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Undenying Love

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Story Title: Undenying Love
Type of story:  Short/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Ziggy, Vincent [My character], Brody, Maggie, Coco and Ben
BTTB rating: G
Genre: Romance, Drama,
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Sexual content
Summary: When Ziggy is admitted to hospital and is a patient of the new Doctor in town. She takes an instant liking to him and this causes Brody to get Jealous. Will Sparks fly between Ziggy and the mystery Doctor? Does Brody have a right to be jealous 


Chapter 1

[Ziggy is getting wheeled into hosptail by the ambos]

Vincent: What have we go?

Ambo: This is Ziggy Astoni she fainted. She have a tender abo and is in a lot of pain. She also hit her head. Her Bp is 90/60.

Vincent: Thanks guys


[The ambos wheel Ziggy into room one where Jasmine and Tori is waiting]

Ziggy: It hurts

Vincent: Alright Ziggy I going to give you something for the pain

Jasmine: Morphine 

Vincent: 2.5 lots until her pain stops

[Jasmine draws up the morphine and Tori checks it before giving it to Ziggy]

Tori: Do you want me to call your family or Brody?

Ziggy: No please don't 

Tori: Ok but don't you think they should know

Ziggy: I said no

Vincent: Dr Morgan stop pressuring her

Tori: Fine

Ziggy: Thank you doctor

Vincent: Ziggy my name Vincent West but just call me Vincent

Ziggy: Well thanks Vincent

Vincent: Can you two give us a minute

Jasmine: Sure

[Jasmine and Tori walk out]


[Jasmine sees Tori get her phone]

Jasmine: What are you doing

Tori: Texting Brods and her parents they need to know what going on

Jasmine: She wont like this

Tori: I don't care they are her family and they need to be here

[Tori texts then]

Jasmine: When they get here you better explain to Ziggy what your done

[Jasmine walks away]


[Vincent is checking Ziggy over]

Ziggy: Thanks again for stopping her before

Vincent: I could tell she was getting on your nervous

Ziggy: Yeah she was but that normal for her

Vincent: You know her

Ziggy: Yeah that what happens when you live is a small town everyone knows everyone

Vincent: Great I got that to look forward to. Can I feel your abdomen?

Ziggy: Sure

[Ziggy lifts her top and Vincent feels it]

Vincent: You do have some tenderness there. I will book a ultrasound and take a look at what could be causing the pain. I will also book a head CT to make sure you have no head problems

Ziggy: Thanks doctor. So when did you move here?
Vincent: Today. Come up from the city this morning and renting a small house near the beach

Ziggy: Well this place takes a while to get used to but i'm sure you will love it

Vincent: I think I will


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Chapter 2

[Tori waiting in the waiting room when Brody, Maggie, Ben and Coco walk in]

Brody: Where is she

Tori: With the doctor

Maggie: What happened 

Tori: She fainted and have abdomen pain

Brody: Why aren't you with her

Tori: Got kicked out besides be thankful I contacted you when she didn't want anyone here

Coco: Why doesn't she want anyone here

Tori: I don't know maybe she will tell you guys

Ben: We try. Where is she 

Tori: Room one

Brody: Thanks


[Ziggy is the room and Vincent does an ultrasound]

Ziggy: So what the issue

Vincent: Your appendix have burst

Ziggy: So surgery

Vincent: Yeah i'm sorry we going to have to take then out

[Ziggy tears up]

Vincent: What wrong 

Ziggy: I'm scared Vincent

Vincent: It a simple operation 

Ziggy: I never had one. I need you to promise me something

Vincent: Anything

Ziggy: Come to threatre with me just until I am asleep

[Vincent grabs Ziggy hand and holds it as Maggie, Brody, Coco and Ben walk in]

Vincent: I promise you I will be here every step of the way

Ziggy: Thank you

[Vincent smiles and Ziggy smiles back]

Brody: Zig what happened 

Ziggy: I told Tori not to call you

Brody: Well she did

Vincent: She shouldn't have broken the rules. I'm sorry Ziggy

Ziggy: Not your fault

Brody: You stay out of this

Ziggy: Brods he involved ok he is my doctor and he knows what best

Maggie: You should have told us

Ziggy: Seriously guys i'm fine

Brody: Then why did the doctor have to promise he be here for you every step of the way

Ziggy: I just having my appendix out Im fine ok

Ben: Your not fine

Ziggy: Just leave me alone all of you

Brody: We your family

Vincent: You heard Ziggy leave

Ben: Who even are you

Vincent: Dr Vincent West

Maggie: Alright we leave you to it

[Ben, Maggie and Brody walks out and Coco stays back]

Coco: Promise me that you will be ok

Ziggy: Promise

[Coco smiles at Ziggy and Vincent then walks out]

Vincent: You ok

Ziggy: I should be asking you that i'm so sorry about my family

Vincent: It fine honestly

Ziggy: You sure

Vincent: Yeah

[Ziggy grabs Vincent hand]

Ziggy: What your family like?
Vincent: Complete opposite of yours.

