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The Love That is Forbidden

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Story Title:   The Love That is Forbidden
Type of story: Short/Medium Fic
Main Characters:  Selina, Steven, Irene, Sally, Pippa
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Family/Hurt/Comfort/Romance/Drama
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings:   Sexual scenes
Summary: This story is based around Selina and Steven and there relationship from the moment they meet to they start having feeling for the other and get together. This story will have some of the same things as the show and some not.  Also unlike the show I will have a scene of when they meet.


Chapter 1

[Pippa, Sally and Steven walk in the diner and Selina cleaning a table and spots then and walks over]

Selina: Hey Pippa, Hi Sal

Sally: Hey Selina would I be able to get a milkshake

Selina: Yeah for sure

Pippa: Oh sorry, Selina this Steven one of my other foster children.

[Steven and Selina shake hands]

Steven: Hi Selina it nice to meet you

Selina: Likewise

Steven: Have you been in the bay for long?
Selina: About a year. I'm guessing you lived here before

Steven: Yeah I have

Selina: Are you just visiting?
Steven: No, I'm staying for a while. I have got a job at Summer Bay High

Selina: What subject are you teaching?
Steven: Maths

Selina: One of the hardest subjects then

Steven: It isn't hard if you understand it

Selina: Well maybe if I had a teacher who was there to explain it to me I would understand it 

Steven: What grade are you?
Selina: 11

Steven: Well you in luck

Selina: Why?
Steven: I am replacing Mr Robins as your maths teacher and I promise to barely be away

Selina: Awesome well I cant wait for Maths to be explained to me now

Steven: I will do my best

Selina: Anyhow I let you guys have your drinks. I will see you around

Steven: Yeah see you around

Pippa: Come on let go and sit down

Sally: OK

Steven: Sure

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Chapter 2

[Selina is at school the next day at recess sitting there crying and Shannon and Sally is trying to calm her down]

Selina: I hate this. I hate every second of it

Shannon: I know this must be hard and that bullying sucks, but we will deal with this together I promise

Sally: You’re not alone in this Selina. You have us and Irene.

Selina: I know that. I am just not sure how much of more I can take, and I know Mr Fisher trying to talk to Montana parents but it not going to stop.

Shannon: Come on?

Selina: Where are we going?

Shannon: To talk to Mr Fisher again

Sally: Yeah it might help

Selina: Will you guys be in there with me?

Sally: If you want us there, of course we will be

Selina: I do, I cant do this alone

Shannon: Then we will be there with you, every step of the way

Sally: Let’s go and find Mr Fisher

[Sally, Selina and Shannon get up]


[Selina, Shannon and Sally walk inside and straight away see Mr Fisher]

Shannon: Mr Fisher

[Mr Fisher turns around]

Don: Selina is everything alright

Selina: It gotten worst Mr Fisher. I was wondering if I could talk to you about it

Don: Of course it is

Selina: Can Sally and Shannon come with me for moral support?

Don: Yes of course. Let’s go to my office.


Don leads the group into to the office and sits on the chair beside his desk and directs the girls to sit on the couch next to it]

Don: Look you guys have ten minutes as I must teach a class and you have one but if you need I will allow you to come back in at lunch and talk to me. So tell me Selina what been happening.

Selina: It gotten much worst. I can barely leave the house everywhere I go everyone talking about it what Montana said about me and Montana also started rumours about me

Don: What sort of rumours?

[Selina looks at Shannon and Sally]

Sally: She been saying that Selina is homeless and that because of that she broke and that why she looks like a mess and ugly everyday

[Selina tears up]

Selina: I thought I could handle it Mr Fisher but I can’t take it anymore

Don: The last time we spoke about this you didn’t mention this

Shannon: That because these rumours only started a week ago

Don: What are you meant to have now Selina?

Selina: Maths with Mr Matheson

Don: Is Montana in that class?

[Selina nods]

Don: Alright well is any of your friends in there with you?

Shannon: I am

Don: Sit next to her and look after her I will talk to Montana at lunch time

[Shannon nods]

Don: I will sort this out Selina I promise

Selina: Thank you Mr Fisher



[The class are sitting down in Maths Shannon and Selina next to each other , Jack and Curtis behind then and Montana in front of then when Steven walks in]

Steven: Good Morning everyone. My name Mr Matheson and I will be teaching you Maths from now on

[The class smile at Steven]

Steven: Now to start off with I thought we could get to know each other, well me getting to know you guys so here what going to happen. When I call your name you are going to stand up and tell me a few things about yourself. First up Jack Wilson

Jack: Hi I’m Jack I like playing basketball. My best friends are Curtis, Shannon and Selina and I live with Pippa and Michael Ross.

