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Friday 25 February 2005 - "Guess What Colleen's bf Does For A

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Guess What Colleen's bf Does For A Living ???

(Ep screened in Australia on Friday 25 February 2005 - Episode # 3905

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

At Josie's flat, Tasha wonders just what's going on (re the video). Josie insists that at the time it happened Josie was suffocating her, bu when the thing happened at jump rock (Jesse missing), Josie realised that Jesse is the only one for her. Tasha have no idea what Josie is talking about - so she asked Josie to clarify, Josie tells Tasha that, one late night at the bar, she slept with Marc., Tasha insists that6 Josie MUST tell Jesse. Josie insists that if she does, there won't be a weeding, and Josie continues by telling Tasha "why tell Jesse when it's (Josie/Marc) over?" Tasha is unimpressed - and insists that Josie should tell.

Jesse arrives home with some flowers for Josie, and Tasha rather quickly exits the flat (it's clear that she's NOT impressed with Josie).

Tilly & henry enter the house house & wonder to Robbie just where/why Scott has gone. Robbie says that he's gone to the city but he doesn't know why. Henry suggest that they tell beth straight away, but Robbie insists that beth (who is out) doesn't need to be told about this straight away. Robbie also tell the twins that he thinks Scott just needs some space - like Robbie did when he got that needle stick injury.

Talk then turns to what they'll have for dinner. Henry suggests pizza, but Robbie is keen to go to diner. Tilly says that Robbie & Henry can't go to diner, or surf club, as she's meeting Emma there - and she needs some girlie time. Tilly exits, and Robbie & henry debate what dial a pizza topping they'll have.

AT the diner, Ric is itching to leave the "family meal" that he, sally & Flynn are having. peter enters the diner and sally enquires both about the "SB will pay" letter & KK. peter says that the police have had no luck on either front. colleen, at the counter, comments about how secretive peter & several others (Irene, sally, beth) seem to have been lately. Sally & Flynn finally allow Ric to bail, but when he gets to the counter, colleen's constant questions annoy Ric - and he lets it slip to her about the "SB will pat" letter. Colleen is most annoyed at peter from keeping such a fact from her, but he insist the police are working on it, and that she CAN"T tell ANYONE about this. Collen rather wonderfully says that she'll be "Fort Knox" about this.

AT Noah's, till i getting V bored waifing for RIC to arrive. As she goes to leave, Ric enters =- and tells her about being held up by family meal. Tilly insists that they still has a bit of time to spend together tonight, which Ric is pleased about.

Next morning, at the Hunter house, henry asks Robbie if he can borrow video camera for that ad competition, Robbie says no. henry also enquires about how beth reacted to the news of Scott going to city. Robbie says that she didn't seem that worried - and Tilly comments that beth & Scott definitely;y know something that they don't (Scott/Hayley thing). he nry then asks Tilly to help him with his entry for this video ad competition, but Tilly insists that she's not feeling that well, and henry responds by saying that he's not surprised - as Tilly was out to 10.30 last night. Robbie then picks up newspaper and is shocked by the "stalker on the losse" front page story.

At the diner, Leah is also shocked as she reads to story. peter insis6ts that the police have made no firm connection between the various events of late (plane crash, note, place fire etc). Collen enters - and peter accuse her of blabbing about the letter - and sally does the same. colleen insists that she did Not go to the paper about this.

Near the surf club, Robbie asks Tasha about the Josie/Marc video footage. Tasha is clearly not "all there" at present, and tells him that Josie & Marc were having a confrontation about work. you can tell throughout the scene that Tasha hates knowing about what's happened, and esp. that Josie won;t own up to Jesse.

Robbie & Tasha enter Noah's and tash tells Robbie that she's not keen on being there, but Robbie badly wants a juice, Tasha agrees to order it from Robbie whilst he goes to the man's room. Tasha then approaches th counter - and tell josie that she's V annoyed that she had to LIE to Robbie about what happened. Tasha then pleads for Josie to tell the truth. Robbie & Tasha then leave, as colleen & Arthur Gordon (Internet date guy) enter. colleen tells Arthur that she;s really annoyed that peter thinks she tol,d the media, but as colleen says that "i only told you" to Arthur, he had this sheepish looks on his face.

In the diner kitchen, colleen tells peter, sally & Leah that she wasn't to know that Arthur is a kind of freelance rep[orter for the paper. peter insist that "no-one means non-one" - in terms of colleen telling what happened. peter hopes that this won't lead to the townsfolk being hysterical.

Tilly & Ric arrive at the Hunter House. Ric tells Tilly that he and wazza are going to go too a party next weekend - and the at Tilly should come to. when Tilly enquires about it being 18+ party, Ric responds by say8ing that he & wazza are getting fake IDs fro a friend - and that friend is also making one for Tilly - if she wants to go. Tilly is a little aprehencious - but she agrees, and they exit the house.

AT the diner, Tasha apologises for her & Robbie setting Colleen up witty Arthur Gordon. Tasha then tells Robbie that she has to do something - and she she exits, Robbie is surprise, as she has barely touched the r food she ordered.

Near the surf club, Jesse tells Josie that a nice "simple" quick wedding is V hard to organise. Jesse says that he'll ask Flynn to be his best man, and Jesse asks Josie is she's asked Tasha to be bridesmaid yet. Josie (who was a millions miles away - so to speak) says that she hasn't, as yet, asked Tasha.

AT the beach house, Tasha seriously can not believe that Josie has asked her to be bridesmaid. Josie insists if Tasha not do this, Jesse *and everyone) will be suspicious. Tasha tells Josie that she's really annoyed that Josie has put her in this position.

At Noah's, Jesse asks Flynn to be his best man., Flynn gleefully says yes, jess then tells Flynn that he & Josie are having a wedding planning evening at their flat tonight, and that sally is welcome to attend as well. Flynn says that he & sally will DEF be there. Flynn then exits the bar, and as he does peter enters. peter asks Jesse if he can book surf club for a town meeting to talk about the stalker, and Jesse eagerly agrees.

Tilly & Ric arrives back at the Hunter house with their fake IDs. Tilly seemed partic pleased with hers. Robbie & henry the return home - and Ric is just able to exit the house without them knowing he has there.

Sally, Flynn, Tasha, Leah & Dan arrive at Josie';s flat - and Leah is partic keen to impart all her weeding knowledge, whilst Tasha is notable VERY quiet. When the others are out of the room, Tasha tells Josie that if she doesn't tell Jesse what happened, Tasha will NEVER speak to her again as "i can't live a lie" says Tasha. All (Tasha, Josie, Jesse, Leah, sally & Flynn) resemble in the main living area of the flat - and Dan hand them all a flyer advertising the town meeting. All are so pleased that Pater has acted so swiftly about this.

Elsewhere, someone (who is wearing black gloves) pins one of the town meeting flyers to the obsession wall - which also now has today's "stalker" front page of the paper story added to it !!!!! (end of ep)


ALL are worried about the stalker - and the lights going of in the middle of the town meeting bring further fear, and Plank wonder to Hayley if she's subtly trying to tell him that THEY (as a couple) are OVER ???

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