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Wednesday 2 February 2005 - "Irony? and Why Marc Should DIE!&

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Irony ??. and Why Marc Should DIE !!!!!!!

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

(Double ep screened in Australia on Wednesday 2 February 2005 -

Josie & Jesse enter Josie?s flat, and from the conversation they have, it?s crystal clear that they?ve just spent a romantic couple of days together.

Next day, Jesse & Marc are talking at a table outside the diner. Josie joins them and marc says that Jesse was about to get to the "good bits" of his time away with Josie. She then "suggests" that she and Jesse need to be somewhere.

Later, at Josie?s flat, she answers a knock at the door. It?s marc, who?s V intrigued by Josie?s decision to "just get away for a while" with Jesse. Josie firmly tells marc, once more, to leave town, but marc insists that he?s not going anywhere. Marc backs this up by preventing Josie from slamming the door in his face. Marc then tells Josie that he?s DEFINITELY saying in the bay - as he REALLY disliked the way the Josie toyed with him. (Note - there?s, once more, a real menace to Marc?s demeanour and voice during this scene).

Later, at one of the bay?s many wharfs (not the Blaxland one), Tash is crying. Marc approaches and, when asked, Tasha tells him that?s Robbie?s been annoying her (see Robbie/Tash storyline below).

Marc tells Tash that she should ALWAYS look after # 1(herself) 1-st, no matter what others think.

Soon after, at Noah?s, Tash is talking to Josie about Robbie & what marc had said to her.

Josie is clearly annoyed that Marc has been anywhere near Tash, so she confronts him near that same wharf. Josie angrily tells Marc to say away form Tash. Marc responds by saying that he will - for a price, and he doesn?t like Josie referring to what hes? doing as blackmail. Josie urges marc NOT to hurt her relationship with Tash and Marc responds by telling Josie that if she doesn?t give him $20000 by tomorrow morning, he?ll tell Jesse about their 1 night stand AND he?ll also tell Tash about Josie?s former employment.

(end of ep)

As sally prepares for her 1-st day aback at work, she tells Flynn that she?d arranged for colleen to take care of baby pippa for the morning. Flynn wonders who?ll look after the child in the afternoon. Sally responds by saying that she thought that he?d be able to, but Flynn says that, with all these night shifts he?s been doing he?ll need all the sleep he can get. Sally is NOT impressed and chargers out of the room (saying that she?ll have to try to get colleen to look after pippa in the arvo as well).

Later, sally talks to Irene in the diner. Sally says that Flynn just isn?t "getting" where she?s coming from in their current "discussions".

Meanwhile, at the same time that sally talking to Irene, Flynn is telling Jesse exactly the same "not getting it" spiel to Jesse.

(Note : when Jesse arrived, and knocked on the door, it woke Flynn up - he was snoozing on the couch).

That afternoon, when sally returns home, she suggests to Flynn that they should talk about their current situation. Flynn responds by saying that hes? not keen on sally having yet another go at him. Sally?s not impressed by this - and says that Flynn is never "there" for her & partic pippa lately. Flynn responds by saying that he hates working these night shifts, but he is "there" for sally & pippa because he?s monetarily securing their future. Flynn then tells Sally that he has to go - or he?ll be late for work - and this ends yet another sally/flynn argument (which was rather well done once more).

Robbie is at the diner when he sends a text message to Tash who is at the beach house. Robbie asks her to meet him on the beach tomorrow.

Next day, Robbie is sitting on the beach and he?s pleased when he sees Tash walking towards him. Robbie comments on how great she looks - and tells Tash that he?ll do anything to win her back - he also says sorry about a million times. Tash insists that Robbie?s? course of action is NOT going to be successful.

Robbie goes to the wharf - where he talks to Scott about his situation (whilst subbing for kane as deckhand on Blaxland). After they?ve talked for a while, Robbie tells Scott that he thinks the ultimate way to win Tash back is to be the guy she fell in love with.

