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Thursday 24 February 2005 - "KK Goodbye Letter ?.. Right Idea, Wr

Guest Di

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Home and Away : KK Goodbye Letter ?.. Right Idea, Wrong Place

(Ep screened in Australia on Thursday 24 February 2005 -

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

At the beach house, Hayley is waaaaay stressing (to Scott H) that her testimony certainly didn?t help kane. Scott h tries to reassure her, but hayley doesn?t seem to be listening. Irene & plank then enter the house - and it?s clear that Irene is way stressing about KK. Tasha enters the house seconds later. She is very enthusiastic when she enters, but is soon bought down to earth with the terrible news that not only has kane been found guilty but that, worse still, KK have done a rummer. To say Tash is distressed is an understatement.

AT Noah?s, Josie shows Jesse some wedding stuff that hayley has done for them, and as they talk, marc enters. Josie is acting all V happy - but then Marc mentions that Josie & Jesse should do their wedding just like one he attended in 1989 !!!! Josie goes all quiet, whilst Jesse is amazed that marc can even remember something that happened that long ago.

At the diner, Morag tells Leah that she is leaving to go to the airport (to go to USA and see the injured Roo). Morag also tells Leah that, in her opinion, KK have made a BIG mistake by running.

As Morag exits the diner, plank enters. He sees Robbie, who asks plank about how everyone partic Tash, is coping with the news about KK. Plank responds by saying that Tash & Co. aren?t coping well with the news. A still quite upbeat Robbie tells plank that he had his HIV test yesterday, and that he thinks it will comes back as negative. Robbie then apologises for the way he behaved when he got the needlestick injury. Robbie & plank then agree that they?ll head over to the beach house to see what they can do.

At the beach house, Irene "suggests" to hayley that they shouldn?t be moping about the house, as KK wouldn?t have wanted that. Seconds later, Robbie & plank arrive, and suggest that the 4 of them should do something together. Tasha is easily swayed, but it takes a little longer to convince.

As hayley, Plank, Robbie & Tash exit the beach house, Hyde enters. He finds Irene sitting on KK?s bed, crying. Irene tells Hyde that she told hayley & Tash not to mope about the house, yet that?s exactly what she?s doing. Hyde responds by hugging Irene.

Robbie & Co. enter the diner, and Robbie sees a flyer on the counter. It?s advertising a competition where you record your own advertisement for any product you want. The 4-some sit at a table, and as Robbie, Tash & plank talk about the video competition, hayley V muchly looks like she?s "the fourth wheel".

At the beach house, Hyde is worried that Irene always shoulders everyone else?s pain, yet never goes to anyone else if she has similar problems. Hyde insists that he?d like to be there (in those situations) for Irene. Hyde stands up and goes to leave, but before he does, he insists that Irene can call him anytime. At this point, Hyde & Irene are V physically close - and they KISS.

AT Noah?s, marc tells Josie that because of her impending wedding, the price for his silence has gone up, ie DOUBLE this week - and he wants a full time job at the bar. Josie tells marc that Jesse will be suspicious if she goes back on what she said earlier about marc, but marc insists that Josie will think of something.

At the beach house, Hyde & Irene talk about the kiss, ie hyde tells Irene that he doesn?t usually go around randomly kissing woman, and Irene tells hyde that the same thing. Hyde & Irene then hug - and this whole scene is rather awkward.

AT the diner, hayley is V bored with the Robbie/plank/Tash conversation, and tells plank that she has to be somewhere. Hayley kisses plank goodbye and leaves the diner.

Josie goes to her flat, and tells jesse that she thinks they should hire marc full time at the bar. When Jesse wonders why, Josie tells him that marc being there is good for 2 reasons, ie Kane?s not there any more, and also Josie & Jesse will have more time together - Josie says this as she?s straddling Jesse. They kiss when Josie finishes talking.

Scott arrives at Noah?s and is pleased to hear hayley when she says she thinks that she & plank aren?t a good match, ie the age difference is just too big. Scott uses this opportunity to tell hayley that he loves her (Yaaaaaaaay) and responds by saying that he?s love him too - but went out with plank because she didn?t know how scott felt about her. Hayley & Scott KISS - and then Scott wakes up !!!!!! He had fallen asleep on the hunter house couch (note - dream sequence sooooooo didn?t have any "dream sequence" touches to it, but In retrospect, scott being brave enough t tell hayley how he fells was V abnormal). Scott gets up - and exits the house.

AT the beach, Tasha & plank talk about plank & hayley. Tasha thinks that they still are V "matey" but plank insists that he thinks that?s cool. Robbie then arrives on the beach, dressed as an Eninem-esque rapper.

Scott arrives at Noah?s and he can?t believe it when hayley tells him that she thinks that she & plank aren?t a good match - age difference too big etc.

Near surf club, Josie hands marc the latest payment for his silence - and marc makes comments about how Josie used sex as a weapon when she told Jesse about her change of heart (re marc working at bar).

That night, at the hunter house, Robbie is looking at all the video competition footage that that filmed today. Btw, Robbie is really funny as a rapper. As Robbie watches, he sees something unexpected in background - Josie paying marc THAT money.

At Noah?s, Hayley & scott talk some more about Hayley/plank relationship, but scott (shock, horror) doesn?t tell hayley how he fells (scott, you are REALLLY pissing me off - TELL HER !!!!!!!). Plank then arrives, kisses hayley - and hayley & plank exit the bar together.

Tash goes to the hunter house and is surprised to see the Josie/marc thing on the video. Tash is partic worried because Josie & marc seem V hostile towards each other.

AT the beach house, Hyde & Irene kiss just before he leaves, and Irene is clearly V happy about what?s happened between her & Hyde.

Irene then goes into the KK bedroom. She goes over to the chest of drawers by the window - she picks up a down turned, framed pic of KK & Irene, before she sees a letter from KK. Irene goes over to the bed & sits on it. AS she reads, we hear (only) Kirsty?s voice - in the letter, Kirsty says that she?s sorry to Irene that KK are currently the talk of the town - and sorry for having to do this (run away) but KK couldn?t bare for their child growing up without his father. Kirsty continues by "saying" that KK will survive where ever they are - becasue of the love & compassion that they KNOW can exist - because Irene showed KK those emotions. By the end of the V touching letter, Irene is totally in tears. (Note - I just KNEW there HAD to be a letter from KK. Admittedly I thought Kirsty put in between the sheets on the bed, but I was obviously wrong).

Tash tells Robbie that she is going to Josie?s place - to check things out. Just after Tasha exits, Scott tells Robbie that he?s going to go to the city for a while. When Robbie asks, Scott says he?s not sure for how long - and despite Robbie wanting Scott to answer a million question, Scott leaves the house.

Tasha arrives at Josie?s flat - and josie is V surprised when Tash asks her about the footage Tash saw on video. (end of ep)


EVERYONE is rather concerned about the stalker

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