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Wednesday 19 January 2005 - "Happy Memory"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Happy Memory

(Ep screened in Australia on - Episode # 3878)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

Gus goes to Noah?s bar - but kane is NOT impressed when he sees his father there. Kane makes it quite clear to gus that he?s not interested in what gus has to say - and kane also tells gus to stay away from Kirsty. Gus then leaves the bar - and its clear that kane is angered by this encounter with Gus, ie kane goes off and the Plank (who is looking for some keys) soon after.

AT the diner, Gus disregards what kane said to him - and approaches Kirsty. Gus thanks her for trying to get kane to talk to him. Gus then gives Kirsty a large paper bag - he says that it contains something from Kane?s past. Kirsty reluctantly accepts the bag.

Gus tells Kirsty that he?s going to be leaving town on a bus at 7.30 tomorrow morning. Gus also asks Kirsty if she?ll give him a phone call when the baby is born - Kirsty says that she will.

At the beach house, Kirsty tells kane about the conversation with Gus. Kane is NOT impressed that Kirsty disobeyed him (again). Kirsty then tells/shows kane the paper bag. Kane thinks that Gus is trying to buy his forgiveness - but Kirsty insists that kane should open the bag. When kane does, he is rather surprised - inside the bag is the 1-st rugby league football that kane ever had (and you can clearly tell that the red ball in question is rather ancient from its blackened condition). Kane tells Kirsty that he enjoyed playing with that ball as a kid - dreaming of playing for Australia etc.

Kirsty then tells kane when Gus will be leaving town - and she tells kane that she thinks that kane should deal with his past, as she?d like him to be "baggage free" when their baby is born. Kane is uneasy about all of this - but tells Kirsty that he will think about what she?s said.

Next morning, Gus is at the diner. He finishes his breakfast and exits the eatery He goes to the bus stop. As the bus pulls up, it looks like Kane has decided not to pursue this chance to talk to his father - but Kane arrives just in time (lots of ppl getting on - gus deliberately was the last one to attempt to get on the bus. Kane tells Gus that he?s prepared to talk to his father once more.

Soon after, we see Kane & Gus on one of the walkways down to the beach. Gus tells kane that he wants the chance to, somehow, right all of his many wrongs from the past. Kane says that he?s not promising anything to Gus (regarding their relationship etc), and when kane enquires as to why he should trust his father now, Gus asks kane to take a "leap of faith". Kane is clearly unsure about all of this - but it appears that he?s going to give Gus a chance.

Outside the surf club, Tash tried in vain to stop Robbie from "borrowing" the Plank?s car. Robbie gets in the vehicle and begins to drive away, but Tasha calls out to Robbie - and she gets in the car. Robbie then proceeds to drive VERY erratically - and very fast. Tasha is appalled when Robbie deliberately swerves onto the other side, and back, a number of times. As he drives, Robbie is talking to her about a scene from a movie that involved (an illegal) drag race. Tash continues to plead for Robbie to stop this reckless driving - and Robbie responds by deliberately sending the car into a BIG power slide (with the brakes fully engaged).

The look on Tasha's face when the car comes to a stop is of utter shock. She tells Robbie that he could have killed them both. Robbie has different idea - he thinks that what had just occurred was the COOLEST thing that had EVER happened in his life. Tasha is disgusted with Robbie - and she gets out of the car. Tasha begs him to also get out of the car, but Robbie drives away - leaving Tasha is the middle of nowhere.

At the surf club, the Plank discovers that his car is missing. He is about to call the police, when Tasha rings Plank - telling him what Robbie?s done.

At the hunter house, Scott, Tash & plank talk about this latest misadventure form Robbie. They phone the skydiving place - who inform Tash & Co. that they rejected Robbie (skydive place wouldn?t accept the parental consent form that Robbie handed them).

BTW, before the trio (Scott, Tash, plank) began talking bout Robbie, they "asked" Tilly & henry (who?ve not been informed of the needle stick injury) to leave the room.

When Robbie DOES get home, he WAY isn?t sorry for anything that he?d done that day, Tasha & Plank are partic disgusted by Robbie.

When they are alone, Scott tries to talk to Robbie - with absolutely no affect, ie Robes? still unrepentant about his recent actions.

AT the diner, Tash loosely talks to Kirsty about the Robbie situation (ie Tash doesn?t reveal why Robbie is acting the way his is at present). Kirsty, like Irene, suggests that maybe Tash should let Robbie sort this out himself. Kirsty continues by saying that sometimes when you try to interfere, you can make things worse. Btw, when Kirsty says this, it?s clear that she?s thinking of her own (gus/kane) situation - and also, we can see Gus seated at the diner near Kirsty & Tasha.

(Note : just after the Tasha/Kirsty conversation, Gus talks to Kirsty - see above).

Next morning, Tasha goes to the hunter house. She once more tries to talk some sense into Robbie. She is NOT happy when Robbie refers to everything that happened yesterday as being "not a big deal", ie Tasha responds by saying "?. I don?t think you can get much bigger than that" - and she leaves in disgust. After the Plank has a similarly (pointless) conversation with Robbie, he packs his bags. Robbie sees him doing so and wonders why plank is doing so. Plank says that he can?t live with the new Robbie.

Robbie then pushes Plank - and plank pushes him back. The pair have their fists raised - ready for action - when Scott breaks them up. (Note - Plank?s face looked SOOOOO appropriately aggressive during the clash with Robbie)

Tilly & henry enter the room - and wonder what?s going on (end of ep)


Tilly & Henry find a dead body - which has a connection to the palace arsonist, whilst Scott & Hayley "get closer" !!!

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