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Thursday 31st March 2005 -"Why Won't These STUPID People LIST

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Why Won?t These STUPID People LISTEN ???

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

Opening Credits - Like Cassie, it?s taken just 1 episode for Martha to "make" the credits. Martha is beside Jesse, with Alf completing the trio.

Van park house - An ambulance officer is attending to sally, as Martha explains to alf what was happening in the minutes before sally collapsed. As the ambulance officers take sally out of the room, Alf asks Martha to take care of the crying baby pippa, and to try & find Ric.

Hospital - the ambulance officers bring sally in. Alf tells Flynn what Martha told him had happened, whilst the doctor who treated sally after her recent fall is surprised at sally?s condition - he tells flynn that she appears to be unconscious yet her pupils are reacting like a healthy person?s would. The doctor has to insist that Flynn shouldn?t interfere with the way he?s treating sally and the doctor also orders a range of tests for sally (esp. on her head/brain).

Hunter house - Cassie & Tilly enter, and Cassie tries to assure Tilly that she will find someone who is right for her (as it sounds like they?ve just had a fruitless search. Cassie then suggests that it would be great if herself, Ric, henry & Tilly could hang out together. Tilly is sceptical - but when Cassie thinks the tilly/Ric thing is the problem, Tilly insists that it?s actually Henry & Ric. Tilly suggests that she thinks Ric & henry could be V good friends - if they just talk to each for a couple of minutes. Cassie & Tilly then agree to a plan to get Ric & henry to be friends.

Intercut sequence - Cassie (at Noah?s) and Tilly (at Hunter house) successfully convince Ric & Henry (respectively) that the other boy wants to be friends - and meet at the diner later.

Diner - Jesse enter and he asks Josie how see is. Josie says she is OK before she exits. At one of the tables, Ric wonders to Cassie what is going on (as Ric & Tilly aren?t there yet). Morag then approaches Ric, and she tells Ric that she was NOT pleased with the way Ric behaved when he met Martha. Morag insists that they will be having (further) words later. As Morag walks away, henry & Tilly arrive and sit at the table with Ric & Cassie. There?s an awkwardness about the situation - before Martha rushes into the diner, and tells Ric that Sally is in hospital. Ric is shocked. As Ric & Martha exit the diner, Morag insists on driving them to the hospital, and colleen asks to be kept informed

Hospital - The doctor explains to Flynn that Sally has a blood clot on her oxipital lobe - which is affecting her vision etc. Flynn suggests that they REALLY should have done tests on sally?s head last week, but the doctor insists that they really can?t worry about that now. Doctor asks Flynn for his consent to operate on sally (a surgeon is set to go ahead with the procedure). Flynn is concerned about them "drilling into sally?s head" - but he knows that it?s the only way to save her life, so Flynn agrees to give consent for the procedure. Morag, Martha & Ric enter the room, and Flynn explains the situation. Ric is partic affected by what?s happening to sally - and when he asks Flynn if sally will be OK, Flynn says that he doesn?t know.

After ad break - Flynn is in sally?s hospital room. She has been taken away fro the operation, and Flynn is clearly V stressed about the situation. In the corridor, Martha tells Ric that she knows what he?s going through. Ric disagrees, but Martha tells Ric she was there when a tractor that her adopted mum was operating tipped over on top of Martha?s adopted mum. Ric is totally more understanding when Martha tells him that her adopted mum passed away before the ambulance arrived. Martha continues by saying that she?s glad that her mum knew that Martha was there for her (and loved her) until the very end. Martha insists that herself, and alf, are "there" for Ric - if he wants them to be.

Noah?s - Jesse is pleased when Alf tells him that Sally has found in time so she could be operated on. Jesse then wonders who this Martha that Alf mentioned is - and Alf introduces Jesse to Martha (McKenzie). Alf says that he'll later explain to Jesse just how Martha is his grand daughter

Hospital - Sally is back in her room after the operation. The doctor explains to Flynn what occurred in surgery. Whilst Flynn is explaining things to sally, we (sometimes) see things from sally?s blurred vision POV. Ric then enters the room (we see him from sally?s POV) and although Ric doesn?t say anything, it?s clear that he?s ecstatic that sally is OK.

Noah?s - Colleen is not pleased with Alf & Jesse?s lack of community spirit - when they tell her that they can?t attend the murder mystery party. Colleen however praises Martha for saying that she?ll attend. After colleen exits, Jesse thanks Martha when she helps him with something at the bar. Because of this, Jesse offers Martha some shifts at the bar - and Jesse is even more intrigued by Martha when she says that she could pull a beer before she could drive - as she used to work in her cousin?s bar. (Note - it?s V clear that Jesse is interested in Martha). As alf exits to go to the hospital, Josie hears Sally?s name - and Alf tells her what has happened.

Hospital - Sally realises that someone is in her room. She calls out wondering if it?s Flynn, but as the person gets closer to her bed, sally?s instinct "kicks in" and she begins to REALLY worry. We see most of this from sally?s burred POV - and we hear what sounds like a scuffle between sally & the stalker. In the corridor, Flynn sees (and hears) the emergency alarm has activated for Sally?s room, so he & Zoe rush into Sally?s room. Sally insists to Flynn that the stalker was in her room. Flynn doesn?t seem to believe her, ie he thinks the operation etc is still affecting Sally, but Zoe does have to pick up sally?s drip that is lying on the floor. (Note - remember that TV WEEK mentioned that the stalker tampered with the drip).

After ad break - Flynn & Zoe are just outside Sally?s room. Flynn thinks that Sally is hallucinating etc because of the brain operation. Josie approaches flyyn - and he says that she can go in and see Sally. When Josie enters, Sally tells Josie that she knows Flynn doesn?t believe her, but Josie insists that she DOES believe what Sally is saying (about the stalker etc)

Diner - Josie approaches Morag, who isn?t keen on going over old ground (Josie in Marc?s house when stalker was also in there), but Josie is able to convince Morag to speak to peter about this. Meanwhile, Cassie & tilly decide to bail from the table that are sitting at (they have "make up issues") but they only go as far as the entrance of the diner - and they peer inside whilst henry & Ric begin talking to each other (Cassie & Tilly are really pleased by this development)

Noah?s - Morag approaches peter with a "hypothetical" based on what happened when Josie was in Marc?s house. Peter works out that it?s Josie that Morag is referring to. Morag, however, is forced to concur that no court with "go with" Josie?s suspicion when there?s a mountain of evidence that says that Marc is the stalker.

Diner - Ric, Henry, Cassie & Tilly are talking - and they all seem to be all friends now. All 4 get up and are about to exit when Martha & Alf enter. Alf introduces Martha to Cassie & the others, but Martha says that she & Cassie have already met - Martha adds that Cassie is "a good cyclist". Cassie, Tilly & henry exit, and then Ric & Alf begin to mend their differences - Ric even agrees to go on the camping trip that they?d planned before Roo?s accident.

Hospital - Sally INSISTS that the stalker IS still on the loose, but Flynn doesn?t believe her.

Somewhere - the stalker is looking at the info about the murder mystery party, and we can see bits & pieces of the BOMB (end of ep)


Robbie?s newfound fame is causing BIG problems between himself & Tash, whilst Marc encounters the stalker at the murder mystery party (note - from Josie?s attire, I?d say her character for the murder mystery thing is that of a madam/scarlet woman)

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