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Wednesday 26 January 2005 - "The Not-So-Super Flynn"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : The Not-So-Super Flynn

(Ep screened in Australia on - Episode # 3882)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

Jesse & Marc are walking through the bush land and Jesse tells marc about his recent abseiling adventure with Dan & Flynn. When marc asks, Jesse says that he?s not been able to convince Josie to do the abseiling thing with him as yet.

Marc & Jesse then hear Tasha calling out "Robbie" several times. They rush to where Tash is - and she explains what?s happened. Jesse asks marc to phone for help - whilst he looks for Robbie.

Tash isn?t keen on Jesse diving into the water - but he does so anyway. Tash is further worried when Jesse surfaces - as he cut a cut on his head. After Jesse searches underwater near where he dived in (without success), he tells Tash & marc that he?ll swim in the direction of the nearby beach - looking for Robbie as he does so.

Soon after, when marc & Tash have lost sight of Jesse, Robbie approaches from behind them. Marc is most unimpressed when Robbie says that it was just a joke (pretending that he?d perished) and Tash is angry with Robbie for saying/doing such things.

After Robbie, Tash & marc have walked to nearby beach, Tash can?t believe that Robbie is saying that whatever has happened to Jesse (whose still unsighted at this point) isn?t his fault.

Marc decides to go into the water and look for Jesse - whilst Tash runs to Noah?s to tell Josie of what?s happening.

When Tasha arrives, she tells Josie that Jesse is missing - and Josie & Tash quickly run outside to the beach side of the surf club. Alf is about to go out with a 2-nd rescue boat and Josie wants to join him, but alf thinks it best that Josie waits in the bar fro news - and promises to call her as soon as he hears anything.

When Josie & Tash go back inside, Josie has multiple flashbacks - they alternate between Josie being with Jesse and with marc. As Josie continues to wait for news, she says, "this must be my punishment". Tash wonders what Josie means by this, but Josie is saves by the bell when the phone rings. Josie is ecstatic that Jesse has been found and she rushes to the hospital.

When Josie arrives, Flynn allows her to see Jesse. Josie goes into Jesse?s room where he tells Josie that he tried to climb up the rocks beside the water, to get a better view, but he slipped and hit his head which knocked him unconscious.

Josie tells Jesse that she was V concerned when she was told that Jesse was missing - and then Josie surprises Jesse when she says, "I love you". She says that the thought of "loosing" Jesse made her realise that he?s "the one" for her.

Soon after, Josie leaves Jesse?s room and encounters marc. She tells him that what?s happened between them at the bar was WRONG and that they are DEFINITELY over. Marc, not surprisingly, isn?t that keen on Josie?s decision.

AT the Hunter house, Beth & Scott talk about this latest incident involving Robbie. Beth can?t believe how badly Robbie is behaving - but as Beth & Scott talk about him, Robbie enters the room. He "goes off" at them for talking about him. Robbie then exits the room - but Tilly & Henry heard this latest outburst by Robbie, so they demand to know what?s happening.

After Beth & Scott explain the situation (off screen), Tilly & Henry voice the annoyance at not being told sooner. As this is happening, Robbie is in his room - and he?s looking very angry. Robbie then re-enters the lounge rooom. He tells Beth that he was just about to apologise for his actions - but now that Beth has broken her word (about telling anyone), he?s not going to say sorry after all. Indeed, Robbie is V annoyed with Beth & Scott - and it gets to the point where Robbie & Scott begin pushing each other. Beth forces the pair to stop - and Robbie quickly goes back into his room.

Sally & baby Pippa visit Flynn at the hospital - because sally has seen so little of him since he began doing night shift. Flynn then gives her the bad news that he has to work a double shift tonight.

Nurse Zoe is nearby and hears their conversation. Flynn then introduces Zoe to Sally. Zoe then asks if she can take baby pippa for a stroll. Sally says that she can - and when Zoe & pippa are after of visual range, sally & Flynn continue their discussion. Sally tells Flynn that the hospital shouldn?t be able to do this (double shift etc) just because of one mistake - but Flynn counters this by saying that it was a BIG mistake.

Beth then arrives at the hospital. She talks to Flynn about Robbie?s behaviour. Flynn suggests that an intervention might be the way to go - and adds that he is willing to help, if Beth & Co. choose that course of action.

Zoe then approaches Flynn - and excitedly tells him that she?s arranged for another doctor to work in place of him tonight.

When Beth gets home, she talks to Scott, Tilly & henry about the intervention. Tilly is not keen, as it might make Robbie even angrier, but she agrees to take part. BTW, as Beth talks to her offspring about the intervention, we see Robbie in his room - he looks, well, afraid of his current situation.

At the van park house, Sally is surprised when Flynn arrives home much earlier than expected. When Flynn tells her that it was Zoe (and not himself)) who arranged the other doctor to work, sally is NOT impressed.

Soon after, Flynn gets a phone call from Beth. Sally is SOOOOOO annoyed when Flynn tells her that he is going to go over the hunter house (on his night off) and participate in the intervention. Sally tells Flynn that he should be spending some quality time with his family, but Flynn chooses to go - leaving an annoyed sally stewing at home.

At the beach house, Scott asks Plank & Tash to be apart of the intervention. Both aren?t keen, partic Tash, but Scott uses what happened with Kit as a successful use of an intervention - and this sways Tash & Plank to take part. (end of ep)


Robbie apologises for all his recent behaviour - but will this be enough to stop Tash from ending their relationship?

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