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Friday 21 January 2005 - "The Fall of Saint Josie"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : The Fall of Saint Josie

(Double ep screened in Australia on Episodes # 3879 & 3880)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

AT the hunter house, beth & Scott are surprised when Tilly & henry say that they're about to go and help with the clean up after the bush fire. Beth is really suspicious - as she doesn't believe that her kids would be/are that community minded.

Son after, Tilly & henry are walking in the burnt out bush land - and Tilly reveals the REAL reason that she is out there. Tilly is hoping to find a possum - and keep it as a pet. Henry says that he doesn't beleieve beth will let them keep such an animal as a pet.

As the hunter twins continue to search, we see that they are being watched (presumably by the same person who kept an eye of tash etc when they went camping), indeed my belief is all but confirmed when henry finds the plank's wallet in the middle of the bush.

Tilly & Henry realise that they are a tad lost - when Marc startles them. He wonders what they are doing out here in the bush. Both say that they were trying to help with clean up - and Marc replies that there's more than enough ppl doing so already.

Marc tells Tilly & henry that things aren't5 sage for them out here - and the twins then see something covered by a large plastic tarp. Tilly is then horrified when she sees that what's beneath the tarp must be a dead body - as part of the lower leg is protruding from the tarp. BTW, person was wearing walking boots when they died.

Marc considers taking the twins home - but Alf & Jesse arrive at where marc & tilly are - and alf says that he'll soon take the twins home. As Alf is about to do so, Peter arrives. He comments that this isn't exactly the 1-st s day back at work that he had planned - and we then orders marc & the others away from the crime.

Meanwhile, Henry is making all manner of crime TV comments about what happened - and all of these comments appaul Tilly.

When Alf & the twins arrive at the Hunter house, alf tells beth of what's happened. and beth is NOT impressed with the way henry is speaking/acting, ie Beth tells henry that this ISN'T something that happened on TV (which is ironically funny),

Soon after, Tilly is in the computer etc room watching TV when henry enters and switches channels to the news. Beth enters room and "suggests" that henry goes elsewhere. Tilly then well & truly admits to beth that seeing even part of that charred body was horrifying. (note - the acting from Indiana Evans, al always, was 1-st class. Man, i love Tilly and her awesome portrayer).

Later, Alf is talking about what's occurred. Alf says that the body is female, but identification will have to be through dental records as the body is charred beyond recognition. (note - there's no actual indication so far that the dead person is a person known by the residents of the Bay etc),

AT the van park house, Irene is helping sally prepare for the engagement party for leah & dan. irene tells sally that KK might not make it to the party - because kane gets his test results back today. Sally takes this opporntuity to ask irene how things are going between kane & gus - and Irene says that they've at least started to talk.

We then cut to the diner, where things are still uneasy between Gus & kane, ie Gus is trying to make conversation but kane isn't keen on the idea.

Gus mentions the dead body - and kane isn't impressed when gus says that death that way (fire) is particularly tragic, ie kane responds by saying that ALL deaths are tragic.

KK then go to leave diner and as they do, gus asks kane if kane will show him the blaxland. kane says that he's busy at the moment.

After KK leave diner they go to the hospital - to get the results form kane's latest tests. When KK are told that Flynn has been delayed, Kane tells kisrty that he thinks that the delay is because Flynn just doesn't want to tell that the cancer has gotten worse just yet.

As KK wait, they are approached by the hospital's new nurse, Zoe - who proceeds to rave on, about various things, for ages, ie to say Zoe is enthusiastic is an understatement. Indeed, Zoe's talking is only halted when Flynn calls KK into an office.

It's clear that Kane is raealy expecting the worst at this point, and even when flynn reads out the tests results, kane is still in a state of dread - until flynn surprises kane by saying that the cancer is now in remission !!!!!!! Kane is V pleased - and kirsty is too, so she hugs & kisses kane with joy.

KK then got to the engagement party, where they inform the others, particularly Irene, of the GREAT news.

AS the party continues, sevaral times, we cut way to the diner. gus is there - and he gets really annoyed with someone who rings his mobile - i'm guessing this is part of the whole "gus owes someone a lot of money" storyline. My thoughts are confirmed when, in later scenes, Gus keeps peering out the window (through the blinds) of the diner - and he seems particularly concerned when he hears the sound of a rather loud car nearby.

