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Tuesday, 18 Jan 05 - "Flynn Reveals ALL!"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Flynn Reveals ALL !!!!!!!

(Ep screened in Australia on Tuesday, 18 Jan 05

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

Tasha enters the Hunter house - and turns down the rather loud music. Robbie, who is lying on the couch, is annoyed that Tash has done this, but Tash responds by saying that it?s way too early to have music playing that loud (as the other Hunters are still asleep).

Tash was brought a large towel with her - and suggest that she & Robbie should go to the bach/ Robbie isn?t keen on the idea - but he eventually decides to agree with Tasha?s suggestion, as he might get some peace that way.

When they gets to the beach, it?s still very clear that Robbie?s not keen on being there - and he also decides to go for a swim just to get Tash to stop pestering him.

When they?ve finished the swim, Tash suggests several other things that she & Robbie can do now (go to the movies etc). Robbie thinks Tasha?s ideas are lame - but then he has a brain wave. He tells Tash that she?ll NEVER guess what he?s thought of. Tash tries many time to guess, but Robbie says that she?s not even close to what he?s thought of.

Robbie then reveals to Tash what?s he?s thought of - skydiving!!!!!!

Tash is really surprised when Robbie tells her this - as he?s afraid of heights. Robbie responds by saying that that (afraid of heights) was tho old Robbie - the new Robbie LOVES such things.

Tash & Robbie the go to the gym where the Plank is as surprised by Robbie?s suggestion as Tash was. Plank then tells Robbie?s that he?ll need parental consent to go skydiving (as Robbie is less than 18 years of age).

Robbie is also annoyed when Plank says that he can?t drive Robbie to nearby yabby creek airfield (as plank is currently doing his shift is the gym).

Tash is pleased that Robbie seems to have encountered some serious problems (for her plan to skydive) but she is dismayed when Robbie says that Beth?s signature shouldn?t be THAT hard to forge - and Tash feels is worse when Robbie ?borrows? the keys to the Plank?s car. (Note - this is ironic esp. in since Duncan stole the vehicle that Robbie got for his birthday in April 2004.)

Tash, however, decides to go with Robbie - to make sure he doesn?t do something even more stupid (end of ep)

When Flynn arrives at the hospital, Dan is really keen on apologising to Flynn for his behaviour yesterday, but Flynn seems very preoccupied.

AT the van park house, Colleen is talking to sally about the heatwave - colleen says its because of the ?greenie? affect. Sally then asked Colleen to look after baby Pippa for a while. Colleen is partic concerned when Sally wouldn?t reveal where she was going.

When sally gets to the hospital, she encounters Dan - and tells her about Flynn?s decision to resign. Dan tells sally that he noticed that Flynn seemed distracted earlier that morning - and then Flynn walks in on the sally/Dan conversation.

Flynn is annoyed that sally & Dan are talking about him - and sally responds by telling Flynn that she?s V frustrated that he hadn?t even talked to her about his decision. Flynn said that he doesn?t have time for this as the moment - and when Flynn walks away, sally told Dan that can?t believe that Flynn thinks her opinion is so worthless.

Flynn goes and sits outside the room where the meeting with the hospital board will take place - and Dan joins him soon after. Dan urgers flynn NOT to resign - as Dan knows he was WAY out of line yesterday (when he 1-st found out about Flynn?s mistake).

Flynn entered the meeting room. There were 4 ppl from the hospital board there - and they asked Flynn if he had anything to say before they proceed. At that point, Flynn put his resignation away (into his shirt pocket).

The board members told Flynn that they were concerned about his breech of ethics (operating on a friend) and medical procedures (Flynn hadn?t operated on a patient alone in years).

Flynn tried to explain all the circumstances which led him to decide to operate on Leah - but the board doesn?t like what they are haring. The head of the board even says that Flynn maybe ?stuck off? (ie NEVER be able to practice medicine officially EVER again).

The board then inform flynn of their decision- his operation assisting privileges are revoked and flynn will work the night shift until they think he?s trustworthy again. Flynn tries to protest - but the board members so aren?t listening. Flynn then accepts their terms.

Soon after, Flynn encounters sally. He tells her what happened with the board. Sally still is annoyed that Flynn hadn?t discussion his initial plan (to resign) and is even madder when Flynn seems to suggest that it was Dan who convinced him NOT to resign.

Sally then goes and speaks to Leah, who is still in hospital - recuperating from her 2 recent operations. They thanked about Leah?s recent engagement to Dan - and sally insists that she is going to organise a girls night - to celebrate Leah?s engagement.

Whilst sally is visiting her, Leah also tells sally that she strongly feels that there?s more to this Flynn/operation error story - so dally exits the hospital and tries to find flynn.

She encounters him on the beach - Flynn is building sandcastles with baby Pippa.

When sally enquires as to what is going on flynn tells her that the reason he discharged form the army (and stopped being a doctor a few years ago) was because a close friend (and fellow soldier) died in East timor - and, of course, Flynn was the surgeon who was operating on his friend.

Flynn continued by saying that what happened with Leah?s operation made those horrid memories come flooding back. Flynn then joked that he?d done exactly what he counsels people NOT to be do - ie he ran away from his problems.

Next, Flynn told sally that she & baby pippa were the reasons that he didn?t ?run? (resign) this time.


Robbie looses controls of the Plank?s car - Tasha is also in the vehicle.

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