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Wednesday 23 February 2005 - "Goodbye KK ?.. and Scotty P, ROT IN

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Home and Away : Goodbye KK ?.. and Scotty P, ROT IN HELL !!!!!!!

(Ep screened in Australia on Wednesday 23 February 2005 -

By Josie Tash

At the courthouse, the lawyers make their opening statements. The prosecutor tells the jury that he will prove to them, with hard evidence, that kane committed the armed robbery. Morag responds to this with her opening remarks. She tells jury that Kane is the victim of circumstance, ie in wrong place at wrong time, and set up by his criminal who?d just come back into his life. Morag ends her opening statement by reminding jury of the old saying "you can choose your friends, but not your family." (Note - during the opening remarks we see several shots of the jury, kane, and outside the court room, the awaiting witness - Irene, scott h, hayley & Kirsty - the latter looks partic nervous. Hayley is called to the stand. The prosecutor asks her about Kane inquiring about extra shifts. Hayely says she had to check with partners but they all agreed to let Kane do more shifts. Prosecutor then wonders why hayley thinks kane left work early on the point of the robbery, or more to point if hayley thought that kane had looked ill ewarlier on the day. Hayley replies by saying "No, but ..." and the prosector cuts her off & says that he has no further questions. Morag then enquires to hayley about what she tries to tell the prosecutor. Hayley says that although kane not look that ill, she knows that he hasn?t been feeling the best towards the en of his shifts becasuse of the cancer he suffered. Furthermore, when asked by Morag, hayley tell that jury that kane is a well-trusted member of their staff and the community in general. (Note - when hayley finishes saying this she smiles appreciably at kane, who is clearly pleased by the words of trust that hayley has told the jury.

AT the beach house (at the end of the day), Morag tells all who are there that today went well. Hayley says that she was V nervous, but plank insists that she was great. He kisses her - as Scott H looks on. Kane tells everyone that if things go well tomorrow, KK will be off to begin a new life together. Morag then tells KK, Irene etc that she heading for home - to find a strategy to "destroy" the testimony of the prosecution?s witness, kane responds by saying that (policeman) Harper hates him, and that greg is WAAAY lying. Morag tells kane that she?ll "make it look like child?s play" (or words to that affect).

Next day, in court, Morag questions Harper, who is on the stand. She enquires why he didn?t organise a search straight away for Gus, after kane made it quite clear what had happened. Harper insisted that Kane had the gun & the money in his car. Morag continued by saying that as soon as harper took kane to the police station, Peter acted on Kane?s words about Gus. Harper tells the jury that Gus was never found, but Morag responds by saying that, because Gus had about an hour before the search began, he could have been anywhere by that time. Greg is called to the stand. The prosecutor asked him if kane is the person that he saw on the night in question, and Greg answers in the affirmative. Morag then questions the witness. She asks Greg where his car broke down that night, and Greg says about 50 metres for the phone booth where he saw the person who committed that crime. Morag wheels out of mobile whiteboard with a drawing of the street in which the crime took place. She asks Greg exactly where his car broke down, and when Greg tells her that he has on the other side of the road to the phone booth, Morag wonders just how greg could tell that it was kane that he saw - as there?s no street lights in that area and it was a new moon. Morag then approaches Greg and asks him if the person he saw could possibly be the person in the photo that Morag shows him (pic is of Gus) and Greg admits that it could have been Gus. Morag then shows the photo to the jury - who seems most intrigued by what they?ve seen. After an ad break, Scott h is on the stand. Morag asks him about kane. Scott h tells her that kane is V trustworthy - he began as deckhand, and is now captain of the boat. Scott H continues by saying that kane has been responsible for the safety for the safety of lots of passengers - without fail.

Irene is called to the stand - and as she is, we see a V nervous Kirsty outside the courtroom. Irene tells Morag that she knows Kane?s made some mistakes, but she?s taken him into her house, and he?s now a totally trustworthy & loving husband etc. The prosecutor then begins to probe Irene, who totally "goes off" at the prosecutor, eg "kane didn?t do this". Irene continues her rant to the point where the judge steps in and calls out to Irene - who replies with a forceful "WHAT?" Judge not impressed with Irene, and then she asks prosecutor if he has any further question for this witness. Prosecutor says no. Kirsty is then put on the stand. Morag asks Kirsty about Kane?s cancer. Kirsty responds that he didn?t tell her about it for ages - as he knows that I had my exams, and he didn?t want to stress me. Prosecutor uses this to his advantage. He asks Kirsty if kane lied to her about the cancer, then maybe he lied about the robbery. Prosecutor asks Kirsty where she was at time of robbery. Kirsty says she was visiting unwell sister in town, and prosecutor alleges that kane all but forced Kirsty to go. Prosecutor then REALLY launches into attack against kane - citing the attack on Dani, and the farmhouse robbery that Kane supposedly told Kirsty about on the night Dani hit him with her car. Morag WAAAAAY objects to this - and insists that the jury must ignore all they have just heard (past crimes) as it?s not relevant to the case. The judge concurs with Morag, but KK appear to be WAAAAY stressed.

