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Friday 25 March 2005 - "Sally & Josie NEED To Talk!!&

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Home and Away : Sally & Josie NEED To Talk !!!

(Ep screened in Australia on Friday 25 March 2005 - Episode # 3925)

By Josie Tash

Hunter House - Robbie is talking V excitedly about this ad that he?s going to be in. Robbie?s enthusiasm isn?t shared by Scott who is trying to fix the sink. When Robbie exits the room, Beth even has a word to Scott about his current attitude.

Hospital - despite what Flynn thinks, sally insists to Hailey that the ladder was pulled out from beneath her. Sally then wonders what else is happening in the bay, so hayley tells her about the whole scoyy/lisa/hyaley "mess". Hayley is partic frustrated that Scott believes everything that Lisa tells him (not matter how big a lie it is).

Hunter house - Robbie is extremely pleased to see Lisa. Scott then enters the room, and he tells Beth, Lisa & Robbie that he is going to contact Alf, as Scott wants to seel his share in the Blaxland business. Beth is concerned by this, and she is alarmed even more when Scott says that he wants to leave the bay TODAY. Lisa even appears to be V surprised by this decision. Scott insists that he wants to totally break away from the bay.

Van park house - sally & Flynn arrives home. Seconds later, Flynn?s phone rings - and he tells sally that he has to go out again (some medical emergency). When Flynn leaves, sally shuts, and then locks, the door behind him - indeed, sally seems V nervous at being alone in house.

Noah?s - Josie insists on helping hayley with the bar whilst Jesse is away. Scott & Lisa enter - and as they talk to Josie, hayley is clearly distraught to hear that Lisa & Scott are leaving town today. Josie wishes that all the best, and as Scott leaves the bar, he & hayley look longingly at each other.

Outside surf club - Lisa suggests that it would be cool with her if Scott wanted to take a few days before he moved to city with her - but Scott is adamant that he wants to go today.

Noah?s - hayley returns to the bar, and Josie suggests that hayley should fix her make up - as Josie can clearly tell that hayley has been crying. Hayley then suggests that she?s not to only one in the bay with problems - hayley then tells Josie that sally believes that someone pulled that ladder from beneath her. Josie is clearly affected by this news (as it confirms her "marc is NOT stalker" theory).

Hunter house - Lisa is packing her bags and she insists (to the nearby Beth) that she and Scott will make things work. Beth says that she certainly hopes that Scott isn?t hurt. Scott enters the room, and she & Beth clash over something minor (and all the while, Scott appears V on edge). Robbie enters the room, and he gladly helps Lisa with her bags, whilst Scott & Beth REALLY clash. Scott objects to Beth saying that his move is all about his pride (not wanting to admit that he?s made a big mistake about hayley). Scott insists that he?ll have a fantastic life with Lisa, but Beth responds by saying that not ONCE did Scott say the word LOVE when talking about Lisa and his new life.

Diner - Josie talks to Flynn about sally. Josie is V sceptical when Flynn doesn?t believe sally?s thoughts that the ladder was pushed from beneath her - and it?s clear, as the conversation continues, that Josie is more & more thinking that the stalker IS still on the loose.

Hunter house - Scott thanks Robbie for helping him with his suitcases, and for not hassling him about things. Lisa enters the room, and Scott says that he only has t9o grab something form the kitchen then they can go. When Lisa offers to get it Scott says "thanks, hayley". When Lisa doesn?t really react to that comment, Scott thanks her for being so understanding. Lisa says that we all make mistakes (and it seems like Lisa is getting less & less keen on her & Scott living together)

Beach - Josie is deep in thought about what happened to sally - and when she saw the stalker in mark?s house. As Josie is thinking, we see flashback of her & stalker inside mark?s house.

Hunter house - Scott says farewell to tash, Robbie & Beth. Scott takes offence at Beth saying that he?ll always have a home in the bay - but they agree not to fight. Robbie assures Scott that he?ll look after things here, and when Scott walks away, Robbie tries to console the totally in tears Beth.

Road out of bay - Lisa is driving, and she insists that they can come back to bay and visit etc whenever they want, but Scott insists that this is a one way road (he doesn?t ever want to come back). Lis drives on for a bit more but then it all becomes too much for her. Lisa stops the car - and comes clean to Scott that she?s truly still with her husband, and that it will take a while before she will be ready to leave him. When Scott enquires, Lisa says that Scott isn?t the 1-st man that Lisa has cheated on her husband with. Scott insists that he has to think about this, so he gets out of scar and walks down to the nearby beach.

We then see intercut shots of Scott (thinking on the beach) and Hayley (looking all forlorn at the bar). Scott then walks back to Lisa?s car and gets in.

Noah?s - hayley is consoling herself (with a drink) when Scott enters. When he asks for a drink, hayley wonders if it?s "one for the road". Scott insists that there IS no road. When hayley enquires, Scott says that ppl think too much/. Scott then goes over to Hayley - and they PASH (end of ep)


Ryan gets hold of Leah & Dan?s wedding invitations - and sets them alight on the barbecue, whilst plank isn?t keen on hayley telling Scott about their night together.

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