Steven: Alright thank you Jack, Shannon Reid your next

Shannon: I’m Shannon I live at the caravan park with Jack and Sally. My best friend is Selina and I am a writer

Steven: Thanks Shannon. Selina Roberts  your next

[Selina looks at Shannon]

Selina: I’m

[Montana cuts in]

Montana: She homeless and ugly

[Everyone apart from Jack, Curtis and Shannon laugh Steven looks annoyed and Selina stands up in tears and walks out of the classroom and slams the door]

Steven: Montana that isn’t nice

[Shannon raises her hand ]

Steven: Yes Shannon

Shannon: Can I please go and check on Selina?

Jack: Can Curtis and I go with her?

Steven: Ok of you three go and take as long as you need

[Shannon, Jack and Curtis walk out of the classroom]



[Shannon, Curtis and Jack walk outside to see Selina sitting on the basketball court crying and they run down and sit next to her]

Selina: I’m sorry

Jack: You don’t have to be if that was happening to me I would of done the same but way worst

Curtis: Me too

Selina: I just ruined Mr Matheson first day as well

Shannon: He will understand plus he already told Montana that wasn’t a nice thing to say

Selina: I have probably made a bad impression

Jack: If anyone have it her

Selina: I just couldn’t be in there while they were saying those things and laughing at me

Shannon: That understandable

Curtis: But for the record you aren’t ugly

[The three smile at Selina and she gives a little smile back]

Selina: Thanks guys. Did Mr Matheson say you could come out

[The lunch bells rings]

Jack: Yes Steven did

Selina: Well I’m going to the beach to clear my head

Jack: We will fill flathead in on what happened

Selina: Thanks guys

[They all walk there different ways]


[Selina is sitting at the beach still upset when she hears footsteps approaching]

Steven: May I join you?

Selina: Sure, Mr Matheson

[Steven sits down next to Selina]

Selina: I’m sorry for making your first day horrible

Steven: You don’t have to be sorry. It wasn’t your fault it was Montana’s

Selina: I didn’t expect her to bring it into the classroom

Steven: This have happened before today?

Selina: She been bullying me for a months and these particular rumours started a week ago and yes Mr Fisher knows what going on and he is dealing with it

Steven: Well if you need to talk to someone you know where I am

Selina: Thanks Mr Matheson

Steven: We are out of the classroom now and you are friends of Jack, Sally and Shannon so please call me Steven

Selina: Well thanks Steven

[Steven looks at Selina]

Steven: And for the record Selina you aren’t ugly you are beautiful

[Selina smiles]

Selina: Thanks Steven

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Chapter 3

After school that day

[Shannon is at the beach waiting for Selina when Shane approaches]

Shane: Hey Shannon, want some company

Shannon: Yeah sure. I'm actually waiting for Selina.

Shane: Is she taking her time or something

Shannon: Yeah but after the day she had I can't really blame her

Shane: Why what happened?

Shannon: Montana still bullying her and I don't know how to help her

Shane: You are helping her Shannon by been here for her

[Angel walking towards the beach and Shane hugs Shannon]

Shannon: She doesn't deserve this Shane

Shane: No she doesn't

[Angel lets Shane be with Shannon and Irene walks over]

Irene: Shannon what happened at school today? Selina refuses to leave the house

Shannon: Looks like I been bailed on.

Shane: We can go and try to talk to Selina if you like Irene

Irene: Would you guys

Shannon: Yeah of course we head there now

[Shane and Shannon walk away]


[Shane and Shannon walk into Irene house and see Selina sitting there crying so they walk over to her Shane sits on one side and Shannon the other]

Shane: You know the things Montana saying aren't true

Selina: Yes it is all of it is

Shannon: No it isn't 

Shane: Shannon filled me in on what been happening and I am telling you right now that it is far from the truth

Selina: I cant go back to school

Shane: If you don't then she won

Shannon: Do you really want to let her know that she actual won

Selina: I am not going back

Shane: Look we will do everything we can to help you feel able to leave here ok

Shannon: If we are going to be here for a while I better go and get some food

Shane: You stay with her I will go

Shannon: Are you sure?
Shane: Yes I am

[Shane walks out the door and Shannon hugs Selina]


