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Australia On Tuesday, 25 Jan 05 - "Guess Who Steals The Plank&#39

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Guess Who Steals The Plank's "Plank" ?

(Ep screened in Australia on Tuesday, 25 Jan 05)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

As the ep begins its clear (from the way Marc is dressed) that he & Josie have just slept together. Marc notes that Josie has buttoned up her shirt incorrectly. Marc is fixing this when both he & Josie hear Jesse calling out to Josie.

Josie quickly pushes Marc into another room and when Jesse actually sees Josie. He wonders why she is still at Noah's. Josie says that she decides to do a stock take of the bar - and she lost track of time.

Jesse & Josie then go to Josie's flat. (Note - this is the 1-st time we've seen her new place - and it certainly is drab compare the water side abode that Josie had last year.)

Jesse is keen for some bedroom action, but Josie says that she is tired. Jesse responds by saying that he thinks that she works way to9o hard.

Next morning, Josie is taking a break from her run. She is near the surf club, and her phone rings. Josie can see on screen that it's Marc calling her - but she chooses not the answer. Indeed, Josie is looking very guilty/confused at this point.

When Josie returns to her flat, she is V surprised to see Marc there. He is at her flat because he & Jesse had arranged to go abseiling that day. When Jesse is out of listening range, marc tells Josie that he thought that it might look bad if he cancelled the trip with Jesse.

Later, Josie is working at Noah's. She is totally in her own little (distracted) world - and isn't listening to a word that hayley is saying.

Meanwhile, Jesse & Marc are walking through the bush land - in their way to the place they are going to their abseiling. Jesse tells Marc that he finds it interesting/ironic that Josie appears to be the commitment phobe in their relationship.

Robbie goes to the beach house where he tells tash that he's got his Hep B & C results back - he has neither of those diseases. Robbie then adds that it will be a couple more weeks before he can be tested for HIV.

Tasha is then encouraged when Robbie appears to be his old self again - telling bad jokes etc.

Soon after, Robbie & Tasha are walking near surf club when Robbie astonishes tash when he says that he wants to dive off the infamous jump rock (memories of Edward Dunglass). Tasha isn't keen on the idea - she thinks Robbie is being stupid again.

Tash & Robbie then encounter the Plank. Robbie mocks the Plank - saying that the surf looks very rough/dangerous. Plank responds by saying that those comments are a bit rich coming from Robbie - since Robbie is the one who's been running way from his problems.

Soon after, when Plank is nowhere in sight, Robbie decided to borrow the Plank's surfboard. Tash chastises Robbie for doing do - but Robbie waaaay isn't listening to her.

Later, Robbie & Tash are inside the surf club. Tash can't believe Robbie?s attitude - esp. since he'd "wiped out" on the plank's surfboard - and had lost the board.

We then see Robbie at the Hunter house. Plank is going off at his for "borrowing" his surfboard. Beth initially appears to be on her son's side, but when she realizes that Robbie is waaaay in the wrong, she is NOT impressed with his actions - and tells Robbie that he's grounded. Robbie can't believe what he's hearing - but decides to comply for the time being.

At Noah's, Tash tells Josie how annoyed she is with Robbie - because of the surfboard incident. Josie responds by saying that sometimes ppl make decisions that they regret. (Note - it's clear that Josie is speaking of her own situation, i.e. she's not talking about Robbie). Tash responds by saying that what Josie said is a cop out.

Tash then goes to the beach house to confront Robbie. He, however, is just about to leave the house - as Robbie said he'd made plans earlier. Beth is NOT impressed - but she can't stop him from going.

Tash chases after Robbie - and tries to convince him to NOT dive off jump rock. Robbie takes NO notice of Tash - and dives off the rock. Tash sees him go into the water below, but she is V worried when she doesn't see him surface (end of ep).

At the beach house, the Plank is rather surprised when Hayley tells him that she thought Hyde & Irene were looking very "close" at the engagement party.

Hayley then shows the Plank the photo album that Scott gave her (full of pics of Noah). Plank (jokingly) says that he doesn't like the photo album - as none of the pics of Noah contain him.

Later, when Plank tells Hyaley about the Robbie/surfboard incident, Hayley decides to give the Plank Noah's surfboard. She says that Noah wouldn't want it to be gathering dust, when someone could/should be riding the waves with it. (note - whilst I believe that Hayley is just being her friendly self, Plank might be assuming that it's something more, i.e. maybe this is why he kisses Hayley - think 2005 preview).


Jesse is injured trying to find Robbie !!!!!!!

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