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Tuesday 16 March 2005 - "Josie the Cat Burglar"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Josie the Cat Burglar

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

At the Police station, Marc is being hauled into another room - and he?s way protesting his innocence. Peter however soo isn?t listening - and he tells harper that the female uniform cop is currently searching Marc?s car fro fingerprints. Peter alos asks harper to take the bag (with tick tock note etc) to forensics.

At the diner, Dan & Leah are talking about Ryan. Dan is pleased that Leah has arranged to have the afternoon off - to meet Ryan when he gets back from airport. Josie then enters, and Leah asks her how Zoe is. Josie says that she?s very concerned about Zoe - and Dan & Leah are partic worried when Josie says that she believes that marc attacked Zoe because she took Josie?s side in an argument against Josie. Morag then arrives back from the US - and Dan helps her with her many bags. When Leah enquires, Morag tells Leah to mind her own business about why alf is still in America. Morag then asks what?s happened in bay whilst she?s been away - and get some interesting (stalker related) looks from Josie & Leah.

AT the police station, Marc tells peter & harper that he went to a pub at yabby creek last night. Marc adds that he decided to stay at a hotel at yabby creek last night - because he?d drank too much. When peter questions marc about the bag found in his car, marc says that Josie easily has the contacts to make this (framing marc) happen - and Marc really doesn?t appreciate peter & harper laughing at this suggestion. After marc insists once more that he didn?t attack Zoe, harper leaves the room. Peter then asks Marc about his connection to Psycho Sarah Lewis. Marc can?t believe Peter?s accusations that he?s somehow seeking revenge for her death just because marc & Sarah attended the same faculty at university.

AT the diner, Morag comments to Josie, about how intriguing things have been whilst she?s been away. Morag however disputes Josie?s suspicions that Marc is the stalker - citing that, like kane, marc might be being framed. Josie, of course, doesn?t want to hear this.

Also, in the diner, Beth, Tilly & henry approach the counter. AS they are doing this, Beth warns henry NOT to make any trouble with Ric at today?s? SBH beach skills day. Hyde the arrives at the diner - and tells Beth that he?ll be in charge of the beach skills day - as the teacher that was to be in charge is ill today. Hyde adds that she?s REALLY not looking fwd to today.

Outside the interview room at the police station, harper tells peter that the hotel owner backs up Marc?s story. When peter & harper re-enter interview room, they make it clear to make that they believe that he had ample opportunity to leave the pub, attack Zoe at 8.15pm, and return to the pub, before returning to the pub. Marc can not believe what he?s hearing - and demands to not say anything further before his solicitor arrives. Meanwhile, peter is looking rather smug at this point.

At the beach, Hyde & sally realise there?s an unequal number of students in some of the teams - so Hyde orders Ric to join the team that have henry & Tilly in it. Sally thinks this is a recipe for disaster but Hyde thinks Ric & henry might become friends if they are forced to work together.

At the diner, Dan is on the phone, and he?s trying to stop his ex from going overboard with worry about Ryan travelling to Australia with his aunt. When Dan is off the phone, Leah says that she?s not surprised about how Dan?s ex is reacting, as Leah understands the worry of a mother. Leah then suggests that she should go to the airport with Dan (to greet Ryan) but Dan suggests that that isn?t the best of ideas.

At the police station, Josie tells peter that she?s V pleased that they?ve caught marc. Marc the sees Josie as he is being led into another room - and he angrily accesses Josie of setting up the whole thing - and he says that we?ll tell the police about 1989. When marc os out of the room, peter asks Josie if she knows what marc is talking about, but Josie denies all knowledge. Josie then exits - but peter notes that Josie looks anxious.

Josie then returns to her house - and she?s V, V on edge.

At the beach, the teams are taking part in a baton relay, and there are issues when the baton is dropped during a change between Ric & Henry. The 2 begin another verbal duel - so Hyde instructs Ric & henry to both run to the headland & back. When the duo have begun running, Hyde tells sally, now, that she can it - and sally responds "I told you so".

At the police station, Marc?s female solicitor is sitting beside him - and she?s NOT pleased at the flimsy evidence that peter & the police have to back up their claims that marc attacked Zoe. The solicitor is partic concerned that the police have only spoke to 10 of the 30 or so ppl that were at the yabby creek pub that marc was at. Peter then brings up Marc?s 18989 accusation to Josie, and marc is V evasive in answering Peter?s questions - and his solicitor is partic annoyed (it appears as though she?s not been told about this 1989 stuff)

At the beach, Ric & henry are on the return leg of their run when they see that a person is in trouble in the water. Both Ric & Henry swim out to the unknown man and they have to dive underwater to locate the man. Ric & henry bring the man to the surface - and they bring him to shore. Tilly notices what?s going on & alerts Hyde & sally - and that trio, and other students, rush towards where Ric, henry & the saved man are. Hyde seems partic impressed by Ric & Henry?s teamwork, so he allows Ric & henry to do a "make up" teamwork test on a surf ski. Ric & Henry ace it - but after Hyde tells them that they?ve scored a pass for that exercise, both Ric & henry at least act as though nothing has changed (but I?d say that it has).

At Leah?s place, Leah tells Dan that she?s bought Ryan a boogie board, and is going to throw a party for him. Dan thinks that Leah should act more naturally around Ryan, ie not try to buy him off. Dan also suggests that they take it easy when they tell Ryan about the engagement, as Ryan might take the news badly.

Josie is at her flat when she opens a drawer. She looks at a piece of paper with Marc?s address on it, and them she grabs another item (see below), Josie then exits the flat.

At the police station, peter enquires to harper about the progress of their investigation. Harper says that no fingerprints were found on the red bag in Marc?s car - and that the warrant to search Marc?s place hasn?t been signed (judge at yabby creek away at present). Peter insists that they HAVE to find the knife that the stalker used to attack Zoe. Peter then re-enters interview room, and marc insists that Josie is setting him up. When peter enquires, marc says that there?s a file at his house when will reveal all - and marc begrudgingly agrees to let the police search his house.

AT Marc?s place, Josie puts on some black gloves before she searches for a way to break in. eventually Josie finds a mesh screen which she is able to remove from in front of a window, Josie then enters Marc?s house - and begins searching from the 18989 documentation. It takes Josie a (frantic) little while to find what she?s after (some V official looking documentation that I couldn?t read). Josie then grabs the document and goes back upstairs so she can exit the house the way she entered. Josie, however, is forced to go back downstairs, as someone else is entering the house. Josie hides behind Marc?s drinks bar, and she sees the stalker coming down the stairs. (end of ep)


Ryan tells Leah that she?ll NEVER let her marry Dan, Josie burns the 1989 evidence, and Peter finds the bloodied knife - in Marc?s house.

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