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Monday 15 March 2005 - "REAL Criminals 2, Police 0"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : REAL Criminals 2, Police 0

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

At the diner, sally & flyyn are enjoying each other's company (and their meals) when colleen approaches. She comments that they are acting like teenagers - before colleen (surprise, surprise) asks them both if sally & flynn will be on the committee for the miss groper thing. Colleen adds that Beth & Hyde are already "on board" - and sally & Flynn agree to help out. Flynn?s phone rings - and Flynn sounds shocked at what he?s hearing. Flynn also says that he?ll be there straight away.

Seconds later, Flynn & sally arrive at the place where Zoe & plank were having their picnic. Zoe is still screaming in terror when peter & the police arrive. When flyyn & the others help Zoe to her feet, she has this crazed look in her eye (now this is one screen cap I REALLY love to get my hands on).

At the Hunter house, Scott tells a relatively funny joke, but when hayley doesn?t laugh, Scott thinks something is up. Hayley says that she?s just had a long night and is really tired. Hayley then tells scott & Lisa that she has to go, but as she?s about to leave, Lisa?s gets a text message on her phone - and she tells scott & hayley that it's just "work" again (Lisa actually baulked for a second before she said the word "work"). Hayley then exits.

At the diner, sally & colleen are talking about the attack on Zoe, and sally is partic warning colleen not to blow this out of proportion. Hayley enters the diner - and asks colleen if Leah is there. When colleen says that Leah?s already gone home, sally wonders what is going on with hayley (who seriously acting like a "space cadet"). Hayley says that there is something bothering her, and after hayley & sally sit at one of the tables, hayley tells sally that she thinks Lisa is married.

At the Hunter house, Lisa is concerned about Hayley?s reaction to her and wonders to Scott if hayley likes her. Scott insists that hayley does (like Lisa) and the pair kiss.

AT the diner, hayley insists to sally that Lisa is cheating on someone because she is going out with Scott. Hayley says that she is going to confront Scott, but sally suggests that asking Lisa about this "Allan" person is a better option. Flynn enters the diner - and both sally & colleen enquires about Zoe. Flynn says that she has a few nasty cuts, but is more emotionally (than physically) damaged by what?s happened. Hayley wonders what they are talking about - and as sally & Co. are explaining about the attack, Josie enters the diner. She is both shocked - and annoyed - at what?s happened, ie Josie has this "I told you so" look on her face.

Zoe & Plank enter the police station - and Zoe is still V shaken. She tells peter that she?s already told him who did this (attacked her). Peter doesn?t believe that she has - so he asks Zoe to tell her what she?s talking about. Zoe insists that she KNOWS that marc attacked her !!! Zoe, plank & peter then go into the interview room, where Zoe (back up by plank) tells peter that she?d been hearing noises during their picnic. Zoe continues by saying that when plank went to investigate, someone attacked her. Zoe says that the person, who wore a balaclava & gloves, put his hand over her mouth and wounded her arm with THAT knife. Zoe tells peter that as soon as she was able to scream, the attacker ran off. When peter asks how Zoe knew that it was marc, Zoe says that the person was same hight & build as marc (note - several thoughts here. Zoe is either THINKS the attacker was like marc, ie she?s not the brightest crayon in the box; stalker IS the same hight & build as marc; stalker hired someone with same height & build as marc to attack Zoe). Btw, by the end of this scene, Zoe is totally in tears about what?s occurred.

The police arrive at Marc?s house and knock on the door. An elderly Male next door neighbour calls out to peter and says that marc recently left his house in a great hurry. The neighbour says that he?s glad that marc has gone.