[Shane walks into the diner and to the counter and sees Angel there]

Shane: Hey Sweetheart

Angel: Is Shannon alright?
Shane: Why do you ask 

Angel: I'm saw  you guys hugging before

Shane: Yeah she doesn't know what to do well how to handle something 

Angel: Anything I can help with

Shane: I wish but this isn't going to go away easily

Angel: What isn't 

Shane: Shannon feels like she useless when her friend needs her the most 

Angel: I'm sure that isn't the case

Shane: Well Selina been bullied and she feels like she cant help her or stop the rumours that been said

Angel: That horrible, stay there tonight with Selina and Shannon if you need to I go get you guys some food.

Shane: Thanks

Angel: Here you go tell Selina if she needs anything to come and find me 

Shane: Will do

[Shane walks out of the diner and Irene walks over]

Angel: Shane filled me in on what happening please let me know if I can do anything to help

Irene: Thanks darl I will


[Shane walks back in with food]

Shane: Lets dig in

[Selina nods]

Shannon: Sounds good

[Selina grabs something and eats lots before running in the bathroom and throwing up]

Shane: Please don't tell me she got

Shannon: I hope not

Shane: Should we go in there

Shannon: Yeah

[Shane and Shannon open the bathroom door]

Shannon: Please tell me your not making yourself

Selina: It makes me look less ugly

Shane: You look beautiful the way you are

Selina: I really don't 


[Irene in the diner about to head off when Pippa and Steven walk in and Angel at the counter]

Pippa: Everything ok Irene

Irene: Shannon just called Selina been making herself vomit and on top of that she refuses to go back to school after whatever happened today

Steven: What?

Irene: I have no clue how I going to convince her to go back

Steven: How about I talk to her?
Irene: I'm not sure it will help

Angel: It could work

Irene: Alright fine come on

[Steven and Irene walk out of the diner]


[Irene and Steven walk in the beach house Shane and Shannon are in the kitchen]

Irene: Where Selina

Shane: In the lounge room

Steven: Alright I will go and talk to her

Shane: Good luck cause we already tried

Shannon: It didn't do much good

Steven: Well you never know

[Steven walks away]

Shane: Hopefully he convinces her

Irene: I hope so


[Steven walks in the lounge room]

Steven: Selina

[Selina looks up]

Selina: Mr Matheson what are you doing here?

Steven: I just wanted to check if you were ok after today

Selina: Shane and Shannon told you

Steven: Then and Irene. Look Selina I will do everything I can to sort Montana out but you need to come back to school

Selina: Nah I don't and I wont 

Steven: She going to think she won

Selina: Well she have because she is right

Steven: No she isn't far from it. Selina your not ugly your beautiful and you don't look a mess everyday you look just like everybody else pretty and happy

Selina: Your just saying that to make me feel better

Steven: No i'm not I saying it cause it is the truth

Selina: I'm still not coming back

Steven: How about you and I make a deal

Selina: Depends

Steven: You give it a week. You come back to school and let me deal with Montana and if she says one thing that upsets you, you come to me I don't care if it during a class or after school but you come to me

Selina: Fine one week that it 

Steven: Trust me I will sort it out

Selina: Thanks Mr Matheson


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Chapter 4

[Shannon, Sally, Jack, Curtis and Selina are walking into school and Montana come towards then]

Montana: No one wants you here Selina your too ugly to be at this school

[Everyone other then Selina and her friends smile at Montana and Selina hears people talking about her and begins to have a panic attack when Mr Fisher comes out]]

Don: Ok Selina come with me. You too Shannon

[The three walk into a Classroom and Shannon holding Selina]

Don: Breathe Selina just Breathe

[Selina still stressed]

Selina: I cant 

Shannon: You can


[A crowd outside the door as Steven walks inside]

Steven: What going on?

