of all in the AWEOME sequence, just as Gus in about to hit kid Kane, the adult Kane runs into a tree - adult Kane then comes to rest on the ground - and he is positioned just like kid Kane was in the flashback. (Note - this sequence was TREMENDOUS - awesome stuff).

At the beach house, Kirsty greets (the unknown to her) Gus. Gus introduces himself and is rather pleased/surprised when kisrty says that she is Kane?s wife. Gus tells Kirsty, about Kane, "I hurt him in ways I can't remember" (GREAT line). When Gus discovers that Kane is not home, he is about to leave - but kirsty invites him in.

AS The duo talk in the lounge, Gus is surpirised (again) when kirsty reveals that she is 14 weeks preggers.

AT this point, Kane enters via the back door. He is LIVID that Gus is there/Kirsty let him in. Kane charges at Gus and pushes him back to against the front door. Gus is trying to get Kane to forgive him etc, but Kane grabs him by the throat.

Irene & Hailey then enter (just back from hospital) and Irene wonders what the hell is going on. Gus tells all that he will go, and when he exits, Kane turns towards kirsty and angrily tells her "what part of don't let him in DIDN'T you understand". Kirsty tries make Kane see reason, but he pushes her aside - and charges out of the house - via back door (end of ep).

(Note - Kane was incredible is the ep. a real tour de force from Sam atwell)

Before Hayley was discharged from the hospital, she realized that her wedding ring was somewhere in the palace (she's removed in because of the heat). She asked Scott & Jesse to search through the burnt out (but structurally sound) ground floor on the palace.

Scott & jesse search for ages, but jesse eventually gives - esp. when Josie come to the palace and says that he can stay at her abode for the time being. Josie adds that Jesse at least definitely knows what her shower looks like (nice touch). Jesse then gets his things from upstairs (only water & smoke damage up there) and he & josie head for her advice.

Scott, meanwhile, continues to look for the ring - and scenes of him doing this are intercut with Hayley looking forlorn at the hospital.

Finally, Scoot finds the ring - and takes it to hospital where he gives it to hayley. Btw, when Scott hands her the ring he says that someone must watching over her, and hayley agrees - she's thinking of Noah no doubt (note - nice touch, and this Hayley/scott interaction seems like a great precursor to them getting together).


Josie's HOT ex arrives in town, and Hayley is astonished when she is told that the palace fire was deliberately lit.

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