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Hey Guys,

So there was a topic about episode titles on here and I thought it would be fun if we came up with some of our own here are mine.

Ep 1 Welcome To Summer Bay

Ep 168 Roo Gives Birth

Ep 339 Roo&Frank Leave Summer Bay

Ep 525 Tom's Death

Ep 529 Tom's Funeral

Ep 757 A Wedding and A Departure

Ep 1152 Will Sophie Sign Her Baby Away Or Not

Ep 1158 Sophie Leaves Summer Bay

Ep 1202 Runaway Angel Arrives

Ep 1455 Shannon&Curtis Arrive

Ep 1664 The Wedding Of The Year

Ep 1673 Is Selina Pregnant

Ep 1679 Reunion and Suspension

 Ep 1681 Fresh Start and Shock

Ep 1682 Domestic Violence Strikes Donna

Ep 1878 Shane's Death

Ep 1879 Angels Final Goodbye

Ep 1912 A Birth And A Death

Ep 2323 Nash Family Arrives

Ep 2342 Pippa Leaves For A Fresh Start

Ep 2499 The Hostage In A Cave

Ep 2500 Hayley ,Sam , Gypsy and Will are Found

Ep 2714 The Kids JoyRide is Exposed

Ep 2799 Natalie Caught Out And Gypsy's Accident

Ep 2800 Gypsy's Life Hangs In The Balance

Ep 2815 Natalie Tells Joel About Her Affair

Ep 2830 Natalie and Rachel Leave The Bay

Ep 2832 Tom Leaves To Begin A New Chapter

Ep 2853 Old Faces Return For A Big Day

Ep 2854 Sally's Non Wedding

Ep 2855 Pippa Says Goodbye To The Ross House

 Ep 2856 The Sutherlands Arrives

Ep 2875 Bon Voyage Edward and Peta

Ep 2884 Ken's Death

Ep 2885 Ken's Death Aftermath and The Reconcile

Ep 2920 The Mudslide

Ep 2921 The Mudslide Aftermath

Ep 2924 Natalie Returns To The Bay With Her Baby

Ep 2928 Joel Nash Says Goodbye

Ep 2960 Say Goodbye To A Long Time Resident

Ep 2997 Leah and Vinnies Big Greek Day

Ep 2998 Leah and Vinnie's Wedding Reception

Ep 3011 Gypsy Discovers She's Pregnant and Isn't Telling The Father

Ep 3190 Two Births and An Arrest

Ep 3215 Gypsy and Will Marry and Say Goodbye


That's all I can think off tell me what you thing and post some you come up with for different eps.







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