Montana: Mr Fisher in there dealing with the loser

Jack: Selina having a panic attack

Steven: Alright all of you let me through 

Montana: Why

Steven: Do what your told or you will be on detention for the next month

Montana: Fine lets go guys

[ The crowd follow Montana and Jack and Curtis wait outside the door]


[Steven opens the door and Selina and Shannon look up]

Don: I have got this

Steven: Let me look after her while you deal with Montana

Don: Fine

Steven: Shannon I got this you should go to class as the bell about to go

Shannon: Alright but if she needs me

Steven: I will come and get you

[Don and Shannon walk out]

Steven: Remember our deal

Selina: I was going to come and talk to you but I backed out and then Mr Fisher come over so it all worked out

Steven: Our deal was that you talk to me

Selina: I know but I didn't want to dump this on you when you barely know me

Steven: I don't care about that I care about you and knowing your ok

[Selina smiles and is still stressed a bit]

Selina: Thanks Mr Matheson

Steven: It my pleasure Selina

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Chapter 5

[ Shane, Shannon and Selina are walking along the beach when Montana approaching then]

Montana: I come do you two get to hang out with a heartthrob and I don't

Shane: Simple answer cause they are decent people and Selina my girlfriend

[Shane kisses Selina on the check]

Montana: Well you shouldn't be dating someone like her she ugly

Shane: No she isn't she beautiful 

[Shane and Selina put there arms around each other and Montana walks away angry]

Shannon: Smart thinking

Shane: I am good like that

[Shane smiles at Shannon then gives Selina a kiss on the check]

Selina: Do you know what your in for

Shane: Yeah but pretending to be a couple will be fun

Selina: It will

Shannon: Just one question

Shane: What

Shannon: Angel 

Shane: I'll fill her in but let keep this between the four of us

Selina: Sounds good

[Shane put one arm around Shannon and another around Selina and they walk to the diner]


[Shannon walks in the diner first and sees Montana before she walks in the door and she stops Shane and Selina]

Shannon: We have a issue

Shane: What?

Shannon: Montana here and you haven't 

Shane: Right well we have to risk it

Selina: I don't wanna ruin yours and Angel

Shane: I don't think she working anyway

Shannon: Good

[Shannon, Selina and Shane walk in Shane holding Selina hand and Steven sitting at one of the other tables with Sally]

Montana: You realize you could make a better choice in partner then an ugly person like her

[Shane starts yelling]


[Shane kisses Selina and everyone in the diner sees this Shannon smiles knowing what going on, Steven looks jealous, Sally shocked and Angel confused]

Montana: This isn't over

[Montana and her friends walk out of the diner and a few minutes later Steven does the same so Selina follows him as Shannon spots Angel]

Shannon: We have a 

Shane: Oh no we better tell her

Shannon: Good idea

Angel: Your kissing another girl what was that about

Shane: The girl who spoke after I yelled

Angel: She the one

Shannon: Yeah so Shane and Selina are pretending to be a couple infront of her 

Angel: Right

Shane: Well Montana questioned why a heartthrob like me would hang out with then so I decided to

Angel: It is fine Shane


[Steven sitting on the pier and Selina walks towards him and sits next to him]

Selina: Hey

Steven: Oh hi

[Steven looks a bit upset]

Selina: You Ok

Steven: I saw you and Shane in the diner just now kissing

Selina: Right we just pretending to be a couple infront of Montana

Steven: Still

Selina: Still what

Steven: You and Shane it bothers me

[Steven looks in Selina eyes and they smile at each other]

Selina: What

Steven: No forgot it

[Steven gets up and walks away]

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Chapter 6

[Shannon and Selina walk into the Ross household and Steven is there]

Shannon: Hey Steven

Steven: Hey Shannon, hey Selina

Selina: Mr Matheson do you have a minute

Steven: I guess

Shannon: I saw Shane out the back I go give him a hand

Selina: Ok I will be out in a minute 

]Shannon walks outside and Selina sits on the couch next to Steven and looks at him]

Steven: Just forget yesterday ok

Selina: I cant and i'm sorry that it upsets you

Steven: It hurts seeing you with him don't ask me why but it does

Selina: It because you care about me 

Steven: Yes I think your right

Selina: The last thing I wanted to do was upset you

Steven: I know

Selina: So am I forgiven

Steven: There nothing to forgive

Selina: I know this is against the teacher guidelines but can I have a hug that is if no one around of course

Steven: Of Course you can and I don't care if anyone is around

[Steven and Selina hug and Pippa sees this as she walks downstairs]

Selina: I better go find Shannon

Steven: Yeah

[Selina walks out]


[Pippa walks over to Steven]