Soon after, Robbie goes to Noah?s where he gives Tash a present. She isn?t keen on accepting it so Robbie opens the box and tells Tash that he?s creates a perfume based on all the bush smells that she likes. Tash still doesn?t like all of this, so Robbie sprays some of the perfume on her. Tash hates the smell - and Robbie responds by saying that he wasn?t expecting this bad smell from the chemical mix of the various bushland ingredients. Things get worse when Tash tells Robbie that the perfume is beginning to burn her skin.

BTW, watching all of this, and commenting on the disaster, are Tilly & Henry.

At school, Tilly & henry (under instruction form Robbie) try to keep Tasha inside the building during lunch. The reason for this is revealed quite quickly - when Robbie is heard on the school?s PA system. He reads on soppy love poem to Tash, who is V embarrassed by the situation - it doesn?t help when several nearby girls snigger at her.

Meanwhile, Hyde hauls Robbie into one of the classroom and says that, because of his stunt, Robbie will be on litter duty (at lunchtime) until further notice.

Robbie then tries to speak to Tasha. She tells him that she was MEGA embarrassed by what Robbie did, and if he continues doing such things, Tash won?t even be his FRIEND any more. (Note - Tasha is clearly wearing a halter bikini top beneath her uniform).

We then see the Marc/Tash scene on the wharf, and the Josie/Tash scene at Noah?s (see above).

Meanwhile, Robbie is sitting at one of the table outside the diner when Irene approaches. Irene suggests to Robbie that he REALLY needs to give Tash some space. Irene aslo tells Robbie NOT to attempt something so "public" next time.

AT the police station, the cops are rather surprised when someone gives them the bail money so kane can go home for the moment. Peter tells kane that he better not skip town, as he will have to come to the police station every day at 9am until he is the case is heard etc. kane says that he?s got going to leave town - because hes? NOT guilty.

When KK, Irene & Morag arrive back at the beach house, Kane thanks Morag for putting up the bail money for him. Irene says that she is really annoyed that peter believed kane - until some stranger come forward. Kane responds by wondering why the witness told the police that he is responsible. He also finds it REALLY "amusing" (considering the past) that he could "go down" THIS time, despite being 150% innocent.

At the diner, Alf is on phone. When the call ends, he tells the ppl at the diner what Morag has done. Colleen and the Hunter clan hear this and most think that it?s NOT a good thing. Scott even comments that henry is only on Kane?s side because Kane has assisted him in the past, whilst Alf is really annoyed when colleen starts talking about the AVO that was taken out on kane last year.

Back at the beach house, kane begins to speculate that the witness might be the guy who was hassling Gus for the money. Morag responds by saying that she isn?t keen on the idea, why would a person like Gus? "associate" just walk into a police station like that.

Kane is insistent that it?s a course of action that they should be taking, and Morag agrees to investigate.

Next morning, peter & Morag are walking near diner. Morag wants peter to give her the name of the witness, or at least check if the person has a police record - but peter isn?t keen on this idea.

Morag is really annoyed by this, and Peter is clearly not impressed with Morag?s attitude, eg he makes no indication that he?ll do either of the things that Morag suggested.

At the beach house, KK are in their bedroom. Kane wants Kirsty to stop stressing, but she responds by saying that she KNOWS he didn?t sleep much last night (as she didn?t hear him snoring).

Kirsty then suggests that they head off to the police station, as 9am is fast approaching.

At the diner Leah & peter are talking about what?s happened. Irene makes several snide remarks about Peter?s attitude towards Kane - before she launches into a full-scale verbal barrage on Peter.

He rushes out of the diner, and is followed by Leah who tries to apologise for what Irene said. Peter responds by saying that he thinks that Irene?s reasoning is "out the window" at present.

At the wharf, kane apologises for being late for work (because the cops - off screen -held him up). Scott says that he understands.

