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Wednesday 9 March 2005 - Impassioned Wake Up Call

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Impassioned Wake Up Call

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

AT the van park house, Ric offers to make Flynn breakfast, but Flynn seems to be ignoring him (as Flynn tends to baby pippa). Ric then tells Flynn about sally crying & fleeing the classroom yesterday - and Flynn clearly can?t hear what he?s hearing.

Out the diner, Leah suggests that Dan should contact Jesse - and they should maybe go abseiling together. Colleen then approaches. She asks for the afternoon off - as she wants to attend a committee meeting for the Miss groper pageant. Leah & Dan are surprised that the council was approved the rebirth of the pageant. Colleen than ask if Dan & Leah will become committee members but both baulk at the suggestion, ie "we don?t know about such things - should get experts" etc. colleen is most annoyed at their lack of enthusiasm. As colleen, and then Leah, walks away, Dan phone rings. When he answers the phone, Dan is surprised that it?s his ex wife - who has a V big favour to ask him.

At the van park house, sally enters the room, and Flynn apologises for his recent behaviour esp. in light of what Ric told him. Flynn tries to make things up to Sally, but she insists that she just doesn?t trust Flynn any more. All this off course frustrates Flynn.

At the diner, Dan is still on the phone as he enters. When he gets off the phone he tries to tell Leah some important news (fro the phone call) but then colleen arrives in the kitchen and tells Leah that a bus full of tourists has just arrived. Leah panics a little - as she thought that the bus tour booking was next week, but Leah quickly gets down to business (and she doesn?t want to loose this lucrative new bus tout contract.

A rather confidant Beth enters SBH, and speaks to Hyde about herself feeling a lot better that she was yesterday (and this clearly isn?t just an act).

Nearby, Robbie is looking at his dream car in a magazine. When henry asks, Robbie says that he?s sure that he?ll win that video ad comp that he entered. Henry then pries open Ric?s locker - and begins to investigate what?s inside. Henry is shocked to find a syringe !!!! Henry goes to Hyde, and insists that Ric HAS to be kicked out of school now, because of the drugs. Hyde says that there?s more to this than henry realises. Henry however is NOT pleased, ie he says something akin to "Teflon Ric gets away with something else".

AT the van park house, Sally & Flynn are (verbally) fighting when Ric enters the room. Beth sally & Flynn apologise for their action, but Ric clearly just want to leave the house, and let sally & Flynn deal with their issues.

When Ric had exited the house, Flynn suggests that perhaps he should move out for a while, to give sally some space. Sally is clearly taken aback by Flynn?s suggestions. Flynn then suggests they continue this conversation this afternoon, because sally will be late for school otherwise.

At the diner, Leah, colleen etc are busy trying to get all the tourists satisfied - whilst a bratty pre teen boy dislikes his food so much that he pushes his plate off the table and it falls onto the floor. Colleen goes to clean up the mess, whilst Dan offers to help out. Leah is initially dismissive, but she then agrees to let him - allow she does add, "don?t break anything".

At SBH, Ric confronts henry when he sees that his locker is open. When henry "enquires", Ric insists that the needle is for his diabetes. Henry doesn?t believe this ("I?ve got friends with diabetes etc), but Ric insists that the needle henry found as an emergency back up. Ric then insists that henry should look through all of his things (for drugs), but when Ric pushes the contents of his locker onto the floor Tilly is shocked to find Plank?s 18+ card and watch. Robbie, who is standing behind Ric, then "wakes up" to the whole situation, ie Robbie verbally blasts Ric about the anguish he suffered because of the needle stick injury - and whilst Robbie is doing this, he grabs Ric by the shirt collar and shoves him hard against the locker. Hyde & Beth then arrive - and break things up.

A the beach (near diner), Beth approaches Robbie - who tells Beth that it?s all Ric?s fault that Robbie almost "lost" Tasha & his family. Beth then tries to console her son.

AT SBH, sally tells Ric that she believes him when he says that he would have told Robbie about the needles if he?d known about the situation. Sally also says that she believes Ric when he said that he only took plank?s watch etc so he could survive. Sally however insists that it will take a lot longer for him to convince the hunter family of his actions.

Ric then exits the classroom, and Tilly verbally blasts him, Ric insists that this (Robbie thing) has got nothing to do with her, and Ric suggests that he & Tilly not talk to each other again.

AT the diner, Leah is trying to deal with THAT bratty kid, who is using with spoon as a catapult. Leah is alos esp. trying to impress that not so happy looking bus driver. Leah & colleen then re-enter the kitchen, and colleen complains that the bratty kid has rejected 3 meals now. Dan looks at the boy in question, and has a V knowing look on his fave. Seconds later, Dan places a new dish (a chocolate topping coated smiley face that is made out of fruit) in front of the boy. The child?s mum cannot believe that Dan has created something which involves fruit which the boy actually likes - and she asks if Dan is married, to which Leah responds with a cheeky grin. Dan tells Leah that this is a sign (see below) and then bus driver approaches. Leah tells driver that they can talk after she finishes serving the last of the bus passengers. When Leah enters the kitchen, she tells Dan (and colleen) that she thinks they?ll have to add "Dan Cakes" to the menu.

At SBH, Tilly is verbally blasting Ric (AGAIN) and he insists that this (Tilly attacking him) has got nothing to do with Robbie (which is what Tilly is claiming). As Tilly walks away, Ric garbs her arm, and henry takes offence to this. Henry pushes Ric, and a grudge match ensues, which ends with Ric falling over and hitting his head on a cupboardthat is in the classroom. Hyde & sally enter the room, and demand that someone should call a doctor. When Ric "comes to", he is taken out of the room, whilst Hyde tells henry that he?s on dentention for 2 weeks. When Henry takes offence to this, Beth suggests that henry REALLY should quit whilst she?s behind.

On the beach (in front of diner), Leah sits next to Dan. She tells him that the diner now has a brand new monthly contract (ie the bus tour company). Dan then (finally) tells Leah that his ex wants Dan to take care of their son Ryan for a while. Leah says that she & Dan must talk about this, but Dan tells her that his ex has already booked the plane tickets - and his son (Ryan) will be in Oz in a few days !!!

Ric & sally enter the van park house, and Flynn wonders how Ric is feeling. Sally & flyyn then secretly talk about their arrangement, but things are bought into the open when Ric sees Flynn?s suitcases. Ric then launches into a V impassioned speech about how GREAT a couple that sally & flynn - esp. how they care about each other, and him, more that Ric?s own parents ever did. Ric insists that sally & Flynn should try whatever it takes to stay together.

After the ad break, sally & Flynn are on the back patio of the van park house. They talk about what Ric has said - and both agree that they CAN get through this, but only if Flynn DOESN"T move out. Sally & Flynn then hug, and, appropriately, this is witnessed by Ric - who is holding baby pippa in his arms. (end of ep)


Hayley & Scott are locked in store room at Noah?s overnight, and Josie tells Peter that she thinks she knows who the stalker is (you don?t need to be a brain surgeon to think that Josie suspects that it?s her nemesis, Marc)

By J T

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