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Thursday 10 February 2005 - "A "Minor" Difference Of Op

Guest Di

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ome and Away : A "Minor" Difference Of Opinion

(Ep screened in Australia on Thursday 10 February 2005 - Episode # 3894)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

At the Blaxland wharf, Tilly is rather surprised when she sees Dalby. She tells him that the police know that he didn?t kill his father. Dalby tells Tilly to leave him alone - and he walks away.

At the diner flat, Alf tells Morag that he just couldn?t have told Dalby previously that they are related. Alf then responds to a comment by Morag by saying that any time he tries to do the right thing, it turns out wrong. Morag suggest that alf should wait for Dalby to come to him, but alf is worried that Dalby don?t ever come back to the bay - and alf is also concerned as to just where Dalby is. (Note - during this scene, alf makes a comment that includes the word "quid" - and Morag responded by saying that alf would have a big stockpile of non-legal tender/money)

KK enter the beach house via the back door. They talk about the plane crash and then kane (further) stresses about the robbery charge hanging over his head. Kirsty responds with an optimistic comment, and kane comments about her constant optimism. Kirsty walks into lounge and notices that there?s a msg on the answering machine. She plays the msg - kane is pleased to her that it?s form an "old mate" named Dougie - who says that it was DEF Greg who ID?d Kane in the police line up. Dougie added that Greg is the guy that was involved in the robbery that Gus went to prison for last time. Kane is encouraged by all this, esp. when Dougie says that he knows where Greg is.

AT Noah?s, henry is frustrated as he tries to teach Beth how to play pool. Tilly enters the room, and says that she?s just talked to Dalby at the wharf. Henry isn?t keen that Dalby is back - and Beth chastises henry for his comments. Beth can see that Tilly has clearly been affected by her encounter with Dalby, but she chooses to ring sally (with this news) 1-st, before dealing with Tilly.

AT diner flat, Alf is on phone to sally. When he gets off phone, tells Morag about Tilly?s encounter with Dalby. Alf is keen on searching around bay for Dalby, but Morag suggest that alf should tread carefully with Dalby or he?ll run again. Alf responds by "asking" just where Dalby could run to? (Anywhere I?m guessing)

AT Noah?s, Beth decides to talk to Tilly about her current mood. Tilly tells Beth that he really feels something for Dalby. Tilly says that Dalby must be going through so much at the moment - because Dalby saw his father die before his very eyes. Tilly adds that she feels this way after she saw THAT dead body in the bush, ie she didn?t know that person, but it badly affected her, so Dalby must be feeling REALLY bad because he was "connected" to his father.

Tilly tells Beth that she (Beth) must think that Tilly is "going soft", but Beth responds by saying that she?s REALLY proud of Tilly for the compassion she has for Dalby. (Notes - it?s clear that Beth meant what she said to Tilly [proud" etc], and Tilly is REALLY encouraged by this. This is obviously this 1-st inkling of the Tilly/Dalby relationship, which I?m looking fwd to. Also, I was a tad surprised that neither Beth nor Tilly mentioned Jack dieing in front of Kit).

AT beach house, kane phones Dougie, and kane is not pleased that his "friend" heard this info about Greg?s whereabouts form a friend of a friend of a friend. Kane gets REALLLY annoyed, as does Kirsty, who tells kane that he always takes his anger (VERBALLY) out on her.

Both walk to the bedroom, and kane indicates that he is keen on finding out where Greg is. Kirsty thinks this is a VERY bad idea (interfering with witness etc), and she "asks" kane to promise her that he?ll stay away form perusing Greg. Kane reluctantly says yes, but as he goes out of the bedroom, Kane has this cheeky look on his face which "suggests" that he just "might" have lied to Kirsty. (Note - I?m SOOOOOOO on Kane?s side in this, Kirsty pains me so she can just "go jump").

Kane goes to the diner where he encounters peter. Kane tells the cop that he?s NOT responsible for the robbery, but peter makes it clear that kane REALLY shouldn?t be talking to peter about this. Kane ignores this, and asks peter what his "off the record" opinion is IF Greg is lying, but peter reinforces his earlier point (shouldn?t be talking bout this).

Alf & Sally enter the diner - they tell Morag that they?ve not been able to find Dalby as yet, but alf then suggests that he is going to look for Dalby where Leah & Dan encountered him (van in bush). Sally offers to go with alf on his search - and alf thanks her.

Meanwhile, peter is at his table at the diner, and he?s busily writing something - with the nearby kane keeping an eye on him.

In the bush, Sally comments on how far into the bush they?ve had to travel to get to the van. Seconds later, sally & alf arrive at the van and discover that Dalby isn?t there - but both sally & alf are concerned the way Dalby is living. Dalby then approaches (with some firewood in his arms). Dalby says that he doesn?t need help from anyone. Alf wants to help Dalby find some different accommodation, but Dalby insists he doesn?t want their help. Dalby then goes inside the van - and alf is clearly V concerned.

At the diner, kane is keeping a close eye on peter. Meanwhile, Beth & Tilly are deciding what to order when peter approaches counter. Beth asks him if there is any new info about the crash investigation. Peter says no - but as this conversation takes place, Kane makes his move.

At the beach house, kane is in his bedroom. He is looking at the address & phone # of Greg - kane copied it at diner when peter was talk to Beth.

In the bush, Alf talks to Dalby. Both are in the van. Alf asks Dalby to come with him - as there?s a warm bed awaiting him, and Dalby can come & go as he please. Dalby responds by saying that alf is "off the hook" and doesn?t have to concern himself with how Dalby is feeling "just because we are family". Alf isn?t keen on this response, but he exits the van and begins to walk away.

Sally however isn?t ready to give in just yet. She tells Dalby that he is also "off the hook", sally tells Dalby that he should just let go of all that anger that he has inside him. Sally then hopes Dalby has listened to her - and she & alf walk way form the van.

KK are in the beach house kitchen. Kane says that he is going to have a shower, but he actually goes into his bedroom and picks up his mobile. Kirsty follows him and wonders what is going on. She is REALLY, REALLY annoyed that kane not only has lied to peter by doing this, but, more importantly, kane lied to HER - and a BIG KK fight ensues.

AT the diner Flat, alf stands near the doorway, and he hopes Dalby will "come home". Morag tells alf that she is going to bed.

Next morning, at beach house, kane tries to apologise to Kirsty, but she isn?t keen on this. Kane tries further to make it up to her - but saying that he?s going to get them both a great breakfast from the diner. What kane doesn?t know is that Kirsty is in pain, but because she doesn?t turn around to face him, he can?t see those pained expressions on her face. Kane exits via the back door - and Kirsty shouts out in pain for him - but kane has already gone far enough that he can?t hear her.

At the diner, alf thinks that he hears something - and when he opens the door, he sees Dalby sitting just outside. Alf gladly invites Dalby in - and is V pleased that Dalby has taken up his offer.

Kane returns to the beach house - and Kirsty is MEGA double over in pain (end of ep)


KK? baby is WAAAAY in danger, and will Dalby push Alf away?

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