Pippa: Is Selina ok

Steven: She will be

Pippa: I saw you guys hugging just now isn't that against the rules

Steven: She Shannon's and Sally's friend so it doesn't count

Pippa: Right, so are you enjoying teaching again

Steven: Yeah I am the students are great here, there really no place like Summer Bay

Pippa: No there isn't 

Steven: Are you ok

[Michael walks in but neither Pippa or Steven notices]

Pippa: I miss Tom I miss him so much it isn't the same without him

Steven: It isn't and I know I will always love him as a dad more so then Michael

[Michael looks understanding from his area towards the door]

Pippa: I still in love with Tom Steven

[Michael looks hurt]

Steven: It hard to move on from your first love

Pippa: I don't think I love Michael as much as I do Tom 

Steven: You need to tell Michael that and about Tom having to fake his death

Pippa: I know but how

[Michael speaks up]

Michael: You don't have to I just heard that I guess I should move out

[Pipa nods as Steven hugs her]

Michael: We need to tell the kids

Steven: I go and get Shannon and Sally and Jack they are out the back

Pippa: Thanks

[Steven walks out]


[Shannon, Sally, Jack and Shane are having a water fight Shane tackles Shannon to the ground and that have a moment as Selina walks over]

Selina: Cute guys

Shane: Thanks

[Shane walks over and kisses Selina on the check as Sally and Jack pour water on her]

Selina: Game on

[Selina take her dress off to reveal a binki]

Shannon: We should team up

Shane: Me and Shannon verse you three

Jack: Your on

Sally: And for the record we will win

[They start throwing water at each other and Steven walking towards the group and he looks at Selina who smiling and happy when Jack spots him]

Jack: Come and join

Steven: I cant Pippa and Michael need you three inside now and Selina and Shane these guys might need support hearing this

Shannon: What going on

Steven: This is something Pippa needs to tell you

Jack: Well lets go find out what going on

[The group walk off]


[Jack, Sally, Steven, Shannon, Shane and Selina walks inside]

Shannon: Steven said you wanted to see us

[Pippa and Michael walks towards the group]

Michael: Pippa and I are breaking up

Shannon: Why I haven't heard you guys fighting once

Pippa: MY heart with somebody else

Jack: Who

Pippa: Tom

[Sally tears up]

Shannon: Who Tom

Sally: He is Pippa first husband he faked his death and went into witness protection. He also my dad well adoptive dad

Shannon: That heavy

[Shannon tears up and Shane hugs her]

Shannon: But If he in witness protection why I cant you move on

Pippa: I got a letter he getting out of witness protection tommorow

Steven: What is he coming back to the bay

Pippa: Yeah good thing the people who knew him knows about this whole thing

Sally: I will get to see my dad again

Pippa: Yes you will

[Steven looks like he about to cry and storms off]

Pippa: I better go talk to him

Selina: It alright I will go

Pippa: Thanks


[Selina walks outside and sees Steven sitting a log and she sits next to him]

Selina: Are you ok?
Steven: It a shock I never thought I get to see Tom again

Selina: How do you feel about seeing him

Steven: Happy I missed him but I wish Pippa told me he was coming back before now

Selina: It is hard to get your head around

Steven: Yes and I have no clue if I will be able to cope

[Steven cries and Selina moves closer to him and holds him and rubs his back]

Selina: You will be fine I be there with you every step of the way

Steven: Promise

Selina: Promise

[Selina holds Steven tighter as he still crying]



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Chapter 7

[Shannon walks in the diner crying and she sees Shane and Angel so she walks over]

Angel: Shannon are you ok

Shannon: Can I steal Shane for a minute

Angel: Yes

Shane: I guessing this have to do with the faking death, witness protection issue

Shannon: Yeah

Shane: Lets go for a walk

Angel: Hold on who in witness protection

Shannon: Pippa husband Tom and he getting released tomorrow

Angel: That huge

Shannon: Anyhow Pippa told Michael they spilt up and now Pippa and Tom will probably get back together but he wont want me he doesn’t know me

Shane: Of course he will

Angel: Look I wont say anything to anyone but if you need a place to stay for a few days to clear your head you can come and stay with us

Shannon: Thanks I might tonight and tomorrow If that is ok

Shane: Want a hand getting your stuff

Shannon: Yes please

Shane: lets go

[Shane and Shannon walk out of the diner]


[Michael walks in Alf’s store]

