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Monday 14th March 2005

Guest Di

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Sally and Flynn are in the dinner having and fun Dinner , Colleen coment's you look like a couple of school kids.she is happy for them.She is glad she caught them as she remind's them of the Miss groper Pagaent meeting on friday. Sally's lies and said Flynn and she were talking about it just now.Colleen then get's them roped in.Flynn take's a call on his moblie .Colleen is still going on about friday


She is in a lot of pain as Flynn and Sally arrive in his car shortly followed by Peter, she is hysterical it was a man he had a knife he stabbed me.Kim did not see cause he was looking else were, Flynn takes Zoe to hospital, she does not want to go at first.


Scott and Hayley and Lisa had just had dinner, scott is telling a sad joke, he then realises Hayley is not herself, she say's she is tired after last night.She then ask's if she want's a hand in the kitchen.She say's no you two stay and chat.Hayley then say's she has a big day tomorrow ,Lisa's mobile goes of and she tells them it is work but Hayley know different and goes home.


Sally and Colleen are talking about the attack on Zoe,Colleen then says they need to catch the stalker sooner the better.Sally say's it might not be the slalker,(look you stalker Sally is defending you and you do that to her on wednesday).Hayley come in is Leah around no she finished for the night.You okay yeah ,no your not your the worst lier in the world.You can't tell anyone,it is Scotts new girlfriend, well i think she is married.


Lisa is asking Scott if Hayley likes her,yeah she does why.Well it is important that your friend's like me.Relax Hayley like's you, they kiss.


Scott does not have a clue that she is married,she might not be Sally is not convinsed that there is anything on with Lisa, Hayley well if she is not married she is a least having an relationship with this Alan guy.What you gonna do, talk to scott about it. Not a good idea Hayley, your not sure she is cheating on him you don't realy know anything.

Yeah but she got a text message from him,but this does not mean anything Sally tells her.If your going to tell Scott you have read his girlfriend's phone.What do i do,well sit tight wait and only tell Scott if you have something concreate to go on.

Flynn come in Colleen is there how is she,she has a nasty cut shock but she will be fine, Hayley then ask's what happened to Zoe,Colleen going ott poor girl attacked cut down in her prime.You see Josie come into the dinershe is tab hanging,As Flynn tells them she was attacked with a knife.

She will be fine she has had a nasty shock, omg Hayley is so shocked.Flynn then say's i have said she can stay at our house for tonight.Josie step's up to them do they know who did it, No not yet she is on her way to talk with peter.


Thank's for comming did you catch him we need a discription who did it first , why it was Marc i told you that.He came out of nowhere who did you think i ment.Peter then say's you never said anything about marc, I did he said he would get me if i did not keep my mouth shut.Hey slow down, when did he say this afrer i spoke to you with Josie.But that does not mean anything, she get's all upset again it was him.

Peter then leads them to a interveiw room, so tell us what happened,we were having dinner and i felt we were been watched.Plank then add's she heard noises in the bush and then Zoe say's later on i heard it again and then plank said he went to look, and then he grabed me, i didn't see him comming he had a knife, he put his hand on my mouth and thats when he attacked me.

Then i heard her sceam and came running,He then he backed away i saw him,did you see his face no but he face was hidden and he had gloves on to.I know it was him Peter then say's did he say anything , no he just looked at me and took off.You have to be sure it was him , he had the same build and height it was marc i tell you.He was going to kill me she is upset again.


Marc Edward's this is Detetive Peter Baker as he hammer's on the door, but it is clear he isn't home. Then a neighbour tell's them he went a couple of hour's ago. Threw some stuff in his car and took of like the clapper's .I hope he stays away to.


Peter is on his phone asking for a trace on all Marc's moblie call's and them to trace his car, he has been gone 3 hour's.Josie turn's up I told you it was him Zoe could have died tonight.An officer come up to Peter and talks to him.Josie then say's he is still out there isn't he.


Zoe and plank are standing at the bar, Jesse then say's I can't get my head aroud this, all this time and no one can see for what he realy is .Crazzy said Plank what has he got it in for the whole town say's Jesse.Josie then come's in are you allright, yeah i'm fine, sorry i dragged you into this mess zoe. It okay they prob found him by now.Well he slipped away before they could get to him, you can stay at my place.No i'm staying at Sally's, what if they can't find him, Plank then take her to Sally's.