Peter has just returned to the police station, where Josie arrives there. Josie confronts peter about why he didn?t act sooner on her suspicions. Josie is also NOT pleased when she hears a female uniformed cop tells peter that marc is still on the loose. Josie exits in disgust,

AT Noah?s, Zoe, plank & Jesse talk about how marc had them all fooled. Josie enters and she wonders how Zoe is feeling. Josie alos apologises for getting Zoe involved in all this. Zoe says that she?s not too worried about that - but Zoe?s opinion changes when Josie reveals that marc is still on the loose. Plank then insists on walking Zoe home. When Zoe & plank have exited, Josie asks Jesse if he?ll stay the night at her place - as she doesn?t feel safe. Jesse says no - but you can tell that Jesse wants to be with Josie, but he can?t go back on what occurred (at least that?s how I "took" the way he was looking).

AT the van park house, Zoe thanks sally & Flynn for letting her stay with them for the time being. When sally & Flynn exit the room, Zoe thanks plank for being so brave tonight, but he tells Zoe that SHE?s the brave one. The coupe then kisses.

Josie is sitting on the floor, with the lights off, at her flat - when she hears someone unlocking her door. Josie is REALLY frightened -but it?s just Jesse, who has decided to stay the night at her place after all. Jesse insists that he?ll sleep in the couch, and rejects Josie?s offer of blankets. When Josie exits the room, once more, Jesse looks as though he, once more, wants to back together with Josie, but he just can?t tell here that (btw, Josie was wearing a rather ordinary white night gown, ie NOT that sexy pink number we usually see her in).

Next morning, Josie & Jesse are having breakfast and Josie tries to apologise for what?s happened, but Jesse doesn?t want to hear it, As he leaves the flat, Zoe enters.

AT Noah?s, Lisa is at the bar, and she?s taken aback by Hayley?s question about Lisa?s family & friends. Jesse then enters, and asks hayley if she?s thought about what she wants to do with the bar in the post-Josie era. Hayley says that she needs more time to thinks about it. Hayley, btw, is totally in space cadet mode (because of this Lisa thing). Jesse notices this, but insists that hayley must make up her mind soon, When Jesse exits the bar, hayley goes over to where Lisa is sitting. Hayley enquires about THAT text message she read - and Lisa reveals that Allan is her husband (technically) but they busted up a year ago and he just won?t stop phoning & texting Lisa. As hayley goes back to the bar, she seems convinces that Lisa is telling her the truth.

AT the van park house, Hayley tells sally about what Lisa said. Hayley tells sally that she?s now glad that she doesn?t have to tell Scot anything.

AT the hunter house, however, Lisa is on the phone, and she?s talking rather lovingly to her husband. She tells him that she?s away at a conference for a few days. Lisa hangs up as Scott enters 0 and Lisa says that she?s really looking forward to their time away (for a few days) on the Blaxland.

At the police station, Peter is waaay concerned that he didn?t act on Josie?s suspicions. Peter?s phone rings - and he sounds V surprised during the call. When the phone call ends, peter tells the female uniformed cop that marc went to the same university (and did the same course) as Psycho Sarah Lewis. Peter then grabs confirmation of this, which has just come through on the fax machine. Peter then insists that, with this info, they've got enough evidence to question marc again.

Someone, we see the gloved hands of the stalker - and he/she places several items (incl. the red back pack & a "tick tock" note in a garbage bag)

At the police station, peter is on the photo - inquiring further about the marc/Sarah Lewis/uni connection, when the female uniform cop tells peter that Marc?s car has been spotted outside the diner.

The police race to the scene and they encounter marc, as he is about to get back into his car. Marc is highly bemused as peter asks him questions about his whereabouts last night. As this occurs, the female cop opens the boot of Marc?s car - and (surprise, surprise) find the bag with the "tick tock" note etc). Peter then handcuffs the bewildered marc - and arrests him on suspicion of the attack on Zoe (note 1 - end of ep. Note 2 - the SB police are sooooo "wonderful", ie that?s TWO ppl [who?ve been framed] that they?ve arrested now this year - kane, and now Marc) !!!!!!!!!!!!


Will the police discover they?ve arrested the wrong person (re the stalker), and it looks either Ric or Henry will drown, if the other doesn?t save their nemesis

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