Back at the beach house, kane wishes that Morag would put him on the stand, but morag thinks that?s a bad idea. Morag then enforces that the prior history that prosecutor said is inadmissible - whilst Irene complains that the judge should have done her job even quicker than she did, ie pull up the prosecutor sooner. Morag then tells KK, Irene etc that they?ll put their star witness, Scotty p, on the stand tomorrow.

Next day, Scotty p is on the stand. Morag questions him about a recent prison visit from kane & Scotty p?s father. Morag asks what info that Gus told Scotty p. Prosecutor calls out objection, and says that the prison conversation is merely hearsay. Morag insists to judge that she?s not looking for the accuracy of what was said, only that the converstaion took place. Judge tells Morag to continue. Scooty p tells the court that Gus did visit him and said that gus had been on contact with Kane - who?d told him about an armed robbery that he?d just done !!!!!!!!! - and Scotty p proves just how big a TOTAL SCUM he REALLY is by winking at kane, just for the hell of it At the point, kane is clearly ropable, whilst Morag questions Scotty p about the sworn affidavit that he?s already signed - saying that kane had "taken the fall for the robbery". Scotty p tells the court that he was going to go along with the lies he told kane in prison, but, in the end, his conscience (WHAT conscience!!!!!!) got to him.

Kane then totally shouts out to Scotty p and the court insisting that Scotty p is waaaaaay lying, and the judge is forced to bring order back to the courtroom.

Outside the courthouse, kane is rather FURIOUS, and insists that Morag HAS to put him on the stand. Morag insists that that would be a BAD idea - and insist that her closing statement WILL be enough to sway the jury.

Morag returns to the courtroom, and tells the jury that its clear that the totally trustworthy & respectable kane, who endured YAERS of physical &metal abuse by his father, was clearly set up by Gus, Scotty & Greg. Morag closes her statement by reciting a quote - "it?s better to let 10 guilty men escape, than let ONE innocent be incarcerated". The prosecutor responded by saying, in his closing statement, that Morag was playing every emotional car in the book - and that the facts are clear that kane is responsible for the crime, ie kane was seen by a witness, had the money in his car, and his fingerprints were on the gun.

At the Beach house, KK are in their bedroom. Kirsty is V stressed about what happened, as is kane. Then came the moment that changed EVERYTHING - kane felt to baby kick for the 1-st time. Kirsty is worried about kane not being there if he?s put away, but kane tells her "they can?t lock me up if they can?t find me". Kirsty is surprised, by what kane has just said, but it only takes her a few seconds to concur with Kane?s? plan for them to go on the run.

Next morning, at the beach house, KK tell Irene that they?ll travel to courthouse in their own car (unlike previous days). Irene & hayley then leave the house. KK go into their bedroom, and from the way she?s acting (as she?s finishing making the bed) I think she must have left a note for Irene. KK are V emotional as they leave their room - and shut door behind them. At the courthouse, Morag is V concerned that KK aren?t there yet. Court officials tell Morag that they are keen to proceed. Morag & Irene go into court, where Morag insists that she needs more time to find kane. Judge insist that whilst kane may have contempt for the judicial system, she does not - and the trial shall continue. Judge asked jury foreman to read out verdict - and the female jury foreman says that Kane has been found GUILTY.

In a V interesting touch, this word echoes a little and goes into the next scene, ie its like the verdict is literally reverberating around the bay. That next scene is of KK in their car on the road near the surf club. KK tell each other that they?ll only take the good memories with them. Kane wonders if Kirsty is totally cool with the idea of leaving the bay, and always being on the run - and Kirsty glowingly looks at her beloved kane and tells him that she?ll go anywhere, "as long as I?m with you". Kane begins to drive - and when the cameras go to a wider shot, we see KK passing a "you are leaving summer bay sign" (Note 1 -end of ep Note 2 - during this final ever KK scene, all I could think is that yeah, I?m WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY going to miss Kane, but I still don?t really care about Kirsty)


The dreaded Hayley/Plank realtionship is OVER, but will Scott H tell Hayley how he feels?

whilst Tash confronts Josie after Robbie sees some video footage of Josie giving Marc some SERIOUS money.

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