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Thursday 24 March 2005 - "Does This Prove That Zoe Isn't The

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Home and Away : Does This Prove That Zoe Isn't The Stalker?

By josie Tash

(Ep screened in Australia on Thursday 24 March 2005 - Episode # 3924)

Van park house - sally is lying on the floor. She doesn?t appear to be able to move. Sally then sees a darkly dressed person walking in the house. Sally is partic concerned when this person stands right next to her and the person (stalker) walks away. Sally then drifts into unconsciousness.

Surf club -Tilly enters, and expects that she?ll have to help with the clean up (after MGP thing) but notes that it?s all done. Henry wonders why Tilly isn?t at home grounded, but she says that Beth certainly gave her a major lecture about what happened to the dress. Nearby, rich & cassie are talking about cassie?s 1-st day at school (tomorrow), tilly is watching them, but pretends that she?s not - by talking to (the rather surprised) peter when he enters the room. Peter goes to the bar - where he wonders why Jesse appeared to be off with the fairies. When Jesse responds, peter suggests that Jesse should do something about his concerns.

Diner - Josie answers her phone - and she is way encouraged when Jesse asks her to come to Noah?s. Josie exits diner immediately.

Van park house - Flynn returns home and he is shocked to find sally in pain on the floor. Zo? then enters =- and Flynn tells her to call an ambulance.

Hospital - Flynn & Zo? enter, with sally, and another doctor immediately begins to treat sally. This doctor "suggests" to Flynn that, in the case. Flynn is just the worried husband (not the doctor)

Surf club - Hyde asks Tilly to mentor Cassie on her 1-st day at school. When tilly suggest that she won?t have time (lots of schoolwork to do) Hyde assures tilly that he?ll smooth things over with her teachers. When Hyde walks away, Cassie comments on how coool he is, but Tilly responds with a "whatever". Tilly then walks away, and Cassie wonders why Tilly is so indifferent to her. Josie arrive - and apologises to Jesse for taking so long. Jesse then surprises Josie by asking her to sign papers that will sever her from the business partnership. Josie decides to sigh them, and as she is, Jesse phone ruing. From the sound of his voice, someone is telling him about sally.

Hospital - the doctor is please that sally is reacting well to his questions, eg what?s her name is ("sally LOIUSE Fletcher"). Doctor also comments to Flynn that several of the medial things that he? tested sally for have encouraging results. Doctor then tells Flynn that they?ll have a more accurate "picture" of sally?s condition when they do further tests. Flynn goes into corridor and he answers a series of questions form ric & Zo? about sally. Ric wants to see sally, but Flynn says that she?s currently having tests done. Flynn then moves away from Zo? & ric - and his "public" face drops. Flynn seems V concerned for sally, and ric sees Flynn this way

Noah?s - when Hyde gets off phone, he tells Josie that sally is stable, but is being kept in hospital overnight for observation. Josie thanks Hyde for passing on this info. when Hyde moves away, Josie (who is minding bar for Jesse) opens one of the drawers - and sees a photo of her & Jesse in happier times.

Hospital - Jesse tells Flynn that he has to get back to Noah?s. When Jesse exits, nurse Julie approaches. She says that sally?s x rays are done, and that ric & Flynn can now visit sally.

Noah?s - Hyde comments on how helpful the likes of Tilly & Henry were (at MGP thing) today. When Cassie comments that she is looking forward to attending SBH, Hyde says that Tilly will assist Cassie with any questions. When Hyde walks away, Tilly sarcastically replies to a comment form Cassie. When Cassie walks away, Henry suggests that Tilly doesn?t like Cassie because they are both entered in MGP, but Tilly insists that it?s not for that reason

Hospital - As ric & Flynn watch sally sleeping, ric blames himself for what?s happened - and says that he?s a bad luck charm. Flynn totally suggests otherwise.

Noah?s - when Jesse returns from the hospital, he thanks Josie for minding the bar. Josie then wonders if there?s a chance that they can get back together - and this leads to a passionate KISS, which Jesse eventually backs away from. Jesse tells Josie to leave the bar IMMEDIATELY. Josie complies - and it?s clear that Jesse is annoyed/confused by what just happened.

SBH - it?s the next day, and Hyde sees ric and he wonders how sally is. Ric says that sally seemed to have a V weird sleep. Ric adds that he was there all night - and wanted to be there today, but Flynn suggests not. Hyde insists that ric should come to him if things get to be "too much" for him today. When ric walks away, Hyde sees Cassie 0 and as Hyde directs Tilly to show Cassie where the lockers etc are, ric smiles at cassie (who smiles back). As they?re walking to the lockers, Cassie comments on tally?s attitude towards her, but Tilly denies that she has issue with Cassie.

Hospital - Zo? enters the room just as sally awakes. Sally wonders what?s happening with baby pippa, and Zo? tells her that colleen is looking after the bub. Flynn then asks sally what happened - sally said that the ladder didn?t exactly fall, and we see flashbacks of stalker walking near sally as sally explains what occurred. When Flynn asks, sally says that she knows that person see saw wasn?t Flynn, as the person "left her there". Sally insists that someone was in the house. This alarms Zo?, and Flynn hugs sally - in an effort to calm/console her.

SBH - Cassie comments about Tilly?s warp speed tour of the lockers etc - and about tally?s attitude to her in general. Cassie & Tilly comes across ric, and Tilly walks away (homework to do). When tilly is gone, ric is encouraged when cassie mentions that she?s experienced something like what?s happened to sally -= as an aunt of cassie?s had meningitis. Ric is intrigued when cassie comments that the brain is the only organ which can repair itself, but both agree that there?s much more "important" stuff that they can talk about. We then see that Tilly is staring at ric & Cassie from a difference. Henry approaches Tilly, and *finally) comments that tally?s dislike of Cassie is because of Ric. Tilly denies this, but Henry clearly doesn?t believe her.

Hospital - peter enters sally?s room, and after peter asks her to, sally explains to him exactly what happened last night. As sally continues to explain, she is shocked when she realisies that SHE wasn?t the real target of the stalker. Sally explains that she left the MGP thing early, but if she hadn?t, Zo? would have been at the van park house when the stalker arrived. Peter insists that sally is wrong to suggest that this is the work of the stalker, but Zo? is clearly (from her facial expressions) freaking out at the possiblity of the stalker still being on the loose. Peter tries to factually explain things to sally, but she is adamant that the stalker IS still on the loose.

After ad break - ric & Hyde enter sally? room. Ric comments that sally reminded him of a vampire last night *from the way she looked), and sally suggests that she felt that way. Ric & Hyde then exit, as peter enters. He tells sally that they?ve found no evidence that the stalker was at van park house last night, and that an electrician has confirmed that a natural power surge tripped the fuses and caused loss off power. Zo? is REALLY encouraged when Peter insists that they have the stalker in custody, but sally remains her stance that it WAS that stalker who was in her house.

Outside surf club - Josie sees Jesse packing some of his things into his car. Jesse insists that, after last night, he HAS to get away from bay for a few days, as things are "weird" right now. Josie tries to persuade Jesse to change his mind, but he?s not swayed. Josie is distraught as Jesse drives off.

(end of ep)


Will Scott "wake up" and NOT go to the city with Lisa?

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