There is a tenese atmosphere between Jesse and Josie, what do you want, Josie well some company will be nice. Well you allway's know you get what you want don't we,she then leaves the bar.


They are talking to Zoe, saying she will be safe there.Thanks for letting me stay, they head off to make her a bed up.Plank and zoe talk about her attack, you are amazzing how you have helped me Plank i don't know what i would have done without you been there.No Your the amazzing one how you have handled your self been attacked.I felt safe that you were there, thank you plank.they kiss.


She is sat on the floor drinking in the dark,then she hear's someone trying to get in, it was Jesse what are you doing in the dark.Thank's for comming, I'm only here to make sure you are okay thats all.He say's he will sleep on the settie as he is very tired,i will get you some sheet's no leave it is fine .he takes his shirt off,Thank's Jesse he just lay's there.



She bring's him a coffee, and tell's him she is so sorry and if i there is anything i could do take back, Jesse does not want to hear what she she to say.I was stuipid, scared and affaid, and it is killing me.

Josie leave it , I will let go of you if that is what you really want.You look me in my eye's and tell me you don't love me anymore, then there is nothing left, she is touching his chest.They get interrupted by a knock at the door.Jesse open's the door and walks out ,as Zoe walk's in bad timing.


Scott is talking about the stalker, why hurt Zoe she is new in town,well i'm new in town too well at least i have you.Scott then leave's for a minute.I loved last night and i'm glad i'm meeting Scott's friend's you are all been so nice to me.Well what about you who is important to you Lisa .Like your friend's family.Yeah i miss them been here but i have friend's here to , Scott comes in and i have him to.Hayley is so not happy with her.

Scott and Lisa are sat down having a laugh, Hayley is so jealous, Jesse then come's in what are we going to do about this place now, Josie is no longer a part of it.I don't realy know Jesse.Well do you want another partner or buy Josie out.She is distracted by Scott and Lisa,Well what , i need time to get my head around it, don't take to long will you.

He look's excited well we are going away for a few day's.Is Alan going to Lisa is stuned, I saw your mobile.Well i'm still married but we have been separated for nearly a year.To be honnest he its been a pain he phones me and Text's me all the time.

Well why havn't you told Scott well is violent.I don't want Scott to get hurt.I know i'm not handling this well right but i love Scott.Please don't tell him, i will when the time is right.Thankyou for talking to me first about it , he is lucky to have friend's like you.


Hayley and Sally or talking about what Lisa has told Hayley, I'm such an idiot, well at least you now know, got my judgement so wrong.Yeah but you were only trying to help a friend.What if she is the one for him,I could have stuffed it up for him.


Lisa is talking to Alan on her mobile,I will see you on monday, love you Scott nearly catches her. He say's you don't pack light do you,Right ready to go yeah.


Peter is so not happy they have not found Marc,If only nabbed him when i could have,What for no one has any proof he did it or that he is the stalker.Peters phone is going off . you hear him say are you sure yeah thank's send it through he hang's up.You want proof he went to the same uni and was in the same faculty.That does not say they knew each other.

well maybe not but it is a hell of an coincidence if he knew Sarah Lewis,she had it in for this town.,look you don't know if he even knew her. Maybe he had an axe to grind.If this even possible we have the right to ask this guy's some question's,All we need is to find him.

You see the stalker fill black bin bag wth things the balaklava and one of them Tick Tock peices of paper.


Peter is on the phone were Marc Edwards and Sarah Lewis ever in the same class,that's all i need to know.Marc,s car has been spotted out side the diner, sorry got to go.


They rush to the scene and Marc is wondering what the hell is going off as Peter goes up to arrest him, this is harrasment, Marc Edwards you are under arrest for the suspicion of attempted murder.Marc ask's of whom, we are now going to search your car.Whats going off, okay you want to talk tell me where you were last night,Yabbie creek why, well we was hoping you could answer that.Well you can get stuffed i'm not answering you utill i have a solicitor.

Det Baker the poilce officer shows him the the Tick tock peice of paper and the balaklava. look's like your going to need that solicitor.He looks in the car i've never seen this stuff before, you can tell that to us down at the station.Marc argues i swear to god i've never seen it you got to let me free.

Peter is soo smug with himself.

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