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Friday 11 February 2005 - "The Beginning Of The End"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : The Beginning Of The End

(Ep screened in Australia on Friday 11 February 2005 - Episode # 3895)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

At the hospital, Kane "crashes" through the doors, with a double over Kristy by his side. Flynn is there to greet them, and he takes kisrty into an examination room. Kane wants to go to, but Zo? "suggests" otherwise.

At the diner flat, dalby is concerned when Alf says that dalby will have the house to himself at most times, i.e. dalby thinks Alf & Morag will definitely avoid him. Alf then asks why dalby changed his mind (about accepting offer). Dalby avoids the questions, but says that he's not sure if he?ll stay.

Sally enters the hospital, where she sees Kane. Sally thinks Kane is there for tash, but Kane tells her about Kristy (and that KK are both V stressed). Zoe tells sally that she didn't phone sally (and tell her this news) as she knew sally was coming to hospital already.

Flynn approaches Kane and tells him that kisrty is currently having an ultrasound. Flynn says that he's V concerned about kirsty's low blood pressure. Flynn adds that he's currently unsure as to what?s actually wrong with kisrty.

At diner flat, dalby wonders why it took so long for Alf to tell him that they are related. Alf responds by saying that he didn't want to make things worse for dalby. Dalby then comments that the family connection must have been why Alf was at dalby's dad's funeral. Alf says that it was just his small way to help. Alf then tells dalby that he persuaded Morag to take on dalby's case. Alf adds that although dalby ran away at least they can be together for wench other now.

At the hospital, sally tells Flynn that she wishes that she could do more for KK, whilst Flynn replies by saying that this brings back memories (Leah having trouble during her pregnancy with baby pippa). Sally asks if Flynn is going to come home soon, and Flynn says that he waiting for kirsty's test results. Sally comments that he's been at the hospital for about 24 hours now, and Flynn n says that the coffee is keeping him going. Flynn assures sally that he'll been home soon, and he kisses sally and then baby pippa (who sally was nursing throughout the scene).

AT the diner flat, Alf asks dalby where he was during the "run away", as Alf says that a friend of Flynn?s thought he spotted dalby in city. Dalby says that he was "around" before he asks Alf where the shower is/ Morag gives him the directions, but because she called him Eric, dalby told her not to. Morag wonders why this is so, and dalby replies that Eric was the name that his father always called him.

When dalby is out of room, Alf tells Morag |"so far, so good"

At the hospital, kirsty is back in a normal hospital room. Kirsty looks V groggy, and Kane hug her and says that he's "soooooo sorry"

At the diner, Alf asks sally about kirsty. Sally says they're awaiting tests, and Alf says the send his love.

When Alf comments that dalby had breakfast etc with Alf & Morag, sally says that Flynn will be pleased with that news. Alf & Morag then asks sally if she (and Flynn) will be a "back up plan" (for accommodation) for dalby. Sally says she'll have to talk to Flynn, as they've not discussed the subject in ages.

Dalby enters the room, and Alf wonders if dalby is heading out for the day. Dalby merely responds by thanking Alf for the shower before he exits diner.

At Noah?s, Tilly & henry are playing pool when dalby enters. Henry makes an unfavorable comments (about dalby_) and leaves. Tilly then cautiously approaches dalby. Dalby wonders why Tilly is talking to him, as "your family hates me". Tilly she that she doesn't as now she understands that dalby had to let Henry take the "fall|" for the kiosk fire, or else his father would have bashed him (note - there were lots of appropriate pauses as Tilly spoke. Dalby responds by suggesting that Tilly shouldn't be talking to him, but Tilly insists that Henry won?t be back.

Tilly then walls away a little, before apprehenciously asking dalby if he'd like to play pool with her. "I?ll go easy on you, she said - and dalby agrees to play.

At the hospital, Flynn tells KK that he has good news. Kirsty "only" has a thybroid(?) condition that was enflamed (which isn't common in ppl so young). Flynn adds that because they now know this, it's easy to treat. He continues by saying kirsty's recent stress doesn?t help that situation - and that he wants to keep her in hospital overnight for observation.