Alf: You ok

Michael: Pippa and I separated

Alf: I didn’t reliaze you were fighting

Michael: We weren’t until she told me she loves somebody else and that they are coming back to the bay

Alf: Tom coming back

Michael: Yeah, how did you know

Alf: Put pieces together and I knew Tom faked his death

Michael: I love her Alf, do you honestly think I have a chance with her when Tom back on the scene

Alf: No not at all Pippa and Tom were head over heals in love and they still are

Michael: Well I going to try anyway to get her back

[ Michael walks out of the store]


[Steven is sitting on the beach and Selina walks over]

Selina: How are you holding up

Steven: I’m happy that I get to see Tom again

Selina: That understandable

Steven: Yeah it is

Selina: Look Michael and Alf were talking in the store before I don’t think they knew I was there but Michael asked Alf if he thought he have a chance with Pippa once Tom was back on the scene

Steven: Well he doesn’t

Selina: That what Alf said but Michael said he not giving up

Steven: These few weeks will be interesting

Selina: Yep that for sure

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chapter 8

[Steven walks down the beach and sees Selina so he goes to where she standing and stands next to her she looks next to her and notices Steven]

Selina: How long have you been here for

Steven: Not long I just come to thank you

Selina: What for

Steven: Been there for me

Selina: That goes both ways Mr Matheson

Steven: Seriously Selina it means allot to me

Selina: Well you helped me allot which meant allot to me

[Selina and Steven smile at each]

Selina: Can you hold me for a minute

Steven: yep

[Steven hugs Selina and she hugs him back they hug for about five minutes]

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Note - Sorry about not updating in a while. I have been grieving for a friend who died and just needed time to think

Chapter 9

[Selina is walking outside a night club when a guy comes up behind her and punches her time and time again and grabs her arm tightly then he runs off. Selina gets her phone out and as it 2 in the morning texts Shannon and tells her and everything and that she coming over]

[Selina is at the Fletcher and Shannon opens the door and lets her in Selina is crying so Shannon hugs her and they walk into the Kitchen]

Shannon: What happened ?

Selina: I was grabbed from behind and he punched me and my arm her so much

Shannon: Did he try to?

Selina: No he didn't . My arm hurts so much, do you have painkillers?
Shannon: Selina I think it might be broken

Selina: it cant be

[They hear foot stairs going down the stairs]

Selina: Not a word

Shannon: I wont say anything

[Steven walks out]

Steven: Shannon I thought I heard your voice oh hey Selina

[Selina tries to speak and as she does she speaks with fear]

Selina: Mr Matheson hi

Steven: You ok Selina?

Selina: Yep fine 

[Steven pours himself a glass of water]

Steven: Are you sure

Selina: Yeah

Steven: Well you know where I am if you need me
[Steven walks off knowing something wrong with Selina and he annoyed she wouldn't tell him as all he wants to do is help her]

Selina: Thanks for not saying anything

Shannon: That ok this stays between us

Selina: Yes it does, Thanks Shannon

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Chapter 10

A month later

[Shannon and Selina are talking at the beach]

Shannon: You need to tell him how you feel

Selina: But he wont feel the same way

Shannon: You never know unless you ask

Selina: I guess I will tell him but it wont end good

Shannon: You never know

Selina: Wish me Good Luck

Shannon: Good Luck


[Steven talking to Shane]

Shane: If you love her tell her

Steven: How 

Shane: By telling her how you feel

Steven: What if she doesn't feel the same way

Shane: And what if she does

Steven: I guess I find out. I will tell her how I feel 

Shane: Good man. I catch you later

[Shane walks along the beach and see Shannon]

Shane: Hey 

Shannon: How your day?
Shane: Yeah alright Steven told me he has feeling for Selina

Shannon: That amazing as she told me she likes him

[Shannon and Shane laugh]

Shannon: I told Selina to tell him how she feels

Shane: I told Steven the same

Shannon: We make a great team don't we

Shane: Yeah I think we do

[Shannon and Shane hug]


[Selina is at the lighthouse when Steven walks over]

Steven: Hey

Selina: Hey um I need to tell you something

Steven: So do I 

Selina: You first

Steven: Know you first

Selina: I don't know how to say this

'Steven: Then just say you

Selina: I know I shouldn't Steven but

Steven: But what

Selina: I think I falling in love with you

Steven: I think I falling in love with you too

Selina: Can I kiss you now

[Steven kisses Selina]







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