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Monday 28 March 2005 - "Is A Hayley/Plank Baby An Inevitability??

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Home and Away : Is A Hayley/Plank Baby An Inevitability ???

By Josie Tash

Noah?s - Scott & hayley are kissing when the ep begins. Scott then tells hayley that he can?t believe that he almost lost her. When hayley asks, Scott says that Lisa told her the truth about her husband etc, and he decided that he couldn?t be her "piece on the side". Scott continued by saying that she couldn?t do that, because he LOVES hayley, not Lisa.

Leah?s - Dan tries to light his old BBQ, without luck. Leah comes onto the back patio and shows dan the wedding invitations. Both dan & Leah go back inside, and Ryan (still on back patio) sees them kissing. Ryan does NOT look impressed.

Noah?s - Scott tells hayley that he still can?t believe that this (*hayley/scott) is real. Hayley wonders what will happen now - and both agree to take things as they come. Scott tells hayley that he?s got to go home and break the news to Beth & Co. hayley offers to be there when he does this, but scott insist that Hayley?s already seen him enough when he?s acting silly, so he wants to do this on his own.

Hunter house - Beth & Tasha aren?t exactly keen on the "overboard" way that Robbie is reacting to the news that the producer of the ad he?ll be in will be meeting Robbie really soon. Beth is then rather surprised when Scott enters the house. Beth enquires as to what has happened.

Leah?s - Leah congratulates hayley now that she & Scott are together. Dan eneters that room - and he says that he has to go out, as whatever he?s holding in his hand is passe it?s used by date. Hayley asks if she can get a lift with dan. Leah, however, is keen on getting all the scott/hayley details now, but hayley insists that she needs to go home - as she is tired, and she?s enjoying a rare "slow" night at Noahs). When dan & Leah exit, Ryan asks Leah why his mum isn?t invited to the wedding (Ryan is holding wedding invitations, btw). Leah tries to explain that it?s V awkward for an ex to see their former spouse gets married - and that America is a long way to come for a wedding. Ryan then wonders why HE (also form USA) is invited to the wedding later this year, Ryan isn?t convinced by Leah?s (simple) explanation that ryan is Dan?s son, so ryan exits the house and appears to be V depressed when he stops walking on the back patio.

Hunter house - whilst Beth is V pleased that scott has "seen the light" about Hayley (and Lisa), Beth is alos V concerned about how Robbie is reacting to the news, ie Robbie says that he hopes the break up doesn?t affect him featuring in the commercial that Lisa has arranged. When Robbie & Tash leave the room, Scott admits that it was his pride that stopped him from ending things with Lisa. When Beth enquires, Scott says that hayley admitting that she has feelings for Scott was the real turning point. Beth is pleased that Scott?s pride didn?t get the better of him - she added that many marriages have occurred because of this.

Leah?s - Dan tries again to light THAT BBQ, but he decides that it?s a lost cause and "regrettably" has to decide to go out to get some pizza. After Leah agrees to prepare a salad whilst dan is out getting the pizzas, Leah asks Ryan to keep an eye on VJ. Ryan, who wanted to go with dan, trudges onto the back patio and knocks the wedding invites AND the cooking plate of Dan?s BBQ onto the ground. This gives Ryan an idea - and he grabs the nearby matches and sets alight the wedding invitations (with VJ in V close proximity).

After break - Leah charges out onto the patio when she hears VJ crying. Leah is shocked to see that a fire is alight. Ryan insists that he was truing to keep VJ away - but the burn of VJ?s hand muchly suggests otherwise. As Leah rushes VJ inside, and places his burnt hand under running water, Ryan tries to apologise but Leah SOOO doesn?t believe it (as she is sure the fire etc was intentional.

Hunter house - Beth, Tash & scott are watching TV when Robbie enters the room and asks their opinion of his outfit (a Superman t shirt, black jacket & red bandanna) that he?s wearing to the meeting with the person involved with the ad. Beth & the others are V sceptical of Robbie?s OTT attitude about the whole thing, and Beth is astonished when Robbie answers the phone "Robert Hunter speaking" - before Robbie reverts back to the way he?s been speaking for the last few days (as it sounded last the ad person wasn?t keen on the whole "Robert hunter" thing.

Diner - Plank isn?t exactly sharing Robbie?s enthusiasm (about Robbie making it big) when Robbie tells him that he?s going to be doing an ad for the Yabby creek doughnut shop. A woman (wearing glasses) approaches the table where Robbie, plank & Tash are sitting. The woman introduces herself as Megan, and she shakes plank?s hand. Plank then corrects her - and tells Megan that it was Robbie she spoke to on the phone earlier etc. Megan responds by saying that she?s not yet seen a photo of Robbie - she?s just going on "word of mouth" from Lisa that Robbie will be great from this ad

Hospital - dan arrives and wonders to Leah how VJ is. When Leah explains what happened, dan is V not pleased with Ryan, despite Ryan insisting that he is sorry.

Beach house- hayley answers the phone. She is pleased that it?s Scott. The new couple are having a V "lovey dovey" conversion, but mid phone call, hayley hears a knock at the back door. When hayley opens the door, she is V pleased to see that it?s scoot. Hayley (still speaking into phone - with Scott right in front of her) says that she has to end the phone call, as a hot guy has just arrived at her place.

Diner - As Megan tells Robbie the details of the ad shoot, he appears to be V bored bout his role in the ad. When Megan leaves the diner, Robbie "talks things up" again to plank & Tash. When plank jokingly mocks Robbie about the ad, Robbie insists that every star HAS to start somewhere.

Beach house - scott tells hayley that he?s V surprised/pleased at how Beth has been about all this - and hayley insists that both she & Beth didn?t want to "loose" Scott. Hayley & scott then kiss - and plank enters the house whilst they are doing so. Plank says that he?s V happy that hayley & Scott are together - and he jokingly says that he wasn?t able to "put up with" Hayley, which is why hayley/plank broke up. Hayley then looks V sheepish when Scott says that he?s glad nothing happened between hayley/plank.

Leah?s - As Leah puts VJ in his room, ryan tries to explain to dan that he didn?t mean for anything to happen to VJ. Dan tells Ryan to go to his room. When Ryan says "no", dan ANGRILY tells him (once more) to go to his room. Dan says that he HATES dan, before Ryan does actually comply with his dad?s instruction.

Beach house - Scott is plaesed when plank finally gets out of the shower. When Scott goes into the bathroom, hayley & plank talk about their night together - Plank insists that Scott doesn?t need to know, as scott/hayley weren?t a couple when hayley/plank slept together.

Hunter house - Beth & Tash become increasingly worried about how Robbie is dealing with this newfound fame.

Leah?s - Dan is in the kitchen when Ryan enters. Dan explains the possible ramifications of Ryan?s actions (inc. burning the house down) before dan sends Ryan to his room once more. (Note - dan appears to be in a total quandary about what to do with Ryan).

Beach house - hayley wonders what Scott has planned when he says he?s arranged a GREAT official 1-st date for them tomorrow. When hayley asks, Scott suggests that she can wear anything she likes to the date. Scott then heads for home - and hayley looks as though she REALLY can?t wait for tomorrow.

Leah?s - It is V late at night when dan finally decides to go to bed. Not long after dan does so, Ryan exits his room. Ryan then leaves the house via the back door - and he has a backpack with him. (end of ep)


Hayley & Scott enjoy a V romantic date, whilst Josie is V eager (still) to get back together with Jesse.

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