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Scarlett Returns

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Story Title: Scarlett Returns 
Type of story: One Shot 
Main Characters: Scarlett, Alf, Brody and Justin 
BTTB rating: G
Genre: General.
Does story include spoilers: No.
Any warnings: Sexual content
Summary: Alf, Brody and Justin reunite with Scarlett 

Scarlett Snow walked in to Salt to see Brody in his chef uniform. So i see you got this place back Scarlett said to him when she walked in to Salt it was empty because it was before service, Scarlett Snow what a surprise Brody said as he ran up to her and hugged her, It so good to see you Brody, It good to see you to he replied. Do you know where Alf and Justin are Scarlett asked Brody, Yeah they are working on a boat he replied, awesome thanks i go catch up with them, Ok see you later Brody said to her as she responded Yeah bye. She walked down the pier when she saw Alf. Stone the Flamin Crows Scarlett this is a surprise, a good one I hope she said as Alf walked up and hugged her, of course it a good one Alf responded as Justin got off the boat and ran towards them. I missed you Justin said to Scarlett, I missed you more she replied as she kissed him. I love you Justin and wanna be with you so i broke up with Caleb and come back here, Well I love you to Justin replied and kissed her.






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