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Tuesday 22 March 2005 - "Ryan? Tilly? Stalker?'

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Ryan? Tilly? Stalker?

(Ep screened in Australia on Tuesday 22 March 2005 - Episode # 3922)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

Beach House - Hayley awakes, and notices plank?s singlet in her bed. She then is in a total state of dread when she sees that plank is lying beside her. Hayley wakes plank. When he (quickly) gets out of the bed, both hayley & plank agree that what they?ve done (sleep together) was the wrong thing to do - and was well & truly fuelled by the alcohol they consumed the previous night. Both are looking V sheepish/ embarrassed at the situation.

Leah?s place - Leah makes Ryan some Nutella sandwiches, but he says that his mum always puts sprinkles on them as well. When Leah says that she doesn?t have sprinkles, Ryan insists that he won?t eat them. Dan eneters the room (having obviously heard the Leah/ryan conversation), And he instantly eats some of the sandwiches that Leah have made, and Ryan (of course) follows his dad?s lead. This, naturally, annoys Leah.

Beach house - Hayley & plank agree to NOT tell anyone that they slept together (see below) and then there?s a bit of tense situation as plank waits for hyde to finish his breakfast & enter the shower - so hyde doesn?t know that plank is in Hayley?s room. When Hyde does go into the bathroom, plank comments that he can?t wait for Irene to return - before plank finally exits Hayley?s room. (Note - plank, why didn?t you do what the likes of KK, Jade and Nick did - exit the room via the window. I guess that?s just a little too smart for you).

Leah?s place - Leah, Ryan & Dan are in the lounge room when dan tells ryan that Leah & Dan are going to go to the city today to go wedding ring shopping. When Ryan asks if he can come, dan insists that he & Leah will be doing all sorts of "lovey, kissy" stuff - and that peter has already agreed to look after Ryan & VJ today. (Note - you can see that Ryan is clearly NOT happy with all this). Leah goes into the kitchen, just as hayley arrives at Leah?s back door. Hayley wonders why Leah blabbed to Scott about Hayley?s feeling for him. Leah insists that she didn?t really mean it, but she could also see how much hayley was hurting (by not telling Scott). Hayley then tells Leah that something rather unexpected has happen.

Beach house - Robbie is rather shocked (as plank has, off screen, told him about hayley & plank?s night together). Robbie wonders how plank will "break" this news to Zoe, but plank insist that he?s not going to tell Zoe - as she?s not really his girlfriend (and sleeping with hayley "meant nothing").

Leah?s place - Leah suggests that hayley shouldn?t tell Scot about her night with plank. Leah also suggests that maybe hayley should give Scott some space at the moment.

Diner - After colleen enquires, Beth says that she will get the school?s PA system and bring it to the surf club (for some MGP stuff). When colleen moves away, Beth goes and speaks to the nearby Scott. Beth "suggests" that they have to talk.

Beach - Beth can?t believe that Scott is so readily accepting Lisa?s version of things (re her husband) over Hayley?s opinion. Indeed, Beth tells Scott that this whole situation reminds her the situation with her & jack. Scott tells Beth that she is way wrong, and the hayley has an ulterior motive in all this, ie hayley has feelings for Scott.

Surf club - Colleen is directing a lot of ppl (incl plank & Robbie) as they prepare for a fundraising event for the MGP. When hayley arrives, colleen says that she can put some fabric at the sides of each of the tables. Colleen adds that perhaps Scott can help hayley. Both aren?t keep on working together, but neither want to endure the wraith of colleen. Robbie, however, does annoy colleen - and others - when he has the music WAY too loud when he is testing the PA system.

Leah?s place - Leah & dan are about to go out when Ryan rushes to the sink. He says that he feels V ill. Dan takes him out of the kitchen, and as he does, Leah looks FAR from impressed.

Surf club - When Robbie & plank makes comments about colleen, Beth suggests that if delegation was part of the MGP, it?s no wonder that colleen was victorious. Meanwhile, scott and hayley are having major issues stapling the fabric to the sides of the tables - but it?s clear that all their talk is based on the personal situation between them, eg when hayley wonders why the staples gun isn?t working, scott suggests that hayley THOUGHT she had put staples in, but was mistaken.

Leah?s place - Ryan is lying on the couch (with a blanket over him) and he is V pleased when dan says that he & Leah will go shopping another day. When dan exits the room, Ryan asks Leah for a biscuit, but Leah suggests that an ill person shouldn?t be feeling well enough to eat such things. Leah then goes into the bedrooms, and ryan quickly runs to the kitchen, grabs a biscuit, and gets back under the covers before anyone notices.

Surf club - Hayley & Scott continue their bickering, before Scott decides to bail.

Outside surf club - Beth confronts Scott. Beth suggests that Scott is only attacking hayley like this to "save face", ie Beth thinks Scott KNOWS that Hayley is right but Scott doesn?t want to publicly admit this. Scott tells Beth that she bis WAY wrong, but Beth believes that she is right.

Leah?s place - Leah approaches Ryan, and discovers THAT biscuit. Ryan responds by saying that there?s no way in hell that Leah is going to marry dan.

Beach house - Plank arrives home and he sees hayley in tears. Hayley tells plank that she REALLY loves Scott, and fears that she has "lost" him forever.

Hunter house - Scott looks at a framed pic of himself & Hayley, and seems to REALLY be thinking about what Beth said to him earlier.

Beach house - Hayley is in her room when she picks up the gift that scott gave her earlier this year (the post palace fire album full of photos of noah). Hayley pays partic attention to the words that Scott wrote on the inside cover - and she even runs her finger over the message?s closing words "love, Scott"

Leah?s place - Dan returns home and rayn suggests that he?s feeling a LOT better now, and asks dan if they can go for a walk together, dan aggress - thinking that the walk will do ryan good. Ryan & dan exit the house, and Leah decides to de-stress a little, by looking at her wedding dress. Leah is distraught when she see that it?s been damaged - and she instantly thinks that Ryan is to blame (Note 1 - end of ep. Note 2 - you get the feeling that Ryan ISN"T actually responsible, like maybe someone else did this - perhaps even Tilly, accidentally, when she handled the dress recently. Just a theory.)


Cassie continues to be, in her own words, "full of surprises", and Sally is attacked - after peter & everyone else are pleased that Marc (who they think is the stalker) can?t hurt them any more !!!

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