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Thursday 27 January 2005 - "Uh Oh! Kane's Happy (This Is

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Uh Oh ! Kane?s Happy (This Is NEVER a Good Sign)

(Ep screened in Australia on Thursday 27 January 2005 - Episode # 3883)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

AT the diner, Irene asks kane for last week?s board. Kane says that he?s V short of cash because of all his recent medical expenses. Irene & kane then come to an arrangement of the various bills that have to be paid.

Colleen then suggests that the town should set a "battler?s find" for such occasions as this. Colleen also offers to help in any way that she can with the celebration dinner (kane in remission etc) tonight - but kane informs her that they?ve had to postpone the occasions, as Kirsty has gone to the city because Laura is ill. Irene asks kane if he?s told Gus - and kane says that he is going to as soon as he leaves diner.

Soon after, we see kane & Gus near the surf club. Kane tells Gus what?s happened and Gus is disappointed about the cancellation. Gus then suggests that maybe they (Gus & kane) should have a meal together tonight instead, and kane agrees.

That night, Gus arrived at beach house. He?s brought a cheapish bottle of champagne with him - with he initially suggest that KK could save for when their baby is born, but both men decides to have it with dinner.

Gus asks kane if he can help cook the meal - which leads kane to saying that he usually just takes care of the "blokey" things about the house (fixing things etc). Gus says that, in these more equal times, Kirsty will expect kane to help her with things like changing the baby etc, but kane responds by saying that he?ll DEFINITELY be a good father (nice touch).

As they are eating dinner, Gus talks about life inside. He says that the meal Kane?s prepared is much better than prison food. Gus then tells kane that although there?s an unwritten rule in prison that you don?t "rat" on other inmates, Gus got in a situation where he was forced to do so. Gus then assures kane that he?s definitely in the straight and narrow now, as if he went back to prison, he?d surely be killed.

A little later, Gus is about to leave the beach house when Irene comes home. Gus says goodbye to kane and Irene - and when Gus is gone, Irene tells kane that it?s a pity that she couldn?t spend a little more time with Gus.

She then ask kane how things went tonight - and kane tells her that he?s somewhat surprised that he actually really enjoyed the time with Gus - and that life is pretty good at present. (memories of kane saying the same things last year - just before he got cancer).

Soon after, we see Gus walking near surf club late at night. He then encounters an "old friend" named Greg - who tells Gus that if he doesn?t repay the money he owes (over $3000) Kane will be harmed. Gus insists that he will get the money, but he needs time to get a job etc. Greg, however, wants the money ASAP !!!!!!!

AT the Hunter house, Scott, Beth, Tilly, henry and flyyn are all seated in the lounge. Flynn tells them that the intervention is going to be V hard - and that all of them will NEED to be brutally honest when they speak to Robbie. Tilly voices her concerns that she doesn?t think that she can do that to Robbie - but Flynn & Beth assure her that it?s for the common good.

Plank & Tash enter the house. Both say that they really want to help Robbie get out of this "funk" he's in.

Beth then all but drags Robbie in to the lounge room - and he?s NOT pleased to see that many ppl ganging up on him. Beth and the others convince him to hear them out.

One by one, Scott, Beth, Plank and henry tell Robbie how his recent actions have affected them. It?s now Tilly?s turn, but she says she just can?t do it. Flynn & Beth try to encourage Tilly to speak out to Robbie - but Tilly runs form the room.

Beth goes after her, and finds Tilly in Robbie?s room. Tilly says that she REALLY doesn?t believe in this "tough love" approach but Beth is able to convince Tilly to rejoin the group. When Tilly & Beth return to the lounge room, Tilly tells Robbie how she feels. (Note 1 - I HAVE to say that I was hoping for Tilly to use her best asset, that smart mouth of hers, to great affect but, for me at least, it didn?t happen. Note 2 - it?s also interesting that Tash hasn?t said anything as yet).

Beth, Flynn and Co. are then surprised, but V pleased, when Robbie?s anger gives way - to tears. Robbie tells Beth & the others that he?s V worried about the way ppl will treat him if he is HIV positive, as a fellow boarding school student contracted the disease through a blood transfusion. Robbie said that the kid was either pitied or treated as though he was alrady dead.

Robbie completely breaks down at this point - and Beth rushes to him and gives her son a BIG hug.

Beth then goes outside where she thanks flynn for all his help - but when Flynn gets home, things are not so good. He sees that sally went ahead with that special dinner she?d talked about, ie the table was still beautifully set - with a note saying "your dinner is in the oven" where flynn should have been sitting that night.

Back at the hunter house, Robbie tells that others that he tried to handle the situation on his own, because he already thought that the others considered him a bit of a whimp. Beth assures Robbie that she and the others think that being gentle & caring etc isn?t a bad thing. Robbie isn?t exactly agreeing with Beth at this point.

Robbie then goes into his room and talks to Tash. She says that she?s V sorry but she HAS to break up with him - as Robbie has hurt her too much. Robbie protests this by saying that he?s always been there for Tash whenever she?s gone off the rails. Tash counters this by saying that she will still "be there" for him - but JUST as a friend. Robbie urges Tash to change her mind - but Tash insists that she just can?t. Tash then leaves his room. Soon after, Robbie is in tears as he lies on his bed, when Beth enters the room. She sits on the bed and tries to comfort him (end of ep)


Leah excitedly begins to plan her wedding, and Hayley walks in on Plank whilst he?s not clothed in the bathroom.

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