AT the beach house, plank enters via the back door and he asks Irene is he can move back into her place for a while (note - wow the plank's moved house AGAIN - could someone inform the guiness book of world records). Irene replies by saying that her house is full at present - but then hayley suggests that she is prepared to share a room with tasha. Irene says that if tash agrees to hayley's plan, plank can move back in (note - although he don't see tash getting asked, i'm assuming that this happens of screen because plank does move back into beach house).

To celebrate his move, plank offers to cook dinner for the night. Irene says that she & kk will be out, and when hayley enquires, she isn't impressed that plank says he'll be cooking bangers & mash.

Hayley the goes to Noah's where she encounters Scott. She tells him that the palace landlord isn't sure if they'll rebuild the palace. Scott & hayley then begin to talk about how they miss the idea of living together (just as friends, i'm guessing, at this point) and hayley then invite Scott over to dinner at the beach house.

Soon after they arrive, hayley tells plank & Scott that she's definitely making a healthy salad - to go with the plank's culinary "feast".

After dinner, scott shows plank & hayley all of the photos we took in paris, which makes hayley uneasy, as it makes her think of all the photos etc of noah that she lost in the fire. btw, speaking of which, peter told hayley & co. that the cause of the blaze isn't determined at this point - but it wasn't the accelerant or the fan.

When they are done looking at the photos, plank offers to make the trio a drink (using the coffee that scott bought in paris) - but as soon as hayley & scott begin to drink, they rush to the kitchen sink and split it out - plank used salt instead of sugar. Hayley & Scott then began to muck around - incl. Scott tipping a glass of water on hayley, and carrying her outside.

After scott had gone home, hayley talked to irene, hayley commented that recent events had made her rethink things. Hayley believes that she's now ready to move on with his life, and this could incl. a relationship. irene thinks the hayley's ideas are good, and as irene comments, we see scott lying on ground looking at stars.

Next night, during the engagement party, hayley is muchly surprised when scott gives her a photo album, - full of pics of noah that scott had collected that day form various ppl in the bay (one of photos was of noah at his wedding).

Before the party, flynn and sally talked as he prepared to go to the hospital for his latest enforced night shift. both were saying that these night shifts mean they have virtually no tome together at the moment.

AT the hospital, Zoe is (of course) speaking constantly to flynn when she notices an error they flynn has written. Flynn thanks her for noticing the error, and zoe apologises to flynn, as she believes her talking caused him to loose concentration.

Flynn however knows that zoe isn't responsible, ie he comments to himself that its only the 3-nd night of his new work conditions and he's already on the edge.

As Sally & irene continue to prepare for the engagement party (at sally's place), colleen is at the diner icing the engagement cake - and when she asks alf which name she should put on the cake 1-st (leah or dan) alf responds by saying that why he know such things.

Leah & dan are walking near surf club when leah asked dan if he has asked peter if he's coming to the party. Leah isn't impressed that dan has ONLY left a message on peter's answering machine - and dan responds by saying that peter will respond when he's ready.

Later, dan, leah & many (known and unknown) guests have arrived at the engagement party. Most there are having a fantastic time, ie some times Jesse seems distracted (see below).

Leah & dan are pleased when peter eventually arrives at the party - and soon after her arrives, peter gives a speech, where he wishes the happy couple all the beast.

At Noah's, Jesse & Marc seems to be getting on very well, as they tell each other stories about their pasts. Jesse seems particularly interested in marc's firefighting stories, whilst Josie seems uneasy about the way Jesse & marc are interacting

Later, jesse & josie are talking about engagement party. jesse seems V surprised when josie says that she'll have to work at bar tonight - but she assures him that she''ll go top party when bar closes.

That night, jesse goes to the engagement party - and as the night gets later & later, jesse decides to ring josie, who tells jesse that the bar is V busy tonight.

Meanwhile josie is alone with marc. They talk about various things - particularly the tattoos that they planned to get when they turned 18. Both josie & marc said that they didn't get those tattoos, but josie added that since she's got another tattoo - and from the sounds of things, the body art is on a private part of her body.

By the end of the night, Josie & marc decide to rekindle their relationship - and they seal it with several passionate kisses (end of ep)


Kane gets arrested, Robbie jumps off a cliff, will jesse finds out about josie & marc, and hayley walks in on Plank when he is (naked) the bathroom !!!

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