Ziggy: Yes my family overprotective I wish I had laid back parents

Vincent: Yeah well it good cause they so supportive of me moving here

Ziggy: So you got many patients'

Vincent: No it not busy so I only have you

Ziggy: I feel lucky

Vincent: If anyone lucky I am to have you as my patient

[Vincent smiles at Ziggy and she smiles back]

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Chapter 3

[Ziggy is getting wheeled to theatre and she squeezing Vincent hand tightly. Brody, Maggie, Coco and Ben see her]

Ben: Where are you taking her

Vincent: She going to surgery 

Brody: Then I coming with her

Vincent: You cant doctors only

Brody: Since when that been a rule

Vincent: Always

Ziggy: Please Brody I have Vincent I will be fine

Brody: Fine 

Coco: I love you Ziggy

Ziggy: Love you too Coco Pops

Maggie: We be here when you wake up

[Ziggy looks at Vincent]

Ziggy: Lets go

[Vincent walks holding Ziggy hand as the orderly wheel Ziggy towards theatre]


[Brody, Ben, Coco and Maggie are in the waiting room]

Brody: It getting on my nervous but she letting this doctor in and not us

Ben: Same

Maggie: Guys it his job to look after her

Brody: She wont let us see her

Maggie: Maybe she doesn't want you to see her in pain

Ben: She still should talk to us I mean to made the doctor promise her something

Coco: Guys your overthinking it 

Brody: I don't think we are Coco


[Ziggy is laying on a bed in theatre about to get stuff to put her to sleep]

Ziggy: Can you hold my hand 

Vincent: Of course

[Vincent grabs her hand and holds it]

Ziggy: You must think I such a kid

Vincent: I don't think that and I promise I will be here when you wake up

Ziggy: You don't need to do that

Vincent: I know but I want to

Ziggy: Thanks well I owe you a drink when I get out

Vincent: I don't expect you to buy me a drink

Ziggy: But I want to

[Doctors give her stuff that makes her goes to sleep and Vincent looks at Ziggy and smiles as she is now completely asleep]

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[Tori walks over to Brody]

Tori: She out of theatre

Brody: Can I see her

Tori: She in recovery but when she comes back down here you can

Brody: How long will that be

Tori: About twenty minutes

Brody: Can you let me know when she coming

Tori: Of course


[Ziggy is really tired but opens her eyes and see Vincent there]

Vincent: Hey sleepy head

Ziggy: Hey how long have you been here

Vincent: About 20 minutes

'Ziggy: Thanks for staying

Vincent: Of course

Ziggy: How did the surgery go

Vincent: Really good no issues

[Ziggy grabs Vincent hand]

Ziggy: Thanks for everything I would be a mess if it wasn't for you

[Vincent holds Ziggy hand]

Vincent: I just glad I could be a help

Ziggy: Well you are a huge help and I owe you a meal

Vincent: No you don't 

Ziggy: But I do

[Ziggy smiles and holds Vincent hand]

Ziggy: You kept me calm when I thought no one else could

Vincent: Well you made my first day a great one so thanks

Ziggy: Don't mention it 

[The orderly walks over]

Orderly: We taking you back to the ward now

Ziggy: OK. Vincent can you come with me

Vincent: Of course

[Vincent holds Ziggy hand]


[Brody sees Ziggy gets wheeled back and gets up with Ben, Maggie and Coco following. Ziggy is pretty drowny and holding Vincent hand tightly]

Brody: Zig you ok

[Brody kisses her forehead and Ziggy turns away]

Vincent: She still drowny but after some sleep and a few days of rest in here she will be fine

[They arrive in Ziggy room with Ziggy still holding Vincent hand tightly]

Maggie: And the surgery 

Vincent: Went very well there wasn't any issues

Coco: Thanks Doctor for looking after my sister

Vincent: It my pleasure um

Coco: Coco

[Vincent holds Ziggy hand and with the other shakes Coco hand]

Vincent: Vincent West

Coco: Thanks so much for looking after Ziggy

Vincent: Anytime

Ben:  Yeah thanks so much

Ziggy: Can you guys go I need some rest

Maggie: Of course

[Ziggy still holding Vincent hand causing Brody to get even more annoyed]

Brody: I will stay with her

Ziggy: I just want to be myself besides I have Vincent so I will be fine

[Brody gets more annoyed]

Brody: I'm staying 

Vincent: NO your not leave and let her sleep.

