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Friday 11 March 2005 - "How To Frame Someone - In A Few Easy Less

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Home and Away : How To Frame Someone - In A Few Easy Lessons

(Ep screened in Australia on Friday 11 March 2005 - Episode # 3915)

By Josie Tash

In the bush, the police have cordoned off the van. They find the invoice etc for the plane tickets that Leah rec'd and peter comments that it's great that all these events are the work of one person - so they can begin to create a profile on the stalker. A female non-uniform cop shows Peter a photo of a girl who is approx 20 years old. Peter, or the other cops, don?t recognise the girl - and peter tells a male uniform cop to go back to station to search for girl?s possible ID, and to see who van belongs to, whilst he looks for more clues in van (esp. the other half of photo with this unknown girl in it).

Outside the diner, plank & Zo? arrange to go on a date tonight - with plank suggest that they keep it simple (because of disastrous date with hales). Plank suggests they just have a picnic with fish & chips. Zo? jokingly suggests she'll bring things like an umbrella (because of hayley/plank date). Zo? then ask plank if he's going to have breakfast at diner but plank said that he's got to catch up with hayley (as he not see her last night or this morning). Lisa then approaches the duo and mentions that Scott was meant to meet her for breakfast. Zo?, Lisa & plank are now concerned about where hayley & Scott are.

At Noah?s, hayley awakes, and she lightly runs her fingers through some of Scott?s hair. This wakes Scott up and he takes a bit of an offence when hayley says that her night's sleep wasn't the best. Hayley & Scott then hear Lisa, Zo? & plank calling out to them. Hayley & Scott says that they are in storeroom - and plank unlocks door. Zo? can't believe that they were locked in, i.e. she's thinking this might have been planned (at least I got that impression from way Zo? was looking at hayley & Scott). Scott then says he NEEDS some breakfast etc, so he & Lisa exit.

At police station, a male uniformed officer tells peter that he's not been able to find a match. Peter tells the other cop to contact other police station, & media to try to get ID of girl. Peter also insists that they must hurry up and ascertain who owns van, "I don't want this person to slip through out fingers".

At Noah?s, hayley thanks Zo? for holding the fort whilst she showered. Talk then turns to Scott 0- hayley says that Scott admitted that he had a crush on hayley, but hayley didn't tell Scott how she felt because he seems V happy with Lisa. Zo? responds by saying that hayley is a better woman that she is. Zo? then mentions her date with plank - and she actually asks if hayley is "OK" with it. Hayley says that she waaaaaay is.

Near the wharf, Josie is waiting for marc. He arrives soon after, and she hands him this latest blackmail payment. As marc goes to walk away, Josie tries to goad him into getting angry (in the hope that he'll say something which will give her the hard evidence that she needs to convince peter that marc is the stalker. btw, Josie has a Dictaphone in her hand bag). Josie?s plans works - i.e. marc threatens that he'll do a lot worse than leave THAT tape where Jesse can find it, but then marc realises what happening. He grabs the handbag from Josie, sees the Dictaphone and throws it quickly onto the ground (which smashes it). Josie is now totally distraught, but she is saved when Zo? approaches. Marc immediately walks away, and Josie frantically asks Zo? if she heard anything. Zo? says that she DID here the line about the videotape.

Josie & Zo? enter the police station and Josie says that she has proof bout the tape. Josie tells peter what happened near the wharf and Zo? back up her story,

After an ad break, marc enters the police station, and peter tells him of Josie?s accusation - which was backed ups by Zo?. Marc insists that Josie is saying he is stalker because of wedding debacle, and peter is rather surprised (and not pleased) when marc says that Josie was taping their encounter on a Dictaphone. Peter then enquires as to mark?s whereabouts on night of break ins. marc says he has having dinner with a mate who sells fire fighting equip - marc then hands receipt to peter, who asks male uniform cop to check things out. Marc tells peter that he's concerned that peter is taking Josie?s theories so seriously, peter insists that they have to follow procedure (examine any possible theories) in these matters.

AT Noah?s, Scott tells hayley that he hopes his "crush|" confessions hasn't make things weird between them. Hayley is about to respond, when Lisa enters the room - and asks hayley if she's like to come to a BBQ tonight at hunter house. Hayley says that she has early start tomorrow, but Lisa insists that she does as well (so night won't go on too long), hayley then accepts,

At the police station, a male cop tells peter that marc's dinner story checks out. Before marc leaves, peter asks him if he knows the girl in the photo that they found in VW van. Marc says no - and he also sys that he doesn?t know Sarah Lewis either. Peter then suggests that marc should stay way form Josie - or marc could be in trouble with the law. Marc says that he will (stay away foam Josie).

Not surprisingly, marc goes straight to Josie?s flat - where he waaaaaaaaaaay threatens to expose her (1989) secret if Josie continue her current course of action. Indeed, marc is actually manhandling Josie when Zo? arrives. As marc exits he gives both Zo? & Josie the evil eye, and Zo? then comforts Josie.

AT Noah's, Zo? tells planks about her encounter with marc. Peter then walks by and plank suggests that Zo? should tell peter (about Marc) but Zo? is too scared to. Peter then goes to the bar and asks hayley if she's ever seen the girl in the photo. Hayley insists that she hasn't - but she does say that the photo is fairly old, as the summer bay sign, which was destroyed in the bush fire, is behind girl. Pater thanks hayley for this info,

At police station, peter tells another cop that he now believe that girl in the pic is the dead body that was found after bush fires. Peter demands that they check the van again, as stalker is known to keep objects etc from his victims.

In the bush, we see the black-gloved hands of the stalker. He/she pushes way some leaves, to reveal a red back pack (I?m assuming it belong to dead girl).

Hayley is about to enter hunter house, when she sees Scott & Lisa acting lovingly towards each other. Once hayley is inside, Lisa enquires about hayley's art - and during the discussion, Lisa mobile ring. Lisa quickly looks at phone, says that it's work, and puts phone down. Lisa then continues asking hayley about her artwork.

In a clearing in the bush, Zo? & plank are having a great time on their picnic, but Zo? is still a little concerned about marc (btw, I have to say that I REALLY like Zo?/plank as a couple - I think they really "work").

AT hunter house, Lisa comments that Scott is such a great guy, and hayley ads that he certainly deserves to be treated right. Lisa then suggests that she & Scott are going to get a place together - and hayley is quite shocked when Lisa says that Scott is prepared t move to city for Lisa. Lisa then exits the room, and her mobile phone beeps. Hayley thinks about not checking her suspicions out - but she decides to anyway. When hayley investigates, she sees that Lisa has heaps of messages from a guy called Allan - and when hayley accesses the latest message it confirms her suspicion that Lisa is married/in another relationship.

In the bush, it's getting quite dark, and Zo? says that she keeps on hearing noises. Plank goes into nearby woodland area to investigate, but whilst he's there, he hears Zo? SCREAM out in pain. Plank races bask to where Zo? is - and sees that she has a BIG bloody cut on her right arm

(end of ep)


Will hayley tell Scott about Lisa, and Zo? tells peter that she knows who the stalker is

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