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Wednesday 9 February 2005 - "Stalker Or Dalby???"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Stalker Or Dalby ???

(Ep screened in Australia on Wednesday 9 February 2005 - Episode # 3893

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

At the hospital, Robbie is stressing about Tash, ie "how long are doctors going to take?" Irene, Hyde & Josie arrive, and Irene hugs Hayley etc. Irene wonders where Tash is - and Robbie tells her that Tash is in emergency, whilst Colleen is forlorn - no one is rushing to her side, or wondering how she is.

In theatre, as Flyyn operates on Tasha, he is under the ever-watchful eye of the woman who was in charge of the medical board (rem the "talking to" Flynn had to endure after the Leah operation).

AT Noah?s, we see alf. He?s on radio to Jesse who?s in the bush. Jesse says there?s no sign of Leah & Dan just yet. Alf worries to Leah & Dan may have to spend another night in the bush. Scott is keen to rejoin search party, but alf suggests that the exhausted Scott should go and see how Hayley (at hospital) is doing.

AT the caravan in the bush, Dan is keen to get going again - but he realises that Leah is in pain as she struggles to get up. He then sees her bloodied wound - and suggests that she should stay here whilst he go for help. Leah is NOT keen on that idea - and verbally fights Dan. Btw, Leah told Dan she not mention wound as it might slow them down, and on 2 occasions we see Leah & Dan from someone else?s (stalker???) perspective !!!

At the hospital, Flynn completes the operation on Tash. He looks V relieved that everything seems to have gone well, but is clearly concerned about the presence of the medical board woman. In the corridor, colleen is on phone to lance. She tells him things are ok, but there?s not a great deal of conviction in her voice when she says that lance shouldn?t fly down to see her. Flynn & nurse then take Tash to another part of the hospital - and as they pass Robbie, Irene & KK, Robbie & Co. rush to asks Flynn what?s happening with Tasha. Flynn explains what occurred with all the usual doctor speech, but he then dumbs that down so Irene & Co. can understand what he?s saying. Flyyn then says that Tash needs to have some more tests, but on the whole she?s "looking" good.

Scott enters - and ask if Hayley is OK. Flynn says that she is - and directs Scott to the room that Hayley is in. In the room that Hayley & plank are in, Nurse Julie says both of them will be fully checked out by a doctor soon. Plank tells Hayley that the kiss wasn?t just an emotional "we?re gonna die" kiss, but Hayley says she?s not keen on talking about it at present -esp since that was her 1-st kiss since Noah?s death. Plank says that he meant it - and then Hyde enters their room.

He asks if Plank & Hayley are all right - and pats plank on the shoulder (which clearly pains the injured plank). Hyde suggest that plank should spend the night at home, ie hyde?s place, but plank says that doctors want to keep them over night for observation. Hyde then grabs a chair, indicating that he wants to "hang" with plank for the time being.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Flynn talks to the medical board woman. He?s annoyed that she thought he needed a "minder". Med board woman responds by saying that she was actually there in case he needed assistance, but she held off because it was clear that he didn?t need help. She praises Flynn for what he did in the operating theatre.

In the bush, Leah thinks that she saw someone. Dan isn?t convinced but Leah is adamant that she saw someone with a white shirt on. Dan follows Leah - and after about half a minute, Leah & Dan are surprised when they discovered that white shirt person is DALBY !!!!!!! (Note - I wonder if those "stalker" perspective views of the likes of Tash & Co. camping, and Tilly searching for a pet possum were, perhaps, Dalby - and not the stalker. V intriguing.)

AT hospital, Irene & sally sit either side of colleen, who tells them what happened. Colleen says that the engine of the plane cut out, but pilot got it going again. Engine died again, and pilot couldn?t get in going again, so he tried to land on water but not enough time/space, so decided to go for beachy landing. Pilot saw rocks on beach, tried to avoid but couldn?t, plane hit rocks where pilot was seated. Colleen said pilot V brave - as Irene & sally try to console clearly distressed colleen.

Then, Flynn tells Irene, Josie & Robbie that they can go and see Tash - so they rush towards her hospital room.

Leah, Dan & Jesse enter the hospital, and Flynn immediately checks out Leah?s wound. Flynn is then rather surprised to see Dalby, and Dan says that Dalby wasn?t keen on coming to the hospital, but Dan thinks Flynn could check pout Dalby?s injured arm.

As a sleepy Tash lies in her hospital bed, Irene, Josie & Robbie arrive in her room - Irene lovingly says, "welcome home".

In the corridor, colleen is sitting by herself when a nurse approaches. The nurse asks if there?s anyone who?ll be there with colleen when she?s treated - but colleen forlornly says "no one".

Alf & Morag enter the hospital, and sally responds to their question by telling them where Dalby is. In the room that Dalby is in, Dalby thinks that Flynn is keeping him there (at hospital) so the police can catch him. Dalby is even more angered when he sees alf. Morag then tells Dalby that the police aren?t looking for him any more - but Dalby doesn?t believe her. Morag goes on to say that Dalby?s dad was killed by a heart attack - because he was a drunk with high blood pressure.

Outside Dalby?s room, Alf & Flynn talk bout Dalby. Flynn wonders how Alf is going to "break" the news to Dalby, and alf says that he?ll just "take a leap".

Scott enters the hospital and asks Hyde where Hayley & plank are. Hyde tells him where, and Scott thanks him.

Meanwhile, Jesse asks KK how things are going on the Gus front. Kane says that they haven?t been able to locate him as yet.

Scott then approaches the room that Hayley & plank are in - and he sees (the 2-nd DISGUSTING) Hayley/plank kiss - Scott instantly turns around and heads out of the hospital, ie he tells the inquisitive kane that he has to get back to the surf club.

In the hospital corridor, Sally hugs Flynn and congratulates him for what he did for Tasha. Sally also thanks him for getting things (work etc) back on track - like he promised he would.

In Dalby?s hospital room, he?s still wondering why Morag is concerned with his situation. Alf then enters the room, and tries to tell Dalby that they are related, but instead, alf says several woeful cliches before he walks back out of the room. Dalby & Morag are both confused by these actions. Morag follows alf out of the room - and firmly tells alf that he HAS to tell Dalby the truth.

Elsewhere, Hyde & Irene exit the room that Hayley & plank are in. Irene thanks Hyde for "being there" for her. Meanwhile, Hayley & plank about both confused about the kiss. Hayley says that she needs time to deal with what happened - as she doesn?t know if her feelings are real, or just crash/we?re going to die related.

In Tasha?s room, she truly awakens, and Robbie is by her side. He apologises for all his recent stupidity, whilst Tash tells Robbie that she loves him. Robbie then helps Tash move the oxygen ask away from her face - and they PASH.

In Dalby?s room, Flynn wonders what Dalby?s plans are, and Dalby responds by saying he?ll probably head back into the city. Alf enters Dalby?s room and SHOCKS Dalby with the revelation that alf is his grandfather. Alf then explains the whole sequence of events - Alf/Viv relationship, Viv leaving the bay, telling alf recently about baby she had to adopt etc. Alf continues by saying that he only found out about Dalby being related to him on the day of Dalby?s father?s death - but alf just couldn?t tell Dalby about this before Dalby fled to the city. Alf then suggest that Dalby has a home waiting for him, if he wants it. Dalby, however, walks away - leaving alf V confused (end of ep)


Kirsty is WAAAAY in pain, - this is after she "suggests" that kane shouldn?t break the law in his pursuit of justice

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