Brody: She mine 

Vincent: Doctor orders leave now

[Coco smiles at Vincent before walking out with Maggie and Ben following Brody slowly walks out but stays outside the door]

Ziggy: Im sorry about my family

Vincent: It fine

Ziggy: Thanks for making then leave

[Vincent kisses Ziggy forehead which Brody sees and gets annoyed]

Vincent: It fine now get some sleep alright

Ziggy: You will stay here

Vincent: Of course

[Brody is even more annoyed and feels like going in then but Ben comes over and pulls him away]


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Chapter 5

3 Days later

[Vincent walks in Ziggy room as she packing up her stuff]

Vincent: Who picking you up

Ziggy: Um no one I can manage

Vincent: Well I can drop you home. My shift is over

Ziggy: Ok deal if I can get you that meal I owe you on the way

Vincent: We have a deal

[Vincent and Ziggy smile and shake each others hand]

Vincent: I will carry your bag and I driving 

Ziggy: No arguments here

[Vincent grabs Ziggy bag and walks out and Ziggy follows]


[Vincent and Ziggy arrive at the diner and go and sit at the table]

Vincent: Water views I like it

Ziggy: i'm glad now have anything of the menu i'm paying
Vincent: Ok then 

[Vincent smiles at Ziggy and looks at the menu as Alf walks over]

Alf: Ziggy sorry to interrupt

Ziggy: All good what can I do for you

[Vincent looks up]

Alf: Can you these forms to your dad when you next see him

Ziggy: Certainly. Oh Alf this is Dr Vincent West he just moved here. Vincent this is Alf Stewart he is a summer bay legend

[Alf and Vincent shake hands]

Vincent: Nice to meet you Alf

Alf: Likewise

[Alf walks away as Vincent and Ziggy smile and look at the menu while Leah, and Irene watch on]


[Alf walks over to Leah, and Irene]

Alf: What are you guys doing

Leah: Who that guy sitting with Ziggy

Irene: She looks happy to be with him

Alf: Well that Dr Vincent West he helped Ziggy when she was in hosptail 

Leah: I think he likes her

Alf: Everyone does

Irene: She means more then friends darl

Alf: Ziggy with Brody

Leah: We know but this guy hot

Alf: I'm going to leave you to it

[Alf walks out]


[Irene walks over to Ziggy and Vincent with a notepad]

Irene: Can I take your order

Ziggy: I will have a Hot Chocolate, A Chocolate muffin and the Big Breakfast please Irene

[Irene writes Ziggy order on her notepad]

Irene: And what would you like

Vincent: I have a Hot chocolate and the Big Breakfast

Irene: Sure darl

[Vincent smiles at Irene and she smiles back]

Ziggy: Irene this is Dr Vincent West. Vincent this is Irene she runs the place

Irene: Well it nice to meet you. Are you staying in the bay long?

Vincent: Yeah you too and yes I just moved here

Irene: Well if you ever need a feed you know where to come

Vincent: Yes I do thanks

[Irene smiles at Vincent and walks away]


[Ziggy and Vincent are sitting talking]

Ziggy: When do you work next

Vincent: I have a few days off to settle in

Ziggy: And meet the locals

Vincent: Yep I guess

Ziggy: Everyone nice once you know then

Vincent: Yeah I get that it just I moved from the last place because of major issues and I hope I don't have to leave here

Ziggy: I hope you don't to

Vincent: Friends

Ziggy: Yeah of course that not even a question

[Ziggy and Vincent hug]


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Chapter 6

[Ziggy and Vincent driveup and arrive at the farmhouse]

Ziggy: You can come in if your like

Vincent: Sure besides you aren't carrying your bags

Ziggy: Yes Doctor West

[Ziggy gets out of the car and Vincent does also he grabs Ziggy bags out of the back]


[Ziggy opens the farmhouse door and Vincent follows her in and enter the lounge room to see Brody, Coco, Maggie and Ben. Brody see Vincent and gets annoyed]

Brody: I could picked you up

Ziggy: it fine I owed Vincent a meal anyway

Vincent: Yeah the diner a good place

Maggie: It is

Ben: Are you liking the bay so far

Vincent: I haven't had time to look around yet

Ziggy: Well let get changed and have a shower and then I show you around

Vincent: You should be resting

Ziggy: I rested for a week besides I don't really want to stay here

Vincent: You twisted my arm that sounds great

Ziggy: I will go for a shower and get changed I should be about ten minutes

Vincent: It fine take as long as you need

[Ziggy walks out and smiles at Vincent]


