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Wednesday 16 February 2005 - "Marc, You Evil, EVIL, Evil Scum &#3

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Marc, You Evil, EVIL, Evil Scum !!!

(Ep screened in Australia on Wednesday 16 February 2005 - Episode # 3898)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

The eps begins with Scott H on the phone at Noah?s (ie looks like he was "saved by the bell"). When the call ends, Scott h goes to exit the bar (pretending that he?d forgotten about this conversation with Hayley), but Hayley insists that she won?t let Scott h leave the bar until he tells her what?s going on. Scott h then wimps out - and tells Hayley that he?s acting this way because being around Hayley reminds him of dani - and he?s not over her yet. Clueless Hayley believes this, and tells Scott h that he needs to move on, and she adds that she knows that taking that (moving on) step is V hard.

AT the van park house, Alf, flynn, Dalby & sally have just finished eating dinner, the topic of conversation turns to fishing, and alf is pleasantly surprised when Dalby says that he & his father used to go fishing - in lakes & rivers - all the rime. Alf responds by saying that hes? a beach fishing man - and he then asks Dalby if he?d like to come beach fishing with him tomorrow. Dalby accepts Alf?s offer.

Next morning, an unknown, dark haired woman enters Noah?s. When the woman asks if marc is there, Josie says that he?s not (last minute shift change). Josie offers to pass on a msg to marc, but the mystery woman insists that she needs to tell marc this info herself. The mystery woman then exits.

AT the van park house, Sally insists that coffee won?t stop flynn from getting exhausted with all the work hes? doing - and she continues by saying that flynn should DEF have a day off. Flynn, however, insists that all is going well with work (we know that he thinks this way because of drugs). Alf arrives and wonders if Dalby is ready to go. Seconds later, Dalby arrives downstairs - and Dalby & alf discuss which bait they?ll use as they exit the house. Sally then comments to alf that she thinks all has gone surprisingly smoothly since Dalby began staying with them.

AT the beach, alf asks Dalby when he last went fishing, and Dalby replies that that it was years ago. Dalby adds that the fishing trips stopped just after his dad "lost it" with him for the 1-st time. Alf the enquires about what Dalby?s life was like under those circumstances, and Dalby responds by saying that, after a while, it didn?t affect him as much - as it was his "norm". (Note -this conversation reminded me of kane telling Flynn a similar story in approx march last year). Dalby then changes the subject, ie he "suggests" that alf won?t catch any fish with the kind of bait he?s using).

AT the gym, Zoe is complaining to Hayley that she (Zoe) can?t find a guy. Zoe adds that her mother thinks that guys are intimidated by her - and Zoe says that she agrees with that view. Zoe then (almost jokingly) asks Hayley if she knows a guy that would be "right" for Zoe, and Hayley responds by having this "knowing" look on her face.

Cut to the hunter house, where Scott H somewhat disagrees with Hayley?s suggestion of him going on a blind date with Zoe. Hayley insists, once more, that she knows taking next step is hard and a badgered Scott h agrees the Hayley?s suggestion, esp. after she says that it will be double date (Hayley/plank & Scott h/Zoe).

The mystery woman approaches the bar at Noah?s - and marc is a "tad" SHOCKED to see her. The woman tells marc that she discovers his whereabouts becasuse of the pane clash rescue article in the paper. She continues by "asking" marc how many lives he?s ruined this time, and mystery woman mocks marc for "just" being a barman now (ie not a heroic fire fighter). The woman then insists that she in the bay for the money Marc owes her !!! (Nice touch, blackmailer being blackmailed)

Jesse enters the bar, and marc uses this as his queue to exits the surf club, but the dark haired woman follows him.

Marc tells the woman to get on her broom stick and go away, but the woman insists that she WANTS her money (and Josie see this heated discussion).

At the beach, Dalby mocks alf when he catches some seaweed. Alf then asks if Dalby has ever been to Killoman? Lake and Dalby says he hasn?t. Alf suggest that they should go on a camping/fishing trip to this lake - and Dalby says that he?s keen on the idea.

