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Thursday 10 March 2005 - "The Punch From Heaven"

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Home and Away : The Punch From Heaven

(By Josie Tash

Josie returns to her flat and is surprised to see Jesse there. Josie is hoping that Jesse is there to patch things up, but Jesse makes it quite clear that he?s only there to collect the rest of his things. Josie says that Jesse can takes as long as he wants (and she?s looking even worse than she did a few days ago).

AT Noah?s hayley tries to cheer Tasha up, but Tasha insists that she has to go. Tash, however, thanks hayley to listening to her. As Tasha exits, Scott enters the room. He tells hayley that Lisa will be back in the bay in a tomorrow. When hayley enquires, Scott says that the ad agency needs Lisa more than she needs them. When Scott wonders why hayley is sooo interested in Lisa, hayley says, "if you can?t dissect your friends? lives, who can you?" Peter enters the room - and both hayley & Scott wonder if there?s any news about the stalker. Peter says they found no fingerprints on the "tick tock" notes - and he also reinforces his "public stance" that there?s still no official connection that been made that indicates that all of these events have been done by one person.

At the gym, Zoe finishes her work out - and she has to spell it out to plank that she?s only at the gym so much because she likes him. Plank suggests that Zoe should join himself and hayley for dinner tonight. Zoe doesn?t like the idea of a meal for 3, but plank lightens the moment but suggesting that at least hayley would be a better choice than his grandma.

Josie is looking a little bit better now, and as Jesse goes to leave her flat, she makes another attempt to try to patch things up, but Jesse brushes her off, and exits. Seconds later, Josie is encouraged when she hears a knock on the door (hoping Jesse has changed his mind). When she opens the door, Josie is distraught - as it?s, of course, marc - who wants his latest payment. Josie insists that she?s NOT paying, and Josie even tries to physically attack marc (lots of girlie slaps) but marc is able to contain her. Marc alos makes it clear that Josie will go on paying him, esp. after Josie suggests that she?ll go to the authorities about those under aged sex accusations. Marc insists that no one will believe a word Josie says. Marc insists that he?ll be back later to collect the latest payment. Josie orders him to get out of her flat - and marc, having already achieved what he wanted to do, complies - leaving Josie in an even worse state than she was when Jesse exited her flat earlier.

AT Noah?s, Plank offers to hep hayley with the end of day proceedings, but hayley insists that she can handle things herself, and will joins him & Zoe at diner soon. When plank exits, Scott offers to help hayley, and she accepts his offer. They both take some fruit into the storeroom, where hayley accidentally bumps the door shut. Hayley then thinks Scott is joking then he says that the door is locked, but she discovers that he is telling the truth. Both seriously can?t believe that they are locked in.

Josie is at her Flat when she rings Tasha. Josie asks Tash to come over to her place, as Josie badly needs to tell her something.

At Noah?s, Hayley says that the storeroom seems a lot smaller to her now, but she is encouraged that she thinks plank will wonder where she is - since hayley is expected at the diner.

Meanwhile, at that eatery, plank & Zoe have a humorous conversation about the less than brilliant cars they drive. Also at the diner, Jesse is about to leave, when marc enters. Marc says that, given Josie?s previous employment, it?s not really a surprise that this kind of thing (her "sleeping around") happened. Marc then continues to speak along these lines, and you just KNOW that Jesse (on the inside) is getting more & more annoyed. Finally, Jesse looses it - he SMASHES marc in the face with what I think is the HARDEST, FASTEST punch I?ve EVER seen on H&A. The blow was AWESOME - and Marc soooooooooooooooooooooo deserved it. After Jesse leaves, we see that Zoe is shocked by what?s happened, but Plank looks as though he?s not at all surprised by what Jesse did.

Tasha arrives at Josie?s flat, and Josie says to Tasha that she HAS to tell her something (that Marc is also blackmailing her about) !!!

AT Noah?s, Scott tells hayley that years ago he & his father were (also accidentally) locked in a shed one night. Scott says that his dad told his lots of coooool stories - and revealed a new "side" of himself to Scott. Hayley seems intrigued by all this - esp. when Scott says when he & his dad were freed, Scott wishes he?d remained in there longer - as it was such a good time.

At Josie?s flat (after Josie has told Tasha, off screen, about her life as the madam of a brothel), Tasha says that she doesn?t think what Josie did was good, but Tasha is V glad that Josie has told her about all this. Tasha wonders if this is all marc "has" on Josie, who responds by saying that marc does indeed know something else about Josie. Tash then asks what this other secret is, but Josie says that she just can?t tell Tash what it (1989 thing) is. Josie then insists, to Tasha, that she plans to utterly destroy Marc?s reputation, so NO ONE believes a word that he says.

At the police station, Peter is annoyed that a fellow officer, who he ordered to investigate some of the stalker stuff, is off checking out some van that?s been found in the bush. Josie then arrives at the station, and she tells peter that she believes marc is the stalker. Peter is waaaaaay sceptical of this - and when Josie tells him about the tape of herself & marc that was stolen, he asks if she still has the tape. Josie says that she destroyed it - and peter all but dismisses Josie?s suspicions, ie you can see that he?s thinking that she?s just trying to get back at marc for the wedding debacle.

At the diner, Zoe & plank have a rather humorous conversation about their workplaces. Plank then decides to ring hayley, who, off course, hasn?t arrived at diner. We then see Hayley?s phone - on the counter of the bar at Noah?s. Plank then tell Zoe that he thinks that hayley must have just been too tired about headed straight for home after work.

Meanwhile, at Noah?s, scott is concerned about spending the night in the store room - but hayley reminds him that they won?t have a problem with food for the night. Hayley & Scott then have a total D&M about recent events - hayley even tells scott that she knows that he likes her, but scott (of course) insists that he?s happy with his life with Lisa (and doesn?t tell hayley how he feels about her).

A rather flustered Josie in at her flat when she rings marc. She tells him that she will pay up, but she doesn?t want transaction to take place at her place. When Josie is off the phone, she looks V, V downtrodden.

AT the police station, peter continues to be annoyed about that other cop investigating the van, but a female (uniformed) officer tells Peter that he REALLY should take a look at the van.

Somewhere in the bush, Peter sees a rather old VW Combi van. The van has the words Tick Tock written on its windscreen. Peter then opens the rear door of the VW - and sees THAT obsession board !!!!! (end of ep)


Zoe is attacked by the stalker !!!

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