[Vincent still standing up and Ben have just left the room]

Maggie: Come sit

Vincent: Ok

[Vincent sits next to Coco]

Coco: So how long have you been a doctor

Vincent: About 2 and a half years

Brody: My brother Mason a doctor he works at Northern Distracts have you met him yet

Vincent: I don't believe so

Brody: Is it really best for her to be showing you around

[Ziggy walks in wearing shorts and a top with swimwear underneath]

Ziggy: Ready to go

Vincent: Lets

[Brody looks at Vincent annoyed as Ziggy and Vincent walk out]


[Brody is talking to Ben in the kitchen]

Ben: Alright what up

Brody: She paying to much attention to Vincent

Ben: I noticed 

Brody: What he got but I dont

Ben: She loves you Brody she married to you

Brody: It just feels like since she met Vincent she been pushing me away more and more and letting him instead of me

Ben: I understand try to talking to her

Brody: I would if she ever home

Ben: Look just ask her to tell you what going on

Brody: Yeah if she honest with me

Ben: She will be

[Brody walks out]

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Chapter 7

[Vincent and Ziggy are walking along the surfclub]

Vincent: That Brody guy had a go at me for you showing me around

Ziggy: Just don't listen to him Vinnie

Vincent: Ok Zig I wont 

Ziggy: Do you want to get some icecream then go see the beach

Vincent: Of course lead the way

Ziggy: Follow me


[Ziggy and Vincent walk in to the juicebar where the icecream is]

John: Hey Ziggy what would you like

Ziggy: Vincent you order first it my shout

Vincent: Chocolate chip please

John: Sure I don't think I seem you around before

Vincent: I'm new in town

John: In that case it on the house

Vincent: You sure

John: Yeah. You got a good tour guide in Ziggy

Vincent: Yeah I do

[Vincent smiles at Ziggy]

Ziggy: I have plain Chocolate please

[John gives then their tub of icecream]


[Vincent and Ziggy arrive at the beach and Ziggy and Vincent sit on the sand as they eat]

Vincent: I could get used to this place

Ziggy: Then stay here please I don't want to lose you

Vincent: And I don't want to lose you

[They smile at each other as they eat the last scoop of icecream]

Ziggy: You have a little something

Vincent: Where

[Ziggy put her finger on Vincent face and wipes it off]

Ziggy: That better

Vincent: Now I not sure about you but I feel like a swim

Ziggy: Isnt it to soon after surgery

Vincent: Your coming Doctor orders

[Vincent stands up and grabs Ziggy hand and helps her up]


[Ziggy and Vincent run towards the ocean and jumps in Ziggy pushes Vincent in the water]

Vincent: I am gonna get you back

[Brody is walking along the beach and sees Vincent hug Ziggy before pushing then both in the water]

Ziggy: Nice one

Vincent: I do try

[Vincent stands up and carries Ziggy as they walk up into more waves]

Ziggy: Do you surf

Vincent: Not really

Ziggy: That a shame

Vincent: Well maybe I could come and watch you surf one day when i'm not working

Ziggy: I would love that

[Ziggy still getting carried by Vincent they are looking in to each other eyes and smiling at each other]

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Chapter 8

[Ziggy arrives at the farmhouse and sees Brody in the kitchen]

Ziggy: Hey

Brody: I saw you today with Vincent

Ziggy: So

Brody: He was flirting with my girlfriend

Ziggy: No he wasn't we were just hanging out and having fun

Brody: He was so flirting

Ziggy: He wasnt

Brody: Stay away from him

[They both start yelling]

Ziggy: He my friend and he saved my life that is not going to happen

Brody: And i'm your husband

Ziggy: You know what I over us fighting i'm going out

Brody: Stay here with me

Ziggy: I cant even look at you right now

[Ziggy walks out grabs her board and leaves the house]


[Ziggy arrives at the beach in her swimwear grabs her board and runs in the water and surfs some waves. Vincent arrives and watches her from the sand]


[Ziggy runs out of the water to see Vincent holding her towel]

Vincent: You were pretty good

Ziggy: Thanks I figured to get my anger out on the waves

[Vincent hands Ziggy her towel]

Vincent: Everything ok

[Ziggy wraps her towel around her waist]

Ziggy: Long story one I rather forget

Vincent: Well do you want to come have a look at my flat and have some takeout

Ziggy: That sounds amazing i'm so in

Vincent: Awesome lets go

[Vincent and Ziggy walk along the beach smiling and talking]

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Chapter 9

[Vincent unlocks his flat as him and Ziggy enter Ziggy still wearing her swimwear]

