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Friday 4 February 2005 - "The Plane Crash You Have, When You'

Guest Di

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Home and Away : The Plane Crash You Have, When You're Not Having A Plane Crash !!!

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

(Ep screened in Australia on Friday 4 February 2005 - Episode # 3890)

At the diner, Dan tells Leah that he's phoned his parents and they are NOT responsible for buying the tickets.

AT the point, Colleen is concerned about getting sea sick, but Alf suggest that with all the food Leah & Colleen have prepared, air sickness could be a bigger problem.

Flynn then enters diner, and orders a whole cheesecake, and Colleen raves on t him about the plane flight that she's WAAAAY looking fwd to.

AT Noah's, Jesse tells Josie that he's arranges to help Marc move into his new place. Josie tells Jesse that he has to go somewhere, and because Josie seemed distracted, Jesse wonders why. Hayley then tells him that she saw Josie crying earlier (but Hayley didn't ask why).

Outside the surf club, Josie asks Marc why he hasn't let town yet - as that was the deal. Marc says that he never agreed to anything like that, and if Josie doesn't keep on paying him, he''ll tell Jesse & Tasha about Josie's sordid past. Josie is really annoyed by this - and Marc sticks the knife in by saying that if Josie's relationship with Jesse is THAT important to her, she'll continue to pay him (note - Josie started this scene all V confident, but things steadily went down hill from there).

At Noah's, Dan tell Hayley that he's bought Leah an engagement ring and he's gonna to give it to her during the plane trip. Hayley loves this idea, and all the while, Scott is staring is Hayley. she then notices this and wonders why. Scott says that he has to be somewhere and leaves.

.At Josie';s flat, Jesse asks Josi why she's been crying etc. Josie says that she almost made the big mistake of letting Jesse go - because she was too sacred. Jose adds that it took Jesse being injured for his to see how much that he meant to hear. when Jesse asks, Josie says that she didn't speak to Hayley about this because Josie's not one of emotional, girly chats like Hayley is.

Josie then says that she can';t imagine life without Jesse - and that it just took a while to bring down her emotional walls.

At Noah's, Dan decides to head for home (big plane flight day tomorrow) and Scott decides to go home as well., when Scott gets up, he tangles with Hayley, who wonders what's going on with Scott. he says that nothin is happening - and he leaves.

On the back patio of the van park house, Flynn has prepared a romantic dinner fro 2. when sally arrives, he comments of how good she looks.

Over dinner, sally &Flynn talk about what's happened between them recently. Flynn says that he took those extra shifts etc because he had to prove himself worthy - to the hospital, his colleagues, himself etc - and he added that lately, it's been easier to be at work than to deal with sally & Pippa. Flynn also apologises for recent events.

At the diner, Colleen comments on how depressed Tasha look at the moment. Collen also comments about how good engaged life seems to be for Leah & Dan. This leads Jesse to enquire about Leah & Dan's relationship since Dan's proposal - ans jess is encouraged by there answers. Leah & dinner then exits the diner.

In the lounge of the van park house, Sally wonders what Flynn is doing to change his current situation. Flynn says that he won't take on extra shifts and is working on those night shifts. Flynn adds that he hopes he can arrange that quickly, and esp. before new surgery is up & running.

Sally tells Flynn that this was never about her & Pippa, but about how Flynn is felling. he assured sally that he REALLY wants to be there for her & their child. Sally & Flynn then hug & kiss each other.

Next morning, Jesse is still on the wharf. he's smiling, and appears to have made (in his mind) a big happy decison. Jesse backs this up by getting up and beginning to joyfully run.

At the diner, Tasha tells plank that she really wants Robbie to just give her some space.

Meanwhile, Leah tells Colleen that Irene won't go on plane trip. Collen thinks that it;s because of Kane (and says so with a more than a hint of annoyance in her voice, but Leah says that Irene's not keen on the diner being manned by neither herself or Leah

Leah wonders who she can ask to take Irene's place, and Colleen suggests Tasha, who isn;t keen to the idea. Leah & plank urge Tasha to go and she says that she will. (note - both Leah & plank were REALLY annoying as they urged Tasha to come).

At Josie's flat, Jesse wants Josie to sit down - as she she's ironing (in THAT pink night gown) at the moment. Josie wonders why so Jesse gets the little box out of his pocket and opens it - revealing a sparkling ring. Josie is surprised, and Jesse then does things properly by getting down on one knee and proposing.

Jesse isn't exactly thrilled when Josie doesn't respond, and when she asks "are you sure about this?" it's even worse. Jesse however tells Josie that he loves her with everything he's got.

Josie then joyously says yes, and they hug & kiss.

At the diner, all who are going on the plane flight assemble. Hayley wonders if Dan has remember the most important thing - the ring - and he takes it out of his pocket.

Coleen & the others then go to the sea plane wharf, where Colleen seems V assured by the pilot after he greets them.

Alf & Scott are there to see Tasha & co. off - and Hayley tells Scott that its' a pity that hes' not coming on the flight (note - i REALLY wanted Scott to tell Hayley how we feels at the point, but he didn't.

The plane then gets up to speed on the water, and takes off.

At Noah's, Jesse & Josie are celebrating their engagement - with Alf, sally, Flynn & Scott.

Alf & Scot go into the pool room, where Alf wonders what's going on between Scott & Hayley. Scott says that Hayley was the girl he had picnic with. Scott continues by saying that Hayley said she wants to move on - but considers Scott to be a "Mate" which disheartened Scott (memories of Will calling Gypsy the same thing just after she discovered that she's preggers in 2001).

Alf is surprised that Scott still didn't reveal how he felt - but Scott responded that he's just going to have to "get over" what he feels for Hayley (as she not feel same way about him). Alf re ponds by saying that Scott better get used to following Hayley around like a "love sick puppy" from now on.

Marc enters the bar and congratulates Josie on her engagement. he kisses her hand - but she quickly pull her hand away in ABSOLUTE disgust.

(Note - Marc was speaking with a total slime ball-ness to his voice. i REALLY don't like him).

back in the pool room, Scot & Alf talk about how much of a great time Leah & co. must be having on the p[lane flight etc, but we then cut to a shot of the water. When the camera pans across, we see the ALREADY downed plane of the beach. The wreckage is smouldering - and Tasha appears to be unconscious. (Note 1 - how BADLY annoying that we didn't SEE the crash. Note 2 - end of ep)


Next week, the aftermath of the crash, incl. Hayley not wanting to leave Tasha's side - despite the Plank's insistence that plane might explode at any second.

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