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Thursday 17 February 2005 - "Colleen, Robbie And Internet Dating&

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Colleen, Robbie And Internet Dating !!!

(Ep screened in Australia on - Episode # 3899)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

AT Noah?s, Josie tells marc that if he?s not gone by tomorrow morning, she will expose his secret. Marc responds by saying that he will expose her (secret) as well, but Josie insists that he?ll have no credibility because of what he?s done. Jo then tells marc (as she?s leaving Noah?s) that he better start packing - and marc is way frustrated by this.

Next morning, at the van park house, Sally suggests to flynn that he needs to vacuum the floor, but when flynn insists that it looks spotless, sally responds with a stereotypical comment about males & cleanliness. They hear baby pippa crying so Flynn begins to go upstairs, and as he does this, Ric arrives downstairs (dressed in SBH uniform). When Ric asks about Flynn?s: "headache", sally wonders why Flynn didn?t tell her about this. Flynn responds by saying that he not what to worry her. When Flynn leaves the room, Ric & sally talks about his expectations for his 1-st day back at school since what happened with his dad. Ric says that he thinks he?ll cop a lot of flack about what happened, and he hopes that he doesn?t "loose it", but sally insists that she can come to her if things get to stressfull. Ric thanks her for this, but baulks at sally?s suggestion that she will drive him to school (as it would be "uncool").

On one of the walkways to the beach, Josie tells Jesse that long engagements are stupid - and that she wants to get married ASAP. Jesse is overjoyed when Josie says this.

At the diner, Marc is on the phone, and he excitedly thank whoever he is speaking to for providing him with some info soooo quickly (marc is looking V smug - this is NOT good). At the diner counter, Colleen & Henry are mouthing off about Ric, and both Tilly & Irene defend him. Robbie & Tash enter the diner, and Tash asks colleen about the bowls club function. Colleen responds by saying that she is no longer interested in that recently widowed guy. Tash insists that colleen will find someone, and then Robbie & Tash exit the diner - just as Ric enters. Henry has a go at Ric - who is defended by Tilly & Irene. When henry is gone, Tilly asks Ric if he wants to walk with her to school. Ric initially declines the offer, but Till changes his mind - so they leave the diner together.

AT SBH, Robbie tells Tash that he?s got the BEST idea for how they can help Colleen. He?ll set up a personals column ad fro her on the Net.

Meanwhile, Ric & Tilly enter one of the classroom and Ric is hassled by the intriguing new alliance of henry & Wazza (Ric?s best friend last year). Tilly defends Ric once more - as does Sally, who is passing by the room.

Josie enters Noah?s and asks a previously unseen male bar worker where Jesse is. The bar worker says that Jesse had to go home as he forgot something. Worker also says that marc for her (and has gone to her flat). Josie looks V worried - so she quickly exits the bar.

AT Josie?s? flat, Marc says to Jesse that there is something that Josie hasn?t told him - and Josie enters at this point. Marc then tells Jesse tat Josie isn?t that keen on the engagement ring. Josie plays along and says that it?s a bit too chunky etc - and adds that she not want to hurt Jesse. Jesse then exits the room, and Josie asks marc what hes up to, and he says that they?ll talk later. When marc is gone, Josie is clearly NOT happy that marc is acting V confidant again.

At the diner, Tilly & Ric talk about his time away from the bay, esp. how he survived on the streets (charity hand outs etc). Ric then tells Tilly that when he?s told this info to others, it?s felt weird, but he finds it easy to talk to Tilly about such things. (You all know I LOVE Tilly, and I have great hope for this friendship).

Elsewhere in the diner, colleen is reading the personal column ads in the paper, and she tells Irene that she always reads them for a bit of a laugh. Robbie & Tash then enter the diner - just as colleen tells Irene that she?d NEVER ever submit an ad like this for herself. Robbie & Tash panic, as he?s already put a personals ad for colleen on the Net, so they QUICKLY exits the diner.

In the corridor of SBH, Tilly & Ric see a diagram in the notice board that says, "parent killer" (beneath a drawing of someone standing over a dead guy). Ric goes up to henry & Wazza - it?s clear he wants to flatten them - but Tilly "suggests" that Ric should just ignore them, and he complies (note - I REALLY wanted Tilly herelf to "deck" Henry at this point).

AT Noah?s, Josie wonders why Marc hasn?t left town as yet, but he insists that he?s going nowhere, esp. since he?s made an arrangement with Heidi (ie she won?t be telling his secret any time soon). When Josie insists that she?ll go to the police herself, marc tells Josie that he wants her to pay her $5000 TODAY - or he?ll expose what happened in 1989. Josie is clearly stunned that marc knows about whatever (something big) happened over 15 years. Marc insists that he?ll be back later for his money. He adds that Josie really shouldn?t have tried to take him on - and Josie looks all downtrodden again.

At the van park house, sally enters the lounge - as Flynn is busily looking for something. From the way he?s searching, I?d say it?s THAT pill bottle)(, but when sally asks, Flynn says he?s searching for TV remote. Sally points out that the remote is where it should be - atop TV. Flynn then says goodbye to sally (and heads for his latest shift at the hospital). Ric then enters the lounge, and sally asks how his 1-st day back at school. Was. Ric says that it was pretty hard (drawing etc) but a friend certainly made things better. Sally then enquires who this friend is, but Ric was non-committal in his answer.

AT the hunter house, Tilly & henry argue big time about her friendship with Ric - henry even (somehow) says it?s "different" that he?s friends with Wazza. Beth is forced to break up the verbal fight (which began in the entertainment room, went to the kitchen and ended in the lounge). Robbie & Tash enter the house and wonder what?s going on, and Beth says, "you don?t want to know". Robbie & Tash then enter the entertainment room, and try to delete the personal add they put on that website. AS they try to do so, Robbie & Tash hope no one has seen the ad.

At the diner, a man approaches from behind colleen. He introduces himself as Arthur Gordon. He gives her the flowers he had behind his back - and wonders if she got his e-mail reply to her personals ad on the Net. Btw, colleen looks most bemused/embarrassed/surprised at this point.

At the Hunter house, Robbie & Tash are panicing - as someone HAS replied to colleen?s personals ad.

Robbie & Tash race to the diner - where colleen chastises them for doing the whole Net/personals ad thing - but the colleen drops the angry facade and tells Robbie & Tash that she LOVES what they did, as Arthur is such a charming man. Colleen continues by saying that they are going out on a date - and he (shock, horror) knows colleen for the days when she was Miss Groper.

AT Noah?s, marc "suggests" that he and Josie go and do some business. Both go into one of the (change) rooms - where Josie hands Marc an envelope. As marc counts the money, Josie SLAPS him in the face, but marc "suggests" that she shouldn?t mess with him, or Josie will have to watch her back. Marc exits, and Josie looks forlorn once more. (Note - I HATE that Marc has something over Josie again, but, having said that, I LOVE it when Josie tries to strike back, eg the SLAP).

Sally is sweeping, at the van park house, when Ric arrives downstairs. Ric tells sally that he?s going out to see a friend, and sally comments that the person he?s seeing must be a close FEMALE friend, because Ric is partic well dressed. Ric is almost out the door when sally finds Flynn?s pill bottle. Sally asks Ric if the bottle is his, but Ric replies that they are Flynn?s headache tablets. Ric then exits the house, and sally looks most perplexed when she reads (aloud) the label on the bottle - "dex amphetamines" (end of ep)


Irene receives THAT ("summer Bay will pay") note, and Morag says, "there?s" been an accident" - it all V stalker related

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