Scott then starts talking about Gus, and kane says that his father better not return to the Bay right now, or the police will REALLY have a reason to charge kane.

After a while, Scott tells kane to go home early -a distracted kane dropping a toolbox is the last straw. Kane isn?t keen on the idea -but he accepts Scott?s decision - and as he walks away from the wharf, Robbie arrives (see above).

At the beach house, Beth & Kirsty talk about the situation. Beth tells Kirsty that kane must be feeling pretty silly at the moment - for trusting his father despite the past). Beth also tells Kirsty that this situation is way different to anything else - because of KK?s unborn child. Kirsty responds by saying that Kane always wanted to be the exact opposite to his father - but now, kane mightn?t even be there when the baby is born. (Note - Kirsty increasingly became more emotional as she talked with Beth, and ends the scene completely in tears.

At the diner, Leah is most annoyed at Irene because of what she said to peter, and when colleen adds her 2 cents worth, we literally can?t hear a word Leah, Irene or colleen are saying as they are all talking at once.

Irene decides to go outside - and she is followed by alf, who tells Irene that she was out of line (for comments to both Leah & peter).

Irene then admits, for a split second, she had her doubts about Kane - and alf says that he did as well. Irene tells alf that she wonders how thing will go - esp. with Colleen making such comments about kane (esp. in light of the bond they had last year when kane had cancer).

Soon after, alf & Morag are talking near the diner. Alf wonders why Morag put up the bail money for Kane - and Morag responds that kane is in a similar situation to the one Dalby was in until recently. Morag adds that she hopes that she?d do the same thing for Dalby if the was in further strife. (Note - love the way someone?s mentioned Dalby for the 1-st time in ages, esp. when he?ll be returning the Bay soon).

Peter then approaches alf & Morag. He says he?s got some news about the robbery witness.

We cut to the beach house, where Morag tells KK & Irene that the witness doesn?t have a criminal record.

Morag then asks kane where he thinks Gus might be. Kane says that he doesn?t know - and adds that he thinks if Gus isn?t found, then he?s in "going away" for good.

AT the diner, Alf & Morag talk about Kane?s predicament. Morag esp. mentions that her legal associates are checking out various documentation - to try and find references to Gus? hang outs.

Morag then goes back to the beach house, where she tells KK & Irene about her progress. Kane says that he?s also spoken to various ppl in a bid to discover where Gus is.

Kane then asks Morag if there?s a chance for her to defend him successfully if Gus isn?t found. Morag insists that she will try her very best, but kane thinks he has no chance without Gus.

Kane says that these events are V ironic - as Gus didn?t want to go back to prison because he "ratted" on someone because he didn?t want another to "go down" for a crime they didn?t commit. Kane continues by saying that?s a pity that Gus cares so little about his own son that he?s let this happen.

At the beach house, Irene & Beth talk about Beth?s 1-st day (tomorrow) as Hyde?s assistant, ie Irene tells Beth about Hyde?s routine at school etc.

Beth also wonders if anything has happened after Hyde & Irene talked at the engagement party (about having dinner together). Irene tells Beth that nothing has occurred as yet.

Next morning (1-st day of new school year), Tilly - and to a lesser extent Henry - are annoyed that Beth is talking to them in the corridors. However, a little later, Tilly tells henry that she?s more annoyed that Beth just ignored her - Beth was talking to Hyde about various things, eg his routine, about who great a woman Irene is etc. (Note - until Tilly told henry that Beth ignored her, I was wondering why Tilly was just standing there, doing nothing, in the background as Beth & Hyde talked).

Later, Irene & Hyde talk near the diner. This is just after Irene?s discussion with Robbie (see the "not so public" scene above).

Hyde then Asks Irene about that dinner - and she says that DEFINITELY have to arrange something.


It looks like Josie IS going to pay Marc THAT hush money, whilst Hayley & Scott enjoy a picnic for 2.

By JosieTash

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