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Tuesday, 11 Jan 05 - "Tilly's Revenge"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Tilly's Revenge

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

(Ep screened in Australia on Tuesday, 11 Jan 05)

It's relatively early in the morning when Dan, and then Flynn, stumble out of their tent. Both are clearly affected by all the alcohol they consumed the previous night (lots of beer bottles can be seen near the tent.) Dan finds his mobile near the esky and rings Leah?s mobile - but it's Peter who answers (as Leah has left her phone at home). Peter tells Dan that Leah is currently picking up VJ from Stella's place (not childcare that I wrote yesterday). The line, however, is very bad and Dan is forced to hang up.

Soon after, Sally enters the diner, which is V busy - sally has pippa with her (in a largish pram). Colleen tells sally that she's the only person working at diner at present - Irene is away pricing fridges, Alf?s involved the bush fires, and Leah hasn't returned from picking up VJ from stella's. Sally then sits at same table as peter - they think that Leah & Stella have obviously got talking and have lost track of time. Colleen interrupts their conversation - she says that Stella has phoned, and Leah hasn't arrived at her house yet. Peter tells sally & colleen that he's going to follow in Leah?s tyre tracks - to try and find out why the delay.

During the early parts of this ep, we see - on several occasions - the in pain Leah trying to move, so she can alert the occasional passing motorist to her presence. Soon after, Leah hears another car (V quiet country road) coming her way. She is just able to back into her car - where she presses on the car horn for ages - the motorist who is passing is Peter - and he is just able to her the horn. He stops his car and rushes to where Leah is.

We then see Peter entering the hospital - he is carrying Leah and demands that someone examines her. AN unknown doctor does exactly that - and tells Peter that Leah has an elevated white blood cell count. Doctor says that he'll keep an eye on Leah?s condition - whilst Peter stays by Leah?s side the whole time.

A little later, Dan & Flynn arrive at the hospital - and Leah condition deteriorates. When Flynn asks her where the pain is, Leah says that it has shifts down her body from when the other doctor examines her. Flynn tells Leah & co. that Leah needs to have her appendix out. He is told surgeon is currently doing another operation which will takes hours. Flynn tells Dan that there's no chance of moving her to another hospital (road cuts because of bush fires). Leah then asks why Flynn can't do the operation on her - he says it?s unethical to do so (because Leah?s a friend). Leah says that she'll sign the appropriate paperwork - saying that's she "cool" with him do so. Peter, however, is more sceptical - but his opposition to Flynn doing it goes away when Flynn says that if Leah isn't operated on now, her appendix will burst - which will cause much further trouble. (end of ep)

AT the hunter house, Beth is tending to Tilly - who has got herself sunburnt. Henry is making jokes about to situation. Scott then enters the house - Beth is V surprised to see him - Scott is back a day earlier than expected. Beth then wonders where Kit is.

We cut to the campsite where Robbie & co. are packing up/preparing to head back home. Robbie is still in a world of his own - trash tells Plank that she thinks they shouldn't have dared him to do THAT run. Plank then "asks" Robbie & trash what they?ve done to some of his things (wallet etc) - as they are in the car. Tash says she doesn?t know what plank is talking about - the things were, of course, taken by stalker. Tash then finds a syringe on the ground near car. Plank "goes off" (blames a junkie foe stealing his things).

Soon after, Robbie & co. arrives back at the hunter house. Plank wonders where kit is - Tilly is the one to break the bad news to him (and comments that now Plank knows what it feels like to be dumped) - V nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plank goes to his room - looks at letter that kit gave Scott to give Plank - Kit has scored a job with a travel/tour operation in Europe.

Later, plank is on beach when he encounters Hyde. Plank wonders if he'll ever find "the one", but Hyde says that plank is far too young to be thinking of such things just yet.

AT the hunter house, Scott give his family various gifts - Robbie gets a model of the Eiffel tower, whilst he gives tilly a (rather appropriate) red beret. Scoot then shows Beth & co some of the photos he took - when Henry wonders if there are pyramids in France, Tilly says the pic is actually of the famous art museum the Louvre.

Robbie then go to what was the waiting area of Flynn?s surgery. He looks up needle stick injuries on the net, but when tilly & Henry enters the room, he quickly changes what?s on the screen & tells them he's merely preparing for the upcoming school year.

Soon after, we see that Flynn is using the defib machine on someone - I?ll admit to thinking it was Leah initially - but it's Robbie, and Flynn is "loosing" him. Beth, Tilly & Henry are in the hospital room - and Beth is partic distraught. But then, Tasha wakes the sleeping Robbie - it was all "just" a nightmare.

In the lounge room of the Hunter house, Beth can see that Scott (who now has a shorter hair do) is V muchly a "new man". Scott tells her that the trip has swept away the 2 years of his life that he wasted with Dani. Scott adds that he partic liked it when, in France, a woman came up to him and just start talking in her native tongue. Scott says that he could of listened to that woman forever (despite not understanding hardly a word she said). Beth tells Scott that maybe that she should follow his lead (and go to Paris).


Will Flynn be able to save Leah ???

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