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Tuesday 1 February 2005 - "Mega FRAMED!?.. and Hayley's F

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Mega FRAMED !!!!!!! ?.. and Hayley?s FANTASTIC Work Attire

(Ep screened in Australia on Tuesday 1 February 2005 - Episode # 3886)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

As the eps begins, Kane is at the police station. He is very stressed and annoyed. A female cop (Lara) tells him to calm down, but kane "suggests" they should be looking for Gus. Peter enters the room - and asks kane to tell him everything that happened that night. Kane says that he?s not talking until his solicitor arrives.

At the diner, Irene helps Morag with her many cases that she has in her hands. Morag has just returned for the city, and says that she?s endured a boring drive - after a boring day - and that she?s going to relax in a hot bath for a while. Morag?s phone rings - and she tells kane to slow down (note - Irene & alf are instantly alerted when Morag says Kane?s name).

AT the police station, Irene blasts peter "you KNOW kane didn?t do this"). Morag then goes into the room where kane is, where she asks kane to be totally honest with her. Kane says that he didn?t commit this crime he?s being accused of - and Morag responds by saying that she?ll do all she can to help him.

After Morag asks kane to tell her what happened, we cut to outside the room where Irene is STILL yelling at peter. Both Alf & peter "suggest" that Irene should calm down - and peter says that this case needs to be treated like any other.

Peter & Harper enter the (interview) room where Morag & kane are. Morag "suggests" to the police that she believe they can should be able to end this quickly but peter insist that Kane formally tells the cops his movements of the night is question. (Notes - throughout this process, harper is V condescending, ie he has NO DOUBT that kane is guilty, whilst kane insists once more that they should be looking for Gus - peter says that a team is).

Whilst the interview is taking place, Irene & alf talk outside. Irene wants to call Kirsty, but alf suggest that there?s nothing Kirsty could do (as its so late etc). Alf then surprises Irene by saying that the police might think that Kane?s responsible because of his less than perfect track record - to say Irene is NOT impressed is an understatement.

At the end of the interview, Harper is rather annoyed when peter says that kane can go home for the moment, but he insists that kane shouldn?t leave the area. Mora insists that he won?t.

After Kane returns to the beach house, kane thanks Morag for her help - before she & alf exit/. Kane then tells Hayley that he?s not surprised that the police don?t believe his story - after all, what kind of father "dumps this" on his son.

Irene then suggests that kane should call Kirsty. Kane is reluctant - but Irene reminds him how annoyed that Kirsty gets when he tries to de things from her. Kane goes to his room where he looks at THAT old family photo. He RIPS it into several pieces, before he phones Kirsty.

Kane asks Kirsty how Laura - from his response it she sounds ok now. Kane then tells Kirsty that things are good here, before actually revealing the truth.

At the diner, Alf thanks Morag for helping Kane - esp. in light of the past. Morag responds by telling alf that she 110% KNOWS that kane is telling her the truth.

Next Morning, Peter arrives at work V early. Lara tells him that the search revealed no sign of Gus. Harper comments that he?s not surprised and insists that Kane is guilty. Because of harper?s attitude, peter suggests that Lara should accompany him with the various interviews.

Peter & Lara go to Noah?s where they speak to Hayley, who tells them that she gave kane more shifts recently. Hayley aslo tells peter she let kane leave work early last night, because things weren?t that busy. Pater questions this (rem that he was at Noah?s with Dan & Scott that night) and Hayley says that kane told her that he wasn?t feeling the best, which tis the real reason she let him go early

(Note - whilst ON DUTY at Noah?s, Hayley had her sleeveless white & red work jacket mostly unzipped - easily revealing the red bikini top she was also wearing.

NICE !!!!!!!)

Peter & Lara go to the Blaxland wharf and speak to alf, who tells them that he offered to loan kane some money. Alf said that kane declined - because he had "something happening" in the next few days.

AT the beach house, Hayley apologises to Kane for saying what she said to the police. Kane & Irene insist that it was better that Hayley told the truth, or she could also be in trouble.

AT the cop shop, Peter tells Morag that he?s chasing up new info of the crime, and Morag directly wonders if this is in regard to alf. Peter then tells Morag that "off the record" he believes that kane is innocent, but he needs to follow procedure etc.

Harper enters the room as Morag leaves, and peter tells him that part of Kane?s story "checks out", ie someone made a call to Kane?s mobile from that public phone booth.

At the beach house, kane gets off the phone. He tells Irene that he?s pleased that peter seems to believe him. Kirsty then enters via the back door. She is WAAAAY hysterical, but kane calm her down, and he says that Morag & peter appear to be on his side.

At the cop shop, Lara tells Pater that a witness to the crime has come forward.

AT the beach house, Kirsty is WAAAAY blaming herself for all this - as she was the one who continually suggested to kane to make peace with his father. Kane responds by saying that its? not her fault.

Peter then enters the beach house (via front door) and Kirsty quickly says that peter should KNOW that kane didn?t do this. Peter tells kane that an eyewitness to the crime has come forward, which kane thinks is great. Peter responds by saying that the witness indicated that it?s kane who was responsible (police showed eyewitness a pic of kane). Peter then "asks" kane to accompanying him to the station for questions.

At the police station, peter tells kane that a witness saw kane do the robbery etc. kane denies this, but peter responds by saying that why would a stranger have any reason to say that it was kane.

Kane then is part of a line up of men - and when we finally see the "eyewitness" it turns out to be Greg (the guy who demanded the money from Gus. The "witness" quickly, certainly identifies that # 3 in the line up, ie Kane, is the person he saw do the robbery.

Kane is then seen having his mug shot taken, finger prints taken etc whilst peter charges kane with armed robbery and reads kane his rights.

The ep ends with Kirsty on hysterical overload, as Kane is led away to the station?s cells.


In the (catch up) double episode, Kane thinks he?s "going away" for good, whilst Robbie tries to win back Tasha

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