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Tuesday 8 March 2005 - Leah's Somewhat Intriguing Move

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Leah?s Somewhat Intriguing Move

(Ep screened in Australia on Tuesday 8 March 2005 - Episode # 3912)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

Near the wharf, Flynn does his warm up exerices before he begins to run. Seconds later, Jesse calls out (from behind flyyn). Flynn stops and wonders why Jesse is running today. Jesse says that he always runs in the morning - and today should be no different. The two begin to run - and then flynn tries to talk about the jess/Josie situation, but Jesse insists that if flynn isn?t there to (just) run, Jesse will go elsewhere - so flynn shuts up and they (just) run.

Josie at in her Flat, and she looks terrible. Tash arrives at the door and asks that Josie let her in. Josie does so - and Tash (totally in tears) says that she?s really sorry for what happened, as she never actually meant to say anything, ie the words just "came out". Josie insist to Tash that she shouldn?t have said anything (no matter what) as Josie told her that marc info in the strictest of confidence. Tash then wonders if Josie thinks that she and Jesse can get back together. Josie says, "of course we can" (but Josie sounds soooooo fake when she says this). Tash tells Josie that she will try to talk to Jesse about what?s happened - and try to sort things out. Josie is encouraged by this. Btw, Tash is teary eyed throughout the scene, and she is in her SBH uniform.

At the van park house, Flynn returns from his run. Sally says that there?s only enough bacon & eggs for her & Ric - so Flynn says that we?ll just get some toast. Comments from sally, however, leads Flynn to (seconds later) says that he?s going to have a shower before breakfast. When Flynn exits the room, Ric suggests to sally that sally & Flynn don?t have to play happy family?s just becasuse he?s there, but sally insists that she & Flynn will work things out - eventually.

AT the hunter house, Beth waves Robbie, Tilly & henry off as they head for school. She then opens a letter that she got in the post today. When Beth sees the letter, she is MOST shocked.

AT the beach (near diner), Jesse is on the phone - he?s talking to someone about quickly preparing a letter of some sort. Whilst Jesse is on the phone, Tasha see him - and when the call ends, Tasha approaches Jesse. Tash tries to talk to Jesse, trying to convince him that Josie rally does love him V much. Jesse doesn?t want to hear a word of this - and tells Tasha that there is 10000000% NO CHANCE that he & Josie will get back together - esp. since he was SOOOOO publicly humiliated. As Jesse walks away, Tash is clearly distressed (that she couldn?t undo the damage).

AT SBH, Ric approaches Tilly and tries to talk to her. Henry tells him to get lost, but Ric insists that he?s there to talk to Tilly. Tilly, however, also says that she doesn?t want to talk to him - esp. in light of him dumping her. Ric tries to explain that he believe they weren?t ever a couple, but Tilly MUCHLY disagrees with this. As Tilly & henry walk away from Ric, we see Hyde walking passed them. Hyde then tries to say hello to both Beth & sally, but both woman (separately) charge past him - muchly dealing with their own issues.

At Noah?s, Jesse is tending the bar when Leah enters. She tries to console Jesse/talk to him about what happened, but Jesse makes it clear that he wants Leah to leave. Jesse esp. hates that Leah is there because, like Josie, Leah CHEATED on him - and Leah FINALLY takes the hint and exits.

At SBH, Ric & Henry are about to come to blows (after henry took offence to Ric trying to talk to Tilly) when Beth enters the corridor - and verbally blasts them. Hyde hears the commotion and enters the corridor. He insists that Ric & henry go to his office. Hyde then follows Beth into one of the classrooms. Beth tells Hyde that she doesn?t usually act that way - and ads that she got the divorce papers from Rhys today. Hyde suggests that Beth can take the rest of the day off, but Beth insists that working keeps her mind active (ie it stops her from thinking of the finality of the divorce papers).

Outside the diner, colleen is rabbiting on about the miss groper pageant to sally, who isn?t listening to a word colleen is saying. Sally sees Flynn approaching (he?s pushing baby pippa in her pram), so sally get up and quickly agrees to help colleen with the pageant (to shut her up I think). When Flynn ask if they can talk, Sally says that she has to get back to school.

Inside the diner, Leah tells colleen that she?s back late to work because she was talking to Jesse. Colleen makes it quite clear that she thought that Leah doing this was a pretty futile idea.

Sally returns to the van park house - to get something that she needs for school. Flynn suggests that they?ve got to start discussing their problems at some point. Flynn ads that he?s knows that he?s made mistakes but he feels that he?s the only one trying to mend the lift. Sally takes offence to this, ie "you caused the problem, but I have to fix it up". Baby pipa then cries, and flynn takes sally?s response ("great") to mean that he?s in the wrong AGAIN. Sally insists that that isn?t what she meant, but Flynn continues to exit the room (to tend to pippa).

AT SBH, the verbal sparring between Ric & Henry continues, as sally enters the room. Sally then begins to talk about the political subtext of "Romeo & Juliet", but tilly (who?s mad at Ric) counters this, ie Tilly says that there is no such thing as true love for men (incl. Romeo) - it?s all just one big competition for the male of our species. Sally fights Tilly?s arguments, esp. by saying that Romeo proves his love by dieing, but Tilly isn?t ready to concede defeat in this battle. Finally, sally decides that she can?t takes any more - and she exits the room in tears. Once sally is out in the corridor, she starts totally balling her eyes out. Hyde sees sally crying, and tries to comfort her. He also wonders what?s going on - but sally doesn?t say anything (as she?s still crying).

Tash goes to Josie?s flat, and Josie is keen to know how things went with Jesse. Josie is devastated when Tash says that Jesse doesn?t want to have anything to do with her. (Btw, Josie was drinking when Tasha arrives). Both Tasha & Josie hear a knock on the door - and Tasha answers it. A delivery man asks Tash to sign for a letter. Tash does this, and then Tash gives the letter to Josie. To say Josie is SHOCKED when she reads the rather official looking letter is an understatement, ie Josie?s exact words were "he can?t do this".

Josie goes to Noahs where she tells Jesse that he just can?t ditch her from the "Noah?s bar" partnership. Jesse insists that he can - as hayley will no doubt be on his side (and Josie will be out voted 2-1). As Josie pleads for them to try and work things out, Jesse sharply tells Josie that the best thing that she can do is to LEAVE TOWN. Josie then exits the room in tears.

The episode ends with a montage, ie we intercut between the van park house (sally & flyyn are at the table - and sooooo not talking); Noah?s (Jesse is trying to drink himself to oblivion - but Leah arrives, takes the bottle off him, and they hug); Josie?s flat (Josie carefully folds & places her wedding garments back in their boxes); and the hunter house (Beth signs the divorce papers - and then joins Robbie, tilly & henry who are playing, ironically enough "the game of life").


Sally & Flyyn are TOTALLY at breaking point

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