Vincent: I have some shirts hanging up in my cupboard you can put one on if you like

Ziggy: Yeah I will thanks

Vincent: My room down the hall to the left

Ziggy: Thanks


[Ziggy walks down the hall into Vincent room and opens his cupboard to see allot of shirt hanging there. she grabs a brown long sleeve one out and puts it on before having a quick look around his room]


[Ziggy walks out and looks in the lounge and kitchen for Vincent then sees him on the desk and walks out]

Vincent: You look better then I do in that shirt

[Ziggy smiles as she sits down]

Ziggy: Thanks I had a quick look around you have a great place

Vincent: Yeah I do

Ziggy: So what do you think of the bay

Vincent: I love it. How long have you been here

Ziggy: A bit over a year

Vincent: And you like it here

Ziggy: I didn't at first but now I do

Vincent: So do you want thai, Chinese, Fish and Chips or Pizza

Ziggy: Fish and chips sound great

Vincent: I call and order

Ziggy: Sounds great

Vincent: Should you call Maggie and let her know your staying for tea

Ziggy: Yeah I should


[Maggie at the farmhouse with Brody and Ben when her phone rings]

Maggie: Maggie Astoni

Ziggy: Mum it me I using a housephone

Maggie: Who's

Ziggy: Vincent's look I going to stay there for tea I need some timeout

Maggie: Ok Zig thanks for letting me know call me if you need a ride home

Ziggy: It's all good as Vincent going to drop me off

Maggie: See you when you get back

Ziggy: Bye mum

[Ziggy hangs up the phone and so does Maggie. Ben and Brody look at her]

Brody: Was that Ziggy is she ok

Maggie: Yeah it was she fine

Ben: Where is she

Maggie: Having tea at Vincent

Brody: Please tell me your joking

Maggie: No i'm not

Brody: So first he flirts with her and now they are having tea together

Maggie: Look Ziggy loves you

Brody: Right now I doubt that she chose to go to Vincent over me after we talked about the flirting

Ben: She didn't believe he was flirting 

Brody: No she didn't but if you saw it you would

Ben: I will talk to her when she gets home

Brody: The sooner he leaves the better

[Ben and Maggie look at Brody who is clearly upset and annoyed]

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Chapter 10

[Vincent and Ziggy are sitting eating Fish and Chips]

Ziggy: So do you have a girlfriend

Vincent: No I dont

[Ziggy eats a piece of fish]

Ziggy: That surprises me

Vincent: Why is that?
Ziggy: Because any girl would be lucky to have a nice, kind, Caring, supportive guy like you

Vincent: Even you

Ziggy: Yeah even me. I mean I have a guy so caught up in his work that its annoying

Vincent: Yeah even those i'm a doctor I hate getting caught up in the job like you need to have a life outside work

Ziggy: Yeah you do

Vincent: I feel like you know lots about me and I know nothing about you

Ziggy: if you get me a beer I will answer any question you ask about me

Vincent: Sounds good and I will clear away those dishes too

Ziggy: Awesome

[Vincent grabs his and Ziggy plates and walk inside]


[Brody is in the lounge room at the Astoni's when Coco walks in]

Coco: Is Ziggy back

Brody: Not Yet

Coco: Well it still early

Brody: I guess

Coco: You don't this guy do you

Brody: Vincent no I don't 

Coco: Why not

Brody: It just ever since she met him she had no time for me and then I saw him flirting with her

Coco: You think he likes her

Brody: I know he does

Coco: Then tell her

Brody: I did and it ended in a huge fight

Coco: Talk to her when she gets home I saw everything will get sorted

Brody: I Hope so

Coco: Good Luck

[Coco walks out]


[Vincent hands Ziggy a beer and one of his jumpers to put on over his shirt]

Ziggy: Thanks

Vincent: No problem

Ziggy: So what do you want to know

Vincent: Where do you work

Ziggy: At the garage with Justin and Dean

Vincent: You fix cars

Ziggy: Yeah I do

Vincent: I'm impressed

Ziggy: What else

Vincent: Hoddies, what you like to do whatever

Ziggy: Well I love surfing and fixing car as for my life story well I lived in the city then discovered when my family moved here that my boyfriend cheated on me and then decided the bay was for me that how I met Brody and the rest is history

Vincent: Right well you didn't deserve to be cheated on 

Ziggy: No I didn't 

Vincent: Well if I was with you I would never cheat on you

[Ziggy hugs Vincent]

Ziggy: Your a good guy Vinnie you deserve to be happy

Vincent: So do you

[Ziggy and Vincent keep hugging and Vincent kisses her check]

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