Kane is concerned and asks Flynn the implications. Flynn says that it could bring on early labor, and she says that if KK have any further question, just ask. He then exits the room, and KK rub noses.

At Noah's dalby is surprised that Tilly is so good at pool. Tilly says that you can get a LOT of practice when it?s the ONLY thing to do here. Dalby wonders why tilly is being so nice to him, and tilly responds by saying that she "gets him" now - as she had similar experience (dead body) and it's affected the ways she treats ppl etc.

Dalby goes to exit Noah's and Tilly jokes about him leaving because she's winning, but as she says this dalby begins to walk faster (and he's not looking that good either).

At the hospital, Kane kisses kirsty and tell her that he'll be back soon. He goes to the public phone and rings someone (don't know who at this stage) Kane says," If you get this msg, give me a call".

In the corridor, sally comments that Flynn looks much better than before. He comments that it must be the coffee, and Flynn is then surprised (but please) when sally has bought him in some lunch form home.

Sally then asks Flynn about Alf?s "back up" plan - and Flynn thinks it's a good idea.

Alf enters the diner flat - and is shocked to see Dalby injecting a needle into his arm. Alf hits the roof (so to speak), and dalby say that Alf "hasn't changed" - before dalby storms out of the flat.

When he's gone, Alf sees the dalby was injecting himself with INSULIN !!!!!! - and Alf is V annoyed with himself.

Near the wharf, Alf finds dalby and tries to apologize - but ads "what was I supposed to think?" Dalby tells Alf that he's already live with a person that didn?t trust him (father) and he doesn't want to do that again. Dalby then walks away.

At Noah's Tilly sees dalby. She cautiously approaches - and says she is keen to help him. Dalby "mouths off" about Alf, but when he mentions that Alf wants dalby to stay with him, Tilly wonder why. Dalby sys he'll tell Tilly but (paraphrasing here) she'll have to keep the info "in the vault".

At the hospital, Kane tells Morag that he wants his trial to be as soon as humanly possible. Morag thinks this is a stupid move, but Kane says that all this stress if badly affects kirsty & the bub. Morag says that she'll see watch she can do, but makes NO promises about it. When Morag is gone, Kane returns to kirsty?s side, and kiss her.

At Noah's, Tilly is V surprised that dalby is Alf?s grandson. Dalby thinks Alf hates him, but tiully assures fdalby thatslaf wouldn't have been constantly searching for him if alf didn't care. Dalby responds by saying that Alf not trust him with the needle thing, but tilly counters this by saying that dalby shouldn?t have been surprised by Alf?s reaction.

Tilly continues by saying that dalby shouldn't "write off" Alf because of a misunderstanding, a ad she also says that Alf seems to care for dalby more than tilly?s grandfather does about her.

At the hospital, Morag tells Kane that he is in luck. There?s been a cancellation - and the court case date is in two weeks time. Morag thinks this isn't enough time, but Kane thanks her greatly for what she's done.

At the diner flat, Alf sees dalby packing his things. Dalby says that he can't live with Alf for the moment, but he's not leaving the bay, so Alf & dalby will have the time to get to know each other. Alf tells dalby that he has a graet idea as to where dalby can stay.

AT the van park house, Dalby asks sally if she's sure that she wants to take him in, and sally responds by saying that she & Flynn were going to suggest this last year -but dalby ran way before they could. Flynn n then enters the house (from work) and says that it's totally cool for dalby to stay with he & sally.

Sally then tells dalby which room is his, and he begins to head up the stairs. As dalby does this, Alf tells sally that "I think you just took your 1-st step to become pippa - and sally is V surprised/encouraged by this.

Alf then exits, and sally & Flynn hear baby pippa so sally begins to head upstairs. When she is at bottom of stairs, Flynn suggests a special dinner for dalby tonight. Sally says that she thought Flynn would want early night, but he says he feels fine.

When sally go upstairs, Flynn walks into lounge. He pulls a small bottle out of his pocket, and takes one of the pills (end of ep)


Will Hayley choose Plank - or Scott !!!

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