At a waterside restaurant, Scott h arrives and is escorted to a booked table by a waitress. She offers to take the bottle of wine Scott h has bought, and he gives it to her. Meanwhile, the only other person (of the 4) there is Hayley, so she & Scott h small talk about where Zoe & plank might be.

Alf & Dalby enter the van park house, and have to admit to sally that their big catch of fish was actually bought at the market as neither caught a single fish. Alf is about t head for home, but sally suggests that alf should join them for a BBQ fish dinner.

Dalby then tells alf & Sally that he now wants to be referred to as "Ric" and adds that sally & alf can tell everyone that he & alf are related. alf responds by saying that all they?ll need to do is tell colleen & madge wilkins - who'll do the rest

At the restauraunt, the small talk between hayley & Scott h continues - incl. Scott H telling hayley about how she acts all "innocent" most of the time. Plank & Zoe arrive, and Zoe say she is pleased to meet Scott H. Scott h, however, clearly isn?t interested in Zoe, ie he watches hayley & plank kiss.

When all 4 are seated, Zoe says that she?s looking for more permanent accommodation, and is surprised when hayley says that she & Scott h used to live together. Zoe asks Scott h about his current accommodation situation, and he tells her that he?s living with his family.

Hayley suggest to plank that they should go & order dessert. Plank doesn?t "get it", but joins hayley anyway. When they?re away form the table. Hayley tells plank that she wanted to give scott h & Zoe some space - as she thinks scott h might not want to work his moves on Zoe with hayley & plank there.

Flynn arrives home - and it?s clear that he?s V tired but sally tells him that alf is there for dinner (once more, it?s clear to us that Flynn?s NOT keen on this - all he wants to do is sleep). When sally goes out of the room, Flynn goes to his bag and pops another pill, but as he does this, Ric arrives downstairs. Ric comments that his father always used to have headaches after a hard day?s work - and then Ric tells Flynn about the name (Ric) change.

AT the restaurant, hayley is WAY obvious when she says "forgot" that she has to lock up the bar tonight. She &* plank leave restauraunt - leaving Scott h & Zoe alone. Zoe then comments on how much Scott h likes hayley. Scott h tries to deny this, but he is forced to concur. Zoe is pleased about this, as she thought Scott h initially had "issues" with her. Zoe then suggests (perhaps jokingly - but I hope she wasn?t joking) that Zoe & Scott h should join forces to split hayley & plank up, because Zoe likes Plank (and she knows that Scott h like hayley). Scott h responds by laughing.

Josie enters the diner, and sees the mystery woman who was talking to marc earlier. Josie asks the woman what her discussion with marc was all about. The woman says that she & marc dated years ago, but when things got too intense, marc started taking things out on her. The woman continued by saying that she broke up with marc, but he didn?t like that, and he did some digging and discovered something in the past that woman wasn?t proud of - and started blackmailing her. When Josie asks, the woman says that she payed marc over $50,000. AT this point mystery woman realises that marc is doing same thing to Josie, and Josie asks how mystery woman turned the table on marc. Woman responds by saying that she discovered Marc?s even DIRTIER little secret.

Josie goes straight to Noah?s and marc is surprised to see her. Josie then puts marc into a spin when she says how great Heidi (mystery woman) is - and that Heidi revealed EVERYTHING.

A WAAAY confident Josie continues by saying, "How many years do you get in jail for SLEEPING WITH A MINOR?"

Marc responds by saying that he didn?t know girl was a minor ("she said she was 19"), but Josie says, "I don?t think a court would see things that way".

The increasingly confident Josie tells Marc that she wants him gone, and that now, she is blackmailing him (note 1 - end of ep. note 2 - this confident Josie MUCHLY reminded me of Angie at her brilliant best, and Marc is such a creep that he deserves every bit of Josie?s venom !!!!!!!!)


Marc fights back when he discovers another of Josie?s dark secret s- and he "suggest" that she should tell whatever it is to Jesse, or he will. (Note - the promo voice over aslo, intriguing, says, "who is she?" - and I?ll admit to having countless thought about Angie)

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